Groove Move

Take a trip with filmmaker Jack Coleman through stills from his new movie

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| posted on March 07, 2014
  • mike_d

    too darn hip for me

    • Sampson

      always suprising the amount of unhip people that take part in such a tripped out activity

  • sam

    If a surf movie had down syndrome

    • Jimmy the Saint

      How is that an exceptable thing to say Sam? Where was the moderator? Intellectual disabilities are what they are, being an ignorant asshole is another. Strange our posts get moderated by Surfer and yet they let you post that shit up. Shame on you Surfer

  • EWL

    Loved my Bonzer! Learned airs on that thing back in the day!

  • newportfratstar

    needs more agro brazos and ego centric bros

  • RCL

    Ugh. This guy just wants to show off his vintage camera collection.

  • OprahshusbandStedman

    Negatron’s need to goose step back to the land of Nike’s and Target sponsorships…At least someone is giving surfing a different perspective…Pretty sick vintage camera collection if you ask me.

  • Jimmy the Saint

    Looks great, when is it out? Love watching the wct, but always nice to see different boards and things being ridden, apart from SUPs of course!

  • shooootsbrah

    ha holy shit so funny i had been out earlier and was watching from the inside at the lane and seen some long haired dude cruise by doing a cheater 5 and was thinking haha i wonder if that was alex knost sure looked him. definitely was . how funny. he was killing it out there . super crowded too was a weekend if i remember right

  • rob dougherty

    A dissenting opinion. I effing loved this movie.