Flynn Novak and the Flynnstone Flip

| posted on June 21, 2010

Flynn Novak is many things. Tall, blonde, fearless, and literate. Although he’s known as a Pipe charger, Flynn’s a damn surgeon in the air as well with an array of tech punts to his name. Most notably, he just documented his newly dubbed “Flynnstone Flip.” Think of it as a Gainer dive but with a surfboard and a springsuit instead of a Speedo.

Flynn Novak – Flynnstone Flip from Matuse Inc. on Vimeo.

  • WS

    Flynn got robbed by Innersection. ๐Ÿ™

  • Mik

    wow. just amazing athleticism. congrats Flint. always admire your style.

  • Tupat

    INNERSECTION HUH??????? Why is there not a judging panel? Still have not seen a flip in anyone else’s section like FLYNN’s??????? Just another BS deal in the surf scene. Keep keeping it reel Flynn, thats all u can do. Tupat

  • whamo


  • TWS


  • Ray

    I don’t see Slater, Dane, Clay, and any of the Kustom guys doing this… hmmm…. guess your image needs to be more marketable. I am calling BS on the surf industry for making this a sideline event. This move was monumental… 8 years to pull it off and yet we see more coverage of Taylor Knox doing cutbacks. The industry likes who it wants and tries to sell us on it. The over-priced magazines, over-priced clothes, boards … a complete joke all of it. This guy is setting the bar in the sport’s progression and the industry remains quiet. The industry isn’t about surfing, its about sales. This guy is about surfing. And that is what is the matter with the industry.



  • Dickson Cider

    I’ve always thought Flynn was onew of tghe coolest, most soft spoken and humble of all the North Shore Heroes. He blew minds at last years Pipe Masters. How far did he get? Quarters? Semis? It was pretty far. He also was great in calling out Dingo on the total dicking of Damien Hobgood on the leash pull. Flynn is the North Shore version of Bede Durbidge, both two of the best surfers in the world who get crumbs while holding their own against their peers who get 7 figs, first class flights and entourages. Keeping it pure. I’ll bet Flynn will sueprise us all and we’ll see some exposure and more mainstream dollars his way soon. He’s winning contests, got a great attitude, and he’s created one of the best moves since the rodeo.

  • http://NA tom kendrick

    i I really liked this Great.

  • http://NA tom kendrick

    Just got back to SoCal sand from a month camping in the Sierras and all my friends are talking so had to see it. An incredible new aerial era has arrived strangely pioneered by a prince of second reef Pipeline. Who wudda thunk it? Novak’s frontside bottom turn at 15 foot Pipeline which I have personally seen looks effortlessly slingshotted. Too easy. And now this. My first second and third impression of watching the two min. Flynnstone or Flinstone? Flip video is that now all other aerials seem humdrum, ho-hum, unexciting. They used to amaze 40 year old me. Now I just want to see more flips! I think Flynn’s first Flinstone Flip should win the Kustom Air Strike this year even though his 2nd (which he explains occurred several weeks later) is cooler, due to being followed with a successful tuberide which he calls “a little head dip.” Even if Novak himself or anyone else pulls a bigger one his first should win this year’s Kustom prize. The first one is “the one.” Novak showed that it “could be done” which will stimulate and encourage imitators who won’t have such a hard time because they KNOW it can be done. It’s the psychological barrier that we see again and again which is the major hinderance to pioneering advancements in sports (four-minute-mile,etc.) Stoked.

  • mike wegener

    tom kendrick did not just get back he returned a week ago and is already catching too many waves due to the length of his board and Hermosa ain’t been the same. But have to agree with everything else you said tom. The first one is the history ice breaker deal maker. To do a flip and then continue on along the wave into other maneuvers is really something that will be continued by the most agile surfers from this point forward. We have not seen this before. Years from now we’ll look back on 2010 and Flynn Novak as being the innnovating first guy. To flip and keep surfing the wave is so radical. What about the Surfer Mag. awards? Isn’t there one for best air of the year?

  • Akki

    Solid, even better than Timmy Curran’s “Hail Mary”. How many people can pull this move ATM?

  • chris peterson

    I think you need a wave with a lot of speed to pull off a aerial like this not like most SoCal waves the same size. Re entry on waves with a lot of pitch and velocity are a lot weirder and more hard because the landing eats you almost always. And then you got to worry about your knees. This was really a cool video and I liked Flynn explanations and the way he knew it was possible sooner or later if he kept at it. Have to agree that everybody is talking about it.

  • daniel sonnet

    Are there any Surfer Magazine awards for most imagination in an aerial? This one really drowns out any other air splashes that I’ve seen and I keep coming back every couple days to take a look. What about the unsuccessful attempts? Does that cause the ankles to get weak or the boards to break or both? This looks like a high risk maneuver even more than normal airs. The best thing which has been mentioned already is that he does not end up standing in a bunch of whitewater with hands raised but rides on down the line.

  • steve nishimura

    I saw a lot of heats in both of Flynn’s Ala Moana Bowls wins. One year was pretty solid 4 or 5feet but the next year was smaller with a lot of little waves and he was the best guy out. Pretty weird when he’s the stylemeister goofy at freaking huge pipeline. Always treated me good in the lineup alway gives respect to the locals. A class act pretty much. I think the aerial with the tube should be considered best small wave ridden….because it is.

  • solomon matsuura

    Saw several guys attempting flynnstone flips this week at Huntington Beach area. No success yet but coming soon. My older brother is coming close.

  • Benjamin Yonamine

    Saw guys doing flynnstones but getting doughnuts at Newport. I did half of one and almost got konked when I bailed it. Saw some Waimea clips of Flynn Novak that looked pretty nuts and he made all of them. Super deep behind the peak kind. I believe he is one of the best goofys at big Pipeline nowadays.

  • douglas

    Tim Curran’s Hail Mary is very good but Flynn’s is better. Unlike some of you I’m not trying it. Yes Flynn is one of Pipeline’s best most consistent goofyfooters.

  • james minakami

    Seems like Flynn Novak has been famous for a long time. I have heard his name like forever. He definitely rips. This was better than other aerials.

  • Fred Peterson

    The Pipe Masters was so competitive and so good and glassy day after day. Pipeline was good and Backdoor was actually as good as it gets. Bruce and Andy, Mick and Joel were disappearing and streaking. Flynn Novak went further and even surpassed every Brazilian, Hawaiian, and Euro too. I saw most of his heats. He’s got my respect.

  • cedric

    I go along with you guys. Novak rips and is mellow and polite. There is a lot of creativity in his whole approach.

  • john

    Yes this is the best thing in a long long time.

  • cody ahearn

    this is really the coolest thing to happen in ages in surfing, very innovative

  • david silbermann

    How’s the difficulty quotient on this aerial? Not easy to figure considering it’s off the charts. In another aerial league.

  • gino arista

    Big energy infusion here. Our summer needs this. Stoked. This is a time to remember.

  • steve-o

    Saw a couple guys trying flynnstones on the south shore (Oahu) this summer. No success but very dramatic to watch from the water. It really is the new thing.


    Others have said it and I agree, when it comes to small waves, this is the single most difficult maneuver to pull off. Makes tube riding become an easy thing to do. The flynnstone is hard!!!!


    You should try surfing Rocky Pt. with a genuine surf innovator like Flynn Novak. I have and it was great. Very original way of punting aerials.