Garcia and Flores in Violent Fight

Jeremy Flores and Sunny Garcia Involved In a Fight at Burleigh Heads

| posted on February 19, 2011

Jeremy Flores was disqualified from the Breaka Pro on Saturday, after he was involved in a fight that included Sunny Garcia. Photo: Joli

Jeremy Flores was disqualified from the Burleigh Breaka Pro on Saturday after he was involved in fight with a local surfer. The altercation elevated when Sunny Garcia rushed into the water grabbed the local surfer in a headlock and repeatedly punched him in the head.

According to a news report on Australia’s Channel 9, the altercation started when the local surfer and Garcia’s son exchanged words in the lineup and Flores came to his aid. The three surfers then returned to the beach where they were intercepted by Sunny Garcia.

Garcia then allegedly assaulted an amateur videographer who was left with cuts, bruises, and a suspected broken hand.

The ASP has issued the following statement regarding Sunny Garcia and Jeremy Flores’ disqualification:

“Following a physical altercation today, Jeremy Flores, has been disqualified from the event. The Association of Surfing Professionals does not condone any form of physical violence and we have strict rules in place for the conduct of any member both Jeremy and Sunny have also been referred to the ASP rules and disciplinary committee who will review the facts and make a decision if further action is required.”

Although the entire incident was caught on tape no charges have been filed at this time. Garcia has made no statement.

  • joebob

    Way to go Sunny! Great example for your son. Escalating the violence is always the best thing to do.

    • Whitey

      Yea. Aussies are more violent than most. Sonny did what any parent would have done. He acted on instinct.

      • justin

        first thing sunny should do is learn how to fight and flores what a joke couldnt fight his way out of a wet paper bag classic

    • Richard Smith

      Nothing like a good old fist fight, just like the good old days! Now a days everyone has a phone and a camara and you can’t get away with shit. You also have these pussy kids wearing there tight black jeans and there pierced lips crying about everything and staring at there ipods all day. Its good to see a French man getting in the mix too that hasn’t happened since the war of 1812. I don’t see what to big deal is I’ve been in a hand full of fights in the water myself, won some and lost some, no big deal.

    • db

      It seems people in this world are raised to solve conflicts either physically or intellectually, and both types despise the other as either ignorant or a puss. This frankly will never change, so long as there remains a wide distribution of IQ’s across society.

      In this case, it appears the exchange of Sunny-v-Clarke was between two physical guys (I understand they’ve made amends), so no harm no foul, right?

      What sucks is that many of the physical-resolution guys like Sunny succeed in our sport (think Rothman, Keaulana, Tudor, Wolf Pack and too many others to count) and are subsequently portrayed in the surfing press as successes…without any condemnation of their destructive behavior. Kids love the way Sunny surfs, then see him slap a guy on tv (remember Boarding House?) and think that’s they way they (surfers) should be.

      Whatever the ASP does, the damage is done. These early reports have portrayed Sunny & Frenchy as heroes protecting their family, so at this point any suspension is old news. What does matter is “we” do going forward…

  • Ray

    What a piece of S@%T Sunny Garcia is!!! That guy has been giving surfing a bad name for WAY too long!He should be banned fro the ASP!!! Sunny should have nover got involved! He choked that guy for WAY too long, could killed him. Any asshole knows a rear-naked choke. He’s lucky he’s not facing murder charges… and assaulting the cameraman because he videoed you assaulting someone. Ha. When will that hot-headed drop-out learn? Never, is my guess. I’m sure he’s raised his son to act just as irresponsible. A veteran surf icon like Sunny Garcia should be shining on the up & coming surf world, instead he brings ignorance and dishonor to surfers everywhere. Jeremy Flores, a young impressionable surfer probably thinks it’s cool to pound some guy lifeless, because Sunny did it. Localism egos, and violence have no place in the surf world. Have some respect for yourself and fellow surfers, because one day you may be surfing in there backyard, and hopefully they’ll let YOU have a few waves. (or maybe they’ll wait for you on the beach and beat the shit out of you for cutting one of em off. like you all have done sooo many times) Either way KARMA’s a bitch! Unless it’s GOOD KARMA.

    • Sunny G

      Wow dude, you sound like a cry baby complainer… please shut up!

    • Whitey

      Nobody deserves to go to jail

      • Lost Winds

        Hey Whitey,,,Sunny deserves to go to jail more than anyone I know. He does bad shit all the time and just like Al Capone,,,and all they could get him on was Tax Evasion.
        It is bad enough to pull “Violent Racist Localism” against Haoles in Hawaii and get away with it because the police are Hawaiian,,,but to take it to OZ and CA and other places is completey criminal BS. It will be completely criminal if charges are not files against Sunny!!!

      • stv

        if he tried to choke you to death under the water you might change you mind Whitey you idiot.

      • deez nuts

        “NOBODY deserves to go to jail”??????????????????? What a tool…

    • Pearl

      murder charges? your an idiot! you do know the footage was replayed to look brutal for tv right? the fight lasted 15 seconds at the most, the guy is fine! he ran off the beach. And the camera guy ran and tripped sunny did even touch him. So your right Karma is a bitch and that guy got what he deserved “you mess with the bull you get the horns”

      • Dick Haloren

        “Your” an idoit? Classic! I agree with you regardless.

    • JJ CALE

      lets go ray im single baby

    • dirk brolanse

      wow ray,you should learn how to spell if your going to type a negative story like that.I surf australia all the time,and it gets pretty agro out there,but you have to remove yourself from negative energy.Unless you were actually in the water at the time of the event,then no one can really say anything(good or bad).Violence is never the answer unless it’s the last motive.What sunny did, was right by protecting his family,he also should of calmed down before taking his anger out on that photo person(which the photo guy shouldn’t have gotten close to someone that has been through an experience like that.)It’s common sense that if someone is heated,no matter who it is,you want to keep your distance from them.Everyone wants to believe what they want,Ray you speak of karma,but how does spreading a negative story like yours, really add to good or positive karma,you speak of beating people up and really we should be focused on spreading love.But in the end we are all going through learning steps,and hopefully we can learn from this and just get along and love each other.

    • Joe Jackson

      I’m in agreement with Ray (Ray February 19, 2011 at 10:26 am) on this. Sunny Garcia brings dishonor to the sport of surfing. No surprise, though. Folks from the North Shore are a product of their environment…the “Wolf Pack” and all that
      s#!t. Garcia is no better than that psycho Kala Alexander – both, living definitions of dishonor, shame, and violent ignoramuses. It is truly a theodicy that God created the best waves in the world, in the backyard of those animals. Pipe is beautiful, and I would love to surf it – or try, anyway. But the price a non-local has to pay to do that (that is, getting the crap beat out ’em) ain’t worth it. Surfing (and the WORLD) is worse off because of people like that.

  • Pearl

    I DEFEND Sunny 110% if anyone went after my child I would attack too!!! Who wouldnt? Especially if the guys a known local bully. He got what he deserved. Sunnys a man and a father thats it! GET THE FACTS BEFORE YOU START JUDGING!!! If you were a father and some asshole spit in your son/daughters face and went to attack them what would you do????

    • stv

      What if he attacked your son for dropping in on him, different story hey…lock sunny up he was trying to do severe physical harm to that young lad. He is a visitor here and should show respect and restraint, not bash up the locals.

  • Alex

    I cant help but side with Flores and Sunny, i mean you gotta stand up for yourself and your crew, but the punishment seems to fit the crime. Its like Flores said, sometimes you cant just run away.

    • stv

      jail time is the only punishment suitable for these thugs. ASP should ban them for a year. It was a major assault on this young guy.

  • Local

    Death by drugs now thugs all great for the ASP and their sponsors.Clean up your act and ban some of these guys. Great roll models ?
    The whole deal need to come clean , be transparent and sort out their act if they ever want a future.

    • bobby

      It seems like Jeremy Flores is suffering with a bit of amnesia after receiving a blow to the head. It seems that he has forgotten that he frantically paddled about 10 metres towards the local and then started throwing fists at the local. These pro surfers seem to forget that they are guests in other peoples countrys and that the locals have given up their local break to supposedly watch “professional athletes”. As usual this story will be covered up and Sunny will be protected through intimidation, the same way that he won titles through intimidating the judges. I must say that his son must be proud of the role model that his father is. I believe that the sponsors should drop these thugs.

  • Ryan

    What an disgrace for pro surfing. They should send that meat head Garcia back to jail, he’s clearly a public threat. That video is shocking!
    I hope they ban J-flo from the tour this year, little brat.

    • Pearl

      I take you have no children?

      • Ryan

        Yeah, I got 2 kids, but they’ll never see me acting like that! I want my son to see me doing the right thing, not acting like a criminal, blindsidding a guy thats already involved in a fight. Truth is guys like Sunny will look for any reason to pile into someone. He’s got a couple screws loose.

      • Lost Winds

        “The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”,,,meaning,,, “Like father like son”, Sunny is an A-hole and so is his kid!!! His kid started the fight just like dear old dad would have done!!!
        If the sponsors keep Sunny after this,,,they should go to jail also!!!.

      • JJ CALE


  • rabid

    Bravo to the ASP!! Now if they are not intimidated by Mr.Garcia they will impose further restrictions and heavy fines. The possibility of this very angry and violent person doing irreparable harm to someone is significant and should not be ignored.

  • Christiano

    The Wolrd Tour is not a place for criminals, they should be in jail, this is their place. Garcia and Jeremy are two fools and non-professional surfers, friends linked by violence. Hey ASP staff and surf brands/sponsors, take necessary measures to ban this troublemakers from the ASP Tour. We do not accept violence, we want to see just good surf and surfers in the water. It´s a shame for surf. Truly ridiculous and very very sad fact. Learn something about Jesus Christ and your true LOVE and change their way of living, Garcia and Jeremy.

    • bobby

      Well lets hope that the ASP do follow through on this. This is unacceptable behavior and believe that Sunny should be deported back to Hawaii. I hear you about the ASP being intimidated by Garcia. We have all heard about the stories of judges being intimidated to get him through heats. With any sensible sponsors, they will drop Jeremy Flores especially when he states to the event organiser that That junkie deserved the beating and not to worry about it look I also got hit in the face…….

      • Lost Winds

        Deported back to Hawaii??? HE SHOULD BE DEPORTED BACK TO PRISON!!!

  • Zac

    I agree that it is was bad that it was in front of a professional surfing event, but there are some complete fuckwits in that area that are just looking for fights all day long. In the end, Sunny did the right thing sticking up for his son, wouldn’t you do the same thing?

  • Danno

    We can’t tell what really happened. THere’s a lot of good guys at Burleigh, but there’s also an awful lot of Kelly-wannabes and absolute knuckleheads among those who call themselves locals there. I would think that some local wannabe has decided to be a hero with the wrong guy, not knowing he’s Sunny’s son, and got his just deserts. What Dad wouldn’t defend his son to the nth degree??? AS far as the cameramn goes, theat was just wrong!~

  • Cesar

    Let’s see how the ASP will react this time? Just disqualifying Jeremy from a quarter-final heat on a 4-star WQS event is not enough!!! This bizarre incident should have been prevented if the ASP had taken real disciplinary actions against Sunny Garcia in the past. Or maybe the ASP just forgot what Sunny did to Neco Padaratz during a Pipe Masters a few years ago? This tolerance to barbarism is what differenciates the ASP from the ATP, FIFA and NBA.

  • Flailer

    I thought was supposed to be about having fun.I don’t think those guys are havibg fun.

  • Judge

    Having surfed on the Goldie, the place is chock full of idiots. I saw more fights and arguments in one week there than I saw the whole December on the North Shore. Jeremy Flores is one of the nicest pro surfers you’ll ever meet, so I have to believe this guy did and said some bad shiyte. As for Sunny, he was defending his son. I would have too. Sunny is not a bad person, a temper yes, but there’s a lot worse people in the surfing world that don’t get into fights (and many that do). Remember when Nat Young got his ass kicked at Angourie because he slapped someone else’s kid? He deserved it. Don’t be too quick to hate or judge.

  • Christiano

    Violence is not the method to solve anything in this life. I am against violence in any situation. Violence causes more violence, making people and the world worse. This is my opinion. This is not the first time of Sunny in a fight, remember…

  • surf

    esse sunny e um pau no cu!quero ver ele mano a mano!aqui em fortaleza.

  • Wilmer

    Sunny Garcia is an absolute jerk off. Embodies all that is wrong with athletes in any sport who feel a sense of entitlement goes along with the ride. Poor Sunny, he dodges taxes and it’s not his fault. Past his prime but still bullies his way into events. Why don’t they put this asshole in jail where he belongs ?

  • http://surfer anthony m

    your a thug sunny fuck off back to hawaii dickhead

    • craig

      well said mate i cant belive these idiots that stick up for that sunny dropkick hes a very unhappy angry man he needs to nwake up to this amazing life we have as surfers

  • kala

    Horrendous video. Horrifying. Disgraceful. Sunny, you should be ashamed. Jeremy, that is so disappointing.

    • stv

      Flores is a pansy boy, throwing pansy punches at someone being chocked to death by a Hawaiian thug. They should be locked up. ASP should give them a year Ban.

  • rbier

    Sunny should be banned for life on ASP events. Jeremy, instead of helping the poor guy made things even worse. What a coward. criminal measures should be taken.

  • gracie jiujitsu

    sunny is a great idiot, go to ufc, pride or in Brazil…. vai entrar na porrada… é um merda

  • jean

    Garcia + Flores = double dicks

  • Francisco Matos

    As read above about the guy involved was a local bully, that’s not an excuse for such a pure violent assault on him. A guy with such a role on professional surfing and such a unique character would naturally impose his respect in the situation and put an end to that arguing. Shame on Garcia, this wasn’t the first time Sunny has been recorded in such an act, now imagine the ones not caught on tape!!! Oh…and remember that little incident resulting in prison for some time…for what…oh that’s it, and don’t tell me he served that time cause he’s naif and didn’t know about taxes and stuff. Garcia proves he’s a punk and a criminal, hope ASP bans him for good, ASP came to today’s days as an excellence institution, with a lot of role models, no need for criminals amongst them!!! About Jeremy….hope ASP bans him if any charges are made and proved!!!

  • thiago

    Sunny deveria largar o Surf e ir lutar MMA!

  • Douglas

    é um filha da puta mesmo!!!! merece ser excluido da asp!!
    ´se ele é tão macho é gosta de briga desafia o anderson silva no octogno!!!

  • Jorge Jojó

    We waiting for you here in Brazil, Sunny. We will not practice violence against you, but we will show you how to respect the peoples. Stop violence! you should be a example for youngs surfers from world. There are a lot of peoples who loves your surf here in Brazil, then the violence is not solution. Believe me, you don´t need violence. Bye!

    From Jorge Jojó,
    Marataízes city, Brazil.

    • Pearl

      ??? your telling him to stop violence but then telling him to come to brazil to attack him? you brazilans are f@#$ing weidos! Nobody wants to go to Brazil!

  • humans

    If I was the guy with camera, who looks as if he was drug over the reef, I would seriously consider a conversation with the local District Attorney. On another note: Why not attempt to sue Mr.Garcia. On yet another note; the comments, albeit from only a couple of people, defending this individual are so disheartening…
    I will admit it takes tremendous self discipline to refer to Sunny as an individual as opposed to the myriad of adjectives that quickly come to mind. I almost caved!!

  • Jake

    Sunny Garcia is just a thug. He’s been a thug for years. He’s just one of those scumbags (Kobe Abberton springs to mind) who is lucky enough to be able to make a living from surfing.

    Is his son a thug? Don’t know. Was the guy trying to fight his son a thug? Don’t know.

    What I do know is you don’t choke someone from behind, drown them, then throw punches at them in the surf when they are semi-conscious. That is fucked, and it sucks to be reminded that there is always going to be some fuckwit in the surf who is willing to escalate a minor dispute from words, to fists, to serious assault.

    Seeing that guy’s arms twitching as he was getting choked was awful. Listening to that French weed trying to explain the definition of manliness was worse.

  • Agreed

    Right on!!

    • bobby

      Thats because Jeremy started getting an ass whipping…which he deserved for dropping in on the guy….and then when the guy mouths him for dropping in, decides to retaliate with his fists……

      • gavin SC

        Yep you talk shit you get hit sunny is the man and a good father. And to all you guys talking shit on this shit get a life GO SUNNY GO JERMEY

        • JJ CALE

          GO GO , I m idiot like you both.

          • gavin SC


          • JJ CALE

            No, but I will fuck you wife if she is not fat.

          • JJ CALE

            Gay_vin, your name says everything.

  • Paul

    I really hope the police get hold of garcia before he does a runner back to Hawaii.
    He deserves more jail time for this but he will take the cowards way out and flee . And his 16 year old son in all probability got into this altercation because of previous examples set by his thug of a father. What any father should have done is set an example and arbitrated between them for a positive outcome. Garcia will get a dose of karma one day soon.

  • Thanks Sunny!

    The world definitely needs more Sunny’s (real men), otherwise it will be overrun by chatroom pansies that think the world will be fine if we all just wear hurley tshirts and turn gay. Thanks Sunny, I appreciate you. The world has always had violence, it is a necessary AND NATURAL part of life, like it or not. Much like most of you wont surf big waves, you don’t want your ass kicked. Imagine yourself getting in Sunny’s or anyone’s face with a camera after he was in a brawl, not real smart. Most people including most of you posting need a real good ass-kicking. I highly recommend mouthing off to a person who has over-stepped their bounds, not to your keyboard. Go SUP and brag about catching all the waves on your facebook page you fucking pussies.

    • D-Man

      You are really stupid man ! Has your gray-matter really caved in ? Surfers for violence are idiot’s !

    • peter

      A real man fights one on one not three on one, strange definition you have for a real man. No excuses for Sunny Garcia, he should be kicked out of Australia and the ASP for good. Send him back to jail where he belongs.

  • justiceiro

    tem que tomar porrada filho da puta vcs portugueses vao tomar no cu não tem moral nenhuma porra é isso ai sonny mete porrada nesses portugueses filhos da puta que dominarão o brasil cambada de burros .

    • Miguel

      ó palhaço de Merda!!! quem é que está aqui a falar em Portugueses??? o Sunny é Havaiano e o Jeremy é FrancÊs e o evento é na Australia …. terra de Australianos!!!! Aprende geografia caralho…. e a escrever entretanto… mais escolinha e menos praia!!! fodasse …………..

    • danilo

      Vergonha de ter você como brasileiro. Sua mensagem é a mais incoerente que tive oportunidade de ler, em muito tempo. Você, além de apoiar tal atitude, chama os portugueses de burros, mas escreve pior do que qualquer criança de 6 anos. Meu Deus, volte para escola, seu mongol.

  • Daniels

    Sunny chased Neco at Pipe like a mad dog, after droping in on him, not too long ago.

    Then missed his heat and almost beat up the 65 year old beach marshal.

    He also droped in Tom Curren and almost beated him too. Was so close.

    Now almost killed an australian asshole. And all that was just on the last 2 or 3 years’ live webcasts.

    We all would be better with him in jail.

  • julio

    Esse cara é covarde, é um baita de um otário, o pior é que tem gente que mostra os dentes pra esse idiota!

  • Mike

    Wow! I can’t believe what I’m seeing on this board! First, if you guys who are all down on Sunny PAID ATTENTION, you would have seen that the guy threw blows at Flores first! Verbals are verbals, but once it goes to blows, who should be in jail? Some local tool threatening a 16 year old, who then punches a touring pro, that’s who! Violence doesn’t solve anything, blah, blah… Well, I’m curious what all these high and mighty would do if their son got in a little mix-up, so much so that a friend of yours steps in to cool it down, then gets punched for making sure your boy doesn’t get hurt, no matter how it got started?! Sorry all you peace lovers, but you are lying or too small to stand up for what is right in middle of bad situations if you say you talk your way out of it! I’m sick of guys acting like thugs, and all the rest. Whether it’s the Lowers crew, Pipe, Brazil, Kobe, Westside…whatever. But, if you think for a second bagging on Sunny and having to do what he did, it’s time for you all to get a new sport. If I remember right, you get handed a 6’2 on top of the cliff, and you earn your way through the lineup from there. Right or wrong, that is the sport. And, yeah, I’ve had the wood thrown at me from Sunny during a heat or two. It’s no fun, but you don’t get to cry about it, or dis’ ’em when you are done losing! You deal and move on, welcome to life, folks…

    PS Christiano, leave Jesus out of it. He wasn’t involved in the first place…

  • rory

    All of you are a bunch of PUSSIES. The dude talked shit and got his shit fucked up. Thats how it use to be when i was a grom growing up. You better be sure you can back up what shit you talk and always make sure your boys will back you up. WOULD LOVE TO HAVE A HOME BOY IN LIFE LIKE SUNNY. A person who runs all that way to make sure his boys are safe and not getting fucked up. Way to go Sunny. Way to be a man and stick up for your boys. And we all know how it went down if you have ever surfed you seen a local call some one out. The non local usually gets ruded and all the locals are like go home KOOK. And all the locals laugh, hahaha. But in this case the nonlocal was Sunny, his son, and Jermery Flores. Sunny will never ever back down and in turn neither will his son. And Jermery is kinda obligated to Sunny’s son to help him in any situation. Due to the fact of respecting Sunny Garcia. Who demands it and will take it. Jermery has been around him long enough to know that. So big ups to Sunny for sticking up for his boys. And to all of those who call your self surfers better check your self cause if you been around for more than 35 years you know how surfing has changed and become pussyfied. Old days you better shut the fuck up and surf or get your shit fucked up.

    • bobby

      Mate you far wrong with the first blows…..Jeremy paddled like a mad rat towards the guy and then started delivering blows out in the line-up. After that they paddled in to the shorebreak where the video footage starts. They never showed what happened out back……

    • http://????????? Pigs

      2 year old, respect is not “taken”, it’s earned.

    • Best response…cheers!

      Rory,your response (in my opinion) us definitely one of the better ones. If the local Aussie threw the first punch at Flores (which it does look like), and truly did harrass (and probably threaten) Sunny’s son (who I know personally and he is a good kid), then he deserved what he got.

      Folks, there are punks everywhere you surf and all have had our share of being harrassed by them. But this time, the bully got it and now everyone feels sorry for him? Poor baby!

      Just another lesson where more Aloha (from everyone involved) would have produced better results. But sometimes, you gotta defend yourself and back your your friends. I think Sunny is getting the bad press on this one because of past incidents. But this time, he and Flores were just doing what they had to.

  • dondbag

    That’s some OG hui action, check out this authentic footage.

    Da Real Hui Link

  • Stephen Franklin

    Here’s an account from an actual witness:

    “#10 tim 2011-02-19 23:43
    I saw what went down. Jeremy dropped in on the guy in the white top and was pulling off the shoulder when the when the dude said something to him as he pulled off. It must have been pretty disrespectful, cause jeremy went crazy, and chased him. Then they both paddled in together till they got to waist deep water in front of mermaids and had a full punch on. Then sunny came running out to them, and from what i saw he was trying to break it up. Well the fight definitely ended once sunny arrived, haha. I would say that jeremy was the aggressor, and he won the fight easy.
    Overall the guy in the white tee was a kook, and looked like he had it coming. You don’t go and disrespect the current pipemaster trying to warm up for his heat. Especially if your surfing skills are limited, go down the beach and stop trying to be a hero. the wave was shit anyway!
    I surfed a session with jeremy at logs last winter and he was friendly as.”

    • Ryan

      At mate of mine was at the beach watching, thats not the story I heard.

  • Darwinism

    You haters are talking out of your asses! ” He’s lucky he’s not facing murder charges…” Really?? Who was murdered?? “…pound some guy lifeless” What video were you watching??Ban these surfers? For what, a fist fight? You guys call this an ass beating? That punk got off lightly with a chokehold!! “I am against violence in any situation.” So if someone walked up to you, your wife, or your children and started verbally and/or physically assualting you or them, you would just stand there and watch??? You wouldn’t defend yourself or family??? C’mon man!!!

    Yeah Sunny has a history; for standing up for himself!! As for Jeremy, since when have you ever heard of him being violent? NEVER!!

    Ray, Ryan, and Christiano; you girls are douche bags.

    • jeff bason


  • Andre

    Hey Aussies!
    I thought you were a civilized country.
    Thesse fuckers kicked your asses and you are going to let them go away unpunished.
    I do not know what’s going on in this world anymore.
    Blame on you!

  • Fisted

    if 2 football players got into a brawl in a town before the game they’d be side-lined for at least 3 matches. Jeremy got off light. He doesnt even miss the CT. Sunny is sponsored by ‘Affliction’ and is staying with Victor Belford (UFC Fighter) so he was just doing his job.

  • Rich

    I think that Sunny should have stayed out of it…. Two against one???? Not fair !!

  • Alebrazil

    Sunny come to Brazil, please … we are waiting for you !!!

    • jeff bason

      why dont you go to hawaii bitch…

    • Pearl

      Brazil sucks! No one wants to go there hahaha

      • Eduado

        Maybe your mother wants to come to Brazil, stupid. We have more tourist in a month that your country have on a hole year.

      • JJ CALE

        Speacilly those homeless like youn that can barely afford a surfboard homo homeless. KKKKKK

  • wake up ASP

    I hope the ASP finally grow some balls and ban Sunny for life. How many times can he get away with this crap. One of these guys (camera guy and surfer) need to stand and up make a report to the cops. disgraceful. Sunny you are a bonehead for thinking your fists are the problem solver.

  • Mark

    Gangsta Garcia and baby Flores are a disgrace to the sport of surfing. Fight in any other sport and heads roll. ASP grow up or die as you slowly are. Kelly bring on the rebel tour. These fools are killing our sport. Breaka will not sponsor again. Well done tools.

  • tco

    Nothing justify physical violence, and we are talking about sport idols! It is ridiculous! besides almost killing the local surfer he seriously injured the filmmaker who was at the beach with his wife and daughter. Sunny is a violent retard and should be arrested!

  • http://????????? Pigs

    What an Ahole. The same kind I see at Lowers and Uppers all the time. I just wish someone would put a restraining order against those kind of people and keep them out of the water for good. They just ruin everyones’ day even if you just have to witness it.

  • http://fuckers mark aines

    hi everyone, i am the guy who almost drowned in the video by that fuckhead sunny garcia. i wont press charges because it will drag on & cost me money & by the time its sorted out he will be gone anyway. his son was being a prick dropping in & telling us to fuck off as he dropped in on some of the locals & when we approached him he said my dad will kill u, then someone said his dad is sunny garcia & he boasted about it & that was that. i didnt want to argue or fight but then jeremy comes over & heats things up & then sunny turns up & then his neanderthal ex jail bird attitude bursted out which almost got me killed but im glad its on film, im glad the world saw what he did & let me be clear about something. ..this isnt over …neither for him or his son, their days are coming & if they stay here, they will be found & dealt with asap!

    • Stanton Gene Kawaihinano Otero

      Mark you are a mahu.

  • wellington

    ai sunny quando passar pelo brasa,, chega aki em Matinhos litoral do Parana,,,,

  • goaway!

    Sunny the thug two on one real heroes! Torturing a man what a great example for his family and representing hawaii . well done son

  • Randell

    obviously if it was your son who wouldn’t have tweeked, that kid with the cuts looks like he had a hard core scooter or gay porn accident. Shit happens obvously people stur it up, dont know if you ever saw the north shore reality show, pretty epic, haha cant help but stand back and watch the show.

  • jeff bason

    classic…..brazo talking about being respectful……bunch of kooks who travel in packs everywhere they go and burn everyone…look at what bali has become…bunch of fucking brazo locals who think they own it……nothing worse than surfing with em……guy got lucky …if you run your mouth…have the balls to back it up…otherwise…shut the fuck up…no matter how loc you are

    • Eduardo

      MAybe we learned at Australia or Hawai or over there everybody is peaceful?? So shut your mouth stupid.

  • CommonSense

    Look from a common sense point of view, sunny has been a turd his whole life, fights, lack of education, self esteem and a small penis attribute to his inability to act like a human, instead of a monkey with rabies. You can only think the “APPLE AND THE TREE” in respect to his offspring. Shit breeds bacteria! Words were said, jeremy dashed in to pound the guy, lame attempt, after burning him “DISRESPECTIVELY”, sunny almost chokes the guy to death and kicks a camera guy to boot? And you guys call it defending what? The whole protecting his kid thing is made up, and was about jeremy, not his kid. IF THE ASP DOESN”T TAKE ACTION, THEY ARE SENDING A MESSAGE TO ALL “THEY DON”T CARE AND THEY ARE NOT PROFESSIONALS.” To all of you on here supporting his actions and talking about “having your boys back”, you come from the same loser families that breed this cancer on society, please don’t have kids!

    • matt

      how many times does sunny have to degrade himself and the asp,before they get rid of this jerk,apparently jail didnt time didnt teach him anything,if this guy died would it still be okay?just because your from a poor background dosnt make okay to be stupid,Id like to here from sunny son .but im sure he probaly sounds just like the cycle will probaly continue.asp do the right thing this time as everyone is watching,did you ever see that reality show he was on!what a di…

    • Stanton Gene Kawaihinano Otero

      Ufa Kefe

  • christian moutinho

    For the one that say shit about Brazos.
    Learn a bit more about life and yourself before even opening your mouth and steryotype people.
    For the Sunny garcia supporters.Yeah, I know that we dont know why it all started but violence wont make anything better.Sunny is a icon in the surfing industry and definetly contributed to the sport of surfing,but by being violent nothing will change.
    For everyone else, lets support surfing and good conduct,we will all win at the end.

    • bobby

      I agree with you there. I witnessed the whole event unfold. Sunny kid was not invoved at all. Jeremy started when he dropped in on the local. Local guy mouthed some unknown words to Jeremy. Jeremy then retaliated by paddling about 10 metres towards the local, then leaped onto the local and started throwing punches at the local. It was at this point they decided to paddle in and finish it. As soon as they got into knee deep water they started fighting again, as the footage shows. It was at this point when Sunny ran down over the rocks and came up behind the local and put him in the choke hold. So I don’t know where Sunny’s son fits into the picture, unless Jeremy is Sunny’s son. I also overheard Jeremy saying to the contest director when he was told he needs to come upstairs to talk about the incident “dont worry about it its all good, his just a junkie that deserved a beating…look I also copped it showing the contest director his bleeding gum………ASP THIS TIME DONT LET YOUR DECISION BE MADE THROUGH INTIMIDATION LIKE ALL THE OTHERS…….CUSTOMS PLEASE DEPORT THIS THUG……..

  • bob

    Who wouldnt protect their son in a fight??
    Surfing is voilent and riddled with drugs, when will people wake up to the truth.

  • D-Man

    Why can’t we all just get along ? Sunny Garcia has been a mean spirited guy for a long time ! Surfers that condone violence are meat-heads with very little gray matter upstairs ! As to Jeremy Flores…Great surfer….But is he trying to be a punk also ? This is simply bad news for our sport and passion ! Thank goodness for pro surfers like Slater and Curren, who are far more evolved and intelligent then to behave like these guys have ! I say ASP, ban guys like Garcia !!

  • alex

    pearl you are stupid….some stupip usa people like you still think you are the owner of world…. USA now is a biggest loosers, USA dollar no one need any more, lost the power every where and you said no one want to come to Brasil????….Brasil no need USA any more….actually no any country need…usa need praid to avoid to be a poor country in near future…

    • Rich

      USA the biggedt losers??? Who gives billions of dollars to 3rd world countries every year? Who does everyone come crying to when they have a natural disaster happen? Who are the first ones to arrive with aid? Which country has the most applicants for citezenship? Thats right the USA! So stay in Brazil and tell all your aragant wave hog Brazilian brothers to come home to because the surfers in the US do not like them.

      • JJ CALE

        USA ruled for a while, but thats the past. Look up the US unemployment rate! A fell sorry, hopefully the Brazo turits will need you to carry their boards, or park their cars. In the slopes, they are saving the resorts buying boards, and going to restaurants. On the other hand, here in Europe, I only see Americans eating junk food and drink cheap beer. The world has turn around. I have a good job for you!! Close your mouth and swallow everything.

      • Band

        Shame on you Rich. It`s for people like you that war still needed. And you North americans still believe in people like George Bush. Shame….Try to be human and not north american.

    • matt

      a pearl of an iddiot!

  • UFC comes to the ASP

    They should make a new event just for roid raging surfers. UFC has finally come to the ASP. Choking out someone in the water? They should put him in a real prison this time, not club fed. Sorry but the video clearly shows him taking it too far, and this isn’t the 1st time. In front of his keiki too. Way to pass the torch Sunny. The Ocean is supposed to be a healing place. Garcia is proving himself to be a real “Legend” Ha ha. Probably how he got his “legendary status”. Intimidating people in an overcrowded lineup with his “hui”. Curren smoked him when the waves where good at Haleiwa. Mad style versus wide stance power cutbacks? Style any day. You could tell Sunny took all the fun out of the event with his intimidating tackiness. Curren is the real legend with his intelligent humble style. ASP judging style is cr@p. Surfing wont evolve unless they score higher for newer, more difficult maneuvers like switch stance and aerials. Do they test for steroids in ASP “pro” surfing? They should!!!

  • Dissappointed

    At first i was disgusted at what u saw in the video, and now even more at what i am reading here. Sure, protect your son, no dont run in on a kook with a loud mouth and choke him and lay into him. There is a diffference between standing your ground with self defence and acting like a brutal thug. If someone acts in a situation like this so aggressively, we have to ask how they react in life in general. Does sunny have the right to brutally attack anyone who gets rude with his son? No! And if everyone acted like this then we would still be living in caves.
    Mike and rory, your words are disgusting, a shame that human beings still think like you two. One day you may realise what u have been thinking and living was wrong, but then it will be too late for you. And no im not a peace crazy hari krishna freak, but i understand what ways of thought and action are fitting in life, and what i just saw on this video is not that.
    Sunny if you read this, i hope u can take time to step back and look at your brutal actions, and learn from them, and accept there is no place for them in life. Jeremy, shut the hell up, and just surf, that is your job, u will alwaya get some verbal being famous, get over it, takes a bigger man to just turn away, despite what the thugs here say. Asp, punish them both heavy, may be the only way they learn.
    Peace, out.

    • Pearl

      the news made it look more brutal than it was by breaking it up and replaying ti! the fight lasted 15 seconds at the most. The man ran off the beach. He is fine!

      • craig

        i bet that sunny low life beats his wife

  • Marcos

    Sunny Garcia, great surfer but he has no emotional intelligence. I dont want to support a guy like this, incentivate more surfers to do the same, I believe in Sea mens, not this kind of “sportists”…Man, put your mind in the trail! I know its because your son, this time….You reap what you sow…

  • dannks

    Sunny is a macho man.. a really tough guy right?? fighting a guy half of his size and with a bunch of friends around to make sure the guy has no chance?? what Idol?? that is why tom carrol, tom curren, kelly and others are top dude.. you I just a looser.. a guy how won once but never will be able to be on top again… with you think you are tough enough go to UFC and fight the guys there, but remember there is not friends or half size guy for you to beat them up and show your power???? there you have to fight really guys that will kick your ass so bad that you will back to your island crying like a dog, you are…I fell sorry for you…

  • dannks

    Jeremy flores is the big looser,, there is a say.. tell me who are your friends and I will tell you who you are… LOOSER hang around LOOSER….

  • Paul

    Sunny, Sunny, Sunny……. This time caught on tape, it could cost you!

    • JJ CALE

      Suck sunny balls holding some flower on your A*****S

  • dannks

    perls you a the biggest cook sucker in the world… please man get a life

    • craig

      whats up with this pearf fella he must be sucking of sunny

  • adriano mariano

    sunny precisa ser preso de novo,agora na australia

  • John Rossi

    I didn’t read thru all the comments, but if someone was gonna bully my kid in the water, I would beat their ass too!!!! If it was someone else and not Sunny, u guys prob wouldn’t be hatin!!

  • roger waves

    brasileiros de plantao esse Sunny eh merda desde sempre….se ele aterrizar no Brasil vamos fazer nossa parte….pau nele…nao eh covardia se os surfistas eh que ele merece….gostaria que tambem ocorresse em outros paises tambem mas vamos nos dar este exemplo de como tratar estes bandidos havaianos….so porque tem umas ondas acham que sao donos do surf….qual eh tem onda em muito lugar….Bali, america do sul, australia, europa… etc… Quero ver oque vai virar aquela ilhazinha de merda se os surfistas se largarem para outras bandas, provavel que esses babacas vao se matar entre eles….o proprio Andy ja deu exemplo de cabeca fraca…..ninguem precisa dos Havaianos….

  • Ken

    These ASP guys were here at the Point a few years ago. I won’t go into all the stories but we had a really nice woman in her 60’s who works the ticket booth at the parking lot….before the contest the ASP guys came early and were practicing on the wave, and apparently felt they didn’t have to pay their 2 bucks and gave her a hard time…that hard time turned into a punch to the face when one of those little a$%holes jumped out of his SUV and slugged her.

    I won’t go into what a freakin’ nightmare it was having them in the lineup. We have a nice, friendly surf spot here….I hope the bas&%rds never come back.

  • Ian Reilly

    None of us were there to see it, what led up to it and who through the first punch and why. ASP should just fine Sunny since they don’t condone fighting; while the tour is at each stop they need to ensure that; other than that the ASP doesn’t really have any other business in this. Nor do any of us who weren’t there.

    • Ian Reilly


  • Dustin

    I wish Sunny would pull that bullshit on me one day in the water…..The old man is gonna get his and its just a matter of time. Sunny picks on folks who can’t stand up for themselves….I been fighting MMA for 4 years now….Sunny….anytime you want to match up to see what you really got lets do this!!!! Fake ass tough guy, i put you out in less than 20 seconds….u be in a sleeper dream’n about Bubba from the cell you lived in for 6 months….fag

    • Taurus

      This is for Dustin Da MMA Fighter for 4 yrs!! There are ways to make a point so ill make my point !! Ill fight you ! And i’ve been involved with MMA for almost 10 yrs ! You don’t have to be bragging of your time in MMA then call out Sunny! We should fight,I can schedule some time for you. NO PROBLEM!!! Time to put your action where your mouth is Bitch!!!

      ATTEN: Dustin

    • Pearl

      Sunnys naturally super human strong… he would knock you on you ass with one slap computer tough guy. FACT! and besides Sunny never starts shit… but he will finish what some idiot does. So if you want to face to face assault someone he loves cares about then you got the “match” your looking for other than that he give 2 shits about you and your opinion. Another FACT!

  • Bruno

    Convido o covarde do Sunny e mais um babaca chamado Pearl que fez comentarios idiotas para vir ao Brasil dar uma de macho. Vão é voltar pra casa falando fino!!!!! Filhos da puta!!!!!

    • Pearl

      nobody gives a fuck about brasil and nobody wants to go there!

      • JJ CALE

        Can you pay for the ticket. HOMELESS LOOSER AHAHAHAH

  • Mike

    Disappointed, really? Did it make you sad to read and observe what happens in real life? Surfing is a cave-man sport at times. I am not defending it, only observing. This guy, Mark, clearly got in over his head. If you notice above, he is threatening to kill Sunny if he sticks around. You have Brazo’s here threatening Sunny too. Is it all stupid? Yep, but what are you going to do about it by thinking you all are retaliating in a chat room? I will tell you what. Why don’t you all go meet Sunny. He is actually a pretty pleasant guy out of the water. I would go so far as to say he is actually “nice” much of the time. He obviously has moments. But tell me this, why would a right-minded adult get in a quarrel with his kid, then find out he is in over his head not just apologize his way out of it? And, why does it bug him that Sunny’s kid and Flores were burning him, when every surfer knows when the tour comes to town, you are gettin burned by ALL OF THEM, unless you are yolked out yourself or with the pros. The fact probably is he might be just like Sunny, but he only has one spot he surfs. “Not as traveled” you could say?! They are cut from the same cloth. As for the videographer, that seems to be the risk these days around the world when you record people at their worst. Now he is famous, congrats. Point is that it is all stupid. Sunny threw a tantrum, after the local bro threw his. Mark, sorry you got a big beat down, but sounds like you are “on it”. Good luck on the North Shore next year. As for the AI comment…lame. You never surfed with the guy, so you don’t know either. Leave it all alone, and let them all learn their lessons, respectfully. Knowing Sunny, I’m sure he would apologize given the chance, but now that won’t happen because we are all above common sense now! Welcome to the politically correct world folks, it just keeps getting more violent with every “peaceful” position on this board…

    I wonder what golf would look like if there were 50 guys on the course but only 5 could play any given hole? Hmmm….

  • Dustin

    Florez, first you hate kids and now your hanging with one of surfer’s biggest jackasses of all time…..Way to go Sunny.

    Does anyone have the video of that guy last year in so cal knocking sunny out in one punch? Same set up, Sunny was being a bully in the water, the guy waited, few words and POW, sunny drops to the sand……Probably one of the best moments in surfing I have seen…

    Your a shame to Hawaiians and their Culture Sunny……Ten years from now you probably be in jail suckin dick again

    • D-Man

      Bravo for Dustin and his comment ! Sunny has been out of control with his anger management disorder far too long ! Violence is only a last resort solution if you or friends/loved ones are severely threatend . Other wise, why ever go there ? But i agree that sometimes bully’s need to get humbled by tougher stronger bully’s !

  • paulo

    deixa ele fazer isto aqui no rio……vou ficar encarando ele e seu filhinho…..vem….vem…nenem

  • paulo


  • trev

    For years Burleigh Heads has been full of dickhead locals. Everyone knows this. Good on those boys for sorting some shit out.

  • SURF

    Sunny, why not destroy the waves instead of someones face? Same goes to you Jeremy….. surf not violence

  • Jorge Jojó

    Sunny Garcia sempre teve um dos melhores power surf do planeta. Ele não precisava de nada disso, desta vilência imoral, para mostrar do que é capaz. Com atitudes como esta, francamente ele somente perde com isso. Milhares de jovens pelo mundo afora, adorariam surfar como ele. Já o ví dando pauladas incríveis de back-side, no meio da Barra da Tijuca, anos atrás. Um cara diferenciado. Muito triste, porém, o que ele vem aprontando. Um final de carreira que deveria ter sido de outra forma, idolatrado e respeitado, como surfista, mas principalmente como homem. Mas, ele parece perdido dentro de sí mesmo. Triste para ele, triste para o mundo do surf. Um grande atleta que se vai…………..

    Jorge Jojó (surf instructor)
    Marataízes city, ES – Brasil

  • Morena Bella

    Que coisa lamentavel….uma vergonha para o mundo do surf!
    É Sunny acho que este papo do surf ser contra a violencia não vale pra você.
    Tenho pena do seu filho que vai crescer um ogro ignorante como o pai.

  • Garrett

    Hey Sunny! you stupid worthless lowlife thug, criminal, coward, punk. Your son must be so proud of daddy punching out a surfer and photographer. Take your circus act to the UFC so you can be everyboy’s bitch. Everyone hates you. They are just too intimidated to say anything. You are a pig and a loser..See you in jail soon asshole, maybe in a cell next to your son someday. What a great dad, person, citizen, surfer.

  • Jorge Jojó

    Neste meu terceiro comentário, quero deixar um alerta para a ASP.
    Poderá haver um “esvaziamento” perigoso nas próximas etapas do WT, caso medidas punitivas severas não sejam adotadas a partir de agora contra fatos como o ocorrido com Sunny Garcia e Jeremy Flores. A imagem de um TOP “brigando” acaba por denegrir todo um trabalho sério que os Srs. vem tentando executar, neste período de tantas mudanças. Atletas discutirem entre sí, tem sido até certo ponto normal, dentro de limítes do esporte. Agora, agressões como a que ocorreu, não deverá mais se repetir, pelo bem da imagem da ASP e de todos os Tops. Se voces já cobram tanto de seus atletas, cobrem também daqueles que não pensam no bem do esporte. Aqui no Brasíl, por exemplo, jogadores de futebol quando agridem alguém, podem ficar meses ou anos fora dos gramados, como punição. Agredir alguém tem o mesmo peso de quem é flagrado em exame antidoping. Gostaria muito de postar este comentário em ingles, mas ficarei devendo por não dominar bem a lingua. Mas espero que os surfistas que estiverem lendo, possam colocá-lo em ingles para mim. Um grande abraço a todos. Saudações à ASP!

    Jorge Jojó

    Marataízes, ES, Brasil

  • King

    It’s so funny that all you haters TALK SH*T and yet can’t say that you’ve accomplished half of what Sunny has in his lifetime. No body is perfect- but yet you all hold someone under such a microscope when it comes to him defending his son- his OHANA. Ohana means family, and family means no body get left behind or forgotten….or f*cked with. Way to stand up for your OHANA Sunny.

    And in or out of the water, if you mess with someone, you better be prepared to deal with the consequences. The young kid started sh*t he couldn’t finish and then suffers the punishment, probably lipping off the entire time he was getting his as* kicked. Young kids don’t know when to keep their mouth shut and he suffered the consequences.

    The reason why the new young generation of kids are such pussies is because they hide behind the law and have learned to talk sh*t, not back it up, and then run and tell on the people who hurt them, instead of handling things the old fashioned way and manning up.

    Its called RESPECT. In or out of the water: Some know it. Some learn it. Some earn it. And some, learn about it the hard way and maybe become men.

    BRAVO Sunny! Anyone who messes with my OHANA will get the same from me and everyone in my clan.

    Where was that Aussie kid’s OHANA? Who backed him up? If he was so right to mess with Sunny’s son in the water, where are his peeps? Looks like that kid doesn’t have OHANA, doesn’t know OHANA, and isn’t the caliber person to get his local people’s respect to help him out when he’s in need……because that’s what OHANA is all about. Stupid Haole!!!!!!! (FYI: Haole isn’t necessarily about color of skin, it’s about “mentality and heart”).

    Jeremy Flores…….way to step in and back up your OHANA. Yea, you will suffer punishment the ASP and all the haters, but you proved your loyalty to a FRIEND & stood up for what you believed in, and that makes you real, respected, and OHANA.

    What is popular is not always right. What is right is not always popular. Sunny & Jeremy: you did the right thing. Too bad the media is jumping all over the story to make their next paycheck on this one.

    • D-Man

      Dude your OHANA is way to limited to backing your clan up with violence if necessary and just keeping some though guy macho rule in effect ! I think the true spirit of Aloha and Ohana is more evolved then your concepts of it, even if your a local with more or less “Island Blood” running through your veins and i am a “Stupid Haole” from California !!!

    • Stanton Gene Kawaihinano Otero

      Eh Braddah King…you are right on the mark! Mahaloz for schooling some of these racist colonial ideology and mind set Haoli’s on the meaning and concept of Ohana.

      And kudos for re-iterating that Haoli is definitely more a means to address and call BS on someones pilau attitude and self importance, and not their phenotype features (pale, blonde, blue eyes)

      As I wrote in my posting earlier today, when ever a sufer of Kanaka Owi’i ‘a Hawai’i Maoli decent gets into the shit, the zenophobic Eurocentric media gets all nuha and up in arms, accusing us Native Son’s and Daughters of Hawai’i Nei of being unruly savages.

      Though it is transparent to intelligent and honest people (both Kanaka and non-Kanaka) that there is a long and marred history of racism (as well as sexism and classism) in Pro Surfing, and that the powers that be will always side with this white male mindset, it is only a matter of time before this changes.

      And WTF is up with all these surfers from Brazil getting all bent out of shape and pandering to the Aussie-Eurocentric manifest destiny attitude and flipping Hawaiian surfers static? WTF…you don’t mind being used like some Uncle Tom puppet? ‘Cuz that is what you look and sound like right now…the good and pandering foot stool who knows to always be under the feet of the oppressor.

      Whateva’s…all these shit talkin’ haters, making threats of bodily harm to Sunny and his Ohana and other Hawaiian’s…brah, wheneva you guys get the opportunity, you always go running away (unless you get a LOT of udda guys with you, and you are armed to the teeth).

      Enough Aussie surfa’s already with your whining and your racist attitudes…enough, just go surf. If you act retarded and you are at the receiving end of negative reaction from Kanaka, suck it up, learn, and move on…go back out and surf.

      See you in da line up!

      Aloha ‘a Hui Ho!

      • Pete

        hey stanton, First aussies are no more racist than anyone else probably less so get that victimised shit off your shoulder, you guys are racist too with your Haole comments and heavy attitudes to non Hawaiins. . Second your comment about Sunny and his son being threatened, have you forgotten the numerous times you hawaiin thugs have threatened the lives or well being of outsiders in Hawaii. And talk about being gutless, well we allknow that Sunny is gutless so is Flores, you know uneven odds might be the Hawaiin way of sorting things out, but the only true way to fight is one on one. Last of all DO NOT bring your weird kind of violent culture to someone elses country, you would not allow us doing that stuff in your country.

        • Stanton Gene Kawaihinano Otero

          Again Pete,

          You zenophobic mahu fucktard…do not lecture me or my people on the history of oppression…you are mindless disrespecting tourist who come to Hawai’i Nei and cop your white supremeist attitudes…which doesn’t sound like you are very ashamed of given your cavalier response that you are no more racist then anyone else…WTF does that mean?

          It makes your KKK sheet wearing ass more legit or something? Oh yeah, and us claiming historical victimization…something we have in common with the people you and your ancestors pillage and oppress and murder and steal from, the Aboriginals…what it’s ok ‘cus other Euro peoples have done much worst then you guys to other indigenous peoples? Where the fuck is the measuring justification guideline for that you stupid ass mahu?

          Show me one country, one people, one group where my people, the Kanaka Owi’i ‘a Hawai’i Maoli of Hawai’i Nei have invaded, murdered, enslaved, and completely economically, socially, and culturally marginalized and nearly wiped out?

          You whine about being called out and getting your okole kicked around for acting like a stupid fucken haoli when you come over as a tourist to my homeland, then go and make thata stupid ass film “Bustin Down The Door”, whining about how we Hawaiian surfers and all other surfers should be kissing your ass because of your perverting, exploiting, and marketing surfing into a multibillion dollar industry…how you “civilized” the gift that we gave to the world, surfing…WTF is your major malfunction Pete.

          You are a racist mahu brainhole, and you need to grow a pair, and not rely on your mentally dillusional white superiority.

          Braddah, you Aussies are some of the biggest world bully’s around. Seriously, you stay home, okay mahu?

          • Pete

            Gee stanton you really have got a problem. You are the one who started all this racist crap.The issue had nothing to do with race, but to do with a violent attack by Sunny Garcia and Jeremey Flores on an aussie local at an aussie beach. You would not allow two aussies to beat the crap out of one hawaiin kid in Hawaii, and we do not accept this behaviour in Australia. Some comments from Hawaiins praise sunny and Flores for their action and call them real men, well a real man fights one on one any different is totally gutless and cowardly and these are the issues not racism. The same response would have occured if it was dickheads from an anglo saxon country too.

            Now back to the racist bull shit, too often people pull this card out when they know they in a unwinnable arguement. I am NOT racist, i respect all cultures and i am raising my kids to be open minded too. I am representative of the majority of modern australians. The current and previous generation of aussies are not reponsible for what went down years ago, and while the aboriginies were treated like shit, can you imagine what would have happened to them had they been colonised by Spanish, Portugese, French, Germans or even Americans. It is an unfortunate stain on mankind that countries have colonised others since pre history. Also while times were tough for aborignies it was no hoilday for whites either. Also your comments about taking the aboriginal’s resources are true, but we now use much of the earnings from them to provide aid and welfare to all our neighbours. You also state that aussies are the biggest bullies around, please give examples. Stenton you obviously have never been to Australia, because you would know that we are an open, friendly, fun loving and welcoming people. But we do get upset when some who we welcome bring their violent attitudes with them and spit in the face of our customs and way of life and that is exactly what Sunny and Jeremy did. It takes a real man to admit he is wrong and if Sunny and Jeremy simply publicly stated that they could have handled things differentl, then all would be forgiven, that is the Australian way.

  • King

    It’s so funny that all you haters TALK SH*T and yet can’t say that you’ve accomplished half of what Sunny has in his lifetime. No body is perfect- but yet you all hold someone under such a microscope when it comes to him defending his son- his OHANA. Ohana means family, and family means no body get left behind or forgotten….or f*cked with. Way to stand up for your OHANA Sunny.

    And in or out of the water, if you mess with someone, you better be prepared to deal with the consequences. The young kid started sh*t he couldn’t finish and then suffers the punishment, probably lipping off the entire time he was getting his as* kicked. Young kids don’t know when to keep their mouth shut and he suffered the consequences.

    The reason why the new young generation of kids are such pussies is because they hide behind the law and have learned to talk sh*t, not back it up, and then run and tell on the people who hurt them, instead of handling things the old fashioned way and manning up.

    Its called RESPECT. In or out of the water: Some know it. Some learn it. Some earn it. And some, learn about it the hard way and maybe become men.

    BRAVO Sunny! Anyone who messes with my OHANA will get the same from me and everyone in my clan.

    Where was that Aussie kid’s OHANA? Who backed him up? If he was so right to mess with Sunny’s son in the water, where are his peeps? Looks like that kid doesn’t have OHANA, doesn’t know OHANA, and isn’t the caliber person to get his local people’s respect to help him out when he’s in need……because that’s what OHANA is all about. Stupid Haole!!!!!!!

    Jeremy Flores…….way to step in and back up your OHANA. Yea, you will suffer punishment the ASP and all the haters, but you proved your loyalty to a FRIEND & stood up for what you believed in, and that makes you real, respected, and OHANA.

    What is popular is not always right. What is right is not always popular. Sunny & Jeremy: you did the right thing. Too bad the media is jumping all over the story to make their next paycheck on this one.

    • Pete

      If Ohana means to not have the guts to fight one on one and thump someone smaller than you then it sucks. In Australia it’s called cowardice. We have our culture too and Sunny Garcia and pencil dick Flores should remember that they are not at home now but in another country, so show the respect that you demand of visitors in your countries or fuck off because you are not welcome.

      • Stanton Gene Kawaihinano Otero

        Eh Pete,

        Isn’t that what the Indigenous Aboriginal Peoples who’s land you and your people colonized and occupy by force, who’s resources you and your people stole, isn’t that what they have been saying you for generations…to fuck off, you are not welcome?

        So, when the fuck are you going to head back to Merry Old England you descendant of a bunch of criminals ex-communicated from your own homeland…”Your Country”, the one country you stole and murdered and plundered…poor you and your Aussie history…you mahu.

        • Pete

          Hey Stanton, your name sounds english to me not hawaiin. . I won’t be going back to good old mother england because my family have been here for more than 200 years and were Irish. Yes we were victims too. But for the record neither i nor anyone else i know has murdered, stolen or plundered from anyone. AND NEVER beaten anyone sensless, let alone someone smaller than ourselves and who is outnumbered. Not like your gutless hero and his French mate. And If i am correct France was a colonialist as well as was the whole world back then including America. I can’t help what was done years ago and neither is my or the generation before me responsible and we have apologised. We also spend our wealth from the so called stolen resources helping developing countries all over the world. Go for a surf Stanton sounds like you really need one. And if you ever visit Australia you will be welcome unless you carry on like a dickhead. Please keep the swear words out further correspondence because it makes you out to be a thug too which probably isn’t true.

  • danny

    Hi Guys, seems there need to be some clarification here. I witnessed the whole thing:
    Jeremy dropped in on local, local tells him to fuck off, words were exchanged then punches thrown in waist deep water. Local gives Jeremy a flogging, sunny’s sun is standing next to the fight. Sunny comes charging over the rocks and tries to chock out local while punching him in the head. When it was broken up Sunnys son told him that he was NOT involved. Now i see Jeremy has put on him twitter that the local punched the 16yr old?????? cmon you stupid frog, dont tell stories to protect your ass. It was a fair one on one fight until your meat head boyfriend got involved. Sunny garcia is a dog and should be treated like a dog

    • D-Man

      Love it man !!!!!

  • Rodrigo

    hello sir Sanyy Garcia. I invite Mr. so they can call past the age to find a boy to visit the famous Magic Island Florianopolis and try to surf here in Praia da Joaquina Campeche or to see where it stops. At least with his mouth full of ants and if they think it will be buried in the dunes of a beach on the island. I hope not to see Mr. by Brazil in general, because the animal will get to his side Mr. Garcia. This view of the message. If anyone knows that Brazil will be the hope that has some gritty of a stick in that motherfucker. Was it guys. I leave here my rebellion against this happened. Enough to think that we are the owners of surfers somewhere, sea, beach or something. Hug.

  • kev

    Guy got what he deserved in my opinion. All you people whining must be Aussie or Brazilian. Sunny did what any man would do in his situation. What’s shocking to me is the rampant illiteracy displayed by the posters here. Stay in school kids or you could end up sounding like dannks…

    “that is why tom carrol, tom curren, kelly and others are top dude.. you I just a looser.. a guy how won once but never will be able to be on top again… with you think you are tough enough go to UFC and fight the guys there, but remember there is not friends or half size guy for you to beat them up and show your power???? there you have to fight really guys that will kick your ass so bad that you will back to your island crying like a dog, you are…I fell sorry for you…”

    • Pete

      Hey Kev, Sunny is noy a man he is a gutless thug Just like Flores, two on one is gutless and never justifyable, get the point.

    • scott laurenson


  • paul

    ai flores vo come tua mina seu prego da uma passaadinha no guaruja seu haole

  • sam

    why is sunny even in oz to begin with? He’s not a pro – nothing more sad than a guy hanging on to his past because he’s got no future. And his kid doesn’t have school or anything to worry about? Or did he drop out too? The garcias are the best worst family ever.

    • Pearl

      @ Sam – his son graduated early is super smart and went to Punahou Private School. And Sunnys an icon and isnt going anywhere. He gets paid to surf and thats what he does. So for you to judge is family is ignorant but you must get that from your family

  • steven jones

    jeremy started it after he dropped and got told off.
    so what, its ok to be a pro and drop in, like jeremy has never done that before !

    so a fight unfolded, current pipe master ( in not real pipe ) being no 9 in the world he should have way more respect and decorum in dealing with the local guy.

    a good ol fist fight well they sometimes happen, yep sad but true.
    but what sunny then did, was way out of hand and uncalled for.

    both are morons and both should be banned for at least a year if not more.
    violence is not the answer at all.

    and the story as told earlier about jeremy starting it by throwing the first punch, TRUE.
    the story of jeremy protecting sunnys son, FALSE
    thats the truth it will come out soon enough. im sure someone will show the tape.
    besides there were lots of witnesses who say jeremy throw the first punch.

    i get that your got to protect your family mates etc etc, but this is all rubbish and a spin doctors story to protect a couple of bad sports in the surfing world.

    • bobby

      To PEARL Sunny’s son probably graduated through intimidation, the same way that Sunny won heats….

  • Mike

    YO garcia….where’s your ankle bracelet? go back to jail…where you belong.

    • Best response…cheers!

      To booby: You shouldn’t comment on what you don’t know. Especially when it comes to someone’s kid.

  • bronco

    Sunny, voce pode ser de qualquer lugar, pode surfar muito e pode ate ser bom de briga, isso nao te da o direito de fazer coisas desse tipo.
    Por que voce nao vem tirar essa onda de macho aqui no Brazil, especialmente aqui na Bahia.
    Tem um monte de gente que vai se amarrar em te ver aqui!!

  • Jacaré

    Lugar de briga é no ringue…E cara bom pra chamar pra porrada é o Anderson Silva!!! Ficar falando de brasileiro pela net é fácil, de frente é que é difícil…

  • Lala

    Sunny, Isso vc so fez pq nao achou ainda uma mulher que te desse uma liçao de como ser homem macho!
    Os sufistas ja sao discrimados, mal julgados pelo esporte nao ser conhecido de uma forma geral entre capital e ineterior, é uma luta constante de homens e mulheres que tentam curtir e se divertir com a natureza que insistimos em deixa-la viva e vc que ja se fez com esse esporte, se tornou profissional e age dessa maneira. Sera certo? Sera isso que vc aprendeu durante essa luta de ser surfista? Isso é ser surfista????

  • Miguel

    for me and i see it since a long time ago…. SURF was all about SEX DRUGS and ROCK&ROLL …. this Violence new era just begun with the millions and the brands and the WCT AND ASP and all this shitt is killing the beauty on the sport…

    smoke one and go catch some good waves…. PEACE ….

    i the beggining they were taking lsd and surfing big ones…. they were free…. and happy……

    now they are millionaires … full of egos and completely fucked up from the Brands and…… violent.


  • Paul Cumerra

    Sunny… What we can say about this shi…!!!!
    He needs find in hes way…i guy like me…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ONE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jamie

    Tiger Woods lost nearly every sponsor for cheating on his wife. What if Tiger or even Kelly Slater went into the crowd and choked someone out. I’m very curious to see how the ASP and the athlete’s sponsors will deal with this incident… beyond a 1 event suspension. The degradation of a sport is deserving of stronger disciplinary action.

  • Monica

    Gostaria imensamente de saber o que de concreto foi feito, alguma queixa criminal, ou algo similar,pois o vídeo é muito forte e as pessoas envolvidas não podem ficar impunes. O Sunny Garcia DEMONSTROU MAIS UMA VEZ QUE NÃO TEM A MÍNIMA CONDIÇÃO DE CONVIVER EM SOCIEDADE. O cara não deveria estar solto, pois ele poderia ter matado o menino , com tamanha violência. Fico indignada em ver pessoas ao redor sem fazerem nada, e quanto ao brasileiro, o q foi feito? Por favor, se algum brazuca estiver por aí e souber de algo, publiquem para que possamos acompanhar o desfecho dessa verdadeira barbaridade. Quanto ao Jeremy, a punição é pouca.
    Que justiça seja feita!!!!!!


    venha aqui no nosso PAIS mister sunny machão
    bem feito p os chupa egg dos gringos
    depois daquela com o neco agora lanço aqui
    ” queremos a kbça do sunny garcia” aqui no BRASIL

  • jonah

    Watta benchong !!!

    absolute disgrace these images…

    whish he got into a fight with some freaking MMA fighter and then got his two knees borken….
    u r on the wrong sport u dick face…

  • rich woodcock

    That’s just what has-beens with no education and no future do. Lash out. They’ve got nothing else. sad really. Especially that his poor son is being groomed in exactly the same way.

  • rich woodcock

    That’s just what has beens with no education and no future do. They lash out. They have nothing else. Sad really. Especially that the kid is probably being molded to do the same.

  • Ben

    Sunnys sun was never touched. Flores thought he was top shit and was starting to get flogged. Sunny had no reason to be in the fight… he probably just saw a fight he could win from a distance. If you run into a fight that you know you can win – your as much as a pussy as the someone who runs away from a fight he will loose. Go back to the cesspool that is Hawaii.

  • Mick1

    Sunny sucks and I am quickly losing respect for the ASP.

  • Patrick

    First of all, horrifying video to watch. The man was being mercilessly choked and beaten underwater. He could have been in serious trouble. Sunny Garcia is a legend, and a great surfer. I think he owes it to himself and to everyone who has looked up to him as a SURFER to take a step back and reevaluate his approach to life. This CAN’T be the right way to do things. I’m sure a lot of people have lost a ton, if not all, of respect for the guy, and I feel bad for him. He could be using what he has achieved to make so many people’s lives better. lt’s fucking shameful that this shit has to happen. I seriously don’t know what should be done here. It seems to me that Sunny will never learn. And Jeremy Flores, I have admired your surfing and your humble attitude for a while now. Seeing this makes me think twice about you. I know I wasn’t there, and I may not be interpreting this story right, but from the looks of it, it’s fucking awful man! Surfing has given so much to these to men, and this is definitely not the way they should be giving back to surfing.

  • Roberto

    I feel bad for Sunny. You should too. The fact that he can’t help himself from getting embroiled in situations that inevitably lead to his loss of livelihood/means of supporting his family means that he has very real issues controlling his emotions. Jeremy, on the other hand, seems like a punk.

  • Patrick

    Oh and Pearl, Please save your banter for another fucking time. To say that the beating wasn’t “bad” and that the local exited the water just “fine” is just fucking stupid. Think before you speak you douche.

    • Pearl

      Were you there??? I was and he ran off the beach! The video made it look worse by editing and replaying it all cut up. The known tatt’ed up local bully just has a little strawberry on his cheek. He is FINE! You guys do know the media hyped it up and that the footage is by the brazilian guy who is a paparazzi GET YOU FACTS STRAIGHT

  • chris

    Hahahaha!! This is probably the most comments you guys have ever had! Lowest common denominator baby! Especially when you read those two dudes up above.
    Fuckin’ funny.

  • hey you

    First hand information ……..Jeremy shit himself and tried to convince the tournament directors to let him in the event etc ( piece of chicken shit)
    And as of Garcia …made a beeline for this guy and put the choke on very hard and threw some punches that connected very well.

    As i said DEPORT THE THUGS RIGHT AWAY.Fucking COWARD you are 3 times the size of that guy you beat up.

  • lUCAS

    Locais jovens sempre roubam as ondas de surfistas haoles, ainda mais quando jovens haoles, esse surfista local se deu mal, mecheu logo com filho de quem? Sunny Garcia é Black Trunk!!!….. Sunny deu um exemplo aos grometes de todo mundo respeitem sempre!! eu sou brasileiro admirador do surf e estilo de vida de havaiano, bra boy e o tipo de localismo que exista…

  • lUCAS

    Local young people always steal waves haoles surfers, especially when young haoles, the local surfer was wrong, then shake with the son of who? Sunny Garcia’s Black Trunk !!!….. Sunny gave an example to everyone of grometes respect always! I am a Brazilian fan of surfing and lifestyle of Hawaii, bra boy and the kind of localism that there …

  • http://none KENTAURUS

    Garcia created a son like that to be producing events, to justify his behavior.


    I would love to see this kind of surfers in the octagon, in equal conditions, where no word is listened, no surfing status is measured, and the truth come up!

    • Pearl

      they should totally do celebrity athlete fights! Great idea

  • lUCAS

    GO Jeremy GO SUNNY !!!!

  • gavin SC


    • JJ CALE

      gavin, go go sunny! go to jail again. AHAHAHAHHA

    • JJ CALE

      Go sunny, go see the sunrise from the window of a jail cell. LOOSER LUCAS AND GAVIN. Are You guys boyfriends or just loosers like sunny.

    • stv

      go to jail Sunny, you are a disgrace. Let some Aussie Jail thugs give you a going over. You tried to kill that young guy. Take your lakker boy Flores into jail to throw pansy punches for you.

  • Brillo

    Garcia is not the kind of dude you want to be throwing hands with especially in the water. The guy is a nut case, fighting is one thing but holding him under water that long is slightly bush league

  • Arnold

    If Sunny wants to defend his son from injury fine. If Sunny wants to let his kid be a man and FIGHT HIS OWN FIGHTS fine. But why is it these days that parents always absolve their children of anything being their fault. Bad grades=teacher Fired=crappy boss Fight=other guy started it. Parents of this generation are breeding brats that aren’t held accountable for anything. Maybe the local was in the wrong, but also realize that a boy raised by tax evading surf bully was in the mix too. Let your boy scrap it out by himself or step in the middle and break it up maybe scare the guy off. Those are the only two options.

    Hard to say how guilty Flores was based off of that. ASP definitely should DQ him from the contest and Quik should make him pay for the plane ticket and food stipend or whatever sort of allowance they get. I’m not sure that a permanent expulsion is necessary, but I’d certainly do it to Sunny if I were in charge.

  • maningreysuit

    if this happened at any other beach away from the spotlight would be done and dusted just unfortunate place for it to happen, its true Jeremy is not violent at all so something said must have triggered him off he is only young and has pride. The Local involved has had it coming for a very long time, it should be forgotten. but unfortunately the media blow things out of proportion and make everyone look bad, maybe check into the Locals history and see how bad he really is

  • Braddah moke

    Sunny needs to be kicked out of the asp! He has been doing this crap for years ! He has bullied his way to a world tittle by scaring and threatening surfers for his whole career! I am hawaiian and think he gives us real hawaiians a bad name.He has brought bad press to our aina for years! Hitting guys on tv shows,Threatening asp members,Judges directors and fans of the sport! He has done nothing positive for the future surfers of hawaii but make it worse for them in the future.He needs to Get a job and forget about his surfing career! It is over! The asp needs to wake the f%%K up and get rid of him now! Or he will continue to do the same type of sh%t for years and years, if the asp does not get rid of him now! Jeremy has done a lame thing and needs to wake up and smell the coffee! or he will end up living back in france and have no sponsors! There is no excuse for what he did no ands if or buts about it!

    • D-Man

      Bravo ! Another good response from a Hawaiian surfer and sane person !!!

  • George

    Short of self defense there is no reason for sunnys actions period! The guy is clearly a menace to society and should be locked up – let alone be able to participate in the ASP.This isnt the type of individual pro surfing needs to be associated with.Lets wait for all the facts on what happened before he got involved.

  • marcelo

    what a example for our NEW GENERATION, go there win championships and smash some people in the face, and get aWAy with that??

    ASP? it’s not the first time sunny been involved in situation like this, what the fuck you guys are up there for? just to get a formal sorry advice? tell him to pay 10.000 dollars fine? i think you guys should be awaiting for the next sunny garcia live fight.

    same bull shit happening again. ASP is no spot for losers,

    lots of people would do any right thing to be in there and represent well the division… not sunny garcia,

    i dont know if you remember but jeremy is atual pipeline pro champion, not UFC..


  • Hornberger

    sunny is a demented piece of shit and flores cant fight to save his bitch french ass. chuck garcia in jail and do us all a favour. pussy bitch needs 2 against 1. homos. no wonder his wife left the primitive fuck.

  • chris

    pro surfing is rad! Rampant drug use, and violence, I am in!

  • maningreysuit

    mark aines:

    hahahah you claim to be the victim and that Sunny and his group will be dealt with cant wait to see that, how many thugs you gunna bring to the party??? what weapons, being on the gold coast i suspect schooner glasses as weapons. Get over it sounds like your a bit shattered cos the whole world saw you get a beat down by sunny garcia. Play with fire ya get burnt

    • Seaside

      the whole worlds saw sunny act like a pussy. real men fight 1 on 1.
      grow up kook.

  • whamo

    The same thing happened at the first Stubbies contest in Australia. My brah was driving down the road, when a “Bronzed Aussie”, a tall, lanky goofy-foot (I’ll spare him the use of his name), rammed his rental car from behind. It was an accident, but my motor-mouthed brah from Puerto Rico, a foot shorter than the Aussie, punched the Aussie. The contest promoter pretty much eliminated him from the contest right there, and his professional career was largely over.
    History doesn’t repeat itself, it merely escalates on return engagements.
    I give the local guy props for handing out some instant karma to the shoulder dropper. It’s nothing that the island guy wouldn’t have done to a haole in the water in Hawaii who did the same thing. Sunny needs to get a real job. He is bad for professional surfing, pure and simple, a boy in a man’s body, and his surfing skills are fading. I’ve always admired his power surfing, but also feel his bad boy and anger at judges somehow made him score higher in heats than he deserved. Sunny has left a bad taste in the mouth of professional surfing. It’s sad because his comeback from his personal troubles was good to see.

  • Johnny Boy Gomes

    ASP- Take note of the overwhelming responce of loss of respect for you.

    Tiger analogy was beyond relavant. Fine and BAN Sunny or lose sponsors.

    Sunny is a low-life. More think so than praise him you dumb Mokes…

    KING- STFU you stupid neanderthal mutt of a human…Geeesus Christ your a moron in a mans body.

    Gavin SC- Following in Kings footsteps…foolio

  • kev

    Ben….you think Hawaii is a cesspool? Don’t come then, you’re not welcome.

  • Tom

    all this..for 1 foot slop..stop the hate and ignorance!

  • Terrano

    The ASP is quite simply at the beck and call of the sponsors , they have no guts and i am sure only a slap on the wrist will be issued.
    And why the resistance to drug testing on the ASP circuit , i am sure they are scared that half the of the guys will be found to be on something.
    Not proud to be a surfer.

  • huleta

    thats good, smash this f# locals, who does think the beach has any owner, the ocean is for everyone enjoy, if u think it is yours, u deserve a punch on the face, !!!
    GO SUNNY!!!

  • Mark

    The best comment on here was “God please swap Andy for Sunny” what a classic. Totally agree. To all the cave men that side with Sunny and Jeremy, fuck up tough guys. Gotta love karma. Sunny will get his, and you bone heads will get yours. Expect it.


    Flores, flower, fleur, is a f***k pussy. People in Brazil will love to see you sorry ass face there. And Sunny, what a looser, retarded, and criminal this guy is. Pure low life guy killing the aloha spirit. You will pay everything you did with your bad energy and violence sooner or later. JAILLLLLL for this piece of Shit sunny garcia.
    While in jail someone is going to get you chick screwed. ASP, Quicksilver, fire those guys please.

  • Mark

    ASP, grow some balls and look after our sport of surfing. Those two clowns Garcia and Flores have really hurt surfing. Stand up for our sport or fuck off and let Kelly do his rebel tour. Would have been sick. The sport is bigger than any ‘surf star’.

  • crank

    I,ve been surfing for 50 plus years and have surfed almost every major break in oz in my time ….I love surfing for its comraderie, excitement and natural joy it brings into my life. I paddle out every week big or small and thank the cosmos for this wonderful experience we are privileged to have. I used to be a hot head in my 20s but soon realised that every surf is a blessing. Nowadays I paddle out expecting a blissful experience and it always comes….I give drop ins an earfull when needed ….but most days its all fun ……so lighten up boys there’s fun to be had and keep the surfing environment non violent …..for our kids sake

    • D-Man

      Right on man !!!!!

  • Fábio Leite Barreto

    I had completely different from Australia viza: 1) defend the attitude of Sanny!?! It was 3 against 1!?!? I see no justice in this fight. Jeremy had already given a harsh and the Australian was not necessary to show the horrors done by Suny trying to annihilate the Australian face of the earth. Bora BaÊÊa My Damn !!!!!

    Salvador-Bahia-Brasil!!!!!!!!! BBMP

  • Pete

    To the dickheads trying to justify Sunny Garcia his son and Jeremy Flores, remember one thing – three on one is a cowards way of sorting things out. The guy might have been a dickhead but these guys are in my country and in Australia Two or more against one is considered gutless and cowardly ( the little dick syndrome ). We know Hawaiin thugs usually act like this but is not the Aussie way. Imagine the uproar if even one Aussie in Hawai thumped a local in a one on one fight. He would be set upon by all the hawaiin thugs and never be allowed to set foot on the island again, so why does Garcia think he can do what he likes in Australia. Australians are friendly and easy going, but do not take this for granted and repect us just as you expect us to respect you. Sunny Garcia should be imprisoned in Australia as is the punishment for assault in Oz then deported and Jeremy Flotres should be banned from the entire Aust comp season. Violence is never the answer,especially mob violence and those who partake are lacking in moral fibre and humanity.

  • Carlos

    One of these days Sunny is going to get killed.

  • The One Son

    Mark my words…someday Sunny will take someone’s life.

    • Pearl

      No he wont! it is completely legal in Australia to aid someone in defense if the same force is used! and the guy is fine he has a strawberry on his cheek and jeremy has a black eye. The video was edited to look worse than it really was. It was replayed to look brutal. It was just a fight NO BIG DEAL it happens everyday all over the world on some beach

      • Pete

        Yeah but fight one on one which is the aussie way, not two or three on one which is the cowards and hawaian way. Sunny and his mates might do that shit in Hawaii but this is australia and he is a guest, or was.

  • Johnny Boy Gomes

    Gavin- Really Sunny is the man? What man? a very uneducated, foul mouthed and short tempered sliver of a wee-man maybe…

    Dude, are you his secret closet homo buddy? Does he pay you to suck his c ock? Or do you do that for free?


    • Pearl

      You phycos take this computer tough guy shit serious huh? you guys really think ur opinions matter? like anyone really cares? Like everyone see’s it and knows you said it??? REALLY???? Your words on a screen behind a made up screen name? Your not individuals? You guys talk all this shit about someone you dont even know cause of some MEDIA footage you saw and you all KNOW exactly what happend… this is high-larious. I take it you dont have kids? THANK GOD!

    • D-Man

      Johnny Boy Gomes…? Another mean spirited local that likes to fight and intimidate others that aren’t in his macho clan that includes Sunny as one of the main ring-leaders ! Go wash your mouth out and grow up !!!!

  • Spock

    Don’t mess with Sunny Garcia’s child!

  • sam

    contact the ASP and let them know you’re tired of Sunny, the Frenchie and the rest of their BS:

  • niho

    According to the victim “Mark Aines” (2/19 8:33pm post above), Sunny’s son was dropping in on the locals. If that’s true, then think about what would’ve happened if the roles were reversed, and this played out in Hawaii. Everyone would’ve said the guy dropping in showed no respect to the locals, and deserved to get called on it.

    Locals protecting their own turf is understandable, and you can’t claim priority on the waves wherever you go just because of who you are, or who your father is.

  • Mikke SC

    Sunny is a Kook. Just like Koby. Haven’t from the Bra Boys lately. Thank God.

  • nat y.

    Sunny Garcia is a disrepectful human being,if I was a hawaiian I would call that thug a californian.Isnt that where he caught a prison #?Well now he should catch a case here in Oz,we all need to be accountable for our actions ,and that scumbag has his day coming!

  • David Becktell

    Surfing is not just a SPORT with role models for kids to look up to. If i expected every pro surfer i met to be polite and nice i wouldn’t be surfing anymore…thank you Dino Andino at Lowers for helping me realize this. Pro surfers shouldn’t be expected to act like tennis players especially a scary mofo like Sunny.

  • Jack

    I’d love to see any of you say that crap about Sunny to his face. Anonymous Internet Tough Guys…

  • mikey

    The guy wasnt even a local…he was a brazil nut…sick of those pricks anyway!

  • Seaside

    I hope jeremy drops in on me one day 🙂
    That would be like my birthday and christmas all rolled into one!!!
    …i guess all i can do is hope.
    Sunny, same goes for you.
    anytime old man,,,,, anytime.

  • gav

    wow just what the hawians need after the irons incident.
    these pro surfers are perfect examples of spiolt children pretending to be mature adults.
    you need real life experiance for that and boy, as this incident prooves, blokes like garcia are guttless, emotionally inmature, self indulgent, egotists. reminds me of the young incident. Yanky go home and stay thier.


    we need more brahzilians on tour, cause we’ll never win an event with those guys beating us up and intimidating me out in the water, the waves are scary enough in hawaii, i don’t need these guys pounding me too

  • dannks

    I fully agree with you david


    I wish i could surf but i am a kook

    • Gavin SC

      I am going to shut up because I have been going to far. Sorry everybody< i dont even surf , I live in Santa Monica, love to work out and chase butterflies with my gay friends.

  • Gavin SC


    • JJ CALE

      HEY GAY_VIN, Dance The hulahula and suck sunny’s cook.

  • http://N/A craig c

    Sunny Garcia has some SERIOUS karma coming his way!

  • bruce

    Nothing worse than a pack of Brazilians, if you brazilians think Brazil is so great stay there, quit crowding the line ups in other countries, outside of Brazil no one likes you. Your loud, agro, aragant, travel in packs, no wave ediquet, you fight like fags and stink. At least your women have nice asses. Thats the only thing good that has ever come out of Brazil.

  • stv

    go to jail Sunny, you are a disgrace and take your French Arse wipe lakker boy with you. You tried to kill that lad , go to jail you thugs. Choking a guy under water is fucking poor form.

  • Al Hunt

    If ur gonna throw blows and you lose, it doesnt matter if your name is sunny, jeremy, or the aussie joe blow who got his ass handed to him, (fairly from the video evidence), nobody in particular needs to be blamed… so jus go on with the next controversial headline soon to light up the “net”, and go out and catch some “real waves”, instead of live vicariously on these virtual websites.

  • Vitor Sorrentino

    @gavin SC
    No one wants to come over to Brazil?
    you must be kidding me. It’s just one of the most beautiful places in the world, there is a lot of tourists here, from all over the world.
    Sure that is some assholes comming from here, as your country have as well. Do not matter you nacionality, even your skin colour. Whe need peace mate, just that.
    We are one of the most hospitable people in the world.
    Peace out fellas

  • Javi Pino

    Good example for the new generations. Out from ASP forever!

  • Surf Coaster

    The ASP needs to grow some balls and give Sunny a life time ban and Jeremy a 1 year ban. The respect for Sunny and Jeremy has been totally lost. The respect for the ASP will also be lost if they don’t do something about the situation. I don’t want my kids growing up thinking that it’s ok to beat people up for getting dropped in on a 2ft onshore closeout !!!

  • Gavin SC


    • JJ CALE

      GAY VIN SC for suck cook.

  • oldtimer

    if the war is on surf is off. f*** you locals or fighters. nobody is better than others. sad too see how a sport can change so fast. make friends not enemies. jail to sunny, flores and for those who approves this dumbness.


    poor Sunny.
    cant pay his taxes, c
    ant let his kid fight his own battles,
    cant win another world title,
    cant get a sponsor other than Da Hui….. good luck Sunny.
    and good luck to the sport of surfing….. this is your heritage and your future










    jooo yo gooooo



  • Gavin SC

    santa cruz bitch

  • vergamin

    saco los pedos a tom vergoti

  • joe

    guy got a little tuned up and bitches are crying about jail time, u dont go to jail for headlocks, kidergarten kids put each other in headlocks, sound like real bitches, shit happens

  • sam

    I hope Sunny gets to help raise AI’s kid. He’s such a great guy.

  • D-Man

    World peace begins with each of us respecting one another. And in the surfing world violence towards other surfers is not a solution to make our collective experience better ! All of you guys above that make Sunny Garcia’s act so cool and right are in a huge state of ego denial ! As to Jeremy Flores…If you did throw the first blow at the local because of words…Then you should be giving out a formal apoligy to the entire surfing world community for your anger and lack of restraint ! Let’s all try to grow up a bit and we will all have an easier time of sharing “Surf Stoke” in proximity to one another !!

  • Johnny Boy Gomes

    Gavin da queer bait…. Santa Cruz tweakers…!

    Mokes mostly bad peeps brah….Not der fault tho….Lak o’ edumacation wil do dat…

  • jss74

    Sunny makes Hawaiians look bad! What an idiot who just can’t seem to learn.

  • ASL

    If you talk shit out in the water…you better back it up..if not…shut the fuck up and mind your own business..or else this is what will happen to you. What is so fucking hard to understand about this?!

    Too many fuckers out these days running their mouths and think nothing is going to happen to them. If you are one of these people..FUCK YOU.

  • mike

    The relevant surfing authority need to send a clear message to the surfing community that violence in the water or on the beach is the antithesis of the spirit of surfing – the content of this clear message = Sonny out for life, don’t come back you’re behaviour is disgraceful and criminal charges ought be laid – Flores the rest of the season/sit and think about it. I will join any movement that blackbans any product either of these surfers are associated with.

  • Junior Gurilao

    F**k all of you fighting surfers!!! ASP should suspend all trhee surfers. Examples like this should be banned from sport. No matter who had reason, they should surf not fight.

  • fat bennie

    Good to see that garcia is still an a-hole. Doin’ the typical Hawiian crap of ganging up on one guy. I’d love to see Garcia come to Chicago and fight one on one like a man. Why doesn’t the press jump on Garcia for being such an anti-ambassador to our sport?

  • bird

    Violence in not the answer!!!!

    Sunny is an ignorant who only knows surf and fight.

  • Waller

    Shit I would let Sunny beat my ass anyday! Then I would have a real surf story!


  • Seaside

    GavinSC & JJCALE , you two need to get a room…

  • Madmax

    Esse Sunga garcia dá muito é CÚ, se esse marico viesse aqui pro Nordeste a turma rasgava o rabo dele na peixêra, a agressão ao Neco ainda esta engasgada pra muita gente, mas esses caras sabem com quem mexem, se pegar um sangue no olho ele se fode na hora ou ele é a prova de chumbo grosso??

  • bill


  • Duc

    Douchebag local thug pushes around douchebag son of a douchebag professional surfer thug.

    Victimless crime all around. I hope they all choke each other to death.

    • frnchyg

      You’re the only one making sense here.
      Makes me want to move to a different planet.

  • Tom Veiga

    Shame, Jeremy and Sunny should be expelled from professional surfing, cowards

  • trev

    a mate of mine from the godly said he heard that the guy deserved everything he got from sunny and has had it coming for a while for being a total dickhead out there everytime he goes out. maybe sunny helped this guys future health. sunny you are cool

  • Seaside

    GO sunny you are a legend

  • roberto

    bando de otarios na australia não tem maxo não é?
    se fosse aqui ele pode ser o melhor do mundo entrava na sola pra deixar de ser otario sunny é um gado!!!

  • Mik

    This story resonates directly with SURFLINE’s website, that is driven by videos of UFC brawling thugs. Just so lame. The entire world is over-amped. Equally pathetic are the WCT guys who Twit about UFC favorites. As if any of them really like brawling with local thugs? Tone it down. Gangsta culture is a cancer on our world. As is racism. Here, there, anywhere. Grow up brah.

  • Seaside

    I hope flores drops in on me one day like my birthday that would be so cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • unimpressed



  • al

    there are always alternatives to fighting

  • CNut

    So flores and then garcia assault a GC teenager and then get away with… after all he did was have ‘words’ with garcias son…

    Karma will get Garcia again even if the aussie police are too pussy!

  • Evan

    Violence in society should never be condoned. Sunny Garcia is a great surfer but a poor role model for surfers and his own son. I understand protecting local breaks and protecting your kids, but there is no excuse for this. I am waiting for the time that they charge one of these tough guys with “attempted murder” next time they punch someone in the open ocean. They could so easily knock the guy out and he could drown. Wouldnt that be cool Sunny… You will certainlly re-qualify for the CT from a prison cell dont you think Sunny??

  • frnchy

    This whole “He started it! No he did not! Yes he did!” reminds me of a kindergarten playground. It think it shows the level of the people (no one excluded) involved in this sad story.
    We should be above this kind of crap. Especially pros.
    The sad truth is that a lot of surfers are just pathetic morons. It’s in the culture, with all the territorial pissing, the obsession for “respect” and the testosterone infused mythology.
    This magazine should change it’s name to Dumber, and stop printing words between the pictures, it is very annoying.



  • P

    Wow. Sunny must have forgotten he wasn’t in Hawaii. Isn’t there a version of da hui in Australia? What do you think would have happened in Hawaii if an Aussie pulled this stunt? C’mon boys — how does does a disaster like Sunny and his wise guy kid get away with this in your own backyard. And don’t get me started on Flores … he’s irrelevant anyway.

    Rabbit Bartholomew was effectively banned in Hawaii for years for far less than what Sunny did (and Rabbit really didn’t do anything, other than rip all over the locals in the lineup). From here on Sunny should be met coming off the plane by some of your larger, highly irascible Aussie kin, and put back on the next flight.


  • Long Beach

    What a couple of jerks. And to think we’d believe the “coming to the aid of his son” story. We’re not as stupid as Sunny, so spare us.

    I tell you what, Sunny and Jeremy, and their offspring, better not bring that BS to Long Beach when the ASP comes here. The local crew won’t put up with that nonsense, especially against one of their own. They’d both be picking bits of fiberglass out of their heads from broken boards across the melon, in a cold cell at the LB Police station.

    The water’s too cold in NY for tough guys like Sunny and Jeremy anyway. Sunny’s career exists only because of biased judging in Hawaii anyway, so he should just stay there where it’s nice and warm and his brain can continue to fry in the heat. Jeremy is just as bad, starting fights he can’t finish. Tool.


    Damn i thought Aussies were supposed to be bad asses, Sunny moped that punk!

  • art

    Was it sunny outside the day that Sunny had his son? Was the sun out for Sunny’s son? Lots of sun for Sunny and his son.

  • Shoe

    SUNNY GARCIA JUST LOST THE LAST BIT OF CREDIBILITY AND RESPECT HE HAD LEFT!!!! Being a father of 4, I would kill to protect my boys. Sunny’s kid was never touched (from reports), Flores tried to score some 808 pts by going after the guy. Im not defending the local, he could have said some serious stuff, but nothing worth what SG did. SG is twice his age, and 3x his size………that makes him……. ONE-BAD-ASS!!!???????? Rockstar and all his sponsors will be hearing from me. SG, if you really want to pull this high school bully stuff in the water, do it somewhere like Oxnard, they would love to meet you;)

  • johnybgood

    Chiquito sonado el Sunny ese…

  • mike

    All this bs over a fight and now people are all talking trash. I was lucky enough to live in Brazil and learn to surf there. I also spent a few days in california eating humble pie when I tried to surf on a very large day off of San Diego. I also surf along the east coast when I get the chance and for the most part everyone has been cool. If I get in someone’s way I apologize and move on and besides the errant jackass who needs to tell me my place in the pecking order I still get a few decent waves. I don’t get on the water much anymore because I am in med school and in Atlanta but the urge is always there. I am grateful for the waves I have “ridden” and I hope to get more one day. This fighting and clan bs gets old real quick. You don’t own the waves and you don’t own the oceans so dial it down a notch. Respect everyone in the lineup even if they are a kook and instead of getting bent because they did something wrong TELL them what they did and teach them so they don’t do it again. Beating their ass because you think your the shit and have your boys to back you up does absolutely nothing but make you look stupid and piss someone else off. I shudder to think that one day a tough guy thinks he is enforcing the rules on the water then walks onto the beach and gets shot because he pissed the wrong guy off.
    Let it be and just surf.
    Mike in Atlanta

  • T

    Sunny has been a jerk forever. Even when he was on the MTV surf house back in the day he was a jerk to everyone and thought he was the sh*t.

  • bob parno

    Rude and crude are the rulers of their violent world, rude never stops the verbal assaults, and crude chimes in with fists blazing delighting in the pain inflicted. There is no place for this kind of violence, whether verbal or physical, being tough is not about how many punches one lands, but how many one can prevent landing. One would think that surfing belongs to the wise, but that is not always so.

  • Falcao

    Pro surfing sucks. ASP is in the pocket of Quickie-bong-curl. Totally depended. That is why they are always covering up. About the reasons for the fight – can’t say a thing, wasn’t there. But a real pro should know how to restrain himself . And about that shit that any father would protect his son – yes when it is a life threatening situation.
    In this case my old man would have told me – lick your wounds and hit him back.
    Jeremy? He seems to go through late puberty.

  • delina


    yo sunny thats not Aloha Style.
    good luck in life try to STAY GOLDEN!

  • Jeremy F

    “I sink it ezzz time to speak up. I waz aving a luverly time in ze water when zis nasty auzzie told me i am skinny cheeze eating surrender monkay! Zut alors. I wanteed to ‘it im wiz ma baguette but I forgot sunny shoved it up my poopie shoot before zee session! Enfin! I gave im Gallic sauccison slap on da cheek and e spank ma skinny botty! Apres Sunny arrive an ask ‘im if e wan’t joy boy threesome? E say no, so e try to kill im instead! Ce tit comme ca!”

  • Stanton Gene Kawaihinano Otero

    Braddah Sonny, I can’t agree with you on how you you dealt with it however, my being a father myself, in the heat of the moment, and bearing witness to some nameless local Aussie surfer who despite being a grown adult, having harsh words and perhaps posing a physical threat to my teen son…you know honestly, I can’t say I wouldn’t jump into beat down mode coming to the aid of my child.

    We don’t know what Sonny witnessed…perhaps he saw the local Aussie surfer doing more then just flipping his son shit…maybe this guy was really menacing his son, and as a father, well…no one menaces my child…certainly no grown adult man. Yeah, Sonny freaked out but again, what did that Aussie say and to what degree was he a threat to Sonny’s son?

    I’m not condoning his actions however, before all the Aussie media talking heads get all bent out of shape and up in arms and self righteous and indignant towards Sonny and Jeremy, and before all the idiot responses spouting off their veiled racist hatred towards Hawaiian surfers, as well as their petty jealousy towards a great surfer…well, just consider all the points I just noted.

    Why is when Aussie or other Euro-Type surfers get into shit, the media smooths it out, but when A Hawaiian surfer gets into shit, it’s all about “Those savage Hawaiian’s, can’t control their tempers, don’t know how to act, uneducated, lucky to be making a living by surfing”…etc., etc…especially those whining Aussie surfers (not all, but a lot)…I mean shit, did you see “Bustin’ Down The Door”?

    They might as well have titled it “Failed Aussie Surf Colonialism in Hawai’i circa 1970’s”…yeah, whatever, poor Aussie surfers…I mean here is a country of whom have an established history of imperial colonialist conquests (taking other indigenous peoples land and other resources)…don’t believe me? Hey, go ask a local indigenous Aboriginal…the Aussie’s accuse us Kanaka Owi’i ‘a Hawai’i Maoli of being xenophobic towards all non Kanaka…sure, maybe that’s true…but shit mang, we don’t go all colonial manifest destiny on your land and with your waves…pardon me, I digress…

    Anyway, not a good move on Sonny’s part, but don’t get all “Those Hawaiian’s are such mad dog savages”, etc., etc, cuz braddah, you Aussie and Euro folks have got waaaaaaay more in the violent racist xenophobic oppression of people category…just look at your own history.

    Aloha ‘a Hui Ho!

  • Dan

    What was the confrontation between Sunny’s son and the local guys about?. Did a teenager with arrogance and disrespect start rubbing the locals the wrong way, or did the locals have a lack of respect for a visitor minding their own business and enjoying a few waves? We gat a ridiculous amount of surfers travelling through the Gold Coast looking for our waves and not all of them show the locals any respect. If the teenager was in the wrong then Sunny had NO call for what he did. If the locals were in the wrong, then it is fair to say that Sunny overreacted. Either way, ugly violence is not the way. A few harsh words and paddle away would have been far less ugly,

  • Stanton Gene Kawaihinano Otero

    Eh Braddah Sunny…sorry for spelling your name “Sonny” in my earlier posting…at least I spelled Jeremy correctly…anyways braddah, Keep Ya’ Head Up, and Kefe Au Muli to all tha hata’s out thea!

  • Opihi

    If I were the photorapher or the victim I would seriously consider contacting an attorney. The severety of the discipline given to the Assailants will show how the sponsors and ASP tolerate this type of behavior. I think a lawsuit against, not only Jeremy and Sunny, but the sponsors (one being an mma sponsor btw) and asp as well. Just because these two guys act like they have nothing to lose, doesn’t mean you can’t cash in on their ignorance. The sponsors have been cashing in on this “Moke” image for too long and they deserve to pay for it now. This jaw dropping, live video is a powerful tool and i don’t think the courts will quickly side with the victims. Imagine if these guys actually had to work for a living and pay tax as well…. Haha, that would truly be justice..

  • east coast

    Maybe it’s because I am from the east coast and have only been to Hawai’i once. The localism thing isn’t big here, and it wasn’t big at the breaks that I went to in Kaua’i, so I have no idea how bad it can get. But violence is rarely the answer.

    Sunny Garcia is a great surfer, but he should harness his aggression and use it in the water. Not on someone’s face. The last thing anyone really wants is to see him go back to prison.

  • Rodney King

    Can’t we all just get along? LMAO!!!!

  • Marcus Fender

    Would the ASP be happier (apparently so) if their adult members stood idly by while some adult picked on a 16 year old kid?
    The ASP needs to re evaluate how they are treating Sunny Garcia and this Flores guy. If Jeremy didn’t step up, he would have been doing the wrong thing; and if Sunny didn’t take the action necessary to ensure his son feels safe where ever he travels; what kind of father would he be?
    Treating Sunny Garcia like he’s some sort of bully is BS; and has gone on too long.

  • andy

    Sunny is a man with a rage issue. He must be suspended until this is fixed. Can it be? I do not know in this case of Sunny Garcia. The NBA fixed their worst offenders from a very similar fight and have grown in popularity and respect from other sports. Sunny will grow as a man only after civilized punishment and sacrifice. We need this to be our moment that changed our sport for good. We need Sunny to be the ideal role model for his children and our children. He will not go away. Shaun, MR, PT, Tom and Tom, Rabbit, Derek, CJ, Mick, Kelly, Barton, Damien,Martin, Occy and all future world champs are never going away. They all are held to a higher standard. When Ron Artest of the Lakers won a world title last year it proved that Men can learn to live with rage inside and not violate societies’ rules of cival behavior. Basketball is the better for suspending and making Mr. Artest sacrifice and surfing will be better when it does the same to World Champion Sunny Garcia. This is our moment.

  • Gregger

    They show the victim with scrapes and a broken hand haha. I wonder how he got that?hmmmm Auzzies are very aggressive in the water and every surfer has had escalated arguments because of wave priority. Sunny did what any parent would do if someone older was all over their kid. I think the ASP is foolish for suspending flores he was self defense. From what I can see aussie surf bully got what he deserved for once and the asp are a bunch fairies for suspending flores. If you think that is violence you should come to canada and watch some hockey. We are all men here fighting is a part of life. my god. And to the guy who thinks he taught his kid the wrong lesson. I seriously want to slap you man. His kid is 16 that is the age where you show your kid don’t take shit from anyone and always back up your family. Also the guy did not even come close to dying haha. I hope they let FLores back in soon cause he is surfing hot right now and gonna be top 5 this year.

  • db

    People like Sunny are bad people. He is burly and he can fight. Problem is someone will not think twice to shoot Sunny if he goes beserck on them. I can see that happening to a hawaiian thug like him. they think they are hot stuff. Violence is not the answer but for someone like him it will be his demise one day.


  • McShredder

    Chill out already. This is making me so depressed, I’m gonna have to increase my meds which, is ok but then whoa my head starts to spin and then I like, enter the twilight zone and start seeing shit like aqua blue symmetrical never ending hollowed out cylinders of pure blissful nirvana and then everythings ok for awhile.

  • Jeffery

    If you act up, you get cracks…that simple. Don’t matter what ethnicity your are. Same thing happens here in Cali EVERYDAY. Quit being racists!!!

  • Jeffery

    You talk smack…you get cracks! Same thing happens here in Cali. Stop being racists, some of you!!! FOR REALS!!!

  • Gill Blender

    1. Sunny should get persecuted for this. I deeply urge the Australian guy who was involved to press charges. DO IT.

    2. Sunny should MOST DEF. be banned from the ASP; I don’t think this is the first time he has done something like this.

    3. I invite you to stop buying products from companies that sponsor him.

    4. Shit thing is that assholes throughout the globe think what he did is cool, and find “inspiration” to emulate him: verbally, and also physically–because their life sucks.

    I agree with Ray (February 19, 2011 at 10:26 am).

    Chill out guys: there are real war out there, and the planet is going to shit (climate change). Why don’t do something progressive instead?

  • joao barretto

    The FACT:
    1- Sunny- WRONG
    2- Sunny’ son- WRONG
    3- The surfer involved ???
    4- Flores – WRONG
    5- ASP- WRONG (minimum punishmemt)
    6- Police- WRONG (should arrest)
    7-People/surfers- WRONG( giving too much attention to Sunny/ every time he’s making shit = CALL COPS

  • Richie

    I understand Sunny’s anger – Right or Wrong – It’s his son. Sunny – The only thing you choked him from behind and that sucks !! Your a big boy, you should have just punched him. I – think your losing your touch though….. You should be able to drop him in one….. Don’t you think ?? Also – I think some people are still mad with that “S@$#T” that went down in the legends contest. Relax – Daddy maybe you
    should smoke a little more and hang out with Bob.

  • Rat

    MMMMMM..Sunny walks away, Jeremy gets banned,
    Well I guess Jeremy WAS dropping in on everyone (AND Sunny’s son for that matter)
    I figure that Stone must have been told off by one of or some of the locals and then Jeremy got involved..maybe trying to defend or protect Stone before the physical stuff (after just dropping in on Mark Aines mind you)……..Jeremy started the physical part of the fight and from what I understand he and Mark Aines were in waist deep water working it out for themselves and neither of them were badly hurt in the little scuffle…..Stone Garcia was just standing watching on and never got involved physically (apart from the fact that he was telling the locals to fuck off after dropping in on them and telling them his dad would kill them!)
    Then Sunny turns up and grabs Mark Aines from behind in a headlock….I guess Sunny thought that Mark and Jeremy punching each other was a threat to his son..who knows…but one thing I can’t work out is why Sunny doesn’t get any form of reprimand or SOMETHING…we all know surfing’s like it is…we’ve all felt it, or dealt it, or received it, sometime out in the water…… so no new story..just that this one got caught on vid, blown out of proportion.
    There’s no doubt that Mark Aines had a right to speak up in the surf if he’s getting dropped in on, it’s no doubt that there can be words sometimes..that’s surfing..not enough waves and too many hungry surfers in some places on this planet…Funny how Sunny can just walk away from it..classic..i guess he was just ‘defending his son’ or maybe some of my facts are wrong….who knows..peace and hope you all get a few without getting dropped in on..DA RAT

  • JB

    It’s funny to read all of you kooks being agro in your messages. Shows your ignorance.

  • JB

    As for the legends contest……really? It was for fun. And yes I understand the competitive nature of the sport, but how about showing a little respect to the guys that have paved the roads for us. Just a thought….

  • Rat

    MMMMMM..Sunny walks away, Jeremy gets banned,
    Well I guess Jeremy WAS dropping in on everyone (AND Sunny’s son for that matter)
    I figure that Stone must have been told off by one of or some of the locals and then Jeremy got involved..maybe trying to defend or protect Stone before the physical stuff (after just dropping in on Mark Aines mind you)……..Jeremy started the physical part of the fight and from what I understand he and Mark Aines were in waist deep water working it out for themselves and neither of them were badly hurt in the little scuffle…..Stone Garcia was just standing watching on and never got involved physically (apart from the fact that he was telling the locals to fuck off after dropping in on them and telling them his dad would kill them!)
    Then Sunny turns up and grabs Mark Aines from behind in a headlock….I guess Sunny thought that Mark and Jeremy punching each other was a threat to his son..who knows…but one thing I can’t work out is why Sunny doesn’t get any form of reprimand or SOMETHING…we all know surfing’s like it is…we’ve all felt it, or dealt it, or received it, sometime out in the water…… so no new story..just that this one got caught on vid, blown out of proportion.
    There’s no doubt that Mark Aines had a right to speak up in the surf if he’s getting dropped in on, it’s no doubt that there can be words sometimes..that’s surfing..not enough waves and too many hungry surfers in some places on this planet…Funny how Sunny can just walk away from it..classic..i guess he was just ‘defending his son’ or maybe some of my facts are wrong….who knows..peace and hope you all get a few without getting dropped in on..DA RAT

  • Jenny J

    Sunny a THUG his son another THUG on the making….I hope one day you get your ass so kicked you would never surf again…You the biggest &****$# giving surfing a bad name. Go to hell SUNNY we don’t like you!

  • sib sib

    Sunny is a dick, we don’t want him in san clemente, ever. he needs to stay in HI where his shit is accepted. most of you posting here are dicks too. i can be a real dick sometimes as well. stupid dummass beach fight – how about the real wars in the world you dicks???

    • veverk

      Hey mate, I think you need to fit the word “d*ck” into more of your sentences??? LOL

  • JB

    I agree with you totally, Sib Sib

  • Flailer

    Learning to surf in Waikiki in the early 60’s the 2 things I was taught was don’t drop in and don’t get in the way paddling out. If you did either one you got scolded and/or slaps. Too bad those rules don’t apply anymore.

  • New Jack

    Sunny Garcia is a p—-. I remember watching him cry at Pipe Masters about it being TOO BIG. Slater was just fish-eyeing him like whatever brah. Sunny’s jealous of his girl, beats up kids, doesn’t pay his taxes, did time at a soft-core camp. What a joke. Classic Napolean complex. Sunny, stop letting your short stick make you so insecure. Bring that punk act to New York we’ll send ya home with a zipper over your fat face. You’re a disgrace and your son will probably end up in jail with you as a role model.

  • Fredrico Stewart

    All this CRAP about fighting! What does it solve? I grew up in the 60’s in South Philly and surfed in Florida/Alabama Gulf Coast mostly and some on the East Coast. Been threatened, called n***** to my FACE! I had no back up and no friends in 1971. Part of living and growing up, you take it and you give it and come back with the dawn patrol. Life was GREAT! Knew this surfer named Yancey Spencer (just died doing what he loved) and he was my friend. Thing was I loved surfing more than a whopping, more than p*****, and more than sleep, What did my rep get me? They called me a crazy nigger and I fit the profile, cause what ever they did to me I did it back to them.

  • http://surfer chiron

    look man . shit happens tbh i wouldnt say fuck all to sunny’s kid good or bad . they will either tell u to shut up when u give them paise on their surfing or if u say . oi why u droppin in on me they will just kick u senseless . sick surfers serious assholes

  • al

    Sunny is an animal, he has proven it many times. I can’t fathom why the ASP let’s him in anymore, especially after the ridiculous fight at the pipe masters 2007 with Neco. Sunny is a criminal and violent dudde, not going to chance, the dudde thinks that we owe him something for being locked up all those years.

    The instinct of a father figure is to stop the fight and reconcile, not to join in the fight. That is what I any decent father would have done.

    The spirit of surfing has nothing to do with violence and while should be a positive/profound experience for everyone, you always have greedy/violent types like Sunny, taking claim to every wave, not respecting the locals.

  • Aly

    Sunny’s always been a bully and a pretty average surfer to watch. He gets away with it ‘cos a lot of soft- cocks like to pretend they’re his mates but they’re showing what a bunch of thicko’s they are.
    Jeremy should know better.
    Sunny’s kid sounds like he’s a big baby and the local dude should have ant real surfers support

  • Joaci Junior

    Dizer que é surfista profissional e resolver os assuntos com violencia, AH eu considero qualquer cara que pega onda só fim de semana mas que seja pacifista que esses dois pro problemáticos.

  • joao

    Fuckkk Sunny!!!!
    Bate na Pomba da tua mãe!!!
    vem pra cá vem…!!

  • jerry pazar

    pertaining to surf battles, most famous north shore, least 2 virginia beach and new smyrna beach, north shore has some understandable racial issues. people battle for powder in the mountains, fishing holes/lakes etc and it will only get worse with growing populations so you younger bros should start working on your anger management and negotiating skills because you might come across an old man who looks weak in the surf but looks just like jerry lopez that will use his seal training on your brown low iq ass!

  • Márcio Correia

    Sunny yuo are too stupid to any one waist time about ya . Wake up and don´t teach all the shit yuo have done in your life to you son and you are not a great surfer , surfs just ok , because born in Hawaii , too slow and only catch a few tubes and do some cuts , very lilmited surfer and as person …

    Jeremy Espinhos Flores , para de babar o ovo deste otário.

  • Byron Boy

    Sunny Garcia is and always has been a huge dickhead, guy was half of his size and wasn’t fighting back!!! Proves the lack of manners and poor mentality of the hawaians.. Grow up hawaians, less bullshit, stop picking in smaller number and smaller guys! U guys have never been fair with your group fighting mentality, i think you are all a bunch of pussys!!!

  • Rip

    How is it that Gracia isn’t in jail by now? Always reading about him playing the bully. Someone actually tried to relate the incident to the Nat Young beating. Wow, Nat was nearly killed and received severe, life-long injuries. Is that justified? Thug-mentality at its best.

  • age loc

    Hello there, You have done an excellent job. I?ll definitely digg it and in my opinion recommend to my friends. I’m sure they will be benefited from this web site.

  • Easy E

    lock up sunny in L.A. county Jail he wouldnt last a day…..

  • http://derkaderka surf rat

    Pretty sad sunny and to think I used to look up to you when I was a grom …what joke and a big let down…should of just walked away instead of throwing away your career or what was left of it…

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  • Rick

    whats wrong with you people? every time i see sonny fighting knowones fighting back. he,s only a man and people fear him like a god. bust his ass whatever it takes. this guy does not belong on the beach. poor sonny,poor sonny, everyone just needs to understand him. he had it rough growing up. MY ASS. i,ve surfing all my life and i,ve been boxing street ect. i,m 6″2 220 sonny comes after me . no matter what happens win lose or draw he goes home banged up. mothers dont let your kids grow up like this guy. you cant take the hood out of him. sonny they have meds. for that crap you,ve got . you can ither undrestand poor sonny, and get the crap slaped out of you. or you can man up fight back. he will go down. everybody hide here comes sonny. your a jerk buddy.

  • truthseeker

    I played rugby while in college in the 70’s in Texas and there was one particular player from a non college club in Houston that had a state-wide reputation for being a bully. We played his team a few times and sure enough….. the rumors were true. He was a large, powerfully built guy and quite athletic, too, and he seemed to relish fighting. Some time later I heard he got into a confrontation with a 17 year old teenager on a Houston freeway and the kid pulled out a pistol and shot him in the face. I believe the best way to describe the response in the rugby community in Texas was a sigh of relief. I grew up in a rural area of Texas near Galveston and when a bad dog or a bad man was killed, the common response was “he needed killing.”

    The Savior taught that “whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he reap,” and the Law of the Harvest is just as true today as it was 2,000 years ago. Sunny will reap what he sows.

  • Gustavo

    This is too sad. Surf equals Peace. And these 2 guys are way far of what surf really means. SHAME SHAME SHAME

  • Rob

    Its funny how people, especially white boys fear sunny garcia and these Hawaiian guys…i would love to fing Garcia in a dark alley or on the beach for that matter and hand his a$$…He’s a punk and only fights skinny lil surfers easily intimidated…Been doing it for too long and he needs a proper a$$ whooping, Miami style.

  • Leech

    what a disgrace.. he does not represent hawaiian values

  • Family Man

    I remember a US Open about 8 to 10 years go, TSOL played in Costa Mesa at the old Tiki Bar, and Sonny is there with all his moke ass hui homies acting hard and tough. Right after TSOL was done playing they just started knocking people out for no reason, people dropping like bowling pins. Security guards weren’t even trying to play.. I went toward the door so I could cut out, turned around for a last watch when this one big ass white boy squared up with the biggest hui boy ready to drop bombs, and he did. Fucked the dude up while all the other hawaiians watched… The rest of the crew did nothing. Hui keep that shit in Hawaii, theres no room for your puffed out chest in our lineup, maybe its time we treat you the way you treat us when we surf in Hawaii – North OC

  • The Dire

    Pure punk…. More Filipino or Portugese than Hawaiian anyway….

  • Vincent M.

    What a bloke