Heat One

| posted on September 26, 2011


Sterling Spencer’s escapades into absurdity.

The online destination for fans of Laura Enever. With dancing.

  • Blog critic

    PINCHMYSALT = entertaining , innovative and random. AWESOME!!!!

  • drew

    PMS CFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • L.F.J

    PMS no doubt!!! Coolest blog online!

  • dane

    Centaur should have gotten a pass straight to the final and then declare winner no matter what!

  • danny!

    This GIRL that no one has ever heard of is obviously voting for herself as much as possible.


    P I N C H M Y S A L T !!!!

  • Sleezy

    GC represent! Pinch it up!

  • Son of luciannnnn

    centaus don’t believe in arbitrary things like contests
    1/2 horse 1/2 amazing

  • Bebe

    PINCHMYSALT! All the way! Those dudes are awesome!

  • Duhhh

    DUH!!! that girl is voting for herself because her blo SUX!!

  • Zeke


  • funny guy

    Looks like Laura Enever really knows how to overcome P.M.S

  • Laura fan

    It’s great to see such a wonderful athlete having fun and doing well .Laura has worked and trained hard to become the great advocate she is for womens surfing. Go Laura keep living the dream – you are amazing!

  • grrrr

    how is this even a contest? PINCH is wayyy better. Who is that girl?

  • sky

    i’m pretty sure laura is on there because she’s pretty. honestly, her blog contains no substance at all and is not entertaining in the least.
    spencer’s, on the other hand, is extremely witty, creative, and entertaining… the kid is genuinely funny and deserves to win the contest.

  • BOB

    LONG LIVE CENTAUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!