Heat One

| posted on September 06, 2011

Round One

Sterling Spencer’s escapades into absurdity.

Jordy Smith’s horizontalized.

  • Eric Dickens

    sterling for president

  • Mattster Ti

    Jordy may be ASP ranked but Sterls delivers adventure on a stick!

  • http://HIGHSEASINN.COM cocopop

    pinch me

  • dan

    centaur has been featured in movie posters he didn’t know existed

  • dan

    centaur can cook minute-made rice in 30 seconds

  • Herpenstein

    You know the rules!

  • Zeke

    Can’t wait to see the full length feature film, hurry the hell up and finish it dangit!!

  • Flash

    They both put me to sleep…is it because I’m over 25? Where’s the production value? At least Sterling’s has a pinch…

  • kyle

    shu shu, go au way, go read some books

  • SM

    jordys is simple and to the point… good clips with good surfing.. done…

  • Ryan

    Definitely PINCH! Best blog for sure.

  • phil

    are u PinchMySalt ???!.. ;-p. has waay cool post , than $^#%&#(***

  • Jake Vincent

    jordy can u please start updating ur site again <3