Final Day at the Billabong Pro Rio

Adriano de Souza Bests Taj Burrow to Take Win and Ratings Lead

| posted on May 20, 2011

A visibly elated Adriano de Souza after his win at the Billabong Pro Rio. Photo: Miller

Amid some of the most trying conditions of the event, Brazil’s own Adriano de Souza defeated Taj Burrow in the final at the Billabong Pro Rio today. As de Souza made his way in from the head-high closeouts that defined the lineup and moved towards the podium, the event’s security guards formed a human chain around him to keep the thousands of screaming surf fans chanting his name at bay.

“There are no words to express how I feel right now,” de Souza said to the ASP. “Thanks to my manger for pushing me every day, I couldn’t have done this without him. Thanks so much to my fans, who have been on the beach supporting me from the beginning to the end and to my sponsors. I’m happy to keep the title in Brazil one more time.”

With his win at the event, de Souza now commands the World Tour ratings lead.

Back on the podium, it was clear that Taj Burrow felt the sting of yet another second-place finish. Throughout the event, Burrow genuinely appeared to be the sharpest surfer of the contest and posted the event’s highest heat scores. Having found competitive success on the Brazilian leg of the World Tour three times before, it felt like Burrow was destined for a solid result here. In the opening minutes of the final, Taj drew first blood and dropped a 7 but failed to back it up with another score. As fate, and some very unruly beachbreaks would have it, Taj would finish the comp with another second.

“I’m pretty devastated right now, but eventually I’ll be able to smile about it,” Burrow told the ASP. “Two seconds is good, but I didn’t want to lose that one, I wasn’t planning on losing that one.”

Despite the constantly shifting conditions that rarely offered up enough room for more than one turn, judges at the event were awarding excellent-range scores for single maneuvers. In their quarterfinal matchup, de Souza and Owen Wright’s heat drew some controversy as Wright opened up the heat by dropping a pair of top-turns and a rotational air on the inside section that earned him a 7.5. He followed up with another ride in similar fashion that earned him 6.6. De Souza, on the other hand, dropped a single-albeit-committed floater to the tune of an 8.23 along with another ride that earned him a 6. The 8-point-plus ride sealed de Souza’s win, but left a blizzard of chatter online questioning the scoring.

The World Tour will take a break until the next contest, The Billabong Pro at J-Bay, gets underway way in mid July. Until then, stay locked to

Security guards form a human chain to block the fans from reaching de Souza as he makes his way to the podium. Photo: Miller

Thousands of fans gathered on the beach at Barra da Tijuca to see their countrymen win the event. Photo: Miller

Billabong Rio Pro Final:
1 – Adriano de Souza (BRA) 15.63
2 – Taj Burrow (AUS) 12.17

Billabong Rio Pro Semifinals Results:
SF 1: Taj Burrow (AUS) 16.27 def. Jeremy Flores (FRA) 10.50
SF 2: Adriano de Souza (BRA) 9.00 def. Bede Durbidge (AUS) 8.40

Billabong Rio Pro Quarterfinals Results:
QF 1: Taj Burrow (AUS) 16.26 def. Bobby Martinez (USA) 14.43
QF 2: Jeremy Flores (FRA) 15.60 def. Joel Parkinson (AUS) 12.17
QF 3: Bede Durbidge (AUS) 16.03 def. Josh Kerr (AUS) 6.27
QF 4: Adriano de Souza (BRA) 14.23 def. Owen Wright (AUS) 14.10

Billabong Rio Pro Round 5 Results:
Heat 1: Bobby Martinez (USA) 14.60 def. Damien Hobgood (USA) 12.63
Heat 2: Jeremy Flores (FRA) 12.60 def. Dan Ross (AUS) 11.63
Heat 3: Bede Durbidge (AUS) 13.43 def. Raoni Monteiro (BRA) 12.67
Heat 4: Adriano de Souza (BRA) 10.73 def. Michel Bourez (PYF) 7.90

Top 10 on the ASP World Title Series After the Billabong Rio Pro:
1. Adriano de Souza (BRA) 20,500
2. Joel Parkinson (AUS) 19,200
3. Kelly Slater (USA) 16,950
4.Taj Burrow (AUS) 16,500
5. Jordy Smith (ZAF) 14,750
6. Owen Wright (AUS) 12,150
7. Michel Bourez (PYF) 12,000
8. Mick Fanning (AUS) 11,500
9.Bede Durbidge (AUS) 11,000
9.Tiago Pires (PRT) 11,000

  • JD

    I had no favorite in this event after Kelly went down however the event itself was somewhat of an embarassment. The judging was extremely poor – it’s as if the ASP needed to have a Brazilian win the event because they were the host country. Adriano absolutely won the final – however an 8 for 3 quick moves seemed a bit of an overscore (he won the heat regardless) Owen won their heat prior to that. The cheering for Taj falling? seemed a bit too much. There are many great brazilian surfers but there seems to be a need to define the difference between passion vs good sportsmanship. Claiming should be a point deduction nowadays – and everyone is doing it (remember Pat G’s claim on that little air at the end of his heat?) It seems like everyone feels like they need to claim now to get the score….anyways disappointing event and I haven’t even talked about how bad the surf was. Fingers crossed for J-Bay…

    • Quiveman

      Brazilians have been robbed everywhere too.. so what, now it was on their turf, so as happen in OZ and other parts of the world, locals have preference. About claiming after a wave, competitors should loose points for doing that, unless is a huge barrel at Pipe.

  • Luke

    Waves were shit, but Brazos are definitely getting bigger and better. Life needs passion. Congrats De Souza!

  • Alex

    I second JP on the claiming (and everything he mentionned) they just look like cheap soccer players

    • Roy

      Disagree in part

      1) Brazzos claim so much because its part of their culture as latin people. People on the beach were not cheering against the Taj, but in favor of Adriano. Until we understand their culture when we´ll misjudge the brazilians

      2) Usually brazzos are underscored at US ou AU. Funny thing when it seems happens in opposite side.

      3) That waves really sux! Fingers crossed for J-Bay too

      • Danny

        I’ve read over a number of years as a Surf fan, idiotic commentaries about brazilian surf/culture.

        That’s why, reading the comment by Alex, is such a good surprise. I can’t agree more with everything he said.

        1)The waves were poor.

        2) Owen deserved that heat but brazzos are underscored at US ou AU for years (I’m not saying that one mistake should replace another, but all this debate is happening because for the first time a brazilian was overscored).

        3) I’m a brazilian, and Taj is by far one of my fav. surfers of all time, and all my buddies think the same. They were only cheering for Adriano, not against Taj at all.

        4) yes, we claim. You may think It;s not cool but that our culture

        Cheers Alex!

    • Quiver

      Who just took home U$100.000. And 40.000 at Trestles, and 50.000 with Danilo Couto.

  • Lame Judging

    Just because he cashes the check, doesn’t make him a winner. Enjoy the view, Adriano, this ride ends fast…

  • Eddie

    Suck it up and move on. At Snaper rocks Taj not even got close to Adriano and won the heat. Watch that on you tube and tell me. Today Adriano Brushed Taj out.
    Nothing to do with the country , today Adiano was a better surfer. That is it.

  • boomba

    Called it. Adriano won, but realistically as the person that posted above –> Owen did win their QF heat.
    Nothing against Adriano, but Owen did beat him.
    Owen was much more technical.
    Surfing is so poorly judged, so I’m not surprised.

    Is there any statistics on the number of finals Taj has lost over the years, it seems like he loses so many finals? i would be curious to see those numbers.

  • JD

    Even the commentators mentioned the crowd cheering at Taj falling….it was towards the very end when Taj needed a good score to stay in…again I understand the passion but when I see someone win I want to see them beat someone at their best…not falling off or getting pinched by a barrel. Supposed to be “Best Surfers…Best Waves….etc….at least the World Title will be interesting this year as no one has taken a strong lead. Ocean Beach “the Search” is going to be really interesting. It is towards the end of the year and conditions should be cold/big/nasty

  • http://surfrmag bruno

    Hey guys, what do you want the crowd on the beach to do? feel sorry for Taj falling off!? are you serious? if he hadnt, it would’ve meant he’d get the score and Adriano would lose we were just stokedto know our surfer would win.

  • WS

    This represents a low point for the ASP. We’ve seen crappy waves on “The Dream Tour” but to have those conditions combined with blatant overscoring and obviously biased judging in favor of the surf industries newest and most favorite market has created disgust in the rest of the knowing surf world.

    The ASP needs a serious, serious wake-up call in terms of both venues and horrific judging that was supposedly “new and improved and more progressive”. Sorry ASP, humping a standard floater for an 8 and then fist pumping hard enough to cause a small earthquake is an embarrassment to the sport and its best athletes. I don’t care what “cultural” emotion they express…..there is strong tradition in surfing and had Adriano de Claimo did this at Pipe, he would get a serious dressing down. Furthermore, If the ASP keeps this up, they’ll see feature surfers like Kelly, Joel, Dane, Mick, Jordy, and Taj bail for the dreaded (by the ASP) Rebel Tour and take the sponsors and money with them. Real surfers want to see real surfing – today was a mockery of what has been a decade of amazing surfing. Shame on you ASP.

  • Emrico

    It seems to me that the current judging format is flawed. The five judges should not be dictated to by a head judge, they should be well trained, non-biased individuals with a mix of age and experience.

    With 100k as prize money, surely they can offer a few more judges to even up the scoring.
    Perhaps instead of all of the judges sitting in a booth, you could have say eight judges in different locations and skim off the top and bottom averaging six scores.

    Something has to be done.

  • John

    worst event in recent memory. horse shit

  • Andre F.

    99% of all the surfers in the world surfs everyday in waves like this, lets be honest.
    the best surfers must perform in that conditions too, showing us versatility..
    I agree with the poor judgment, but thats another issue. The top surfers are overscored, and we know their names, and the brazilians are historicaly underscored in US and Aus.

  • Matt O’Brien

    JD you are spot on. I was thrown for a loop when adriano “beat” Owen. BUT what really made me stop and say “WTF?!?” was when Kerrzy Pulls a full rotation 360 air in “expression” session, YET homebody wins with a 180 safety grab air! That was when I started to see the light – i.e. the Brazilian sun shinning on Brazilian surfers. If you don’t know what I’m Talking about – please don’t respond to this post – because Kerr did a Full Rotation 360 Air (minus safety grab) in “expression” session yet “win” went to a Brazzo Kid. While I feel that the kid probably needed the $$ more than Kerr (really don’t even know if that is true), I thought this was a contest of ability not charity. My heart strings were stoked for little grom, but my surfy-surfiness (yes I said that) was for the BEST AIR/MANEUVER OF “EXPRESSION” SESSION. If they (i.e. billabong/custom/nixon/von zipper/whomever wants to give $$ to under privilege Brazzos – JUST GIVE EM THE DOE & LET THE CONTEST BE ABOUT THE CRITERIA NOT ABOUT CHARITY! rant over…

    • Juice Man

      Best surfer is best waves? The sponsors want to have return $$$. Ask the tour guys if they rather sleep at the end of the road or visit some killer places on their day off. It has to be a mix of perfect surfing and big cities with money and visibility. How about chops last year, horrible swell and that can happen even in Tahiti in the high surf season. I agree judgment was the worse seen, how about those two nines for Michel for doing floaters!? He end up going for a big one and injury himself. So let’s see what the tour will hold for us until the end of the year. Namaste. congrats to Adriano. Another thing, claiming for doing tricks in small surf is ridiculous, they should loose points for doing anywhere else but after a tube ride…

  • Mik

    This contest sucked, from start to finish. The waves sucked, and the judges sucked even worse. OK maybe it is a fair-enough payback for all the Brazilians who are too often on the short end of the WTC judges biases, but this pack of scoreboard crazies were not judges. They were like a bunch of children who just threw numbers at whomever they liked, for no perceivable rhyme or reason. This contest needs to be pulled from the tour, or completely investigated as to what was going on with the scoring. and there better be good surf in NY and SF, or this year is going to go down as a waste of the epic talent that the WTC surfers have to offer. Don’t squander the unique flexibilty of web-based viewing ON BEACHBREAKS!. Fuck!!! Show us the best surfers on the best waves the world has to offer, and demand equanimity from the damned judges!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mik

    BTW: Note to Adriano: Fist pumps for surfing the way a pro SHOULD surf is Ga….I mean LAME. So is looking at the Judges with a clinched jaw. I mean, fuck you. It’s like dancing in the endzone in the NFL. Get a fucking life. If you just got spit out of a barrel that could have killed your ass, then ok. Cool. We’re with you. But anything less is pathetic. It’s basic math: CLAIM=LAME.

    • http://surfermag David

      Totally agree with this….plus everyone knows that Owen won that heat against Adriano….Adriano – still a joke and unproven in everyone’s opinion that is not from Brazil.

      • Quiver

        Lets talk about soccer

  • Whamo

    I agree with JD. Owen should have won the QF. I thought Kelly should have won his heat, and I don’t like Kelly. The judging and the surf sucked. The claim thing is overdone. It’s more casual to look like Lopez after a great wave. He always looked unfazed when he came out of a monster barrel. The dream tour was a great idea, but the marketing boys have turned it back into an event tour with crappy waves, judging that panders to the home crowd and/or sponsor, and lots of hoopla on the beach. Pro surfing was moving forward. These event contests are a step backwards. The worst heat was the legends heat. It was painful to watch.

  • Shea

    Looks like I picked a great week to go on a surf trip. I watched the highlights video and didn’t even bother wasting my time with the HOD vids after that.

  • Cobby

    Everybody is talking about Adriano vs Owen Wright heat.
    First lets come back to Australia.
    In the WT we have to events in Australia, with all the crowd and judges going for the Australians. In Bells beach Adriano beat Taj and nobody said something. Just go on the website to see it.
    I agree that the waves were horrible in Brazil, but the surf, as a sport, need to be practiced and competed in all kinds of waves.
    Like the judged, the wave conditions (if its good or not) for the surfer is subjective consequence of the subject.
    I wanna question just one thing for u guys.
    Is that fair we have 2 contests in Australia, 2 in USA(these year will have NY Rip Curl Pro) and 1 in Brazil? The crowded beach for surfe influence the trial…

  • Surfermarket

    Contest will keep coming to Brazil because:

    – it is one of the 5 biggest economies in the world, belongs to the BRIC group and it is expected to have a high growing index for next 25 years.

    – sponsors are stockholders companies and stockholders want to the see their investiments where the consumers are,

    – ramdomness brings excitement to the tour, marketers will say. The rankings shift after Rio made things a lot more unpredictable and exciting from the marketing point of view,

  • Joe

    Adriano did not win in the quarters against Owen! Owen won that heat by far its sad we have to deal with biased judging.

  • Fahrion

    To David: American surfers remain unproven, perhaps like a sad joke, in face of brazo surfers in your own territory after the Lowers Pro. It’s practically everyone out of america’s opinion, exception made for the Kelly. What happened to you?

  • Me, myself and I.

    May 21, 2011 at 9:17 am

    Adriano did not win in the quarters against Owen! Owen won that heat by far its sad we have to deal with biased judging.


    Couldn’t agree more, but just keep in mind that we’ve been dealing with biased judging ever since Teco Padaratz and Fabio Gouveia got in the tour… And this happened in the end of the eighties.

    So give us a break, ok? I never seen anyone
    complaining about the several biased judgment we’ve been subject to since ever… Heck, we even had a surfer(I believe it was Victor Ribas, not sure) throwing rocks at the judges after a heat.

    So suck it up and wait for Jeffreys.


    And regarding what everyone says about ADS being a terrible surfer. Please, are you fucking kidding me? The kid is being on the top 10 for the past 5 years. He was the youngest surfer to won the QS. He also won the Juniors Championship. He`s been improving hes game every year. Has has focus and a competitive soul.
    The only annoying thing is the claims, which most of Brazilian don`t understand also.

    if you wanna diss a surfer, start with media favorite Julian Wilson, a nice guy personally, but an average competitive surfer.
    I mean, common Sushi Roll???? Great marketing Quiksilver, but kids been doing this trick for at least ten years and he didnt even stomp it.

    If you wanna see something real, check the link below. Thats a real air. Now, did anyone invented a stupid name for it?

    BTW, It was great to see Julian kicking Quik`s ass and signing with Nike…

  • Lame Judging

    Yeah, Cobby, let’s have 2 contests in Brazil! Just get them to put more prize money up, so we can hole the tour up for longer in the danger zone?! Duh!!! Yeah, all it would take is for the judging to be on the money once, and bam, you’ve got a fist pumping riot…

  • Lame Judging

    And, in case you didn’t notice, Hawaii is America, idiot…We hold 5 GOOD contests…

  • lamelameness

    me myself and i ^^^
    that move is nothing more than a large rodeo clown.
    billabong should start an ad campaign to combats quiksilvers “best”
    worst waves worst surfing worst judges
    best closeouts best claims best style wins

    • Me, myself and I.

      This is not a Rodeo. Just look at the footage and you will that he spins his board 180/360 on the middle of the flip movement.

      Thats a real air, my friend. A nobody called it “Brazilian Feijoada” or some lame name like that(e.g. sushi roll or passion pop… btw, also a trick thats been done since the 90s).

  • Cobby

    Lame Judging

    I dunno if u know about surfing, but i am going to put some information for ur not surfing life.

    1) Brazil have better spots to surf than Rio

    2) In the surf world Hawaii doesn´t count as a USA state , count as a Coutry. Another information for u retard, on the WT they just have ONE WT contest in Hawaii (Pipe) …

    And i was wrong – these year they will have 3 contests in USA…

    If ur talking about money, lets see… oakley doesn´t sponsor any WT event, however, Billabong, Rip Curl etc always… So, if u r talking about money be more direclty, its easy to blame the money and the money

    I totally agree with Roy” usually brazzos are underscored at US ou AU. Funny thing when it seems happens in opposite side” It is all related to the exploitation of U.S. economic policy toward the other countries…

    Adriano number one ! Well done boy…

  • Lame Judging


    Neat you can speak a couple languages, good for you…don’t call me a retard or I will take it out on your expats that moved here to get away from your lame waves. Hawaii is not it’s own “country”. They collect food stamps with American symbols on it, and trade in American dollars. In the “surf world”, you guys get bagged on wherever you go because you don’t respect, and travel in packs, and your top guys often lack the ability to put their board on a rail in critical sections (see most video’s of your “guys”). Sorry I didn’t check the tour dates, so we only have 4…Pipe, SF, NY, Trestles. I counted Sunset, my mistake. It is tough being retarded, right?

    And, about the money thing, you didn’t get it. I was making reference to the very threatening nature of someone non Brazillian potentially winning the early event, and well…I guess I was stereo typing. Oh wait! No, I am pretty sure you guys are bullies down there, and then complain about everyone else, too…

  • Me, myself and I.

    “In the “surf world”, you guys get bagged on wherever you go because you don’t respect, and travel in packs”

    wowwwwww are we talking about Hawaiian in here? Or perhaps the way americans act all over the globe(aka like they are in an endless Jackass episode)?

    “and your top guys often lack the ability to put their board on a rail in critical sections”

    I wont comment on this until Simpo and Gable King are off tour.


    “I am pretty sure you guys are bullies down there, and then complain about everyone else, too”

    Well, once again, are we talking about americans in here?


    Point proven, people. He is actuality mentally disable.

  • Lame Judging

    So Me, Yourself, and You….Are you saying Hawaiian’s travel in packs?

    Couldn’t agree more about Kling, and, well, I have no respect for Simpo either, it’s a Norcal thing.

    My comment about the “general” behavior is this: If there were two events, how many thousand crossarmed jiu-jitsu freaks would be ready to throw down if they didn’t think a score went their way? Yeah, that’s what I thought. I saw you guys bag on Sunny and threaten to kill him. For what? Because your kook buddy got involved in something that wasn’t his business? Now you are stereo typing Hawaiian’s on that?

    As far as the “rail” comment goes, by percentage, I’m saying that MOST of the tour from MOST of the other countries, by percentage, puts it on a rail more. Not saying you don’t have guys that do, just sayin…

    Name one time you have been to America and had twenty guys on the cliff threatening to kill you, or say the are “peaceful” when they have the ability to twist your body into a pretzel after they burned you 5 times in a row and act like they don’t understand what is going on?

    Simple lesson is this. Wait your turn, respect the locals, live 1 to a room. Pay your rent, and the judging in this contest SUCKED! Adriano beat Taj, but in bad form…

    What point? It’s disabled, dipshit…you missed the d so you get an F!

  • B

    Every year Brazil is a fucking disaster. I’m sorry but watching the world’s best try and squeeze out a third turn is not exactly riveting. Webcast also = Brutal. nice tunes on the HOD. There has got to be a better wave than this in a country that has produced a lot of good surfers. Also claims on anything less than a 9.5 need to be a instant deduction. You look hilarious claiming a fuckin seven that on any other wave on the tour would be a 3… come on.

    Good to see Bobby finally get a break as well as Adriano. Bring back Cloudbreak though. Rio, Ny, SF this is not my dream.

    Your name was on this event Billabong and you should be ashamed. Let’s step this shit up next year for the love of god.

  • Me, myself and I.

    “Simple lesson is this. Wait your turn, respect the locals, live 1 to a room. Pay your rent”

    Couldnt agree more. I think its lame too. I mean, Im a Brazilian and I dont like the way many Brazilians behave, but what can I do? My point is, you shouldn’t judge an entire nation based on some assholes.
    E.g. I’ve lived in the USA for many years(legal, don’t worry) and I have found nothing, but nice people(well, perhaps some assholes, but those you can find anywhere). Now, imagine if I had consider the stereotype people portrait of Americans, han?
    Same for the Hawaiians. Really don`t care about Sunny beating some brazzo dickass, I would probably do the same if were my child involved and some ass took photos. But then again, we hear some many stories of Hawaiians, even when they are far from their land(namely Indonesia).

    anyway, sorry for free offensive words. Totally outta of the context.

  • Blake

    Let’s get this straight…in surfing, not only should the surfers not be able to celebrate (claim)? And neither should the crowd? Jeez before I thought it was going to be hard for surfing to gain mainstream respect…with this revolation it is impossible and undeserving. Hipsters spoil the party again. Congrats de Souza!

    • Me, myself and I.

      May 22, 2011 at 1:41 pm

      You gotta understand that surfers cant have any feelings. They all should just look cool as Dane after a wave.
      Totally emotionless, just act like you are above all the world. Sort of a CK underwear fag model. You gotta be cool like you work on Stab Magazine, gotta it?
      Chicks dig, I guess.

  • Funkster

    Horrible contest, bad waves, ridiculous judging. ASP is trying to kill the dream tour due to sponsor greed. They might as well have put the old priority buoy out there and judged on 4 best waves like the 80’s. Webcast numbers will be down for this contest. Nothing to do with Brasil vs. World. Theres are lots of good Brazilian people, but the few in the crowd that cheered for Taj’s falls were disgraceful. Claiming is lame, passion or not. Surfing doesn’t need more mainstream respect, more money in pro surfing etc. The surfing INDUSTRY needs it. Too many people surf already and with China and India getting richer, how long before they catch on? Europe is already surf mad and crowded, Canada is surf mad now. It’s selfish but surfing as far as I’m concerned needs to get less popular, not more.

  • Lame Judging

    Hey Me, I’m joking…get it? I stereo typed, acted prejudicially, and then said the judging sucked. It is meant to be ironic. “American” as you say…

  • Ilan

    Adriano won the title. The conditions were not good, however in the asp history lots of contests happened in even worse conditions. Adriano is doing great this year. His performance at bells demonstrate this. The victory against Kelly in the quarter finals was awesome!

  • Lame Judging

    By the way, is that you Claudio?

  • lamelameness

    Me myself and i
    dude, i think u r saying, that by rotating 180 degree in the air, it makes it diff from a rodeo. however a rodeo clown involves a roll and the 180 degree rotation so that you land backwards and spin out. check the rotation after the roll when jordy does it.

  • Maconheiro

    Snapper Rocks first event of the year in Australia and Trestle California 6 star ,waves was less than in Rio . Pipeline and Teahupoo last year too bad ,so the waves pretext is shit idea !!

  • Cobby
  • Rybo

    Worst comp in recent history. Worst judging in the last decade. Owen beat Adriano fair and square. Anyone who says otherwise doesn’t understand the sport. Progressive surfing is what has made surfing what it is today, lets not ruin it with rubbish inconsistent judging. Nothing about the Brazzo’s, they rip, but the result of this comp was wrong…

  • Rybo

    The chicks are insane though!! whoar


    Me perdoem, mas Adriano foi o vencedor sem duvidas, a bateria contra OWEN , por exemplo.a ultima onda de Owen , uma boa manobra seguida de manobras fracas e previsiveis.Recebeu nota mais do que merecida e ponto!Nas demais baterias de Adriano nem se fala , escovou seus adversarios sem piedade.ADRIANO the real winner!!Porque se fosse na Australia ou USA seria a mesma coisa para os locais!!! GO BRAZIL!!!

  • Mario Estevam

    Guys… let’s put some numbers.
    Australia’s population is 21 million.
    Brazil has a population of almost 200 milion people, and a coast of more than 9 thousand km. We propably have one of the biggest surfing population in the world! That’s why it’s really eazy to find kooks among us.
    Me and my freinds have traveled to Australia, Indo, Portugal, France, Spain, Costa Rica, Peru… and we have never been in any touble, in the opposite, we’ve made lots o friends. And I train Jiu-Jitsu, and other martial arts, but never wanted to use it.
    And if you check the history of the events here, foreigners have won more than Brazzos… and nothing have ever happened. We cheer for your surfers more tha you do! And it’s part of our culture to claim for victory… I think it’s not a big deal!

  • Mario Estevam

    My english sucks I know… but I think you guys can understand me! Saúde a todos!

    • Juice Man

      Your English is good and probably no one can speak more than one language in certain countries where tour has just been.

  • andré

    Ahh please, nothing cooler than being able to celebrate a good wave, we can not start with this nonsense that we are robots in the water and needs to be professional… Brazilians are the happiest people in the world, so we will continue to celebrate, so stop crying and become men .. Surf = passion.

  • Juice Man

    I also think that Adriano was robbed against Parko at Bells. Sorry Parko, I like your surf a lot, but that one was taken from Adriano and no one said a word about it!,,,…?..

  • Márcio Arjones

    Ok, ok… Let’s think a little on the hole contest: didn’t Joel (who made an inapropriate comment on twitter) get scores on excelent range by doing floaters? How about the Spartan? Didn’t this maneuver played a major role in some sections of Bell’s contest?

    So, I think the problem is this: none of you guys can cope with the up and comming brazilian surfing. Those athlets aren’t “support actors” anymore. They can beat aussies and americans fair and square too, like Adriano did at Gold Coast event against Taj Burrow. Even the event’s heats on demand tried to hide the fact that Adriano actually won that heat. But, what do you have to say about that? So, the problem is not that heat or the criteria. The problem is to have a aussie been beaten by a “brazzo”. This is lame.

    The difference is you guys can do lots of noise on twitter and facebook and, unfortunatelly, ASP must answer those whips and complains. Sad.

    One more thing: we are a third world country (an up and rising economy – do you know what does BRIC mean? We didn’t suffer with the last 2008 crisis. How about you guys in Austrlia and USA?) But we never, ever, will do no harm to a judge o athlet for a heat result. Ever. This nonsense you guys are talking (judges afraid, money in the judges pockets, etc.) are disrespectfull. We will be the next Soccer World Cup AND Olimpic Games (2014/2016) host and we are ready to rock and roll with pride and joy.

    And last, but not least: Jadson won a contest last year. Owen made more points and finished better on rankings. Wich one was more impressive? Funny question, because I can bet that Owen would give up the title of “rookie of the year” to be able to win a contest in front of his home crowd. So, again, wich result is more impressive? To win a contest in your rookie year or be “consistent”?

    So many questions…

    Peace and have fun surfing.

  • Lame Judging

    Mario…Point taken, well put. Marcio, you are not getting the point that is being made behind the cultural prejudice that is on both sides. The point is, spare two or three of the top Brazilians right now, there are still some major components of Brazilian surfing (that is the “style” that comes from Brazil) that is missing major elements according to the world criteria for surfing, included in the ASP criteria. Take Jadson, for example. He will never make it if he does not get trained to commit, in a well balanced way, to his front rail. Period, no if’s, ands, or buts. That he won a contest because the criteria has not caught up to a single move that stands out right now, does not mean that, over time, the overuse of that move, to make up for the current weakness in his surfing (lame frontside bottom turns, incomplete backside top turns) will only continue to cheapen the lengths of surfing that has been accomplished by Brazil in the last decade. There is still, what I would consider, an overly “athletic” style (too much squatting, and gymnastic tricks without basic carving through normal transitions) dominant in the culture. That being said, I would disagree with none of you, if that truly got addressed. In other sports, including Olympic sports, since you brought it up, there is a basic criteria that must be met. One of them, in surfing, is to, with style, demonstrate you can perform each move on rail, not just off the tail. To be able to use your full rail, requires your surfing to advance in “style”. Heiter’s got in nailed! Adriano will be in the bottom of the top ten his whole career by my estimation. The Hobgoods have the same problem, spare a year without Kelly, we might not be talking about them still…they both thank God for Gally.

  • Ayrton

    You guys, must be joking! Adriano surfed two powered waves, with speed, pression and high level of difficultly. Owen is a great surfer and the round was really very balanced, but he surfed only very small waves.

    Go Mineirinho!

  • Ayrton

    Eu não vejo ninguém na nossa frente…vão ter que correr atrás, pregos!


  • Rybo

    I can honestly say this is not a cultural thing for me. Even if it had been Jadson and Adriano in the quarters, if one of them had been judged the same way as owen did, I’d still be pissed.

  • Mario Estevam

    LAME JUDGING… I agree with you, but not totally. I think surf in Brazil is much younger than it is in AUS and the USA, and even ZAF. The first notion about what was happening around the world happened in the end of the 70’s, almost 80’s. While this was happening, the countrys I mentioned had already a surfing community, strengthened by it’s common values, culture… such as language. Only in the 90’s pro brazzo surfers and companies had the money and understand the importance of traveling to perfect wave spots, constantly.

    So… I agree with you that many Brazzos didn’t have the best style, and Adriano and Jadson are two of them. But, they’re very young and they’re improving a lot in this criteria. I think Adriano’s bottom turns are one of the best on the tour, honestly, and he still only 24.

    Fabio Gouveia, however, had a really nice and clean style, but never rememberd by international media. Maybe because he is sponsored by a brazilian company? Don’t get me wrong, but I think the “ideal surfing” concept is hardly influenced by surfing media from english speaking countries. Not that changes the fact that brazzos still have to get better at this point.

    At the end, I think surfing is really subjective, personal, and wich surfer think surfing it’s own way. And it reflects in the line wich one choses to do. In case of us, Brazzos, the distance is bigger from other cultures.

  • Lame Judging

    Mario, honestly, you made my overall point. Brazilian surfing is in it’s “teenage” stage. Lots of guys who can mostly stand up and give a good fight, but not yet win the battle. I am impressed with how much the quality of the surfing has improved with Adriano’s influence the last five years. My point is simply “not yet”. Just like I say to my teenagers. Just because Jadson won a heat or two against Slater, does compare him to Andy or Mick? No, it means he won a heat.

    While I appreciate Fabio’s influence on the whole movement from your standpoint, the introduction to those of us on the “inside” of the idealized surfing scene was sort of like watching Flores now. Cool, a French surfer?!? The country has advanced greatly from that spot, but as far as influencing the global scene…not so much!

    In my experience in SC, there have been 2 guys who have come through town in the last 20 years that, hands down, surf better than what I have seen from many of the up and coming pros. So I am familiar with the real capabilities of Brazilian surfers. For the most part, the guys who have managed a place in the pecking order here are great surfers, and great guys. The guys traveling through and acting like they own the place? Not so much. Like Americans on a train in Europe, obnoxious and sticking out like a sore thumb.

    Final point is this. The reason why most mature surf communities don’t “accept” Brazilian surfing, is not because of any prejudice of ethnicity. It is the general cultural gap, and the fading reality, that style does count. Those of us who like things to look a particular way often plug our noses as we see scores go across the board on waves we would score as below average, because it was ugly to watch according to the current standard. Just because i fit’s a “criteria”, does not make it any more appealing. Thanks for the jousting…

  • 2011

    Ok, Owen should have won a couple or more WcT by now(&not his fault,by the way,politic$ kills every fair sport)

    buutt Ando DE soza is ripping at the moment(not as strong as slater) .
    buuuuttt in waves under 6ft he is the new Mick Fanny (circia 2007).Floaters instead of airs included.

    I have watched DE soza first hand this year, and his Larry lay back snap is loooking very sharp@strong and CONsiDENT.
    Not as angry, or grate as the late A.I.’s(rip).buuuttt its waay uup there.
    If A.D.S can pull this move at down the line J-Bay
    He will bee Brazil’s 1st ASpee Worlld Chump
    Kelly’s finally got a challange on his hands again.

    P.S. Image how hard its gonna bee for AADS too do a claim the World title in both HANDS.
    That trophies is heavy mannn!
    &it takes two hand’s for begin’or’s

  • Mario Estevam

    LAME JUDGING… I don’t think you can find one Brazzo, at least, that thiks Adriano or Jadson are better than KS or Mick. They’re surely better, but our guys are in closer situation now.
    Is Djokovic better than Nadal? NO! But he didn’t lose to anyone this year! In pro sports the momentuum counts a lot!
    And about Brazzos, running the ’round the world like they own the place… I have nerver had a problem… but generally, people ’round the world don’t think I’m brazilian. And you know why? Because I’m white, blonde, tall… and there’s not the image you guys have of Brazzos. NOT SAYING THAT YOU ARE RACIST!
    I’m sure that my cool attitude in the water kept me away from troublem and not the colour of my skin. But you must remember that you’ll find tons of Brazzos just like me, and you’ll probably not realize.
    Interesting what you said about americands in Europe… I lived there, and it’s impressive how USA people doesn’t make any effort to learn other languages (Aussies not that far) and how much of them act ridiculously when they’re drunk!
    AND… there are some Aussies with a very very bad attitude on the line up in INDO. Actually, my experience with Aussies on the line up is very bad! But I know I can’t take few idiots as an example.

  • Mario Estevam

    LAME JUDGING… and about judgement. I think you’re exagerating a little bit. Honestly! I think that maybe Adriano’s moves wasn’t as good as Owen, but there were some really nice manouvres… and Adriano, for a short guy, has strong line.

    BUT there is big BUT in all that story. For me PRO surfing it’s just a lil’ part of surfing at all. It is nice to watch, I love it…. but I prefer to surf myself.
    Because it is very hard to put such a free expression as surf under rules or criterias. That’s why I love SURF.

  • Lame Judging

    When they are drunk?! More like, all the time!?! Yes, there is a difference when people travel alone, including Brazilians. But, I still say that when I see Brazilians passing through my town without a host, or with a host that is newer to the area, I have most of the time, been met with 5-6 guys conveniently not speaking english rotating off the bowl. The guys that stay here are usually pretty great guys (as that the kooks get run out sooner than later), as I said. You are right to say I am not racist, but I am prejudice. As in, I don’t like it when, Aussies, UK guys, SoCal, you name them paddle out like they own the place. One is easy to deal with, and not matter what the attitude, usually moves o or gets in line. I just have never seen a “group” from other than Brazil? 30 plus years surfing…The judging thing, though, no movement on that for me. Adriano’s 2nd wave was way overscored, and the first was 5 mini pumps to a floater 5000 guys can do…no way. Strong lines but too achievable by your average bear. I will take 2 lame punts on a wave 2 feet smaller than the one’s Owen got over a turn I can do…Adriano took the safe road, no commitment to new moves.

  • Ayrton

    Dear Lame Judging, you said: “Brazilian surfing is in it’s “teenage” stage”. This is not true, dude: Carlos Burle is the world champion on big waves, also Maya Gabeira is four times world champion on big waves too and Adriano de Souza (Mineirinho “pros íntimos”) now commands the World Tour ratings lead. These are FACTS, and there’s no arguments against FACTS.


  • Mario Estevam

    LAME JUDGING… Man, I think the debate is really good, but there’s some aspects which we simply disagree… that’s life. I don’t think we can go further.
    Just for curiosity… where are you from?
    I’m from a southern state called Paraná!

  • Lame Judging

    Santa Cruz…We don’t disagree. You get me, I get you.

    Ayrton, it’s a long year. Ask Jordy about last year. Joel about the year before that. what I mean by teenage phase is this. You got the body, but you don’t have the experience yet. How do I know this. Your claiming “world champ” already. Taj could keep getting second every contest?! AND, I never said you guys don’t have balls. Big wave stuff is other world thing. Different sport. Less aptitude, more machismo. Just hope your guys don’t smoke meth…

  • Mario Estevam

    AYRTON… Fui eu quem disse que o surf brasileiro ainda é “teenage”, e de fato é! Os caras tem uma idústria do surf muito mais antiga do que a nossa!

    LAME JUDGING… Nobody in Brazil is claiming “world champion”!!!!! Really!! At least my friends, and the real surfers I know, don’t think that way! Even Adriano knows that, and said that in all the interviews! The cool think is that for a 1st time, we have a contender!

    Santa Cruz must be awesome, but I don’t know other spot’s names besides Steamer Lane. Never went to California, but someday I will! Promise to act cool! Hahaha! Saúde!

  • Mario Estevam

    …just one thing! Surf as sport can be in it’s “teenage years” in Brasil, but I’m not a teenager! Hahahaha! I’ve been watching comps for a loooong time!

  • Lame Judging

    You spoke to Ayrton, did you see what he wrote? “Now Adriano ?COMMANDS? world ratings”. That’s the stuff that is teenage like. Like I said, you and I probably agree about most things…

  • Mario Estevam

    LAME JUDGING… He made a literal translations from portuguese to english, and didn’t really sound good… are you on FBook?

  • Lame Judging

    Well that’s probably the problem then! Might want to spread the word. I know english is a lame language, but that little gap alone personifies the behavior that bugs the rest of the planet. Sorta like Americans not asking permission to do anything…No FB.

  • Braslatclownston

    It´s normal for people who always invaded and exterminated other cultures, yet to accept other cultures … This is his defense, but one day you evolve as human beings.

  • Ayrton

    Dear Lame Judging, do you know “copy” and “paste”??? I only copy what Surfer Mag sayd!!!!!!!!!!!


    “With his win at the event, de Souza now commands the World Tour ratings lead”


  • Ayrton

    Mario Estevam, eu só copiei o que a Surfer Mag escreveu, cara!

    Por que esse mané, não aprende português? E mais, não escreve bem em inglês, mas escrevo o básico em português, francês, inglês, espanhol e latim!

    O complexo de superioridade desses caras mascara um complexo de inferioridade, como dizia Freud.

  • Ayrton

    Lame Judging, iknow my english sucks and that’s because i must practice. I liver in Philadelphia, dude.

    If you prefer i can write in portuguese, french, spanish or latin, “ad libitium”.

    Au revoir, mon ami!

  • CalifornianSURF

    Next year Brazil will have more surfers in the WT than ever before. That’s not me claiming anything, that’s me making a prediction. But if you guys have been following the WQS you will notice two Brazilian Surfers Miguel Pupo and Gabriel Medina who are most likely joining the tournament at very young ages. Now the difference between these two surfers from all the other Brazilian surfers before including ADS is that they are part of a generation that grew up surfing every wave in the world and once they get more consistent and used to the WT. We may have the next slater with a brazzo accent. Lame judging has been around ever since surf competitions began… I tend to think Californians such as bobby martinez as a matter of fact are often punished while being scored for not complying with the current “fashion”… I like style and power.. my two favorite surfers are Bobby Martinez and Rob Machado mostly because I am a goofy footer but also because they surf with their hearts and every maneuver is powerful

  • CalifornianSURF

    yet we don’t see them winning the WT or even coming close to it. When will we have a goofy footer win the WT again? The truth is the best surfing is not on the WT, because as Kelly himself stated the WT no longer has the best waves, and they are forced to surf a certain way to gain scores instead of surfing with their hearts.