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Inside the mind of Sage Erickson

| posted on November 04, 2012

Ms. Sage Erickson. Photo: Maassen

Perfect Day: Wake up early, no alarm clock. Sometime around Christmas so it feels festive in and out of the water. A good cup of coffee. My favorite time to surf is in the morning. Let’s squeeze two sessions in. Maybe the gym. Maybe brunch with friends. Maybe Barnes And Noble solo. Round the day off with some Mom time over a sushi dinner. She’s my best friend.

My Worst: I absolutely cannot stand dirty windshields on cars. It makes me cringe.

Skunked: My first was three years ago. It was my rookie year on the QS, and my WCT qualification came down to one heat and one placing in Brazil during the last darn event. Long story short, I needed to make my Round of 24 heat. I was losing up until the last 5 seconds—I needed a 7.33. Bec Woods was in second. An opportunity came to me and I surfed it as hard as I could, yet safe. I just remember jumping off and saying, “I could have done it. I could have qualified.” When I scrambled up on the beach, I overheard the announcers yell out, “And Sage Erickson gets a…” I paused. Took a deep breath. “7.3” Point freakin’ three short. I melted. Little did I know the moment of defeat would soon light a fire so strong in my heart to succeed. It’s driven me to be where I am today… heading into my second year on the WCT and sitting pretty on top of the WQS final standings.

Films: I love classics. The kind you buy in thrift stores, VHS style. Liar Liar, Happy Gilmore, The Wedding Singer. Labyrinth with David Bowie.

Words: Anything but 50 Shades Of Grey, please.

More than a pretty face. Photo: Maassen

World View: My basic life philosophy could go on for ages. I believe in the pursuit of happiness for oneself and others. Life isn’t just about ourselves. We all deal with similar emotions and struggles, yet we are so shy to lend a helping hand. I believe there is a greater purpose. It’s about going through the ups and downs with the hope and faith that everything will be better tomorrow. I believe in living a healthy lifestyle. If we chose to embrace our talents and commit ourselves to them, happiness is the only option, no matter what the circumstance may be…

Dream Session: My dream session would probably be a cold winter day at home in Ventura with an amazing NW swell, just enough west to have C Street showing her beauty. Most of the crowd carpools up to Rincon, and C Street is left with a few oldies and some sneaky lefts off the right-hand pointbreak! I’d have the best home-brewed coffee beforehand just to take the bite off the breeze. My brother out, me, the dolphins, and Jesus.

Private Party: I’ve heard about these underground restaurants in New York where it’s only by word of mouth. Maybe a New Year’s bash there with a few of my favorites. A casual environment with trendy touches. Each person embracing their style and imperfections while looking to the New Year with change and aspirations in mind. Maybe wine? Maybe not…

Hall of Fame: Here’s a contrast: Steph Gilmore and Katy Perry. Both girls represent brilliance to me in their own fashions. Their demeanor, their success, the way they carry themselves–they seem to be true to themselves and believe so strongly in their passions. Steph’s life to me is art. I’m a fan.

Music: I jump all over the place. Music is ever so evolving. My current flavor is alternative, like the Lumineers, Bahamas, Bodi Bill, Imagine Dragons, Ben Howard.

Feast: Sushi.

My Bad: I gave Claire Bevilacqua and interference in Margaret River early this year after getting one myself in a ‘QS. I was so frustrated with in the first three minutes of the heat that later on I put my head down and just didn’t care about any girl behind me paddling outside for the wave. Out of vengeance I stood up on her inside. Little did I know my ignorance was going to penalize a dear friend. I ended up getting a decent score on the wave, but as I paddled back out I couldn’t help but ask myself, “You happy now? You feel better about the situation?” I was so embarrassed, almost mortified by the feeling of betrayal. Two wrongs never make a right. I’ve already apologized to Claire for the incident, but I’d like to say sorry once more!

One more Sage pic. Photo: Maassen

  • http://surfer Trisha Bush Giani

    Sage Erickson is the most well balanced level headed sugar sweet girl from HOME TOWN you will ever be blessed to meet or know….trust me I DO!!!

  • harry

    hi sage

    i live in a basement in hells kitchen (nyc) and will gladly have an underground restaraunt for you on new years eve

    you can bring all your “trendy” friends too

    and wine “maybe”

    and your “brother” too, my brother has a crush on him

  • condor man

    I’ll trendy your face off.

  • t c

    Such a great interview, sage seems like such a well rounded individual beyond her surfing.

  • Carro

    Wow, I love reading/ seeing pictures of Sage! She’s so inspiring that even now when I’m in cold sweden I just wanna go surf….

  • joe

    It’s really worth mentioning how inspiring her photo shoot was -breathtaking

  • Surfboyjim

    This was by far the best interview I ever read. Sage seems like the real thing. Nice to know that a surfer with her talent and ideas loves in my surfing backyard!

  • chard

    lets just interview the girls from now on. the’re the only ones who have anything to say! the boys are like, perfect day? o, just to have fun. but sage says awesome stuff!

  • Jon Coleman “LiquidAmbition”

    Understand that there is more to life then just money and fame. everybody needs to just Enjoy life and always remember that somebody always has it worse then you do.

  • Carol Philips

    Wow, Sage sure has grown up to be a beautiful young lady. I remember her as a child growing up on the North Shore and participating in the Jr. Lifeguard Program at Ehukai.