Heat Seven

| posted on September 02, 2011

Round One

Surf videos and boar-hunting with Maui duo Albee Layer and Matt Meola.

Surf videos and boar-hunting from Kauai duo Alex and Koa Smith.

  • Kana Kirkpatrick

    I love this blog! Hands down best blog around!

  • Jim Carl

    Best blog I’ve ever read.

  • Travis SMITH

    Go Smith Bradas

  • Travis SMITH

    When you click it takes you to the wrong link!

  • mian meuthia

    gnarly, dude!! wicked blog!! yeew!

  • Carolyn Dumeyer

    classic blog… most talented surfers around!

  • Steve Hubbard

    Great blog very cool!

  • Maddog

    Definitely a winner!

  • danielle quinton

    why of all blogs do you have to make matt and the smith bras go against each other?? THIS, by far, IS THE HARDEST DECISION I HAVE TO MAKE IN MY LIFE hahahahah

    yo travis is being bias! hahaha lol joke CHE HUUUU ALEX&KOA!!! (..and matt) haha

  • cody young

    Meola Layer is the BEST

  • raw is the most creative!

    Da Smith braddas are funny & talented in da water.


    thumbs up for ,

  • albee

    wow atleast our freeze frame is way cooler than the smiths haha

  • Barbarian Fonto


  • Annie

    meolalayer!!! you know why!!!