Fantasy Surfer's Picks For The 2010 Quiksilver Pro & Roxy Pro on Australia's Gold Coast

| posted on February 22, 2010
Mick Fanning

Mick Fanning

Fantasy Surfer’s Hot Picks For
The 2010 Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

Here it is, the start of the 2010 ASP season and we are fast approaching the start of the Gold Coast events.  As the Fantasy Surfer technical team works around-the-clock to bring you the brand new, we offer a quick preview of our hot lists of surfers to watch out for on the Gold Coast.  Take notes – trading will open shortly and you’ll want to be ready to stock your team for this event.

1 – Mick Fanning ($12.5 million)
First pick of the year goes to the defending world champion who is once again in his own backyard.  He has won this event twice before and made it to the semifinals before he lost to eventual winner Joel Parkinson.  he’s been training his butt off in preparation for a title defense, so don’t underestimate the surfer who ended the second half of 2009 on the hottest of hot streaks.

2 – Joel Parkinson ($12 million)
Sometimes devastating losses can ruin a career.  Some surfers never recover after losing a title in such dramatic fashion as Joel Parkinson has.  Mick Campbell and Danny Wills suffered devastating losses to Slater in 1998 and have never recovered (Campbell is still on tour again after several years away, and Wills has since retired).  Rob Machado finished runner-up once and never even came close before he dropped off the tour in 2001.  With an event in his own backyard and a winning attitude, the odds are in his favor that Parko will put 2009’s devastation behind him.  He may not be able to snap back into world title form right off the bat, but it wouldn’t be out of the question to see Parkinson make the semifinals at the Quiksilver Pro just going upon local instinct.

3 – Dane Reynolds ($8 million)
Dane is starting the year in the Top 10 for the first time in his short career, and it could be the latest stepping stone in his assection to the throne of ‘Best Surfer in The World’.  Should he catch fire at this event, this could be the one of the last times we see him valued under $10 million.  The test for Dane will be getting through the top seeds once he makes it to the Quarterfinals.  Blowing up and scoring huge heat totals are great, but up until his performance at Trestles last year, it had yet to get him to a final.  If he could take a note from Quiksilver teammate Kelly Slater and peak at the right moment, surfing just well enough to win – he could potentially save his best performances for the later rounds and walk away with multiple event wins this year.  At the same time, we also need to realize that 2010 is ONLY Dane’s 3rd year on tour.  He’s still piecing together the early stages of a career that could reach meteoric porportions.

4 – Tom Whitaker ($7.5 million)
Calm, quiet and relaxed.  Whitaker is that guy you never hear a lot about, but he makes a lot of noise if you know what you’re watching.  He never really seems to have disasterous results – a product of consistency.  We’ve all been waiting for the moment when he actually wins an event, but that might not be what you should be looking for.  Whitaker is a consistent performer.  He will more than likely be valued at the mid-level all year, and consistently nab you some solid scores.

5 – Kekoa Bacalso ($6.5 million)
Bacalso is the reigning rookie of the year, and there’s a great reason he was the highest placing rookie in 2009 – everyone underestimated him.  He’s a solid surfer in any conditions, and his powerful turns could be the difference maker in a tight heat at Snapper Rocks.  He’s valued at twice what he was at the beginning of 2009, but he’s well worth the investment.

6 – Michel Bourez ($6 million)
Athletically, there are few surfers on tour who can match Bourez.  Only a few names come to mind – Mick Fanning, Taylor Knox, Joel Parkinson.  Is Bourez in the same talent level as those three?  Not yet.  But he’s fit enough to compensate for rookie mistakes (2009 was his rookie season).  Look for Bourez to cut down on those mistakes this year and start his climb up the ratings.  He’s fit, focused, and regularfoot.  Those are three things that can only help him on the Gold Coast.

7 – Andy Irons ($4.5 million)
Unless you chose him as a wildcard last year, it’s a pretty safe bet you’ve never seen a 3-time world champ valued at such a bargain basement price.  If news about Andy Irons is to be believed, he’s back in fine form and has regained his competitive desire.  I’m not so sure he’s at his best form just yet, but at $4.5 million, he’s pretty hard to pass up.  A great price for such an experienced competitor.  If he makes it past Round 2, you’ve already scored a great bargain.

8 – Owen Wright ($3.5 million)
Owen has no problem taking down the top seeds.  His performances at Bells and Portugal last year were testament to that.  What he could have difficulty accounting for is Snapper’s tight pocket.  No goofy foot has won at the Quiksilver Pro since Mick Lowe did it over six years ago.  But don’t hold that against the kid – he’s an imposing presence that could shake things up considerably if the conditions start to deteriorate.  Any rookie is a gamble, but this one could have better odds than the rest.

9 – Luke Munro ($3.5 million)
A local veteran who is making his return to the WCT tour, Munro is a darkhorse pick at probably one or two venues on tour – and the Gold Coast is one of them.  If you’re going to pick him up at any time this year, this is the place.

10- Dusty Payne ($3 million)
Remember a few years ago when Dane Reynolds burst onto the scene and everyone selected him for their team right off the bat?  It took a little while before most Fantasy Surfer players remembered that he was just a rookie and even with all his tremendous talent, he still had to get used to surfing in such high-pressure heats.  Payne falls into the same boat; tremendous talent, but he’s going to need a little seasoning.  He stays on the hot list based on his potential alone.  In a year or two, he’ll be on this list likely because of his results as well.

Coco Ho

Coco Ho

Fantasy Surfer’s Hot Picks For
The 2010 Roxy Pro Gold Coast

1 – Stephanie Gilmore ($10 million)
Snapper Rocks is practically the 3-time world champ’s backyard.  She’s won here before, and consistently starts her year with a great result.  If you’re not starting the year with her on your team, you’re already blowing it.  Select her and watch the results pile up.

2 – Coco Ho ($8.5 million)
Ho is the rookie of the year who turned her debut year on tour into a top 5 finish.  With all her astounding training and pure enthusiasm, she has to be a solid pick right off the bat this year.  She’s small in stature, but you can expect big things from this little Hawaiian.

3 – Chelsea Hedges ($6 million)
Hedges lives on the Gold Coast and is starting to regain the form that saw her win a world title a few years ago before she became a mother.  She’s one of the only goofyfoots that you should really consider for this event.

4 – Carissa Moore (3.5 million)
If we even have to tell you that Carissa should be on your team, you’re already out of the loop.  She’s one of the brightest stars on tour, and is expected to win multiple world titles.  Moore has made the final here before – don’t be surprised if she’s holding a winners check this year.

5 – Lee Ann Curren ($3 million)
That’s right, this girl has a royal bloodline.  Her dad is three-time world champ and legend Tom Curren.  That’s a lot of pressure on a tour rookie right off the bat, but if you’ve ever seen Curren, you know that she’s mellow, easy-going, and uber-talented.  That combination will serve her well this year as the expectations begin to mount.

  • daniel

    so bad. so bad. andy has lost his edge. it’s a head thing. bacalso and the spartan after one year on the tour? rookie payne? ridiculous.

  • Baja Cartel

    Andy is back. Bam surfs insane. Payne, Gudang, and Owen all have ASP experience and surf at a higher technical level than the top ten. But Tommy Whits? Impressive performance at last Pipe contest but Snapper and Dbah will show that he is old school and doesnt have the bag of tricks that the young guys do. Luke Munro looked hot in his first heat last year at Dbah but he is very unpredictable. I’m betting GS wrote these picks.

  • Mik

    No Kelly? oh. I wouldn’t underestimate him, ever.

  • Mik

    BTW: I don’t think anyone is going to win the title w/o a very consistent air attack. This year is going to change the entire look of Pro Surfing. I’d like to admire Owen Wright, but I am a bit skeptical of his Human Growth Hormone rumors. If that’s the case, he is cheating and I am “wrighting” him off. In terms of excitement, I am so stoked to have Andy Irons back. He is the epitome of power surfing in the most radical situations. His surfing changed surfing more than anyone I can think of. Yes, that includes Kelly. Kelly is more creative, and more flexible, but Andy has taken the concept of where maneuvers can be performed on the wave face to radical new heights. I hope the waves are big enough for him to go off.

  • simon

    Fucken joke, site isn’t even ready and it starts in 15 hours!!!!!

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    Is this the stellar Shea Lopez commentary? Wow. Who is in control of this brand? Overpromise underdeliver. So far a 2 on a scale of 1- 10 with 1 being failure. Maybe you will turn it around, but with the edit staff burdened with ‘digital’, and a ‘that’s not my job’ mentality, I doubt it. You promised Shea, but he’s not here? Isn’t there another surf fantasy game somewhere? I want to play, not wait. Could you imagine if Fantasy Football waited till the day before the first game to launch? And where is the cutting edge commentary on the Blogs… all I see is PR spin. Source Interlink needs to invest in this pile, the same ol, same ol is not going to cut it. I’m sure the staff is stretched five different directions, and they lack any gumption to call BS on the higher ups in suits… My prediction, Source Interlink milks every last dime out of the probably only profitable print mag in the ASG, then, when it too is bleeding red, they sell it. Maybe in 2 years or so. new comapny takes it over, turns it into online only venture. Oh wait, SURFER has too much legacy…. yeah, like some CFO gives a crap about that. There’s no legacy on a spreadsheet. GIVE US OUR FANTASY SURFER YOU NITWITS.

  • Alex

    I agree with Mik… No Kelly? C’mon guys… Have we not learned our lesson yet, I mean, IT HAS BEEN 20 YEARS… and he’s still kicking ass. Anyways, this year will be one of the most, if not the most watched ever PS. For those of you who don’t know, Fuel TV is . This first even looks like It will definitely be an Australian show for the AGES. I mean we got Fanning, Parko, Bede and Taj…. By the way, did anyone see Taj perform at the Breaka Burleigh Pro, Talk about air attack. My eyes this year will be on Jordy and the young ones (look out for the Gaud. bros) though and for some reason I include Kelly in that group, the guy has been able to stay up to date on his airs and still pulls the impossible every once in a while and is it just me or does he look younger HAHA. Back to Jordy, can’t wait to see a Rodeo Clown, enough said. Other than that, my team will look like this………. Oh wait, the site is not even up yet… FML

  • Dave Castro

    Where the hell is the site? We should motivate the guys at Transworld to make a fantacy surf site this mag is a joke

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    fantasy surfer needs to get thier S**T together. look for it to start on the 25th? well, where the hell is this new site? how many people do you think arent bothered to play anymore because of the delay? i was excited to play, but if we cant play for the first event theres almost no point… a few days before it starts is one thing, but a few hours? come on!!
    SCROOGE is right, this would never happen for fantasy football, GIVE US OUR FANTASY SURFER YOU NITWITS!!!!

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    ASG dipsh*ts… get it together. WHERE IS THE SITE – THIS IS A JOKE.

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    Let’s start by PUTTING UP THE WEBSITE!!!!!!!!! How is it possible that we’re a fwe hours away and the site is still down????
    Could somebody gives us any info wether or not it will be ready on time????

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    C’mon Ray. This is not acceptable to be this late in the game. The fricken trials are over. The WCs are all in. The final heat draw is posted. tick tock

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    The event is about to start!

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    4 hours to go and still not up? someone should get fired.

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    An alternative to FS incompetence…

  • john

    “Here it is, the start of the 2010 ASP season and we are fast approaching the start of the Gold Coast events. As the Fantasy Surfer technical team works around-the-clock to bring you the brand new, we offer a quick preview of our hot lists of surfers to watch out for on the Gold Coast. Take notes – trading will open shortly and you’ll want to be ready to stock your team for this event.”

    I’m ready.

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    FANTASY ACTION LEAGUE! SICK, THANKS TOBIAS! Wow, Fantasy Surfer, good work..

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    or try the best fantasy surf website:

    The mod over there does an amazing job with this site. It started off as a WQS site but with the switch to the one world ranking, they are doing all the events this year.

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    “Due to unforseen circumstances, trading will remain open until the start of rd 2. Thanks. GS.”

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    How do we know you’re the real GS?

    Oh, and “Unforseen”?? Anyone who has been around FS the past couple of years could’ve bet the house on exactly this very thing happening. “Unforseen”… ROFL!!

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    “After consulting my staff and due to unforeseen circumstances, trading will open at the earliest for Bells Beach Rip Curl Pro.
    We appreciate your patience and understanding at this time.All surfer values will remain the same.Guys we have been working around the clock for this launch and when it does come together it will be worth the wait.Thanks.GS”

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    Thanks. GS

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    “After consulting my staff and due to unforeseen circumstances, trading will open at the earliest for Billabong Pipeline Masters.
    We appreciate your patience and understanding at this time.All surfer values will remain the same.Guys we have been working around the clock for this launch and when it does come together it will be worth the wait.Thanks.GS”

  • Groundswell and the Tribe

    We regret to inform you that due to unforeseen circumstances Fantasy Surfer has been cancelled for the year 2010. We look forward to the 2011 season and believe the exciting new improvements to our site will be well worth the wait. We will shortly post forecasted surfer value possibilities for the 2011 season to help give you a jump on choosing your team for next year.

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    Do to unforseen circumstances (ie…my entire staff and I’s utter lack of competence), we regret to inform you (a chimp is typing this as we speak) that the selection of teams (mef 1 – 4,566,789) will be delayed until the start of the quarterfinals. We expect some huge scores in this one (just like the Hurley Pro 2009 when that BS system was run) so tie breakers will be determined accordingly (whoever can give me a handjob without me spilling my fresca). Thanks, GS (goatboy suck-nozzle).

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  • Yeahdoitinthetube

    I think Bede Durbidge could win it all this year. Kelly “10 in 2010” sounds good he could win. Mick Fanning and Bede are my favorites surfers and Taj is so darn cute, and Kelly is the best. I want them all to win. Great Champions. I do like Dane too but he seems a young one. Parko is done. Sorry ur cute too but they all got u and I like Andy too but I never understand what he is saying. Good Luck Guys!

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