Garrett McNamara’s Statement

Garrett McNamara's statement regarding Greg Long's near drowning at Cortes Bank.

| posted on December 28, 2012

Garret McNamara and Greg Long at Cortes Bank. Photo: Glaser

What happened at Cortes Bank this December was very scary, and I’m still sifting through some thoughts about what occurred. I’m so sorry this happened, and thankful that Greg is safe and healthy. If I could turn back time, I’d make sure we either didn’t take off on the same wave, or gladly be the inside rider taking the pounding. Communication can be sketchy between surfers in situations like the one Greg and I found ourselves in, and this experience has challenged me to find more ways for big wave surfers to stay safe while surfing giant waves. I’ve spoken with Greg several times and corresponded via e-mail before, during and after. Clearly, this hasn’t been easy for either of us, and I look forward to continuing the dialogue with him around safety in and out of the water. Greg is an outstanding athlete, and a leader in a very elite group of surfers.

People have asked for my side of the story, here it is :

As far as Cortez is concerned, I was planning on being on Greg’s and Rob’s boats but at the last minute decide with Greg and Rob Brown that it would be better to charter another boat allowing other big wave riders Landon McNamara, Kealii Mamala, Chappy Murphey, Kohl Christensen, Danilo Couto, Alex Grey and Dave Wassel to join in the historic swell. Knowing that safety was paramount as it is on every mission, I arranged and hired to have Shawn Alladio and her team of paramedics and EMTs on our boat doing water safety for the guys from our boat. I brought a total of 6 professionals, to run water safety for the two days. This team assisted in Greg’s Rescue, particularly Mr. Hoover and Shawn.

A set was coming and as it got closer it started to swing wide. I paddled as fast as I could toward the channel because the wave was running away from the pack and I had no idea anybody was near me. When you go for a big wave you are committed and focused on making it. I took off not seeing or hearing Greg so I rode the wave as if no one was there. I got to the bottom started my turn and saw the white water about to land on me so I jumped off my board and got ready for the under water ride. Because of all the floatation in the Body Glove Survival Suit I came up before the next wave. Even with all that floatation the beating was so bad that I also pulled the Patagonia vest. It wasn’t until I was already on the inside after several waves did I see Rusty rescuing Greg. Even then I thought he had gone on the wave after me. I still had no idea he was on the wave I caught. I saw the Red Bull ski with no one on it so Shawn dropped me off and I drove it over to Greg’s boat where everyone was freaking out with emotions running wild.. I did my best to calm everyone down so they wouldn’t injure him more then he already was. At this point Greg had already regained consciousness. I sped over to my boat to get our #1 EMT, took him and our backboard to Greg’s boat. The days before the trip Greg and I were talking and organizing everything together for the safety. Anything he didn’t have I brought. Once at his boat I realized that all the safety skis were there and no one was watching the surfers that were still in the line up continuing to surf. I did safety the rest of the evening and didn’t get back to my boat until well after dark and Greg’s boat was already motoring back.

It wasn’t until I was back on my boat that I saw the footage of Greg behind me on that wave. Sharing a wave happens, All surfers have accidently dropped in on someone and not realized it until after the commitment was made. Of course once the error has been acknowledge an apology is always appreciated. When I apologized to Greg right after he had regained consciousness he said, “I enjoyed sharing that wave with you, don’t for one second think this is your fault.”

The bottom line is that as big wave riders we take risks. One of those risks is death by drowning. Thank God Greg is one of the most prepared waterman in todays world, puts safety first and trains for what we have to face. His preparedness in all aspects is what saved his life.

  • Dave innit

    Can’t argue with that. Legend

  • bill

    GMAC- with all due respect, keep your wavejet away from others in waves of consequence. I’m sure the good folks at WAVEJOKE are paying you a hefty sum but every surfer out there worth his salt thought these things were a joke before GREG’s near death experience, now we all realize that are as a dangerous as an assault weapon.
    Your drop in at Malibu at a few years back on paralyzed Jessee Billauer on your SUP gave us all a window into your character. Now this. Sure accidents happen, drop ins ensue, and big wave riding is fraught with split second decisions. But seriously, you almost killed the guy and perhaps if you didn’t obsessively seek publicity and exposure on a relentless level, things might have turned out different. If you pursued humility like you do the limelight, people might regard you as surfing’s court jester.
    If someone calls you a horse’s ass, get a second opinion. If the next person calls you a horse’s ass, buy a saddle.

  • Really…

    He dropped in on Jesse with an SUP? You said it all so well, Bill. Thanks!

  • Nicole

    Wow “bill,” that is a lot of assumptions you just made!
    So that means you have seen Garrett’s contract with Wavejet?
    So you were there that day in Malibu?
    You were there the other day at Cortez?
    Have you met Garrett personally???? I imagine not because if you have you would know that he would give the shirt off his back even to his worst enemy. He is one of the most caring and generous individuals I know.
    Also, these Wavejets you have clearly also never tried, single handedly changed Jesse Billauer’s life forever. His life and pursuing his passion will never be the same because of Wavejet. They have given him the gift of surfing on his own back! Maybe instead of using your energy to talk about things you don’t know, you should use it to do something fun that makes you happy and makes the world a better place.

  • Frank Ed Furter

    bill – Wake up.

  • Big Wave Dave

    Oh my god… what planet are you on Garrett?? You came on the boat when Greg was already inside and stable. You pat him on the shoulder, tell him you didn’t see him and head back out to the surf. Yeah that’s right, did you forget that part? The guys who saved him have too much class to answer this b#llsh#t statement and will no doubt end up doing the same for you at some point is my guess.

    And Shawn Alladeo driving up to the back of the boat screaming for her medic is not helping by the way… Park the wave jet bro and stop lying to yourself and everybody else. A simple apology what have been enough.


  • Dino

    Why all this talk?

    In Waimea and Jaws this happens all the time and no one say anything! Inclusively all the big wave surfers support the sharing of waves!'ahi%20Ramepop-up.jpg

    I think the real problem was the safety suit/vest of Greg that did not work as it should!

    Garrett was on the same wave, fell and nothing bad happens!

    Both were sharing the ocean as brothers and as they wanted to!

    In my point of view, no one as the blame of what happened!

    Hope that Greg recover 100% for i’m to do the thing that he most love to do, as soon as possible!

    Garrett i know that what happened to Greg hurts your heart, but stay strong! Both will continue sharing the ocean as until now, as brothers!!!

  • Gordon

    I concur Bill, GMAC is a douche, and now this has finally outed his doucheosity, for the entire surfing population to witness ….

    Look forward to being spat on forever more glamour queen PTOOOOIII!!!

  • dirk

    Bill . You are the hero. Why putting this on the web before talking to the guy.
    Maybe some old pain over things . Sort your life out.

  • Clay Wolcott

    Garret is not to blame for this accident! If there is a question to be answered, is why is everyone going to surf at the same spot? You cant tell me that there werent other Big wave spots to ride! Everyone is trying to surf Big waves for money! As long as that continues, there will be more accidents. Towing is nuts! I still paddle Big waves in the forty foot face range… But to hunt down the Biggest darkest bulls of the swell, and ride them like snowboarders would tackle deep Alaskan backcountry, your supposed to tow it! The waves this day were borderline, paddle some on your guns, and then tow it too! Its all about the money again! im waiting for 80-120 ft. waves, ill be towing them, and waiting to watch someone paddle them, which is IMPOSSIBLE!

  • Lori

    I hate it when guys drop in on me and say “i didn’t see you”.
    Lamest excuse in the entire world.
    And at Cortes???
    Inexcusable to even be on one of those wavejets.
    Garrett, I am deeply disappointed in you.

  • Junta

    Bill, grow up and get a life. Watch out for me in the lineup because I’m going to run you over saddled up on my wavejet !!!!!. BTW why was any big wave surfer out there that day, FOR RELENTLESS EXPOSURE AND PUBLICITY. They all want the limelight , so get over your self pity that you were not there. Also your acting like a horses ass !!

  • John

    What about the time you came to Rhode Island for the best swell of the year and dropped in on the locals with your SUP?? Seems like you do an awful a lot of wave sharing…

  • Cristo Pisco

    It’s clearly unfair to blame Garrett on this incident. Sharing Big Waves is a common thing. I know that Garrett’s first concern is the security of all surf team above everything else. Accidents happen all the time, and in big waves surfing…

    Garrett don’t let yourself go down with this. You’re are a very special friend, who likes to help everyone around you.


  • Junta

    I submitted a comment about Bill’s comment, that expresses how I feel, about two hours ago and it is not posted. Did you guys censor it? Did it ruffle some feathers? Please advice.

  • Jessica

    Agree with what bill, the first commenter said. Except he missed a “not” in this:
    “If you pursued humility like you do the limelight, people might NOT regard you as surfing’s court jester.”
    Always wondered why Joel Tudor did what he did to him, but now it is not difficult to understand…

  • GMac is a Quack

    Simple truth evidenced by pics: Greg would have set a line and made it around the section. GMac KOOKED it on a motorized board with larger volume which forced him to take a straighter line giving Greg no chance to take a natural line through his bottom turn. Gmac essentially killed Greg who was brought back to life from GREG’s water patrol. Hopefully Gmac can do some self reflection (unlikely reading about his hawaiianitis hubris) realizing his actions drowned someone with far greater skills than his own.

    Motorized boards have no business being in a lineup with regular boards even it is a wave like the Cortes which is better towed than paddled.

  • Darren Shen

    I think “people might regard you as surfing’s court jester.” should have read:
    “people might NOT regard you as surfing’s court jester.”

    Bummer when a good heckle gets munged due to a lack of careful proof reading.

  • Erik

    Bill, your argument is baseless and childish.

    The fact you don’t like his equipment has zero merit nor any value.

    EVERY surfer out there is out for exposure so quit fooling yourself its just this guy.

    This accident wasn’t about equipment, bottom line.

    I know you want everyone to be just like you, ride just what you ride and never make a mistake, but that’s not reality.

    Get off your saddle.

  • Guy

    I’m with Bill. Wavejet kookiness aside, GMAC is reckless and a danger in the water. The drop in on Jessee at Malibu and this incident point to a serious attitude problem. I don’t buy the “I didn’t see him” excuse. I’ve never surfed massive Cortes, but I have surfed Malibu. If you’re not aware of who is around you, you’re dangerous. My guess is GMAC knew full well that that he was dropping in on someone and didn’t care. I don’t think he intended to cause injury, but that’s beside the point. It’s time for GMAC (and other silver back surfers) to re-evaluate the selfish alpha-male approach to surfing before someone gets killed.

  • Reid


    I have no idea what made you liken a wavejet to an assault weapon (they’re nothing alike) nor how one drop in compromises a man’s character. All of us, by that standard, are morally reprehensible humans. Your comment is a little out of left field. I suggest thinking before you type and getting a saddle of your own.

  • Leo

    Leave the saddles out of this. He rides a f*cking wavejet and that makes a statement that he’s a barn. F*ck Garret and the wavejet he road in on. Ive surfed pipe with him and yeah hes a wave hog. What a great guy to promote a board with a motor on it.

  • Toni Silva

    People who rides big waves knows that it’s usual to share waves. Two, three or four surfers on the same wave is usual. I’m pretty sure that there wasn’t intention on Garrett’s move. You can’t judge someone personality if you don’t know him at all.
    Garrett as well as Greg are really watermen and an inspiration to us all. I’m sure that as soon as Greg returns to surf he will ride again with Garrett, conquering waves all over the World.

  • Whamo

    Some people take surfing way too seriously.

  • bill

    Yes Nicole, I was at malibu that day. GMAC got choked out in the parking lot from Joel Tudor who suggested he apologize to Jessee Billauer. GMAC wouldn’t humble himself and apologize and Joel took matters into his own hands. I have been in the water with GMAC and his SUP. He is a wave hog of the highest order. Who rides SUPS when the waves are good? GENERALLY, people who need to have a wave catching advantage and have little regard for lineup dynamics and etiquette. Also those whose surfing skills are diminishing and must find a way to get an edge.This is not an opinion. These are observations I have noted since paddle boats showed up ten years ago. Maybe GMAC is a nice guy. Maybe he would give the shirt off his back. Would he consider being less of a wave hog? And Junta, WAVEJOKES are not allowed 300 yards from shore in my area because they are classified as “motorized vehicles.” If you choose to threaten me from the safety of your keyboard, you are obviously a frightened little individual. Really, all we are talking about with this incident is respect, safety and manners. These concepts will not fade out regardless of the size of your board and propulsion system. One’s “accolades” doesn’t buy you more rights in the lineup. Those who don’t learn that, eventually get throttled. Just a fact. Humility and unselfishness is more impressive to me than any appearance on a talk show claiming to ride the biggest mushball ever attempted on the planet.

  • jesus

    Firstly hope Greg recover faster to 100%, because it is one of the best waterman in the world, such as garrett!! and both inspire many…
    But I also like to leave a word to Garrett since I know him personally!
    Garrett you are a fantastic person and I know perfectly well that your words are heartfelt and humble, move on with your course objectives!
    Now in response to people like bill, gordon, etc!! a picture is worth 1000 words!!!
    and if you know a bit of surf and who was Malik Joyeaux…

  • dincaboutit

    Get a Sponge!!! Leave the turbo boards at home!!!

  • Jerry

    Yes people take off on each other at waimea. at cortes it doesnt have to happen, and shouldn’t happen, especially not on a very heavy, unproven, semi-uncontrollable craft. When you bring something like that into the lineup you need to be extremely careful not to endanger anyone else. Gmac was not. but then Gmac is never considerate of others in the lineup and never has been and here we have more proof. The most important safety skill of all in big surf is being aware of what is going on around you. The playing field out there is big and wide open with no visual obstruction except your own ego. The chances that he didn’t know greg was behind him are near zero. He’s just one of those people who never quite made it as a pro surfer so he keeps trying to be the “big man” at lesser and more marginal aspects of surfing. First towing, then sup and now jet boarding or whatever that idiotic thing is called. They really picked the perfect spokesman to sum up that activity. It’s pretty sad really. I talked to one of the surfers out that day and he said garret was his usual self charging around on his power assisted board being a greedy selfish ass.

  • gerry

    bill is 100% correct

    surfing and the surf industry as a whole needs to stop glorifying the most aggressive jocks in the water

    maybe this could be the start of a little more awareness

    as for greg long, what a classy guy. not one word of negativity. i don’t know if i could be as patient.

  • Uncle Liam

    Gotta love how he said he was paddling as hard as he could. I think he meant he pressed the button on his wrist to make his wave jet sneak in. Really love the body glove name drop in his statement, but no mention of his shit wave jet haha. This guy needs to retire or take a board to the dome. What a donkey

  • bill

    Ahh, now I see why Nicole is so upset. She’s the girlfriend of Mr Wave Jet. Here they are on TMZ: Apparently he likes big wave riding more than sex with her. Sorry Nicole!!

  • Om

    Bill, you have summed this up perfectly, I have nothing to add. GMAC give it up. A Wavejet when everyone else is paddling? Seriously?

  • Sal

    LIAM McNamara was choked out at Malibu. Different guy. Stop spreading rumors.

  • mark

    At the end of the day – big wave surfing involves taking huge risks. And to blame the equipment is insane. I’ve tried a WaveJet and was on the North Shore last month when they sponsored a big wave safety event that allowed any big wave guy who wanted to to get safety trained for next to nothing. Also saw Jesse out with a bunch of guys at Chuns using a WaveJet – kid was stoked. The board gives an extra kick but to say it is powerful enough to cause this accident is ridiculous. In the same way, to crucify McNamara as a villain in a situation that involved alot of factors – greatest of which is that big wave surfing involves huge risk – is ridiculous. Thank God GL is okay – but the armchair quarterbacking going on here is just funny – these guys are grownups – they can probably deal with this situation on their own without the peanut gallery flexing its muscles.

  • Junta

    Bill, SUCK my DICK

  • JT


  • Dave

    I’ve seen Garrett in the lineup many times and he may be a great guy to YOU GUYS, but he is someone who doesn’t wait his turn for waves. People can smile and say aloha at everyone they want, but if they don’t wait their turn for waves, well then pleasantries mean nothing.

    Aloha is about sacrifice.

  • Dave

    I’m not saying Garrett is responsible for Greg’s near death, I’m just saying in smaller days up country, he is a wave hog and it pisses alot of people off. He isn’t the only one tho, and definitely not the worst.

  • Mark Schaub

    I surfed and lived at Rocky Point in the late 70’s and early 80’s, Garrett is a wave hog always has been it’s his nature.

  • Mike Hawk

    Try look nextime

  • Dante Rondo

    Wow Ladies and Gents ! This is a heated issue with lots of mud being flung back and forth ! I have never surfed around GM , but seems like he has created some enemies around surfing and wave hogging…We all know all these guys (And some gals too !) risk their lives riding these huge waves around the planet. His statement seems caring and intelligent…Why can’t we all just get along better in the surf and otherwise…Wave Jet ? Does he need one in huge surf ? Especially when all other guys are paddling standard guns…Maybe it would better served to have that slight “Powered advantage” in an empty lineup, etc. The playing field should be equal when the best in the world are all out paddling their big wave guns at a dangerous spot like Cortes Bank, etc. Maybe we should all be rejoicing more that Greg Long is alive and well ! And let Garrett ponder on his actions and if that will serve him well as another big wave surfing legend in the future…Peace in the line up and on the earth and good will towards all ! P.S where are the photos of Kelly’s waves ? Cheers !

  • jay adams

    Wow crazy how so many people wanna jump all over GARRETT.I know him personally in HAWAII we hang out together and believe me he’s more amped to surf or paddle anything than just about anyone i know.hes good at what he does and i ve never heard him tell me things i dont believe.half of you guys on here don’t even use your own name or have nicknames like big wave ?? fill in the blank.if you thing GARRETT sharing a wave with JESSIE at Malibu is wrong then your outta your mind.I wasnt there but if they shared a wave together im sure both of them were stoked.ive surfed some pretty bog waves but nothing like Cortez Bank and i wasnt there but im sure that wave wasn’t the only one that had two guys on it.people share waves all the time especially bigger waves.Greg just had a horrible accident.Thank GOD that there were all prepared for it and he didn’t die.I wouldn’t blame GARRETT and which one of you hasn’t dropped in or shared a wave with about casting the first stones YOUR ALL GUILTY OF PROBABLY WORSE i know i am.I love GARRETT hes a great guy and a good friend why would anyone try to not give him credit for what he does and thats ride giant waves all over the world.most of you sound like jealous li kids who dont wanna share their lil toys.GROW UP BOYS your whimpering is embarrassing to all of us.lets above all else than GOD that GREG is alive and gave us something to look at and be glad it wasnt us that it happened to

  • John

    GKook, may the surfing community forgive you for your mid life crisis inspired, machismo driven, toy assisted wave riding debauchery that almost led to the demise of one of the sports most humble, true & real big wave legends. You are no longer relevant to the big wave arena. May you soon come to your senses and wave-jet your way into retired obscurity.

  • Junta

    I apologize to this forum for my poor choice of words on my previous post. I think both, Greg and Garrett are awesome watermen, and would not in a second hesitate to share a wave together again. As surfers we take risks, the more the risk, the greater the thrill.
    As for Bill, I would love to catch a Party wave with you at Malibu. I understand the waves there are ALL party waves. My kind of place. Would you like me to drop in behind you or in front. You pick, its all good.
    I have heard here the term wave of consequence. What is that? More people have died and gotten hurt in small surf than giant surf. All waves are of consequence, period.
    Personalities in the line up are like saddles. We all have one.
    You don’t like the wave hogs? Neither do I. Deal with it.
    Bringing this girl Nicole, and Garrett’s personal life into this topic, well I will let the forum be the judge of your character.
    As for choosing sex versus surf. Been there done that. If you have a good partner you always choose the surf. Why? Because you can pretty much have sex anytime you want. Surf on the other hand, you have no control over.
    Now lets concentrate in something constructive.
    May you all have much peace, health, love, forgiveness, surf, and sex in this coming NewYear


    Well it looks like everyone against GMAC is making themselves feel so good inside! It is nice for your SOUL to knock people down huh guys? Like many posts remarked, guys ride big waves together! Whether or not GMAC is more than aggressive than your average or famous big wave guy is his trip, NOT YOURS. The Wavejet brand if you knew the inside people and what they have done is about sharing and having fun. If you haters just took one spin on the board and felt what it is like, your attitudes would swap with a snap of the finger!

  • Dang3rtown

    HAHAHA!!! All you guys whining “He doesn’t wait for waves! What a hog!” Do something about it! If a guy out paddles you and gets more waves it’s because he’s better than you. You want the wave? Put yourself in position to get it Sally. If some guy on a SUP or motorboard is taking all the waves without earning them? Handle that s***, kick his ass and teach some respect. It ain’t hard boys, handle your own business, don’t cry about it on the internet.

    As far as the incident goes, that’s surfing. You take off on a wave that size anything can happen. You choose to take that risk. Worried GMAC will snake you? Keep an eye on GMAC and stay out of the way. If there’s a hazard of any kind in your way avoid it. Duh.

  • Dora

    GSMAC’s admission is all anyone needs. He admitted that he didn’t know Greg was behind him… so basically he admitted that he didn’t look, that he wasn’t aware, that he let his greed for a wave, a photo, a paycheck, cloud his vision of what was important when surfing big waves, and that is being aware of the other surfers around you… especially when it’s life and death.
    GSMAC broke the number one rule in surfing, he burned a guy, he made a mistake that would label anyone a kook anywhere, not even taking into consideration the fact that his kook move almost killed one of the best big wave surfers of all time.
    GMAC blew it. He should retire that jet board and mover to Kansas.

  • Ricardo Diaz

    Haha all these positive go gmac and wAvejet comments are hilarious. Nicole, are you writing all of these? So many people jumping to gmacs defense all of the sudden haha. Obviously all the pro gmacs are delusional… Ya the guy is nice to people he wants stuff from, so kind haha

  • Jimmy the Saint

    Wavejets are fun – are you taking the piss? Not too much fun for everyone else if some tool is catching twice as many waves as others. The whole concept of these things is absurd, too lazy to paddle, go sit on a couch. There may be a niche for people with a disability, but if you are able bodied get a life and paddle. What happened out at Cortes hopefully will be the nail in the wave jets coffin. Absurd to arrive out with a jet assisted board and try to claim kudos for paddling in.
    Happy new year to all, I wish you all a pleasant and wavejet free new year.

  • John

    From what I’ve read Greg has said nothing negative towards Garrett . Those who are – well , IF your a recognized giant rider [and clearly recognized by your peers] You are entitled to pipe up . IF you are not , then keep your mouth shut and your typing finger off SUBMIT COMMENT –

  • Jimmy the Saint

    John – I’ll comment as and when I want. You might think what I have to say is invalid, if so feel free to ignore my comments or feel free to respond.

  • Mark

    Not a surfer but would love to be and follow it casually. I’ve read some about this incident, seen both statements. This Guys statement in this utmost serious event is incredibly self promoting arrogant and self rightous. Don’t care how good a surfer he is he sounds like a total dick.

  • billy

    After reading his statement he is the hero not the goat, HE
    brought the safety crew HE calmed everyone down as they were
    freaking out HE got the EMT from other boat HE realized there was
    no one was doing safety so HE did it til dark…….REALLY?????

  • siegfried

    Long’s wipe out was independent of garret riding the wave. Everyone take a deep breath relax.

  • jay adams

    im still wondering which one of you people that really surf haven’t burnrd someone on a wave or actually shared a wave with someone.Both of these guys went down on the same wave just GREG had a nightmare on this one.i bet hes gone down on lots of waves that were in that size range ,this one just had a really bad result, he pulled it and i havent heard him crying about it.Check out the pics of that day more than a few waves were shared together just this one had a bad ending and actually turned out ok in the end.Surfing is about pushing the limits and both of these guys are doing it to the higgest level weve seen yet.Weather you like or approve of GARRETT and his jet board dosent matter because im sure 99% of you wouldnt be out there on the days hes using it.Its all wave riding people used to complain about jet ski’s and everything else thats new and taking waves from people ,,anyway its a new year lets see some more big wave action and pray that we dont lose anyone

  • Brian Hawkins

    Wow, some of you guys are either hypocrites or posers. I’ve never surfed anything over 20-25 ft faces during hurricane swells but if you’ve never taken off and realized someone took off later than you but deeper (from the photos Ive seen Gmac was up first) doesn’t seemed that you could have surfed that much. If Gmac burned him on purpose then all this would be justified, but no one there seems to think that was the case. When my Dad taught me how to surf, about the ocean and life respect was the most important thing, and some of these comments show me that a lot of surfers missed that lesson, or could care less about it. Why don’t some of you quit making surfers look like the rest of the pathetic whining babies on the rest of the internet. Calling someone a wave hog makes you sound like a kook. If someone was being disrespectful then handle it, but sh%t happens and one accident is not the same as disrespect. Hope GL makes a fast recovery, prayers sent and glad he’s still around to push the sport.

  • bobstp

    i have shared waves with garret all over the world if you call it sharing

    but i wouldn’t really call it sharing

    i was always behind him while he was cutting back into me bumping rails

    i call it blatant disregard for others

    jocko homos rule surfing!

  • John

    Longs wipeout was independent of Garret’s line? Look at the sequence. While that walking wavejet billboard,GKook, putted down the face of the wave he came a couple feet away from Long, forcing him to straighten out, completely cutting off Gregs line. Adios Wavejet. Your posterboy just singlehandedly relegated your clientele even further into the meadows of Kookdom.

  • JN

    And enough of the ” Ive shared wave with Garret all over the world and…..” nonsense. Its the equivalent of “Ive shared the 405 with Michael Jackson.” Nobody cares if you happened to spot a pro in the lineup!! Who hasnt seen Slater at Rincon, or Dane in Ventura, etc. etc. etc.

  • bobstp

    dear jn

    i guess i was saying i have been burned by garret at 2nd reef pipe to 2 ft beach break

    (and his brother)

    it doesn’t matter where this guy goes he doesn’t have respect for anyone

    good luck getting a job at the am/pm in the future garrett!

    bill is right on by the way

    and greg long is a true class act

    i hope this ends arrogant loud jock surfing somehow

    it works better with prison or football


  • andy

    one of the most disturbing images i’ve seen is gmac cutting a hole into a beautiful brewer gun to put one of those stupid jet things into it.
    absolute sacrilege!!!

  • The Liner

    Mr. McNamara,
    I don’t know you and now frankly I don’t care to know you or you’re Surf Sponsors.
    You are a blatant and terrible example of Aloha. I am a nobody surfer who lived on the North Shore for three winters in the early 80’s. The only requirement then was that you respected those around you on big days at Pipe, Log Cabins, Sunset and Browns. Lopez, Burns, Bulkley, Fast Eddie and host of other Hawaii Legends would yield even to me a young charging surf dude. I was not the best or most famous but I knew the code. Do you? Can you pass that on? Step aside and Yield to Rusty Long for the Eddie and maybe the surf underground will forgive your indiscretions of continuing to drop in on our Surf Soul brethren….If you cannot yield than I guess we begin boycotting your sponsors. Maybe Maui Jim and GoPro need to find someone with more soul. The Maui Jims are history and the GoPro as good as product as it is will no longer grace my arsenal of surf tools. Greg Noll drop this guy he is not the Bull but raging mad. Sorry to those offended.

  • Jayareff

    Really glad that Greg Long is ok, and it is a testament to his training that he survived.

    I think it is likely that GMAC didn’t drop in on him (he may have been up first), or did so accidentally. I dropped in on someone accidentally the last time I was out – it was 3′ at La Jolla shores; I apologized, and he was gracious and understanding. It happens, and I can’t imagine that it is easier to avoid at Cortes Bank.

    It is also possible that GMAC has been a dick to some people over the years. Many top athletes are dicks. Many, much less talented surfers are dicks to people every single day. In fact, I think that being a dick is ingrained in the surfer culture, particularly Hawaii, which is something that I will never, ever, ever fucking get.

    The two issues are totally unrelated.

  • 92007

    This incidient aside,,,he showed up in the mid 90’s at with his helmet on (ha ha) and prcedded to burn anyone and everyone in the line up . Without question one of the most arrogent guys i have ever surfed with.
    pure kook, inside and out.

  • Tybo

    As a surfer, I have experienced the wonder of Mother Ocean since 1961 when I paddled into my first wave and I was hooked. I respected (and still do) my fellow surfers and their own personal relationship to the Ocean and it’s moods.
    Since the days of the longboards without leashes, the short board with leashes, the tow in with wave runners and any new technology, I have seen the lack of respect for others and the insane belief that this is my wave spot and it’s my wave in my many travels. This aggressiveness in the water is brought in from angry and fearful people. This aggressive nature did not start recently with the Wavejet. The early days were concentrated on friends for life discovering spots together and being in awe of Mother Nature’s fluid gift, the wave. There are still many that share this magic feeling and those that are less fortunate. I am grateful for the kindness, vision and fairness of Greg Long and other true watermen like him. Peace.

  • Sha66y

    I’ve always had huge respect for Greg from what I’ve read and seen in the past, but the way he handled this is pure class. I saw Garrett ride once in person in Rhode Island during Hurricane Bill and let’s just say there wasn’t a lot of love for the guy (riding an SUP).

    Judge for yourselves…

  • Charles

    GMAC, aside from the content of your excuse and explanation of the situation, it truly revolts me that you have to mention your sponsors in a statement like this.

    come on, where is the respect? Did Bodyglove and Patagonia really tell you to put there names in this statement? If that is the case, I will never again buy anything with there name on it.

  • Balina

    Wow! There are some serious comments being made here, if you know him PERSONALY and don’t like him that’s one thing, after all everyone is intitled to their opinion but some of you just sound like ignorant judgemental assholes with no clue of what your talking about! Everyone that had the balls to take the trip out their knows that these things can happen, those big wave guys have a special bond and respect for each other like I’ve never seen and surely it was an unfortunate accident so get over the negative BS. And this dude Bill, well he just sounds like a jealous wannabe!!! I known its easy to verbally attack someone when your JEALOUS but please people ,you just sound pathetic when you bring up stuff from the 90’s when he was still a kid. You must not know him. And please, using the words. NEVER and ALWAYS, he does this and that- SERIOUSLY, many of you sound bitter and unhappy, get a life!!!!! It’s unfortunate that people like to concentrate on the negative instead of all the good things he’s done , like saving people’s lives, helping needy children and the list goes on, What do YOU do?

  • Buran Twin Fin

    it is basically a jet ski cutting off a surfer on a very critical wave. GMAC should have looked over his shoulder especially when riding a boat.

  • brooks st local

    Well…where do you start. Old outa shape x-big wave surfer, now kook on Wavejet? Rode Island Hurricane swell and the Garret shows up with an SUP taking every wave in sight from the locals that wait months for these waves. KOOK!

    It’s one thing burning someone on your average wave. Haha funny. But to say that you didn’t see him? You seriously don’t look behind you on a 40 ft wave? I’m calling BS!

    You lost total respect.

    Stop thinking about yourself and think about what your doing….

  • ginz

    how about those Lakers

  • Jane Anna

    Great article! Interesting video clip on Clean TV about Garrett McNamara:

  • JW

    In the end, Greg is alive and well to surf more big waves, and Garrett has apologized for A MISTAKE made in an impossibly large and dynamic playing field.

  • andrew k

    people still have time to try to blame garrett.take a look in the mirror people.have any of u ever watched a big swell with big wave riders.they always share the waves.4 guys takin off on 1 big wave is normal.garret wiped out too.these are the risks u take when in this try to blame garrett is a kook move,and that’s why u kooks will never be at the same swell as greg or garrett.

  • komingbali

    why not make a portable oxygen tank “flat” design, built into suit back shoulder blade area of suit, (which acts as protection also) with mouthpiece connected in front (like air plane life vest except you can suck on air instead)…if made of titanium would be light….would that work in an emergency when you need jus another few mins of air?

    • Butters

      Ox tanks have to be round and no seems. The pressure will blow out the seems. That is why all scuba tanks, scba tanks, etc are cylindrical. It’s a great idea but no one has been able to get past the necessity of a seamless tank.

    • Butters