Greg Long Injured at Cortes Bank

Long injured in 40-foot surf and airlifted to San Diego hospital

| posted on December 22, 2012

There were waves in the 40-foot range Friday, with more swell expected to arrive over the weekend. Photo: Keith

Update: Greg has been cleared to come home from the hospital. Although he is thoroughly shaken, he is in good spirits and will be home to spend Christmas with his family. According to Greg it was “as close of a call as you can have.” We’ll have more details as they become available, but for now we’re glad that it was only a very close call, and nothing more.

According to early reports, Greg Long suffered a horrific fall while surfing the Cortes Bank on Friday. Long was airlifted 100 miles to a San Diego hospital from the scene with suspected broken ribs and a punctured lung. The injury was believed to be the result of a collision between Long and his board after he went down in the whitewater.

The Cortes Bank is situated 100 miles off the coast of San Diego which made the situation far more dangerous. Although the surf was in the 40-foot range on Friday, many surfers believe that the submerged island is the likeliest location for surfers to ride a potential 100-foot wave. A crew of big-wave chargers made the trek for the swell, which is expected to build through the weekend. Expect more photos soon on

Water patrol search for Greg Long in the whitewash after he impacted his board during his fall. Photo: Keith

Long receives medical attention on the deck of the boat after his wipeout. Photo: Keith

From the photos we saw, the wave of the day Friday at Cortes Bank. Photo: Keith

An aerial shot of the beast at Cortes Bank. Photo: Keith

Underneath this wave is a submerged island, on top of it is a hell-bent charger. Photo: Keith

  • Brennan Clarke

    Glad to hear you made it surfing needs Greg Long

  • Robbie Irlam
  • anon

    Hang in there Greg!

    Courtesy, online surf fan.

  • will

    Once again GMAC showing his true colors. This time it almost cost Greg Long his life. This violation should not be swept under the rug. What a self serving kook. On a motorized craft on top of it!

  • BootsyCollins

    Couldn’t agree more about GMac being an idiot. Greg Long barely survived. If he’d have died GMac would have blood on his hands. And on a wave jet! He should issue a public apology and voluntarily remove himself from the big wave crew.

  • North Shore Paddle

    How can a guy with a jet assisted take off be allowed to burn somebody that is paddling? Kooks like this get handled on the North Shore but he leaves the island and forgets to pack his manners.

  • tyler

    wavejets are SOOO sick!!!

  • Del

    Good luck Bru..

  • Chris

    I wish Greg a full recovery. To those bashing on GMAC, it was an accident. Surfing here is a dangerous game and all participants go into it knowing that. Get over yourselves.

  • Don Juan Cherry Tempo

    GMAC cut me off in 2-3ft Bolsa Chica. I nearly drowned that day as well, except I didn’t have the luxury of PWC assist. So I just stood up an walked in.

  • nick

    I’m kind of bummed to see the wave that Greg Long fell on which caused a 3-wave hold-down was possibly caused by GMAC. I respect him as a surfer but I just don’t see why you would snake Greg at a spot he probably has more wired than GMAC. then again i’m just some fucking guy on a computer who knows nothing. I wonder how GMAC would feel if Greg snaked him at Nazare? he’d probably be heated.

  • Steve Wimer

    Next time consider having a lookout identify the last wave in the set, a minute ahead of time, in another boat perhaps, and then you can takeoff without worrying about getting cleaned by the follow up waves.

  • Tommy T. San Diego.Ca.

    GMAC,did wrong, I’m sure he’s sorry for being a kook, everybody should know the edicate of surfing,the basics that we all learn when we start surfing big waves or small 2-3 footers,especially surfing the mountains that these heros we look up to,to make all surfers feel like they surf big waves too.Even if some of them only surf in the summer when the waves are small, GMAC apologize to your fellow surfer bro.and don’t be like some of these kooks that think the waves are only for them like they own the beach. Believe me the north shores is the way if is because of kook like you that drop in on people with out looking or have any consideration for who is next, or have any sence of sharing. Surfing is suppose to be fun, especially with friends,if you GMAC is not a friend to Mr Long, than its time to be his best friend, do what ever it takes to show him you are not the kook everybody thinks you are. In Samoa we would take care of business right away, you are lucky Greg is not Samoan. I bet he wishes he was,he would have had a nice x-mas present.Gmac do what right.

  • Jimmy the Saint

    I haven’t seen the footage of what happened, and can only go on what has been written on this page. I am confused about the “dropping in”, because its not uncommon to see two or three riders on one wave in huge surf, whether at Mavericks or Waimea Bay, and “dropping in” doesn’t strike me as a breach of the rules in massive surf. Maybe those waves are different as they seem to be all about the drop, whilst Cortes is a long wave. Can anyone shed light on this, won’t have any implecations for how I will surf as I don’t surf such Huge waves, and I never drop in!
    Sincerely thankfull that Greg made it, to my mind he is one of the most important Surfers out there at the moment, he was in my top ten votes for the Surfer 2012 award

  • bill

    GMAC on his SUP snaked Jessee Billauer a few years back at Malibu and caused him to get rolled and tossed pretty hard on a set wave. Joel Tudor witnessed the whole thing and told GMAC to apologize. When he wouldn’t apologize, Joel choked him out and gave him a little nap. GMAC and his overinflated sense of self represent the worst of our sport. It seems like the real legends, the ones who are pushing the boundaries, walk softly and carry a big stick, letting their actions speak for themselves. They don’t get a publicist to get them on talk shows, put them in the guiness book of world records or make it their mission to destroy our lineups with SUPs because they earn royalties for every one sold.

  • Matt

    Gmac deserves a beat down! F*ck that K00K!

  • John Maher

    Here’s the 48 photo sequence of GMac burning Greg,, pretty evident Gmac was in the way.!i=2288842311&k=mt3M8XR

  • rw

    Hey Burkhart, wanna buy some photos…

  • John

    GKook is a machismo clown desperately trying to cling to the coattails of the big wave elite in the hopes of going down as one of them. Hes apparently still trying to hang on during a mid life crisis, yet instead of purchasing some vials of “Just for Men” an atomic orange mustang saleen like his peers, hes resorted to all sorts of floatie vests, jet assisted surfboards and the like in a desperate attempt to stay relevant in the big wave arena.

  • http://none Dave McGuire

    You almost drowned on 2-3 Bolsa Chica?

  • http://none Dave McGuire

    It was Liam MacNamara that dropped in on Jesse Billauer, not Garrett. There are not many people left in the pro surfing community that have respect for the MacNamaras. When its you against the world, the world usually wins. I understand that disabled people are helped by SUPs and that other thing, but no able bodied surfer should use them. I will never by one unless its to paddle around a lake and fish off it!