Frog House Surf Shop, May Have to Close it's Doors

| posted on October 06, 2010

The Frog House surf shop, the second-oldest surf shop in Orange County, might have to close its doors because of residential zoning laws. The shop has been at its Newport Shores location since 1962. A few years later, in the 1970s, the land was zoned for residential-use only.

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  • Mike Huseman

    I beleive this fuckwads in city hall are lining their pockets so they can get a developer in there. City of Bell ring any bells? This is the only REAL surf shop left that I know of. I had my first hazing as a grom at the Frog House. I was about 8 or 9 years old and Surfed the River Jetties because my Family at that time lived in a house adjacent to the river trail, t……hus allowing a young boy to ride his bike to the beach with his other little buddies. ( however you couldnt get away with that these days) Anyways it was a hot summer day about 1978 or 79, me and my other little grom friends had went to the frog house to check out all the shiny new boards on the rack as we did everyday after surfing and dream about getting one. The only problem was our parents didnt have the money and we were stuck riding junkers from under the house. Well one day TK, the owner, made a a deal for me. If I could eat 5 saltine crackers in 2 minutes without drinking any water I could pick ANY board off the rack that I wanted. Fuck yah I thought, no problem, but there was a catch. If I failed to eat all the crackers, he got to keep my board, my only board. There was no way I was gonna lose or so I thought. We gave it all I had and well, I lost. I couldnt eat all the crackers.So then TK goes out front and grabs my 6-0 Twin fin and put it behind the counter. I was now crying like a little baby. It was a shitty board but it was the only one I had and I rode it everyday. TK let this go on for hours, mind you there were no cellphones back then to call mommy or daddy. All the older guys in the shop were laughing hysterically. And then out of no where TK gives me my board back. That was my first hazing as a grom (much more and worse would come from growing up around the Chuck Dent Surf Shop) But it is one of my Favorite memories of surfing in my younger years and it took Place at the Frog House, The Frog House is a special place for me and would be fucking pissed if some fucktard found a way to make it go away. Write City council and let them know that this shop is much more than just a Surf Shop.

  • shane garcia

    This is total B.S. This is one of the only shops EVER that I feel at home and the boys always take good care of the customers. I have referred multiple people to this wonderful, true surfshop over the years. Newport would not be the same without it. Go in and spend some CASH and support this great place. Shane

  • flipper

    Frog House Surf Shop May Have to Close Its Doors would be a preferable title

  • Braden

    No other surf surf shop in the area like it. What a shame if they closed up or had to move. Those guys always hook me up.

    Its It’s Their There… It’s not very hard to use these correctly. Pretty funny that even the Surfer online editor guys can’t even get it right. Not sure the comma is really needed in the title either.