Hindsight Is Always 20/20

| posted on March 04, 2010
Dane might as well be shooting for his next film in these heats. Photo: Ellis

Dane might as well be shooting for his next film in these heats. Photo: Ellis

My original Fantasy Surfer team featured Taj, Dane, and Jordy. After witnessing the blinding glow of Slater and the impenetrable armor of Fanning in the first round, I reworked my team, for the worse. Second guessing yourself can really mess things up.

Taj’s surfing has been on a parallel course with his health. Every day he feels better. Every heat he surfs better, and he might have stumbled upon the perfect formula to keep him from peeking before the finals for once.

Jordy is very close to the perfect balance of yin and yang, That’s what you achieve when you combine just the right amounts of Parko and Dane. What Jordy did today vs. Slater was the first title statement heat for 2010.

Dane still hasn’t got any keepers. When Dane paddles out his goal is to surf every bit as good as he does on a video. There were moments today, and he absolutely smashed Parko, but we haven’t seen the best of Dane. If we get to see Dane put a couple keepers in the bag, the 10s will rain and the trophy will be his. A very interesting heat looms for semifinal number two.

And then there was Bobby. The backsiders surfed pissed this year at Snapper; Kai Otton looked like he had Mick rattled from the start, and won the heat beyond a shadow of a doubt. That’s the only way to beat the champ. Bobby then went out next round vs. Kai and wax on, wax offed him up and down the point like he was at the ‘con. Bobby’s surfing has been flawless at Snapper and features greater reward with less risk than the other three semi-finalists. If/when those guys mess up, he will be there. DMX bumps through his veins, “Gots to make a move, Gots a point to prove”. Bobby Martinez is the world title contender nobody mentions. -Shea Lopez

  • Nick

    Totally agree on Bobby. His surfing, although very solid, lacks the risks that Taj, Dane, and Jordy are taking. Should one of them come unglued, and Bobby keeps up the consistency, he can sneak into a win.

  • RC

    Bobby rips no one even considers him, why? Another mag said he’s got DMX running through his veins, who even listens to DMX anymore anyway, not bobby I’m sure. Fact is he has what it takes but no one says a word, why? Is it because he doesn’t interview well, he doesn’t fit the image of what the magazines want a surfer to look like or is it because he’s Mexican! California’s top surfer is a Mexican, the worlds top 10 is a homie from the barrio, and so what. Someone answer me why arguably the best goofy footer on tour since Occy, who has been in the top 10 every year since being on tour gets no love? This kids got talent but everyone including the Magazines, Hawaii, and the ASP ignore him. What’s left to consider. you like our salsa and chips but you ignore the talent of our youth!

  • shea

    Bobby has DMX on repeat before his heats, trust me. So now the surfing world is against Mexicans(my brother and I are Lopez’s). Have you been talking to Flore’s, he has a similar theory about Europeans. Main reason for his lack of exposure is that he prefers to cruise at home, the nicest barrio in California. Bobby enjoys his time away from the media circus, but when it’s time to perform he’s got the skills and desire to be the World Champ. Wouldn’t it be great if a busload of Mexicans came to the Lowers event waving Mexican flags in support of Bobby!!!

  • RC

    So because your surname is Lopez, now you understand the Barrio! Please Shea, don’t pretend to understand, and to put Martinez and Flores in the same sentence, your joking right? Sure he’s low key, hell maybe you know him better than we all do, but that doesn’t discount the fact that even while at heats he doesnt get the same exposure as the other guys. Owe yeah and I particularly like you punt about bringing a bus load of Mexicans to lowers, cute your a true “Vendido”. Look around Lopez were all around.

  • shea

    Yes RC I know nothing about the Barrio. I have experienced prejudice a time or two from being a Lopez. When I was 15 I have thought I was going to be murdered in Mainland Mex at a friends house. Banditios came up on horses waving machetes and screaming at us to lay face first in the dirt. Thankfully they only took our boards after a few tense moments with a blade to my neck. I put you and Flores in the same sentence, and I was totally joking. A busload of anyone coming down to the comp at Lowers would be great. Lets support our North American surfers. Look at the way Brazilians come from everywhere to support there compatriots. Brazilians never go anywhere without waving a a flag, I love their passion. “a true Vendido” c’mon now thats a grandiose statement. I think a “true surfer” or “true surf fan” is a better assessment of me. I’m a huge fan of Bobby Martinez, and after his performance at Snapper, I think if you look around RC you’ll see were all around.

  • Daniel

    Gentlemen Gentlemen (i doubled it on purpose),

    I am Panamanian, and as a latin surfer am happy for Mr. Martinez, and I do think he doesnt get as much exposure as he should, but I also think he doesn’t go by unnoticed. Its great that both Mr. Lopez (big fan BTW) and RC are passionate about this topic. There are no rights or wrongs on this one so just meet in the middle (thats the salomonic way and is usually the smartest and most considerate solution)

    Saludos and be sure to email me if your down in my country where u can surf pacific and caribbean waters on the same day (no wetsuits neither)

  • Mik

    Shea: Dane does rip. But if you look at Parko on film, there is little difference other than the number of airs Dane goes for. Otherwise Parko is as radical, and at times more radical. Even in their heat, Dane reaped the impact of hype because it was closer than it was scored. Bobby Martinez is also a real threat. as is Kai, as is the entire top 15. What will matter in the end this year is who does what in the conditions offered up. Over the course of a season, consistency rules.