Heat Four

| posted on September 19, 2011

Round Two

Surf videos and boar-hunting from Kauai duo Alex and Koa Smith.

Wade Goodall’s underappreciated episodic adventures.

  • Hawaiian Sam

    The smiths two of the most funniest looking guys I have ever seen in my life.

  • Barbarian Fonto

    By the tip of my foreskin i declare the Smiths will win!!!!!!!!!!

  • VB Chris

    There’s foul play involved here…. no way anyone beats creative destruction! Especially not by this big margin. It’s not really winning if you cheat boys.

  • Barbarian Fonto

    VVVVVV Dont hate the player, hate the game muthaf#@kaaaa! VVVVV

  • Rasta Rob

    VB Chris: Your the fuKiNg man yeah!!

  • Agi

    If having all the islands in hawaii supporting them is called cheating then i feel bad for you Chris you must be lonely. These kids arent underground, check the veiw count of most of theyre videos. A few of them are almost reaching 100,000. Plus creative destruction is emo and boring, sorry Chris your emo and boring…

  • hoax

    the above chart is proof that you cant get a correct decision by online polling. Creative Destruction is the only true production of any of these blogs. Credibility lost

  • Barbarian Fonto

    Creative Destruction is a sick blog. Well made videos.’s videos are also well made, they also haven’t been a blog for as long and are only getting better and better with each episode. Losing Sucks, stop crying and just take it like a man.

  • http://eat postive again

    LASTNAMEFIRST—- real shit for real people…… NO GLAM///

  • DJ Kana

    How’s this VB Chris guy??? Chris, you obviously have never even taken the time to view any of the content on If you had, you wouldn’t be making such ridiculous accusations like “foul play”. Anyone who has legitimately viewed both blogs enough to make an educated vote will see that LatNameFirst blows Creative Destruction out of the water. The content is way more fun, interesting, and creative. And just all around more entertaining.

  • HI! :)

    Wade Goodall hasn’t done anything good since the Passion Pop. Creative Destruction is just his feeble attempt at trying to get exposure. LastNameFirst is a documentation of 2 rising stars from the North Shore of Kauai, the hottest bed of talent in surfing history.