Fantasy Surfer Update

| posted on February 26, 2010

We’ve been working hard but unfortunately, we just aren’t going to have the site live in time for the first round today. We’re really close, but with just a few hours to go we want our loyal Fantasy Surfer players to know the status. Once the site is live, we will be keeping trading open until the start of round 2, allowing for more time to build your teams.

Keep checking back with us throughout the day, it’ll be worth the wait.

Our apologies,
The FS team.

  • Retro

    That’s fine because I have to go see my dealer anyway.

  • Retro

    I love Jordy to win!

  • tim g

    thats bullshit. could of just told us from the start that it wasn’t going to be ready. it probably won’t be ready for round 2

  • aw

    lay off the bong and get on it slackers!!!!!

  • Triumph


  • joe s.

    did you guys not get the memo that the contest was gonna start on the 26th?
    why did you guys wait so long to get it up and running?

  • GS

    So basically at the end of round 1, pick the best 8 guys that are straight into rd 3. GAY

  • Triumph

    amateur hour…

    this is an ALL TIME FAIL…

  • Garreth

    Wow. This is shocking because the site has been so reliable and well run the past (hehe). Whatever, my entire team migrated elsewhere last week anticipating this exact result. Won’t be back.

  • danfrom ukee

    Hey guys Pretty sad! Probably gonna jump ship to fantasyactionsportsleague! too bad played FS for like 5 years 🙁

  • doh

    Pretty much time to jump over to FASL. Have you boneheads heard of cloning the old site first so you have SOMETHING to work with while you tool away on the new site? That woulda been a little smarter…

  • GS

    Do to unforseen circumstances (ie…my entire staff and I’s utter lack of competence), we regret to inform you (a chimp is typing this as we speak) that the selection of teams (mef 1 – 4,566,789) will be delayed until the start of the quarterfinals. We expect some huge scores in this one (just like the Hurley Pro 2009 when that BS system was run) so tie breakers will be determined accordingly (whoever can give me a handjob without me spilling my fresca). Thanks, GS (goatboy suck-nozzle).

  • Rick Kane

    Nice bros

    You guys hyped the relaunch too much to be blowing it now

  • FC

    Apple Bang

  • Chicken

    That’s ok…me and Tex will just spoon each other vigorously until the site is back up

  • Triumph

    Feb 9th…

  • Lee

    Nah I understand totally cos the web and this Fantasy sport team thing is quiet new to everyone – NOT!

  • hottest thing

    yeaph, you need to bring back chris mauro to run the show. The new president of surfer magazine is a joke.

  • hottest thing

    Where is bootie in all of this. I miss his bootie shots.

  • Bogus

    Where is Ricky Irons when you need him?

  • hottest thing

    Retro this is all your fault you Filthy Boy

  • tubeworm

    Besides flooding, mudslides, and the crash of local fisheries another side effect of El Nino is the utter failure of Surfer Mag’s ability to launch a website. Or is it because you are making internet history with the most bitchin website ever brah…well done boys!!

  • slay

    surf industry, gotta love ’em…”Ah….The files are in the computer…”

  • Byron R.

    It would seriously be more efficient to gather your “room” at someone’s house, print out cardboard cutouts of the pros and pick your teams that. Fantasy Surfing…the NON-virtual option.

    You know, I had always heard a few of the Enron online guys wound up at Surfer…but figured it was a rumor.

  • Triumph

    not funny^…

  • danknasty

    you jag-offs keep fucking around & all you’re gonna have left on fs is pedo’s trolling for jail-bait &/or fucktards like the douchebag that won in ’09 (never surfed & had 20 teams).

  • Triumph

    US is destroying Finland…

  • Fantasy Failure

    Seriously this is incompetence of the highest degree. These guys had the entire off season to get this ready and now they are extending the entry to the second round. This is not rocket science. This is a huge blunder for Interlink and the ASP both of whom are struggling right now.

  • franksurfs

    if it’s not ready by round 2, 1000 points should be awarded to everyone who pre-registered.

  • Meff 596878

    3 months you had to pull this off. Nice noe FS. GS your team are incompetent kooks

  • Larry

    Guys, give them a break. They only had 2 months to get this ready. Ovbiously it was a 2 month + a few hours amount of work.

  • bayst

    I’m guessing the redesign will be 90% cosmetic, with lots of new space for ad placements. New and improved my ass…

  • Duh123

    Just give the game to Trans World. It will give you more time for the new issue of Kayak Magazine or whatever your higher priority is. No wonder anybody with talent leaves your mag

  • Clown

    “We’re working hard”…”We’re really close”
    Two words for you FS team…Don’t bother!

  • trusty

    A pure joke. Don’t even bother, have the snapper contest be a throw away. Everyone is gonna pick third rounders anyway (if the math works out, which it could Simpo just got to the third round).

  • Barton Lynchstein

    It’s really unfair to come down on these guys so hard. I mean, would you get pissed at a restaurant if they didn’t bring out your food? Would you get pissed a mechanic if he broke your car? Who are these whiners who expect a website to do what it promises? Get over yourselves.

  • Joe Pemberton

    Great way to garner interest. What a bummer that it hasn’t worked out. I was looking forward to wasting some time at work today. Home now to watch Canada slaughter Slovakia to get to the Canada – US gold medal rematch.

  • hans

    really piss poor work guys, this is one of the best comps of the year and a chance for guys to find thier possible sleeper surfer of the year for a cheap price you all really fucked up

  • Floridiancrew

    I approve the delay.

  • dy

    i have to agree with what HANS just said…

  • surf zombie

    Which is worse, this or the dude who won last year who had 400 team and doesn’t surf?

    I’m over it.

    My FASL is looking strong.

  • bayst

    They “alleged” that there would only be one team per user this year, but this is even better. No team for any user… Brilliant!

  • Three to Da Beach

    I guess we’re going to have to use this as our message board. Kelly just destroyed it. My take is, due to him running up the beach and paddling back out, with 2 minutes left, when he had the other two already rediculously comboed, is that he is returning to the Kelly that humiliates his competitors to ensure they are demoralized. It says “I want nothing les than number 10 THIS year”. You know what? This is Kelly and if this is indeed his attitude, start putting his name on the trophy.

    Also, no offense, but Adriano is starting off in the worst crab stance possible. Just calling ti heat by heat from number 5
    while we wait for this epic fail of the FS site. Why fix what wasn;t broken. Now the super freaks and internet trolls are going to come in under different psuedonames and avatars. This should be fun…..if it ever happens.

  • LegendsAmongstUs

    and the beat goes on ~ glad to hear it is the same old FS… lets hear it for consistency over these past 3+ years

  • colswaterrasta

    par for the course. pretty f-ing classic

  • coldwaterrasta

    mick looks in form

  • walt7873

    u guys suck!! Wont be back going to FASL fulltime!

  • surfchic

    Yeah, pretty disappointing. Why attempt to revamp something if you can’t get it done within the allotted time-frame? Would have been better to leave it as is and keep working out the kinks to launch it NEXT YEAR. Not gonna get alll nasty with comments but someone’s ass should get canned for this. It’s called, planning ahead. Major fail!

  • Jeff

    Yeah, a mistake was made, but seriously, surfchic, that’s a pretty harsh statement to say that someone should be fired for this. I’m guessing you’ve never been in a situation where you made a mistake before. Something to consider before you start spouting off stuff like that. A screwup, yes, but one worth cutting somebody’s life apart over? I hope not.

  • OB SF buckets

    You guys disgrace the industry. After letting an NYC stat manager who has never surfed a day in his life to win the contest with 20 teams- fuck it. You guys are complete assholes- and give surfing a bad rap. Way to make us look stupid and fit the stereotype that surfers don’t have their shit together. Blow it out your ass Fantasy Surfer- and your retard skeleton crew

  • simon

    slater has positioned himself perfectly for number 10, after getting his arse kicked twice by owen last year. he has positioned himself for the easiest run possible by dodging the wildcards and coming up against the likes of dunn.

  • Will W.

    The saddest part of this entire Fantasy fail: how utterly predictable it was. Over that site…forever.

  • Floridiancrew

    You shouldn’t blame the FantasySurf staff for this. FS made it clear to Quiksilver and the ASP that they were not ready yet and pleaded with them to postpone the World Tour a few days. But no, they just had to start the event anyway. The impatience and lack of flexibility shown by the ASP is an outrage. Just another example of how the ASP is way off track!

  • jonny cobra

    wtf how is this gonna work we miss thwe whole first round

  • jeff

    Hey /Floridancrew- could you be more of fantasy surfer tool/dork? Postpone the event when the waves are good for a fantasy website that has known the date of the event for months? I guess the NFL and NBA should stop games because some ESPN fantasy league could not get thier picks in. Really not that big deal you hack. Typical florida surfer.

  • joe s.


  • joe s.

    hey, if you havnt heard, you guys blew it…nice going

  • Glenn
  • Floridiancrew

    Jeff, you have a very poor attitude and I will email Strand to ask that you are not allowed entry into THE NEWS clubhouse unless I get an apology. I hate to be harsh like that, but you should know better than mess with Florida

  • surfchic

    went live and it’s still messed up, half the guys team is in the girls trading…fanning, slater, taj, etc…hmmm, is Fantasy surfer saying they belong with the girls?? LOL

  • surfchic

    oh wait, now there are only 5 surfers you can pick from…wtf? oh no, they moved the majority of guys to the chic section. Finally, we’re equals ha ha

  • surfchic

    jeff, if I promise something at work that I know I can’t deliver and it causes this much backlash, then yes, I expect to get canned and rightfully so. Getting canned from a job where you screwed up is not the equivalent having your life cut apart…guessing you’ve never had something seriously “life cutting” happen to you before. Something for you to consider before spouting off. You make a mistake, you pay a price, you learn from it and you don’t make it again. Losing a job is NOT the eqivalent of having your life cut apart. Get some perspective. There’s a lot worse sh*t that can and will happen. The FS team does need to be held accountable. ‘Nough said.

  • Floridiancrew

    calm down baby

  • surfchic

    lol, so calm 😉

  • snowman

    can people who live outside the US win prizes this year or what?

  • paddy the irishman

    Yeah its a pity that the website isnt live for the start of the snappers comp.
    But i’d rather the FS team get it done right & totally working, before unleashing it.
    Everyone wants a level playing field & so what if the game is a little shorter than norm?

    Its not going to stop me enjoying the streamed footage.

    Snapper Rawks!!!

  • jason

    Its great you waited so long and finiished on the day the contest started. Too bad it is after the start. Now our group is over it and the funds we bet with will go towards other things. Great job. Like your surfermag website ytou once again suck.

  • T_one

    The people at FS should be ashamed of themselves. Whoever hired the worthless tech crew should be fired as well. When have you ever seen a site go down for weeks while somebody makes a new one? Doesn’t happen in the real world. You finally open the site and it’s not totally functional. No clubhouses or message boards. Hopefully you guys got your lunch surf in.

  • fake it til you make it

    If this ever happened with something like Fantasy Football on Yahoo, not only would the tech crew be instantly fired, but people would never log onto the site again and would play elsewhere. Yet another example of how the Surf Industry wants to be a big dog in the pro sports world, but is merely a cardboard cut out. How this happens is truly amazing in todays competitive media markets, where a high school tech class could pull this off with no problem. This is a glimpse into the bigger issue of how much fronting the Industry is doing to show its success. If i were an advertiser, I would be thinking REAL hard about if I wanted to invest money.

  • T_one

    It took a month to put in the revert button. Other than that the site is the same.

  • T_one

    Hopefully you paid Shay Lopez a whole lot of money for that amazing insight.

  • spendog

    Jeez, some seriously angry people here. Everybody needs to chill out before I break open a can of whoop-ass.

    haha – NA, just kidding.

    Did they call the contest off for Sunday? The website doesn’t have the update. WTF?

  • Carl 10

    FYI people, there are other fantasy surf sites out there. They might lack a few bells/whistles/banners, but they work – on time. I had my team in 4 days ago when I realized Fantasysurfer was clearly not going to launch in time. I can only assume the working sites are not run by surfers…since they were working even when the surf was good. hehe.

  • Gooey!

    If you cannot log n to FantasySurer there was one of two things wrong with your account-password.



    Actually, I’m logged in, got all my teams picked on my multiple accounts and already have a Vapor Full-suit under way

  • brian

    Floridiancrew- is idiot your first or middle name? Get a clue……postpone the event for surfer magazine to get they’re website up??? Sorry Dane were going to postpone you heat due to some FS delays.

  • GS

    Shut the fuck up !!! You fucking assholes.You think its easy being this incompetent, I had to work very hard to be this incompetent and the funny thing is I make more money than any of you guys and I still have time to surf.It is official, GS is no longer gonna take any shit this year.GS.

  • Three to Da Beach

    The real shame is the same freak shows that polluted this site last year with their trolling are going to puss out under new avatars/team names. I think I’ve already spotted one simply by the way this person posts/rants. This is quite a major blunder. Major historic battles have been fought and won within the same sized time frame available to get this site refresh done .

    Gooey’s back! Now where’s Hazzard?

  • Spyder

    Brian – I THINK Florida was being sarcastic. Also, if you insist on calling someone an idiot, at least know the difference between “they’re” and “their.” Just a tip.

  • simon

    3ttb can we have a kelly story from you, please , pretty please

  • b

    I can and have built better sties than this. It should have been ready, tested and live a month before the first event. hey ASP, SURER MAG, and surf industry insiders put out the word to lose the incompetent FS techies and go with an alternate site / technical team. Open it up for people like me to compete for the contract. This blows I was ready to put my picks in two weeks ago and then I get a day’s notice? Unacceptable.

  • Hazz

    Anyone pickin’ a team ’round here?

    damnit GS!

  • RetroMumbleX

    I miss all my friends online at FS, Hey SH*TBIRD STEVE, FC, FC’s Mom, UC and her 9 rolls of Duct Tape, TeamFlyingChode, 3TTB, AssMonkee, GS, Strand,

    who’d I forget,
    Oh Yeah;
    Booty, Sluppies, Matty,

  • Three to Da Beach

    Simon. Wish I could. I have never met Kelly Slater. Just started surfing myself a couple years ago. Is there another Three to Da Beach on here?

  • loren

    So, i had a women’s team picked yesterday and now it’s gone and trading is closed. Anyone else have the same thing happen.

    My team was


    but now its gone.

    not that big a deal since there are no prizes for women’s game, but i thought you all should know about it. I’m sure i’m not the only one this happend to.

  • Triumph

    FS is Shitstained balls…

  • Carcavelos_New_Local

    What happened to my team?

    I hitted the save button and checked several times before trading closed.
    Know the team is missing and trading is closed.

    Would appreciate some ansewrs,

    Thank you

  • jurrah is where it’s at

  • Castro

    What the fuuuuuk where did my team go saved it more than once now there MIA? Anybody else out there

  • LegendsAmongstUs

    for some reason, i couldnt even get into the system to register after the Rd1 fiasco and before the opening hooter of Rd2; so i couldnt even pick an FS Team for the Goldie, let alone save1. what is goin on?

  • Elvis

    Fantasy Surfer administration are fucking incompetent fuckwads that suck at there job. Plain and simple.

  • V Street Krew

    you are a shame to florida surfers. seriously.

  • Mayra Abad

    I talked about a similar topic on my blog the other day. I won’t bother giving the url because then I’ll just get spam filtered out