Getting Owned by the Judges is the New Black

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| posted on October 11, 2011

Travis Logie found himself on the wrong side of a love triangle with the judges and Taj Burrow during his Round 3 heat in France. Photo: Joli

Winning is for squares. Dane Reynolds has never won a contest in his life and he’s so hot right now that the sun would be scared to touch him for fear of getting burned. Kelly Slater, on the other hand, seems to be coasting toward a new alphanumeric moniker, but when he gets to the podium, gives a back-handed compliment to everyone he beat, and closes with a good ol’ heartfelt cry, most of us will be yawning. Not to say that the World Tour is uninteresting—it may in fact be peaking in intrigue since the fiery Andy vs. Kelly days of old. It’s not necessarily because of the surfing, or the blossoming Owen vs. Kelly rivalry, but more a result of the controversial big-city stops, the perplexing mid-year cut, and, of course, the judging. Oh the judging!

The World Tour has never looked so scripted, which is probably why my Fantasy Surfer team is flying high and glorious like a golden hawk right now. (Tip: Just ask yourself who you think the judges want to win, put those people on your team, and BAM—you’re winning right there with them!).

You may wonder why I would celebrate favoritism on surfing’s grand stage, where points and glory and livelihoods are on the line. The truth is that I wouldn’t if it weren’t for the fact that those underdogs are actually stealing the show. We all remember Owen’s defeat at the hands of a floater more clearly than we remember Adriano’s win in the final. Julian Wilson can pull a no-grab rodeo flip and still come up short the score if he’s against Joel Parkinson. And Heitor Alves is a goddamn hero but will never win the hearts of the judges because he don’t speak English good. Right now Travis Logie’s heat against Taj Burrow in Round 3 of the Quik Pro France is streaming with a vengeance to the masses who find intrigue in all things World Tour.

Travis tweeted shortly after his heartbreak on the beaches of France, “That was the worst call of my career. I’m seriously over this sport, just watched the footage. I’m gutted. How do you stay positive after that?” Though sincere, it was a risky move since tweets of dissent have become the a major source of income for the ASP (Just ask Freddy P. who was fined $1,000 yesterday for questioning the judging). Don’t worry Travis, tweet or not, we were watching. “French police report that Travis Logie has been robbed in broad daylight,” is what one particularly clever Tour fan had to say this morning on our message boards. Between said robbery and his dramatic rise from wildcard entry to semifinalist at Teahupoo, I’d say that Travis has kept us pretty captivated lately, which counts for a lot when your career waxes and wanes to the tune of public interest in you. And once the public takes an interest in you, the judges blindly follow suit, which means things have to start working out for old Trav Logie pretty soon. The conclusion: As long as fans are engaged in the jersey-clad circus, getting screwed by the judges is the new black.

Read more about the ASP’s current state of confusion in our November issue on newsstands now.

  • Marcelo

    lot of ups and downs to have, at the end, one of the best arcticles ever written by Shea… cool stuff.

  • Danny

    Yeah, for the first time I have to agree with this Mag that I find, ironic like the judges, very biased…

    The last 2 days in Surf competition was botherline obscene in the judgement:

    Taj x Travis I guess Taj should be ashamed. He left the water upset because like everybody, he knew he had lost that heat.

    Medina x Slater x Ace – How the hell Slater end up in 1 against Gabriel? Even JAke P., VERY BIASED against brazilians, did not agreed with the call

    BTW, did you guys saw the Quarters from the Bali Jr. Pro yesterday? brazilians Peterson Crisanto and Caio Beli were robbed in the most ridiculous ways. But don;t take my word for that, go to the ASP website and check the Quarters heat recap

  • Fishboard Twin

    The judged is fucked. There is a saying in football. If the judge is showing more than the players something is very wrong. The same goes for surfing.

    I think Kelly Slater this year has been so overscored that his next title will not be the 11. It will be the 11,33.

  • Rapha

    Well there is now way, that Taj was really lucky with his victory over logie, but alright…that kind of things really happens, because the judging is human after all, and where there are humans involved there will be always kinda mistakes. Thats life and thats sport as well. And yes surfing is a lifestyle, but it is also a sport and when the best sportsmen come together for competition, it is most likly, that there will be also be unfairness. handling unfairness is a hugh task for everbody in his daily life, so either you fight for a change or learn to get along with it. So for Logie beeing angry is absolute human and in my opinion should in no way be fined.

  • m@Rk

    It’s become clear as day the favoritism and bias by the ASP judging. It’s at the point where I would find it hard for them to deny and excuse … as a matter of fact … it would be god for the sprt if someone from the judging system would gather the balls to reply RIGHT HERE for us all and explain the obvious blunders by their panel! ….. In case any ASP judges (or even someone that is associated with them) is reading this: PLEASE EXPLAIN YOURSELVES … it’s starting to become a joke. … Prodanovich was spot-on in his assessment … and shame on you guys for Logie’s heat call …. You guys just want to see Taj win one SOOOO bad dont you? … Oh, and them poor Brazzo’s … kinda like Rodney Dangerfield .. “No Respect©”

  • John Cain

    Yeah it looks like Travis might have one that heat but did he do an excellent turn at all. Taj did like 3 that were mental, I guess thats what the judges saw. Does anyone else think the commentary is even worse than the judging. Oh well

  • tim craw

    haha I actually think Taj surfed better on shitty waves where Travis surfed good on good waves. Close but I think Taj. Don’t hate me its just an opinion

  • Mik

    Marcelo: yep. great article by Shea, if it weren’t for the fact that it was written by Todd Prodanovich. (but maybe that’s your own way of showing a bias against Shae, or for him? I’m confuzed)…. Anyway: apart from the judging in Brazil, Europe is the craziest. It would be sit-com level entertaining if it wasn’t ruining careers as much as it was making careers.

  • mick teller

    Yep have to agree the commentary is the worst. jake is so lost on what he thinks a good wave is. Trav and Taj were both ripping……Do a resurf

  • Danny

    For Medina win this Quarters with Slater he will have to do something like he did on the King of the Grommets in France when he got two perfect 10’s.

    The difference is, with Slater they will never give Medina anything close to a 10, so If he rips like crazy he might scored a couple os 8’s. And we all know that for Slater don’t get a couples os 8+ in a heat It’s king of impossible, he just have to stand in the surfboard to get a 8. Just watch again he last heat again Ace and Medina

  • Marcelo

    Happened once again today, now with KS over Medina on H5. C’mmon 8,33 on KS last scoring wave against 8,23 Medina’s Show case one… They are killing the king. Shame on KS

  • jimmy ames

    Everyone is crazy if they think this is a robbery. Not one of Travis’s waves would ever appear in a movie whereas a couple of Tajs would. Controversy is being sold to followers. Hate to all sporting officials in the world this week haha

  • Taylor

    I personally know some of the judges and they are more committed to this sport of surfing than any of you guys. They watch and compare surfing day in and day out and generally do an excellent job where even ex pros like Jake have no clue as to how waves should be scored. I dont think it is them being biased but occasional human error which is unfortunate but how hard is there job. There is all sorts of bad calls in every sport and usually their rules and decisions are black and white where our sport is subjective as fuck. So writing a whole article about these issues is SURFER losing sight on the big picture of our sport and trying to taint it to the world. Good job

  • Tim

    This article hits the nail on the head. These judges are blinded by society’s perspective and they’re basically turning the tour into a popularity contest. Travis Logie robbed in broad daylight- Even the Aussi commentators had admitted the loss… How often does that happen! Travis doesn’t deserve a fine- He deserves a public apology

  • Mauro

    This is so sad! I know that as a brazilian I really wanted the 17 years old Medina to beat Kelly on the last heat, but putting the patriotism aside there is no way to say that Kelly deserved to make that score for the wave that gave him the victory. This little kid, Medina, is from a small village on the coast of São Paulo state, poor background, and it is huuuge for evrybody here even to see him competing against Kelly Slatar, and when we see that the dream of him beating the 10 time world champion become true, the judges take this dream from us, and specially from him. We are lucky he is tso hamble and focused that he won´t let it to put him down. But true, judging are stealing the brightness of the contest, and many other things.

  • Pat

    The reason they gave Taj the score (even though his final wave wasn’t deserving of a 7.47) is because they under-scored his frontside fin-blast 7.33. That wave should have been right up there with Logie’s 8.57 (for two floaters and an average hack).


    I watched the Taj v Logie heat live. The score to Taj’s last wave dropped in on the scoreboard at a 7.23 right at the end of the heat. Then the next heat started and wiped the score and then they were all the sudden interviewing Taj telling him he won. The score was changed after the heat to a 7.47.

    Either way it was overscored, but some shady shat goin on

  • Pat

    Still that sucks for Logie. And it probably wasn’t the right move by the judges. And yeah, the Kelly vs. Gabriel heat was equally baffling.

  • Lee Hale

    Admit it. The high scores don’t only go to the flashy performance, but the most athletic surfer. If you noticed some times the rail to rail tricks are happening by the best of 2 surfers; however, the surfer that has 15lb to 20lbs of extra lean muscle mass can throw energy into the same trick, and receive a better score. The person that’s a prototypical surfer will always win versus the skinny guy that’s doing kick-flips, 360’s and a gouging slash in the face of a wave. My advice to the little guy is beef up, and drink water. Don’t just surf water… Eat like a horse, and surf hard. A good example of somebody with great potential would be Clay Marzo. I think that it comes down to genetics. Nobody should sell themselves short win it comes to training.

  • Fishboard Twin

    This talk of human error is bullshit.
    The judges have multiple replay angles. They are free to take the time they need to decide the scores. No one is rushing them. I call it incompetence or lack of character of the ASP.

  • Me, Myself and I

    I just saw an interview that Rose did with a judge. The guy was about 150kg.

    Are you seriously? Nothing against the overweights in the world, but that guy couldnt possible stand up on a shortboard. How the hell is he judging something?

    I mean, it´s clear to me that the only thing he could ride is either a longboard or a SUP. How can he know the level o dificulty of a certain manouver?

    On another part, Rosie goes to the judging booth to “take a peek”. Where is supposed to be found 5 or 6 guys, there were at least 12. Plus, you could see that the judges comunicated with each other(this is wrong in so many way, I cant even express, just look at any other sport).

    Is ASP for real?

  • James nikwood

    This was the most blatant rip off I have ever seen, someone needs to investigate if the judges are betting on the outcome, taj got so drastically overscored it’s hard to watch. Travis Logie must be devastated to fall victim of such radical bias. ASP needs to be investigated over stuff like this, it’s way too scripted

  • Drew mack

    Even Travis Logies 6,77 was better than TAj’s last wave , what an absolute cheat , the head judge for that heat should get fired it’s disgusting they can get a result so backwards! It’s more apparent then ever that ASP is pushing certain surfers.

  • mikesmith

    Wow it’s so heavy the more you watch it the worse it gets , I think Travis gets cheated worse then Owen did in Brazil. Yes Taj did some big turns but it’s just one turn on a 2 foot wave, travis does multiple big turns on bigger waves, to get big scores doing one turn it has to be something huge or on anreally heavy section on a big wave, none of which applied with Tajs waves at all. What a joke of an association the ASP is, either that or the head judge is betting on heats, only way to explain such an obvious rip off.

  • Avery speck

    That Medina Slater heat was close and could have gone either way, but oh my goodness did the judges push Taj thru, poor Trav Logie such an important heat in his campaign . I reckon Trav is the new peoples champion after the year he’s had and now this. Cant wait to watch his next heat, I hope he smashes one of the top five guys in Portugal, fair and square. ASP it’s a sport not a movie stop trying to script it. Underdogs beating top guys is what keeps it interesting.

  • Grahamparkes

    ASP need to give Travis Logie a public apology for the worst judging call in the history of the WCT. What a joke of a sport .

  • Chris

    Travis logie surfs so bad he shouldnt even be on tour, it was for the general benefit of surfing that Taj progressed, despite Travis having surfed debatabley better.

  • Ted

    I swear it feels like watching theWWE , all fake, Travis Logie VS Taj Burrow = match fixing . We can’t stand for this crap anymore, ASP your a joke how can you push one persons career so hard and trounce on anthers so bad. How do the judges sleep at night?

  • Paul

    @mikesmith. Tottaly agree. It was worse then Owen did in Brazil.
    However I doubt that Travis will receive a note on the ASP site like Owen did.
    He is not Australian, American or a top guy.

  • Dave

    It is clear that the ASP and and therefore the judges have a vested interest in holding Kelly to the tour as long as possible. This has been the case for a couple of years but it has never been more clear than now. If Kelly loses interest in the tour ie. he is losing, he walks out and the ASP loses the most marketable and recognisable public face in surfing. No other athlete has anywhere near the crowd pulling factor to the general public than Kelly. The ASP need Kelly to win and it was never more evident in the scoring of his rides than this year.

  • Blake

    Travis did three maneuvers on both of his top waves, one on each that was as critical as it gets. Taj barely did two on both of his waves, and I would only call one of them truly a critical section…. makes me wonder

  • Pat

    If Medina had gotten the nod over Slater, wouldn’t they still be matched up against each other in the quarters just like they are now?

  • Me, Myself and I

    Yes, Pat. They would, but thats not the case. The problem is that ASP has lost it’s touch with reality completely. They are forgetting the basic: Their audience actually surf.

  • chris

    After reviewing the Kelly heat with Medina I have to say that it stands, without going in specifics (sorry Brazzos). However, the Travis Logie heat versus Taj was one of the most blatant rip offs I’ve seen in awhile. It was funny to hear Pottz commenting after Taj’s last wave, “… that’s not going to do it.” And I also found it very very curious that the score for Taj’s wave was sooooo delayed. Ultra-suspicious.

  • Look harder

    I watched six heats the other day leading up to Kellys heat and when he came on I felt as if the surfing he was doing was so far ahead of anything before that heat ,he really is so fast ,powerful, and placing turns in parts of the wave no one is, that,s without him even pulling the tricks that to me look like they are performed in a more top to bottom way than others tricks anyway.
    It is hard ,some heats seem as though it,s been a bad call ,yet I,d think the judges have studied surfing so long and around that top level day in day out that they would have a really good idea about what score is poor ,good, or prefect .
    Why would they be trying to make the job harder by pissing surfers off with bad calls ?

  • Kelvyn davidson

    ASP – F1 . Same thing ! money talks,

  • Lloyd

    What is most disappointing for me is that the judges don’t seem to score to their own criteria: criticality of manoeuvres, variety of manoeuvres, number of manoeuvres performed vs availability at location – all boosted for the size of the wave/section.

    i.e. a one-turn, super-critical mind blowing move on the first (big) section or impossible (guttering close out) section can score big but after that we’re talking multiple manoeuvres to be excellent range.

    Taj’s 8.00 was a joke: The first turn was so “nothing” an 8yr old could do it. No score. Then runs down the line to a big fins-out re-entry in the close out. The world howled that AdS could get an 8 for a floater, so why would a reo deserve an 8.00?

    Travis does a big top turn, a sick floater (as good as Adriano’s 8 in Brasil?) and whips it back up for a last second float in a critical close out…for only .57 more? I don’t think Trav was underscored. Taj was simply pumped up – badly.

    This is because number of turns count on a day when multiple turn waves are available. It isn’t just what can be done on the wave your are on. It is what else is being done that day at that break. You can’t do one huge turn on a close out at JBay/Snapper/Bells and score big. You won’t go close to scoring the same as someone who’s pulling multiple down the line turns; because the location offers more.

    That is what seems to be lost here. Unless you invent a new move or do it bigger than it’s ever been done I don’t see how ASP could even wave a stick at it. Yes, TB’s moves were SICK but one turn at a multiple turn location does not a 7 (or 8) make.

  • Bruce

    Thankyou surfermag for writing something about this and not just the asp media release. Watching it live was the most bewildering webcast I have ever seen!!!

  • Dave

    This is nothing new for those who are Brazilians or from any other country who do not speak english. Brazilians are blatantly ROBBED by ASP since forever. Brazilians have to ride two times more than an American or Australian surfer to win … smoothly, they are doing it now… ah! Now you come with this story of juding?? BULSHIT!!

  • I laughed

    As much as I like Taj’s surfing, the wave was 4-5pt ride. No better. Sorry. Robbed.

  • Blue Baron

    Blue Baron:
    On Travis Logie being out done on the poker table by all players. He is not the only one that has been told YOU LOST! that heat. Even when the camera’s are live. You would be out of the planet if you got caught at a poker table. Did you see that! No! What DID YOU SEE!
    2011-10-12 14:04:17

  • Not the head judge

    I would have expected the judges to score taj’s ride between 3.5 and 4. If Travis rode the exact same wave the exact same way, I would have expected them to score him between 3 and 3.5.
    7.4 is creative.

  • chala

    this might be a bit off the topic, but what really pisses me off is ASP highlight and TV shows. They are trying to turn the shows into somewhat of a production instead of just showing the surfing. The whole point of the TV shows are to show what happened at the event to those who couldnt be there. Every turn is shown in slo-mo and they don’t even show full rides anymore or show scores.

  • James

    I will never buy Quicksilver again and will drop in on any surfer riding for Quicksilver! FACT!!!!

  • David

    Travis surfs like the Hunchback of Notre Dame…that’s why he didn’t get the score.

  • Alan PE

    Thats way overscored!! Travis should get answers as this is his lively hood and he has the right to question and an official reason and soloution be given to him.
    Like in my job, if theres disputes, it gets delt with and an outcome, whatever it might be, is at least there.
    To not respond, or respond in a manner without the surfers rep at least as a mediator is not correct for Travis or the other surfers doing thier ‘jobs’ and in the same time brining in revenue for ASP and the judges…so the surfers should be better represented(by neutral party)…there will always be disputes, but they need to be handled correctly and openly to be fair.

    Trav,you deserve that win by all counts…this is your job, to keep it i beleive ‘fight’ for your rights, you earned your spot on tour through hard graft and the ‘TOWER PEOPLE’ should not be that powerful if they abuse it and rob hard working surfers. Every heat counts for you guys

    Good to see the publicity the mags are giving the boys, good for them knowing they do have voices out there!!

  • http://matchfix Pierre de Villiers

    Its possible to bet on anything these days. Has anyone bothered to check if one of the head judges is not in some syndicates pocket? Surfing, being the subjective sport it is, is wide open to interpretation, and thus easy to “fix” the outcome. My bet is that someone, or a group of people, is making bags of money. The ASP should sapoena bank records from all involved in the judging system to cover all their bases, but it will never happen. Why? i ask…..

  • Davids mom

    @david it was Taj who got the score not Travis getting a wave and missing out you twirp, have u even seen the heat? And you probably can’t even do a turn so I wouldn’t pass judgment on one of the worlds best surfers styles.

  • David

    @Davids mom – your funny. Your right, Travis rips. I’ll chill…

  • Fernando Gaspar

    Congratulations to Surfer Mag for allowing, in the name of freedom of thought, Shea Lopez to say what is in everyone´s throats:

    the asp judgment lacks metrics, thati is, it doesn´t have a reasonable and unbiased sistem of judgemente, Consequently, it doesn´t obbey a clear logic.

    Heat after heat, contest after contest, we have the displeasure of seeing biased judgement put down the same boys and put high the same others.

    By the way, the Oakley Jr in Bali was a shame too. They rewarded conventional top to bottom surf, instead of radical fly above the lip surf. Wasn´t it supposed to be an innovative surfing contest?????

  • James

    Travis got robbed!

  • Gordon

    @ Taylor, I also personally know and have known an ASP judge for over 30 years (since he was a grom) I also judge club contests and have done so since amateur surfing competitive days late in the late 70’s .

    All I can say about the Tavis Taj heat is Shame on the ASP and its judges (corporate touts) for bringing our sport to a new low.. I can see no other reason but vested interests for such hideously bad calls, c’mon, really, that level of incompetence is both inexcusable and incomprehensible …

  • Judgmental Rip Stick

    The “Champ(s)” are only as good as the judges and sponsors that judge them! I’ll start watching and buying this “sport” when the judges are free to speak and be questioned by the media and the public!!

    I’d like to see a Surfer win who was totally on their game and ruled that session…rather a Surfer win because of sponsor influences and judges favoritism…You can get deeper, get shacked, come out, smack the lip at Pipe like you own it, not fall and get a 9.99 or you can get not as deep, shacked less, fall on exiting and get a 10 because the Sponsors and Judges like you!!! It’s happened many times in many places for way too long and I’m tired of it…

    Those of us who know better know that a 10 isn’t always a 10… Maybe a quik 10 but not a peoples/real surfers “10” R.I.P

  • Ben

    Pardon the pun, but this incident was a total and utter travesty. Not only was it simply another disgraceful piece of incompetent judging on an ever-growing list of bizarre calls, but it bears testament to the diabolical state of shambles that the supposed governing body of our sport finds itself in. And what is even more disturbing nay unacceptable is that there is no forum or communication channel where anyone, including the surfer can voice his concerns or dissatisfaction in an attempt to rectify this. And heaven forbid; should one of the surfers or even media make any form of public commentary on such a call, he or she is fined, (like Freddy P on twitter) or banned from further comments (like Swanky and Andy Davis on the ASP facebook page). Unlike rugby and other professional sports, where a referee is constantly reviewed on his performance (although the Bryce Lawrence incident suggests otherwise) it seems surfing judges are left to make ridiculous calls’ event after event without anyone ever having to publicly account for his scores or any form of review or performance analysis. It reeks of underhanded bias and unprofessional policy. I’m well aware that surf judging by it’s very nature is subjective and there will never be a perfect science but such blatant cheating in heats like this simply undermines any attempt by surfing’s governing body to grow and nurture the sport toward a mainstream audience, which is exactly what they seems to focusing on with events in New York and San Francisco. I feel nauseous at the thought of watching another surfer robbed and cheated his way out of a contest via incompetence and until something is done or said to rectify this, I’m afraid I simply won’t waste my bandwidth on last night webcast’s. ASP stand up and make a call!

  • michael ginsberg

    i was a judge on the ASP tour for a long time and Head judge for ASP Hawaii for 8 years. My commitment to judging and those of most my fellow judges could never be disputed, it would be stating the obvious if i said that judging competitive surfing was not the most difficult sport to judge.There is no disputing the fact that 95% of the time we get it right ,3 % really close and 2 % we just fuck up .Please look at other sports to get this situation in perspective, i understand your frustrations when this happens but to say this is an orchestrated conspiracy by the judging panel to rig results is simple not true, possible incompetency by a few local judges and a too flexible Head judge could be blamed but to suggest that the ASP is in cohorts with sponsors to fix results is totally preposterous . Unfortunately we will always get some bad results its just the nature of the beast. I would humbly suggest that the ASP use only the best 8 judges on all WCT events and leave local judges out

  • Johnydanger

    Here’s a suggestion, how bout going back to the days of best 3 waves? They got jetski assist now?! Dont buy into the whole “its fixed” idea. Judges are going for the criteria: speed, power and flow etc and rewarding critical manouvers… I think they generally get it right. The top guys are so flawless between the big moves that you can see the difference. Brazos are ripping though i agree. Eveyone rips give the judges some credit its hard business! Sport in my opinion has never looked so good. Just saying.

  • M. Notary

    Where to start?? So many fogged brain comments..
    Tavis.. excellent surfer, solid.. but the NEW judging criteria.. Taj was underscored on his waves. AND DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME LOOKING FOR THIS HEAT IN THE QUICKSILVER FRANCE HEAT REVIEW SITE.. THEY TOOK THAT HEAT OFF THE SITE!!!!!! Like any of you would or could actually review an entire heat and put numbers on a ride…
    Are “you” just figuring out the judging sucks? Look at Taj vs Kelly at the Hurley in Huntington.. Taj gets a 7.33 for a above the lip air reverse with a milk to the beach and Kelly gets a 7.33 for two basic backside off the lips and a milk to the beach.. Taj was screwed in that heat…
    Remember.. Kelly wanted his own world tour… progressive surfing, etc..
    And for the Brazilians.. All of them, except for one, have a VERY BASIC FLAW in their surfing.

  • Olly

    Funny isn’t it if you go onto QuickProFrance and re-watch the heat they don’t let you see the end of the heat where the score is read out and see/hear comments etc it’s just left looking like Travis won (which he should have by a long stretch) but the score line and results read differently.

    At this top level of professional sport I think the ASP a need to have total transparency with their scoring as you would at any other sporting event. They need to engage with answering surfers issues as it’s quite clear that everyone can see there’s errors being made!

  • M. Notary

    With the review capability and only counting 4 waves total, there really shouldn’t be obvious mistakes. Most heats tend to be blow outs 95% percent of the time, so Mike, of course those are “easy” to judge. And to say it is easy to judge a “good heat”, I don’t think so. Try to remember each ride and all the details and compare to the other rides…

    A closer review before the results are announced.. and after further review, xxxx is the winner… A detailed look at how much rail is buried, air, speed.. all of it.. for a close heat.. Jordy vs Julian, how do you judge that, it was so close.

    Although I do tend to enjoy the outrage of a poorly judged heat..

    And everyone is ripping, it is fun to watch the level these guys are pushing to.

  • Jeremy

    Perspective. I agree Trav/Taj judging was wrong.
    However, having watched the most of the event live and many other contests, if you remove the partisanship I think the judging panel do an excellent job.
    Scores scales are some times changed during heats which may be confusing and irritating when your favorite is out there but the most important thing is
    the better surfing in that heat gets rewarded. 99% of the time it does.

    All the more reason why we need an explanation from the ASP of Travisgate.

    That decision stank so bad I had to close all the doors and windows to avoid puking, and I live 1000 miles away.


  • Chat

    Adding a point or two here, shaving a point or two off there really changes things. Are the heat draws really random? Is there sponsor interference? I hope not.