How to Get Sponsored

Slop on style then slop on stickers

| posted on July 22, 2007

Okay, you’re connecting your turns, your roundhouse is smooth, and you’ve punted a few airs. You’ve done some local contests and come away with the hardware. Maybe you’re a bit sick of looking at all that empty space on the top of your board. Maybe you’re over paying for your own clothes. Maybe you even think it will help you get some chicks. Whatever your reason, you want to get sponsored. Well then, my unsponsored friend, you’ve come to the right place. After talking with some of surfing’s premiere team managers as well as the sponsor monsters themselves, we’ve got the goods to get you on your way.

Here are a few tips that will transform your board from au naturale to sticker-smothered significance:

Considering surf companies are on the verge of slapping stickers on babies’ bare asses, there has never been a better time to be a grom.

1. Get born right now. Considering surf companies are on the verge of slapping stickers on babies’ bare asses, there has never been a better time to be a grom. “If a kid can do a cut back they’ll sponsor him,” says NSSA ripper, Oliver Kurtz. “I’ve seen kids at like seven or eight get sponsored.” Youth is powerful weapon in the surf industry. So if you’ve got it flaunt it, and the companies will flock.

2. Utilize the support staff. Bring your girlfriend (OR boyfriend – okay, mom will work too) down to the beach with the video camera and rack some serious time on film. “The best thing for them to do is send in a video portfolio,” says O’Neill team manager Micah Pitts. “Video is the best portfolio. It’s easy to watch and you can see if the rider has potential.”

3. Come legit. Make sure you have a good product before you go advertising your merchandise. “It’s better to be the dark horse or underdog and wait until you’re surfing better so that you can pick who you want to ride for,” advises Pitts. Self-promotion is only acceptable if you have the goods to support it. Roxy Surf Team Manager Torri Alexander concurs, “We don’t just hand out stuff; it’s a two way street. Show us why we need you.”

4. Don’t be an ass. “Attitude has cost a lot of riders publicity perks,” says Alexander. A good attitude will always take you farther than a good aerial. We all know you have skills, being a punk doesn’t get that across any more clearly.

5. Go to school. Nobody wants to give money to an idiot.

6. Pump iron. Do some squats, some biceps curls, maybe go on a vigorous daily rollerblade to build your endurance. “When it’s flat, train so that when there’s a swell you stand out,” Pitts suggests. Playing videogames and watching Fuel won’t help your surfing nearly as much as a good, long sweat session.

  • nathanel govin

    hey im nathanel i just turned 14 and i want to be a pro surfer i surf only 1 year and i already have a high level means cut backs snaps roller and some airs im kind of keeping the beach clean not an ass like you know what i mean i surf when there is waves no mater what and even before school and than after when there is no wave i go diving or skimboarding i live in israel near tel aviv and i wnat to move to hawaii whe i tearn 17 and go to be a pro and be world champ and il put some video and pics on youtube soon when they will be waves.

  • Nick oneill

    hi i am 13 years old and i am nick oneill i have been surfing for a bout 6 years and i try to surf evry day even when there is know waves i can do alot of stuff like snap get bareld do a back side lip 360 and some airs and i come from barbados in the caribbean

  • Alex legge

    Hi my name is Alex I’m 15 16 in may I’m a sponger but I want to make it big im sure that I’m the best in my school I live in Porthleven and surf the reef there I think it’s a shame that in our school surfing is dying out so if i did make it big I want to share the feeling of riding the waves when there is any britan is quite bad espesaily on the south cost

  • Jacob

    Hey, I’m another teenager wanting to get sponsored but I’m trying to make a workout plan for when it’s flat. If anyone’s got any good suggestions please let me know, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

  • Chandler Bellaw

    Hey my name is chandler Bellaw and i am15 years old (but everyone says i look 12 cuz of my voice and i am only 5″3′. but want to be a better surfer i don’t think i am good enough to get sponsored yet, but i’m out on my board every day long board or short board and all i can do is get up and ride the line i’m working on a few things though. but i don’t know how good you half to be to get a sponsorship. …. excuse the email address i made it when i was 8.

  • Cameron Golding

    hey my name is Cameron Golding, i am 13yrs old i would love to become a professional surfer. i enter all the localcomps and have lots of fun.
    i have been surfing for 2 and a half years now i absolutly love it i dont know if im good enough to get sponsered but i can do snaps, rounhouses, floaters, 360 and amost land airs.
    thanks 🙂

    • Dylan

      Hi, my name is Dylan and I bodyboard and surf. I love both of them and I am from the north shore of Oahu. I would love to be sponsored. Please reply if you can sponsor me.

  • Liam richards

    Hi I am 14 and i am a body boarder and I want to be come sponsored I have some photos of me bodyboarding I can do 360s, barrel role, and I have learnt how to do drop knee. I really enjoy bodyboarding and i hope you can sponsor me. 🙂 thanks

  • Joey

    hey im 11 years old and im dieing to get sponsored i ride mostly long boards and i can do a helicopter spin and a nose ride do u think thats enough to get sponsored

  • elijah donoghue

    hey ladds im elijah and i live on ozzie south coast, i can paddle into any size wave, i can re entry cleanly carving 360 floater round house nearly air snap sprays all cleanly where would i send a sponsor me vid to thnx boys=)

  • Kye Richards

    hey mates im 14 yrs old, live in Tweed/Coolangatta, NSW, Aus about 5 minutes from Snapper. I surf as often as i can after school and weekends. ive got most ground maneuvers dialled, snaps cutbacks floaters re entries sprays carves all good, tryin my hand at airs im doin alright. i can take on any wave size and im dyin’ to land myself a sponsor for ages. who should i go to for a sponsorship? cheers mate.=)

  • kyle

    Hi Im kyle and im 14 years old and I love to surf. I live in santa barbara so i dont get to much surf but anytime theres surf from the small knee high days out at mesa lane or surfing way over head rincon. what ever it is i will surf it. i really would like to get sponsered. i am better than all my friends and one of the best at my school. i have been on many surf trip my most recent was at costa rica where we surfed macking double overhead pavones and got massive playa hermosa. if you can help me out with sponsering tell me thanks, kyle

  • brian

    im a surfer form nc im 13 and i can do cut back round houses and a couple air i was wondering if you think i am good enough to get sponsored

  • Joe McCannon

    Hey I’m Joe McCannon and I’m 13 years old. I’m from Ocean Beach, CA. Apparently I’m a little too shy to talk to people so I can get sponsored and my friends aren’t willing to help me. I can do snaps and get shacked on big days but i can’t speak up for myself. Any suggestions?

  • mark

    hi im mark im 12 and i can cut back turn do everything besides air im close though think i could get sponsered if you do could you recomend a sponser

  • seth

    hey im seth and im 13 years old. i just started surfing last summer and alredy punted an air and stuck it. how can i get noticed or sponsored? hit me up pls. mahalo!

  • reegan mealy

    hi im reegan and i have been surfing for about 6 years and i can do some tricks like get barelled do snaps and big carves and cut backs but i dont think i get noticed very much how can i get a good sponser like ocean and earth because they are my favourite surf brand so how do i get sponsered by somebody like them. PLEASE HELP ME:)

    • kateshots

      Hi Reegan, I would love to help you get sponsored. Im a photographer/filmmaker and can make you a promotional video to get you publicity by the right people. email me at :

  • Tori Moore

    Being sponsored isn’t everything y’all. Just surf for the love of surfing.

  • Lachie

    Im Lachlan from Sydney AUS im currently 14 and i love surfing. Im out in the water 2 hours a day no matter what the surf is like legit. I travel in search of surf with dad and a few mates and they believe i have what it takes to become sponsored. Can you please help me? I am tired of my plain old bored.

  • lachie

    Im Lachie im a super keen surfer and out in the water 24-7 legit. i travel in searh of waves with my dad and friends. My friends think i have what it takes to be sponsored but dont know how to go about it can u please hook me up with and surf brand.

  • Aimee

    hi I’m Aimee I’m 11 I surf 3-4 hours each day in summer I live in great barrier island off the coast of nz I enter the local groms comp and usually come 2nd or 3rd I’m not quite sure if I’m good enough to get sponsored I can do cutbacks, re entrys snaps I can get barreled
    am I good enough?

  • Josiah Sylstra

    Hi i am Josiah Sylstra, I am going to turn 11 late february. I surf EVERY SINGLE DAY! No madder what! I can do snaps, cutbacks (roundhouses), floaters, get barreled and some other tricks. I was just wondering if i was good enough to get sponsored or if you can sponsor me! I love to surf its just my passion and i like to skate and love life and all my blessing!
    Hope to here back,
    bye 🙂

  • reddvalentino debray

    guys you dont say im looking for a sponsorship you do contests and get good results and if they ask to sponsor you then you say yes and its about doing good bottom turns and hitting that lip hard and charging just surf your best 🙂

  • fat kook grom nugget

    how the fuck can you compete with hawaiins when living in cali and getting no fucking surf. i cant drive, and my local break in newps has been flat for a long ass time. hawaii pumps clean faces at least 3 foot everyday. how can you make a sponser with shitty lil nug waves?

  • http://yahoo HIDAYA JUMA

    hi,am hidaya,iwould like to get a sponser from doing clinical medicine in kampala internatinal universoty in uganda

  • Joe M

    yeah sorry my friend posted that so ignore it. sorry

  • Ethan Murray

    My name is Ethan I am 12 years old from Los Angeles, CA and whenever Im not in school I will probably be surfing. I have been surfing for four years and I badly want to get sponsored. I can do Cutbacks, Off-the-lips, Snaps, Floaters, and get barreled(both fronside and backside). I can do some small airs and rarely land them. . I am not sure if sponsors will like me because I dont always do so well in the comps. I do ok in major contests but in free, small local contests I almost always make the final. Please email me back. I take surfing very seriously and even have some photos I can send in if necessary.

  • Molly Rowe

    Hi guys,Im Molly a 11 year old surfer my dream is to be sponsored i can go along the wave,and tried “duo” surfing with my bff(not work out 2 brused heads!)I have been inspired by “bethany Hamilton , Paige Hareb and Lakey Peterson.
    I have my own surfing logo i wear on my shirt,My fav places to surf are:Taranaki Fitzroy beach NZ.
    I realise being sposored is more than having stickers on your board -its heaps of pratice,good techniqus and skills being a great role model and having sprit hopes and dreams?
    I practice as much as posible and surf in my free time.I proberly not good enough to get sponsered yet?!?
    thanks for your time,
    Yours sincerly

  • Jordan

    what up I’m Jordan im 16 I live in Florida, and my vision is to go pro I don’t really compete yet Because I only want to compete when I know im good enough to win won and I believe im almost good enough now so next year im going to join my schools surf team, I can do sexy turns, my snaps are good, I blow tail and reverse it but I lean to far back sometimes and I end up falling, I’m good at floaters i’ve been able to do them for awhile, my airs ;/ I can boost airs but I lean to far back.. but next year I will be landing them, when the waves are flat I longboard and I’m quite good at that, and yeahh, hit me uppp.

  • Sullivan G.

    Hi, my name is Sullivan, I’m 11 and my dad and friends think i could defenitly get sponsored. I can blow the tail almost every wave, punt some airs, and throw big spray, and I’m wanting to start NSSA soon. Alot of my friends are sponsored by Nike, Fox, Gorilla, FCS and other big companies and they rip… every time i surf with them it makes me want to go bigger. I know im not getting sponsored by posting this, im only getting sponsored by winning contests or making it to the finals, but I’m wondering what a company wants in a surfer if they were to sponsor them? please write back.
    Sullivan G.

  • Locke j.

    Hi, Im Locke and Im 14 years old and live in northern ca near santa cruz. I am more of a power surfer but still can doo small airs. When i try to go big i ussually fall or hurt myself. But i can do some gnarly cutbacks and snaps. I can blow the tail even on the smallest of waves. Im not sayin i want to be the next Kelly Slater but i would like to get my name out there. My favorite place to surf is Steamer Lane because it is the perfect combination of a point and a reef break. Ive gotten hurt a few times there but i still love it.

  • Lana queripel

    Hi my name is Lana i am 14 and I live on the Central Coast NSW Australia. I would lovvvvveee to get sponsored as I wish to be a pro or just get my name out there. I am a pretty alright surfer as I can Do top turns going left or right, cutbacks going left and right, re-entrys going left or right, small floaters, pump waves, other tricks (forgetting names) and me and my friend Darcy are learning to 360. I am resently getting training off pro surfer Amee Donohoe to improve in compitition and get great tips. I have really wanted to get sponsered for a long time now and I would really love to. My favorite place to surf is Copacabana Beach on the Central Coast. Thankyou 🙂

  • Randall

    We are an MMA Brand company looking to break into the surf scene by sponsoring a few surfers.

  • Randall

    MMA brand looking to break into the surf scene by sponsoring a few surfers to wear out new lifestyle clothing line.

  • Dane DeMello

    i have been waiting to be sponsored i have dreamed of it i am 14 and i can do many tricks hoping to get sponsored one day

  • Christian

    Hey I live in North Carolina and i just turned 16. I surf 3 to 5 times a week and I am already sponsored by a local surf shop. I can do nice cutbacks, snaps, floaters, and the occasional little air. I compete in esa contests and make finals often. I am looking for additional sponsors. I can send pictures if needed.

  • jac cosgrove

    Ive been thinking about trying to get sponsOred I am only 15 and i can shred big waves and do a good amount if tricks

  • Darian cook

    I am 13. I surf in long beach island, lido beach in long island new York. I can do cutbacks, snaps, floaters, and maneuvers off the lip. I’m trying tp get sponsored but can’t find a sponsorship

  • Sam Miller

    I am 14 and I can do cutback, snap, backside and frontside 360, floater and about 3 feet of air. I have competed once and got second in the North County championships when I was 11. I want to get sponsored but never really and I want to get sponsored. I am now working on an aerial. I live in Carlsbad, California.

  • Vince muccilli

    Hi im vince. I live in Santa Cruz,CA. I love to surf i feel like the ocean is my real home. Im 12 years old. Ever since i was 6 i have been bodyboarding or bodysurfing in the ocean. I picked up surfing and became natrally prtty good around 2 years ago. I REALLY wanna get sponsored. I have a lot o. Friends who are and they say its pretty easy. I can do cutbacks snaps floater small airs. If u would like to make any kind of sponsor please hit me up. Its my dream to be sponsored. I grow up in surf city so i always have good surfers surrounding me and constantly making me better.
    Thanks for your time.

    • Chris Moon

      Hey vince, let’s be friends! I’m 13 now and love surfing, I surf at Santa Cruz too! Maybe we could like meet up somewhere and help each other surf! I’m not really good but can do a cutback, snap, chop hops lol but I need a buddy to surf with, I’m kinda bored to surf alone:( email me at

  • Austin Killeen

    I’m a 13 year old long boarder in encinitas San Diego, I’m on my schools surf team and in our first contest of the year and the first contest I’ve been in, I got 3rd place and moved on to semi finals placing 6th. I ride a seven foot egg and I can do cutbacks, floaters, various turns along the face and off the lip, I have also been working on walking up and down the board and I can get one foot on the nose but my boards a little too small to really get into nose riding. I’m looking for just a small local sponsor from one of the local surf shops or something like that.

  • Joseph Visconti

    Hi I am 10 years old and i live in palm beach florida my dream is to one day get sponsored i cant do tricks but i go out every day I AM WILLING TO LEARN HOW TO DO TRICKS i now am just ten years old but i am hungry for waves and will try my best to be #1


  • Joseph Visconti

    hi i am ten years old i do not know many tricks but i am willing to learn how to do tricks . I always wanted to be sponored by a surf company.I will meet face to face with a team manager ect my email is i usilly ride a 6’2 or 6’1 and i am fine with any kind of board my favorite surfer is john john florence i live in palm beach county florida town palm beach shores

  • Francois

    I’m 19 years old and never really thought I’d be able to make it as a professional surfer up until rather recently. Now, I’m starting to notice a few things. The first being that I always tend to find myself alone on the days that it gets really big. This is rather strange considering that out of the 50 or so regular surfers in my town, 8 of them are or where professional surfers, 3 are professional shapers, and one is the national junior team coach. At first I thought they just went to other surf spots that break better when really big. That was, until I ended up knowing all the secret spots in my area. When I checked them on the big days, hoping to have a buddy for a change, (it gets pretty scary out there in 7m waves with no-one but yourself.) I found them empty.

    This started to boggle me a little bit. Next thing I know, a guy who has been a life guard on the west coast of South Africa for 7 years (I’m on the south-east coast of South Africa.) shows up on a mildly big day at my home break. It was around 5m, with no-one out. BTW, the west coast of SA is known for their powerful waves, cold waters, and strong currents. In the end, I had to pull the guy out of the water. This truly shocked me.

    Now, I never considered myself pro-potential, because I grew up inland, and only moved to the beach when I was 14, and only started surfing when I was nearing 15. I couldn’t even swim when I started, and I basically taught myself how to swim and how to surf all at the same time. I also never saw myself surf up until around a year ago, and that was only in a couple of photo’s

    (Here is one of them.)

    Now, this was taken on a really, really small day, and due to the fact that I am 6’3″ and 220 pounds, I don’t surf all that well on small waves. I have never seen video of myself, because I just can’t get anyone to film me. 🙁 Once I can actually get someone to film me for a couple of sessions, I’d like to actually SEE how I surf. I also want to enter a few contests, and see how I do. I will however need to get myself a new board, since my only board is a 7’6″ semi-gun. (I don’t have enough money for more than one board every two years, so I rather got a board shaped that I could actually ride big waves with, because I am addicted to big waves.)

  • Taylor Davies

    Hey im Taylor i am 13 and love to surf i live on the Gold Coast, Australia. I would love to get sponsored. My family owns a surf charter boat in the Mentawais called the Pelagic ( Im sure you might of heard of it. I can do a wide variety of maneuvers like cutbacks, snap, 360’s, and some airs. I have been surfing since i was about 4 years old. I am always frothing to go for a surf when there is some. If there is no waves im usually hanging with friends or skating. I can take on any wave size and i’ve been dying to get sponsored for a while now, If you could help me out with getting sponsored that would be great. Thanks.

  • Bells

    Hey everyone that is asking for a sponsor. Stop. Enter contests and let your surfing do the talking. Its that easy. If you are really good enough for a sponsor just get out there and the reps will find you.

    • Natasha, Jasmines Mom

      So true!! When your that good, the sponsors will find you!! Hard work, dedication, determination, good attitude and a little natural talent doesn’t help! Remember, the best surfer is the one having the most fun!

  • Jack Senior

    Hey im Jack i live in North Devon England and im 12 years old, i love surfing, i go in whenever there is a wave, i am quite good, i can cut back and ride a wave but i really need a new board because i cant duckdive to get out in the big waves i would really love to get sponsered. When im not surfing im skating and hanging out with friends 🙂

  • Hemisect Company

    Hemisect is a new surf company that will begin a launch over the next few months. We will be looking to have small sponsorships with some young surfers in the Southern California area. We are interested in both male and females looking for their first sponsorship and who want to compete. Email us at thehemisectcompany (at gmail dot com)

  • April

    hi i am looking for a sponsorship for my surfing i am 12 years old and i ride a 4’11 Matt manners board and i wish to have a sponsor .it will be good if i could get a sponsor i have got 1st in Taj small frieze , wahu , 2nd in state round, ripcul surf event, and my locale board rides it would be good thank u

    • kate

      Hi April, I would love to help you get sponsored. Im a photographer/filmmaker and can make you a promotional video to get you publicity by the right people and sponsors. email me at : so I can help make your dreams come true. From Kate

  • Caroline Townsend

    Hi my name is caroline and I’m 12 years old. I surf but I’m not really that good yet. But i know by posting this nobody will notice me but I have been trying. I’m just looking any sponsors really. Like any surf/clothing/skate companies. I have a youtube channel (my channel is carolinetownsend13) and i would wear their products in my videos. I just think it’s the coolest thing to be sponsored. I am mostly interested in clothing and swimwear. So ya… thanks.

    • kate

      Hi Caroline I tried to check out your youtube channel and couldn’t find you or any surfing clips. I would love to help you get sponsored. Im a photographer/filmmaker and can make you a promotional video to get you publicity by the right people and sponsors. email me at : so I can help make your dreams come true. From Kate

  • Madison

    Hi I’m Madison and I’m 12. I’ve been surfing since I was 6 or 7 so I have some experience. I’m currently on a surf team. On my surf team I’m doing pretty well I almost have my cutback and bottom turn down. I do many competitions so I would be willing to advertise any of your products if you or any company will sponsor me. If you are interested email me my username is

  • andrew

    Hey its Andrew, im 14 and I wanna know if anyone out there wants to sponsor me. I can do floater 360’s, 540 aerials, roundhouses, major cuts, frequently get barreled, and ive landed rodeo flips. Ive got a couple sponsors but im looking for better ones. send me a hookup or some stickers. email me at thanks and ill talk to you later, im about to go shred the gnar. later

    • kate

      Hi Andrew, I would love to help you get sponsored. Im a photographer/filmmaker and can make you a promotional video to get you publicity by the right people and sponsors. email me at : so I can help make your dreams come true. From Kate

  • william cooper

    hi i am looking for a sponsorship 21years poweris the key top 43 in New zealand if you can help me,email on… be surfing for 6 years name is william … thank bra..

  • Aidan Feeley

    Hey my name is Aidan I am a keen grom surfer from the sunshine coast I have been surfing for 2 years and every boardriders I make the final, I am very keen on a surfing sponsorship as I am a frothing grom keen to be a better known surfer and for the sponsorship to represent the brand (I could be sponsored by) In many surfing competitions thanks email me at thanks aidan

  • Cameron post

    Hey, im Cameron im 14, i live in ft. pierce florida, not to many waves but ive been surfing for 7-8 years. im looking for a sponsership, i havent been noticed yet but i hope that with the future surf trips and competitions coming up will get noticed by someone. i have tons of clips and pictures, im much more of a power surfer only cause its really hard to do big manuevers on small weak waves, but i have a nasty cutback, good snaps, solid floaters, small airs (on small waves), and blow tails. but theres a swell coming so i gotta get ready, catch you later. contact info: phone: (772)-618-0759 or email me at

  • tommy

    Hey I’m Tommy from the northern beaches, Australia. I’m 11 years old and all my mates recon I’m ripping and should go for major sponsorship as I already am sponsored by Psillakis surfboards, stick it board wax, and I get discounts off a Japanese wetsuit brand called glidz. I can throw some pretty sick punts, reverses, and some pretty sick reos and finners to but my signature move is a big forehand roundhouse. I surf around 1 before school and 1 after school (every day), and on the weekends i surf pretty much all day every day. My grades are fairly good and I’m your average c to b grade student. I also have some videos from around when i was late 10 and early 11 in indo and late 9 early 10 at local breaks if you wanted to check em out. thats the link for my latest video and then the one where im 9 and 10 is this one these are my contacts and thanks for your time (mums phone) +614 11 351 448 and my email address is thanks gotta go now (going surfing!)

  • Ellie

    Hey! I’m Ellie I’m 15 and I’ve been surfing for two years and. I know that it seems like a short amount of time but I’m fairly good an can do some pretty good maneuvers around the lip and have gotten my cut back really good , I surf in New Jersey and I think next summer I’m gonna get a sponsorship from a local surf joint once they open up again if you’re interested in giving me a sponsorship email me at

  • Nathan Devambez

    Hi I m Nathan, I am 14 and I have been surfing for nearly 4 years. I live in New Cledonia, I am twice new Caledonia chapion 2013 : in 14 and less and in 18 and less. I participate to the Melanesian cup in Vanuatu in 2011 where I finished 2nd in 16 and less. This year I participated of the France championship contest. New Caledonia is very small and if I want to improve my surf I really need a sponsor that can help me to participate to contest out of new caledonia. I ride 5’7 Al Merrick and I can do: barrel, re entry, air, lay back, floatter, cut back . If anyone can tell me how to get in touch with sponsors that would be great. Thank you

  • Nathan Devambez

    Hi I am Nathan, i am 14, I have been surfing for nearly 4 years, I live in New Caledonia, and I would like to find a sponsor. I am twice New caledonia champion 2013 : in 14 and less and in 18 and less. I also finished 2nd in bodyboard. I did participate to the Melanesian Cup in Vanuatu in 2012 and this year I participated to the France Championship. I ride a 5’7 Al Merrick and I can do : Lay back, Barrels, cut back, floatter, re entry , air. new caledonia is very small so if I want to improve my surf I really need a sponsor to help me to participate to contest out of New Cal. If anyone can tell me how to get in touch with sponsors, it would be great. Thank you.

  • Amy

    Hey, Im looking to get sponsored to Australia working on this magazine. I’m a graduate BA Hons ‘Magazine Journalism & Feature Writing’ student. Thanks

  • kate

    Who wants to get a professional film made of them surfing? Who wants to get on the fast track to getting sponsored? Im a professional photographer/filmaker and I can help you getting sponsored and get you closer to your dreams to come true!! Email me at : – Let me know your gender, age, where you live and I’d love to hear from you!! Cheers guys and keep ripping!

  • kate

    Hey guys…Who wants to get on the fast track to becoming sponsored and make your dreams of sponsorship a reality? Im a professional photographer/filmaker….Hit me up and I can help you guys out with some sick videos of you surfing!! Email me at:….Keep carving it up!

  • Wil Powell

    hi, im looking for a sponsor i am 14 years of age and i can land most fins out, tail slides and snaps, can not really air properly but have done it a couple of times, i ride a al merick DFR 5 10. i am joining the trigg boardriders club very soon and wish to a have a sponsor when i do enter. im mainly looking for clothes and board sponsors… let me know on my email: cheers

  • damien

    hi I am Damien I’m 14 yeas old and I surf a 5’6 short board and I really want to get sponsored iI can do 180 floaters and a couple air reverses and i could get some good barrels. I don’t have any sponsors and i am a good surfer send me some stickers and stuff and email my at

  • Calvin Hyytinen

    Hey I’m 11 years old, I ride a 5’6 Zouvi Sharpeye and I’m looking to get sponsored. If I get a good video of me surfing where should I send it in to? If anybody has any suggestion on where to go to get sponsored or what to do and if u r interested in taking a look at me and watch me surf give me a call at 858-926-9927 or email me at

  • Madison

    Hi, I am Madison, I am from the Jersey Shore and I was looking for another sponsor, because I only have one, and I think with my surfing skills I should have more. I am 13 and on a surf team, my coaches are Jess and Casey Kwienski, who are amazing and have taught me so much. I have also had lessons with Wrenna Delgado who is a very amazing surfer. I am a very dedicated surfer, I surf about everyday. I have been in many competitions with my team and solo, I have done very well in the competitions. I ride a custom short board most of the time. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone would like to sponsor me. Please contact me by my email: thanks.

  • Rustin F

    Hello there, I know this is a very late post but I am 13 years old and very encouraged to try and get a minor sponsorship and then build my way up. I Live in Southern California and am a BODYBOARDER. I can almost do an inverted air/ air roll spin and can get barreled and I have 2 GoPro Hero 3’s which i record clips with. I have a lot of potential but I have never competed in a competition but i plan to in the near future. I am not looking at all for a large sponsors and my standards are waves up to 5ft. I also surf but not really good. I ride a VS Icon and get large discounts at my nearest Surf Shop. I really need help to get a sponsor and I can provide some clips for you if you would like. Email:

  • Jarrod Wilkinson

    hi i am looking for an alright sponsor but not to major i will wear the sponsor gifts and use it all the time i am 12 turning 13 soon i have not gone in a comp i almost did but i missed southbridge boardriders in the illawarra i can get barrels and cutty and sort of do a floater and getting there on doing airs if u are confident on sponsoring me email me at

  • Jarrod Wilkinson

    i also have a 5’6 browndog board shortboard

  • alki

    Hi my name is Alki and i ride a 5,1 and i really want to get sponsored but i am in a sort of remote area called Agnes Water but there is pro surf. I am won of the best shortboard riders in Agnes. I have won every time except once in our comp called tide and turn. I can get barrels,airs,air 360s and massive snaps and floaters and finally 360. I love surfing and if you don’t think i am good call this number and ask for a video 49747887 and keep surfing and thanks.

  • Alki

    Hi my name is Alki i am 11 years old and i ride a 5,1 and i am looking for a sponsorship. I have won every event except one in my hometown Agnes water and most of the comps were tide n turn. i have traveled allot for running before so i am sure i can travel for a sponsor. I can do airs,360,cutbacks,massive snaps and get lots of barrels. I would love to be sponsored and see my heroes Mick Fanning,Joel Parkinson and Kelly Slater so thanks and keep surfing.

  • Megan

    Hi My name is Megan and i am 14 looking for a sponsorship! I ride a 5,. I have surfed for 4 years now and started competing with Bondi Girls Board riders. I have came first in Juniors, Beginners and intermediate. I can do many tricks and turns such as carves, cutbacks, floaters, snaps, layback snaps and more.

  • JM Hernandez

    I’d love to get sponsored. I’ve entered in a few competitions this year in Virginia. Hoping to get picked up!

  • Byron

    Hi I’m Byron from jersey in the Channel Islands. At the moment riding a 5ft4 board by fluid juice. Came fith in the rip curl grom search and 2nd in under 14s category for my island and I’m only ten. I could show a lot of potential I can do snapped floaters and cutbacks so hopefully some companies get this message and will reply to me on my e mail address thanks regards byron

  • Melanie

    Hi, I’m Melanie I’m a surfer, I’m 12 years old and I live in Georgia. I do not come from a surfing family or live in an area where I surf everyday. I do not own a surfboard but wherever I travel I find ways to surf there. It’s my dream and passion to be a pro and get sponsored! I’m going to ireland, Barcelona, and possibly Biarritz this summer and I hope that gives me a better chance. If anyone could help me get sponsored I wouldn’t be able to show my appreciation! Thanks 🙂

  • Erin

    Okay I’m 13, a girl and I longboard I’m pretty good just hang ten kinda stuff but in order for me to get sponsered would it be better for me to ride a shortboard?

  • Nick

    Hi I am looking for a sponsership for my surfing I’m 12 years old and ride a 5’2 superbrand vapor it would help me out a lot with my surfing I can do snaps cutbacks and get tubed off my mind also I am almost about to pull of a layback

  • Bradley stearnes

    Hello would anyone be willing to film me bodyboarding? I’m 13 years and I really would love to get sponsored,and I would say I’m decent enough to get a bit of filming and maybe a sponsor,so anyone that could film me or take pictures please message me on this or Facebook or something Thankyou

  • Amelia

    Hi I’m Amelia and I live in Northern Ireland! I started surfing a year and 1/2 ago, and not only do I enjoy it but I want to become really good. The water is very cold here but we get good surf. The biggest swell I have ridden is 6ft. I can do a decent bottom turn, some stepovers and am starting cutbacks. My local surf shops is Troggs in Portrush, as is ma homebreak. It is one of the best spots in Ireland. I want to take part in competitions once I learn to do roundhouses etc. I want to ride a shortboard, mabye 5,6 but I have a longboard at the mom. I also love skating and am stoked to be able to ollie and tailflip! Surfers in mg area say people will want to sponsor me but I don’t think I’m b ood enough. Wgat do you think?

  • Ty

    Hi my name is Ty and I’m 11 years old . I ride a 5’2 pier pony and am Looking for a sponsor . I can get barreled , bottom turn , working on snaps and cut backs and have done an air before. The only problem I have is I live on Long Island New York and we get legit swells ever once in a while but most of the time you have to make the best of what you have . I surf year round even when it’s snowing so I have lots of practice time . I really would love help getting a sponsor because it will push me to surf more and surf better . I also compete in ESA contests .

  • Terry Perez

    Hi Kate,

    I’m Terry Perez from Cocoa Beach FL. I’ve been teaching over 30 years, and now coaching Groms in our ESA, ASF, NSSA and other events like our NKF National Kidney Foundation of Florida Pro-Am Rich Salick Pro-Am Surfing Festival we just had which I’ve won many times through the years and at 50 I won 1st Place! But this isn’t about me, this about the new Groms surfers that have natural talent and has what it takes to become world champs. Yes, Kelly has open our doors wide open. But this where he started out as well as his two brothers CJ & Damien Hobgood The Goods got there start. I’ve the years teaching and coaching have seen tons of good and great surfers, but as we well know, there are very few that has what it takes with the right attitude and love for our sport. And I keep my eye’s open and watch as I judge lots of contest mostly with and for Gnarley Charley’s Grom Series and pretty much have seen it all Lol Kelly being the best we all have seen and still see today, but it’s his humbling attitude and the love he has for our sport that makes him the best, and even CJ & Damien has the very best attitudes as greatest surfers that represent our surf industry! And now I’ve found or should say, she found me, actually better yet, We have found each other. Our 9 year old Valeria Ojeda has it all and let’s her surfing speak for it’s self. Valeria with her mother Maria came up to me and asked, Mr. Terry would kindly please coach and help me better my surf techniques in proving my 360’s and airs. I was so blowin away of how this 9 year old asked me as beautiful young lady so mature beyond her age. I said, let’s go surf together and what you have and start from there. She smiled from ear to ear and as soon as we hit the water, she give me that look of, Ok, Game on boy! She was schooling me out there Lol All I had to do is work with her on wave knowledge and told her what to do in her heats and pace yourself. And she did as I said, she got 1st all the way to the finals winning 1st Place! She blew us all the way when she told competitors good luck before the heat started and congratulated them as they were coming of the water. Valy charges harder than I have seen with so much focus. We took her the Sister or the Sea in Jax Beach and won two 1st Place Trophies of her divisions! Valeria Ojeda is hungry and charges harder than anyone focus out there to win and have fun! Next even will be Salty Sweet 1st Annual Contest here at our Cocoa Beach Pier! Salty Sweet Women’s Pro/Am Surf Contest
    October 18, 2014
    $5k CASH pro purse

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Natasha, Jasmines Mom

      Terry you are amazing with the groms!! Jasmine and I appreciate everything you do! Groms that want to be sponsored…….when the time comes, the sponsors will come. Learn the difference between brand ambassador and sponsor. Hard work, determination, dedication and a true love for the sport! Natural talent helps too! Jasmine started surfing consistently a little over a year ago, now she trains 7 days a week and works out every minute she isn’t surfing or skateboarding, although she is no skateboarder the land surfing helps as well on days the waves are flat. She is a dedicated and determined surfer with a heart of gold! When the sponsors are ready for her, they will come, until then all she can do is have fun and keep pushing forward and keep dedicated!


    Hey im Josh. I’ve got a Youtube account called JoshLudFilms-. There i have uploaded videos that I have edited and filmed my self. I also have got footage of me bodyboarding and skating. I would be happy to be sponsored by any surf/skate/wax companies and so on….
    Email me! Cheers!


    Hey im Josh. I live in Australia and I’ve got a Youtube account called JoshLudFilms-. There i have uploaded videos that I have edited and filmed my self. I also have got footage of me bodyboarding and skating. I would be happy to be sponsored by any surf/skate/wax companies and so on….
    Email me! Cheers!

  • Kian

    I want to get a sponsor olso i’m 13years and i am a lonboarder i live in belgium

  • Kian

    I am 13 years old and i am a longboarder hole my familie surfs the problem is i am a Little bit fat and i think the sponsors don’t want that i have to good things ques im fat my sprays are hier and cutbacks snaps off the lips are easy er. My nose rides are pretty Nice and i live in belgium help me for a sponsor please

  • lucy

    Hey my name is lucy. Im 12 years old. I have been asked to be sposerd b4 but i didnt think i was ready however i am ready now so i was wondering if anyone was intresed in sponsering me or just going 4 a friendly surf.if u r intrested plz emailme or coment mt email is

  • Micah

    Hi my name is Micah and i am looking for a sponsorship i am 12 years old. I can do a roundhouse but i need to improve on my snaps and i can bottom turn. What sponsorship should i start off with?

  • Micah

    Hey my name is micah im 12 years old from Australia, I love surfing but i dont know if im ready yet. I can do a roundhouse i need to improve on my snaps i can bottom turn.
    email me at if you have advice cheers 😉

  • Louis Marino

    18 year old male nose rider from New York. Looking for a sponsor i love surfing its my passion. dream of riding perfect lefts perched on the nose in Hawaii. Looking for a local Photog to take sunset pics video!!

  • kate

    Hi Guys, My Names Kate Le Roux, the founder and director of ‘Grab A Grom’ based in south east Queensland, Australia. If you would like to get kick started with your future surfing career and get to know how sponsorship works & how to promote yourself then follow us on Instagram @grabagrom and check out our website For all those serious surfers please fill in the ‘Get Started’ form on the website. For All Branding & Commercial inquires please email directly:

    #grabthestoke | #grabagrom

  • Guayo

    Hey, im from baja, 13 years of age i would love to get sponsored, im starting to pop some airs, i can do nice cutbacks, floaters, snaps, and im pretty good at barreling.
    Plz mail me at

  • Arturo

    I’m a 12 years old Italian longboarder, and I wish I could get sponsored

  • Mary

    Hi Im Mary-Grace and suring has helped me overcome my physical disabilities. I used to be bedbound and now i can carve and longbaors. Although I am not the best surfer i love what i do to surf and find a new entity when i enter the water. I would be honored if i could represent a surf brand with my surfing. One of my surf coaches and good friends just competed in the WQS and is heading down for another competition this minth. She has mentioned i have a gift and it will be unleashed with time. Again i can surf, elegantly carve but not the best at it hence still working out my physical dassabilities. I am 14 and girl who loves to surf.

  • Kauanoe

    Hi Iam 20 years old and I’ve been surfing since I was 8. Surfing is my passion and the greatest watersport . Iam looking for a sponsor really bad to just watch the talent that I can bring. Please if anyone knows can you email me at

  • Seth Thompson

    Hi my name is Seth I am 12 years old from Hawaii. The tricks I can do are snaps, cutbacks, through tails, airs , back side air reverses, lay backs, blow tails and to get barrled. I got 5th and 6th in the finals at nssa I also placed 3rd on Maui for hsa rankings

  • Simon Rowe

    hi, my name is Archie and I’m 13 years old. i ride a lost sub driver 5,11. i can link some turns and ride the face well. i live in england where the waves are small but fun. i have coped with money until now but getting surf clothing or boards is expensive. i am looking for any type of sponsor just am pretty desperate. snaps are my favourite manoeuvre. my family has come from north cornwall and north devon where we have surfed a lot. i am thinking of joining a surf comp this year coming as i feel i have a chance.i hope you can help me out. thanks

  • kenna

    is it possible that i could get some big name sponsors to support the surf club that i have started at my school?

  • Ruby Free

    my name is Ruby Free. I’m 15 and am a surfer from the south coast of England. I can do a range of tricks on my short board and longboard and have surfed since i was 9. Surfing is my passion but i haven’t really been discovered. I am a model for Bizzykidz UK and have shot for surf brands before but have never had a permanent deal. My goal in life is to be a pro but i just can’t seem to find a way of being sponsored? If your reading this please check out my Instagram – Rubyfree3 And feel free to drop an email 🙂 It would be much appreciated, Thank you!

  • Jeune hollar

    Hi my name is Jeune hollar I am 9 years old and looking for a sponsership. I can do snaps cutbacks and get barreld. I got 3rd in the Kahului harbor. My home brake is honolua bay. So please keep me posted

  • cade haakenson

    Hi I’m Cade 13, I’ve been looking for a sponsor. I can do floater, snappes, cutbacks, and acationaly barrels. I’m also on the surf team for Dwyer Middle School California. Hit me up on instagram at cade.haakenson1

  • Ben

    I am a grom who is pretty good at short boarding. I have placed in a couple contests and have a 5’11 and a 6’2. I can do a bunch of stuff and can get tubed. I would love to get sponsored so I can take it to the next level.

  • Ethan Hart

    I’m 12 years old and I am new to competitive surfing I’m going to my first contest this weekend and I’m going to go to more contest I’m becoming a competitive surfer and I’d like to have a sponsor to help me with that

  • Taryn Cupit

    Hello, I am eleven years old I ride 6’1. I have always wanted to be sponsered. I am fron ocnj. contact me for more info at