Dane Reynolds Officially Off the Tour

Injuries and apathy put an end to Dane’s World Tour stint

| posted on December 14, 2011

With the top 34 confirmed for next year, we wont be seeing Dane in a jersey without a wildcard. Photo: Joli

We all knew this day would come. Dane has been dropping not-so-subtle hints for most of the past year (he said it outright in our November issue): pulling out of the J-Bay event due to “injury” and then releasing Lost Interest, and generally surfing like he doesn’t care about making heats. Unfortunately, that’s the kind of surfing that a lot of us want to watch. So what effect will Dane’s departure have on the perception of the Tour, and his fan’s perception of him?

My guess is the World Tour will get along fine without him. And by fine, I mean that it will continue to discredit itself by making giant mathematical blunders, confusing its fans and making up rules as they go. Still, people will continue watching it because that’s where they can see some of the greatest surfing talent in the world in one place. The influx of fresh blood will certainly help as well, with Gabriel Medina, John John Florence, and now Kolohe Andino generating a hype-cloud visible from space.

As for Dane, the only way this is a good thing for us fans is if Dane gets productive and makes the best signature film we’ve ever seen with his copious amounts of free time. After the release of our Interview Issue we received a number of emails from people writing in to say that when your job is to travel the world and surf, you shouldn’t complain about the minutia of competition. His Tour departure wont sit well with his fans unless he can show them that he’s forsaking the Tour in favor of showing us more, even better surfing than he would in heats.

Whenever any surfer slips from the World Tour, there’s a danger of them drifting into obscurity. The question is: Will Dane still be captivating groms around the world a year from now? Or will they all have simply lost interest?

  • mike

    Seems Dane is over hyped by all the mags…..sure he rips…in anything under 8 feet…never won at pipe…never even seen in a 10 foot barrel at pipe….nor chopes…or puerto..or shipsterns…Mavs?? no way…..the guy can do the same turn, blow tail, lay b ack snap…and he s the best?? i won’t miss him on tour… my opinion there s plenty of others that rip…..just seems the surf media is fixated with sucking him off everyday….seriously…you guys cover the shirts he makes,the shoes he wears, the towel he sells, and the pajamas he play the piano in…..he s laughing at you….all the way to the bank…what 4-6 million a year…who needs the tour…just need a few surf mags to cover every move you make.

  • Mike

    Well, Mike, you shoulda seen him pulling in from Backdoor going left on a heaving-gaper just the other day…wait, that was the Pipe Masters event…hmmm…yeah, your right. He’s just an artsy puss that surfs better than the rest of the planet. Too bad he doesn’t like waves that are too scary, because what would the Long brothers have then?

  • benjamin

    dear mike,
    you are high if you think dane reynolds is over hyped.


  • Dunny

    Dane happens to be one of my favorite surfers, but I don’t really care what he does. Competition often takes away from pursuits such as surfing by trying to distill a lifestyle into a sport. So, if he doesn’t want to compete great. If he wants to make a movie, cool, but if not, that’s fine too. I guess if you’re sponsored, then you’re supposed to have a camera on you as your job, but it all just seems so fake. Just let the dude surf and inspire those that happen to see him out.

  • Bear

    Seriously , there are so ,many guys that rip but all media only focus’s on 2-3.

  • Larry Kelp

    Dane is a stoner, he just gave up his high paid job, too stoned to care.

  • L8drop

    Hey Mike ~ excuse me but ….. are you on crack ?

    Merry Christmas to all ~ peace, love, etc.

  • joel

    yeah I agree with Mike…Dane has been the media’s (quiksilvers) gunea pig…sure he’s an incredible surfer, exciting to watch but doesn’t look like the BEST surfer by anymeans…He may have the best frontside tail snap air reverse in the world. I live on the NS and just I watched him get his ass handed to him @ the Pipemasters by Jamie O. He looked so scared out there. In my opinion there’s alot of surfers who are better than Dane in Big waves, Barrels, & under pressure in Competition, and many who surf with much smoother style and grace. Now look @ when AI blew up on to the surfing scene and followed it up with 3 world titles…there’s a much more solid ground for the BEST…just my opinion.

  • paul hawkins

    from my aussie point of view , he seems pretty humble, but the yanks i work with seem to be very cynical. so he has huge money coming in from a sponsor, and his passion is surfing, so go surfin. if a chance comes along grab it and run with it. but i would luv to see him on tour in big waves.

  • Mini

    Make millions of dollars and compete (work?)….ORRR make millions of dollars and do whatever you feel like

    What would you choose?

  • Major Pain

    Ah yes. Nothing else quite like coming home after “Teasing Cowgirls / Beach Bunnies” at a brand new Country Bar in Anaheim, California, only to read another “Dane Won’t Surf ASP – Bashing article.

    Hey Dane: Since You won’t be on The Tour, I can use “A Wing Man” at Orange County Honky Tonk Bars………

  • michael

    Dane is awesome! I don’t care if he makes 5 million bucks a year or 0. On the world tour or off, I will buy his stuff, go to his website and do whatever I can to support his work.
    You know why? People like Dane are inspiring.

  • Roy

    To all the Dane haters, look like you guys can’t live without him. “He’s too scared, is overhyped, he’s a puss, he’s a stoner” Leave the guy alone, if he wants to eat a bugger, let him eat it! After all, is just a surfer who cash a big paycheck every year just for doing what he loves. Oh, and almost forgot, he surf a million lightyears more than you will ever do in this life.

  • tom

    one word: spoiled

    anyway, getting bored of his whole too cool for school don’t give a f@#! approach to the tour. although it sucks that he is one of the best surfers in the world and won’t be on tour, i’d rather his spot went to somebody who wants it and is going to make something of it.

  • bill dennis

    Dane will forever be the drive I feed off when I go surfing becuz of his non competitve aspect. We should all strive to care about one thing and one thing only. That surfing is simply that. Something to heal us and if he cares more about surfing than making money. Leave the guy be

  • Glenn

    News flash! Professional surfing does not define every surfer’s experience. I know, I know, this is hard to believe, but thousands of us paddle out everyday without a thought of “gee, I wonder how Kelly is gonna win at Snapper Rocks this time? It is only natural for humans to become habituated to seeing the same guys, surfing the same way to “make heats.” Now something comes along that is different, fresh, inspiring and strikes a chord in our collective need to be creative. Ah, now that is an incentive to make us all want to create. Create an experience that is fulfilling and meaningful. Now that to me sounds fun in this world of monotony and routine. Dane isn’t the answer, he is the inspiration. And inspiration is not calculated on a score sheet.

  • Mvotre

    Well done Daynalds! Great news! Dream tour is to get paid to surf without the hassle of politics and competitions and all that shit. Mahalo Brow

  • dane fan

    good thing he’s not going into public speaking. stick to surfing…and do it how you want. the tour isn’t for everyone. and if u really like dane’s surfing, you’ll know the tour doesn’t define him. it just helps us to see him more.

  • kiko

    @ Mike, i would love to see you surf….

  • The Roller

    The ASP “making up rules as they go”, banning the huffing of hay.

    And what happens next?… Dane quits.

    Drive thru!

  • Aquaba

    The only disappointing thing is that you can’t go and see him surf in the events. I’m from Oz have been to the snapper event and bell a few times and to see him surf live is a totally different experience than video. Having said that, he’s not very competitive so the tour’s not for him. Go watch an event live if you can – every single guy on tour rips the shit out it.

  • spagettio

    Dane. Come back. My mother wants you.

  • kelly

    R.I.P -rest in piss

  • http://yeeew Seppo Hater

    Dane is the MAN! Half the tour is so boring!!! Who cares if Brett Simpson does a carving 360! Dane is cooler and surfs so much better than all of them! Also he surfs a different range of craft and rips on all! So much better than watching this gay “tooth pick, pointy nosed” shortboard shit! Bring on shorter wider craft thats actually surfs better and is so much more interesting to watch!
    Long Live Dane!

  • GL

    Just watch Marine Layer production! Enough said

  • Oso Rojo

    he sure ain’t no Rasta, who can beat over half the Top 34 in any heat any day anywhere in the world yet has chosen a path that is re-defining in the most positive way possible what it means to be a Professional Surfer

    who needs 11 Titles or a Cool Movie if the ocean and all the cetaceans are dead?

    support Surfers for Cetaceans

    support Sea Shepard

  • Matt

    Yawn, overhyped, and now by passed. Bring on the new blood, Medina and John John are already better, grateful for what they’ve got, and don’t seem to suffer from the teenage angst Dane should have let go of some time ago.

  • Stanton

    Aloha Dane…just keep surfing braddah, for reals. Other awesome surfers (like Dave Rastavitch), they do their own thing and make an honest living and that is that…it sucks that surfing continues to become a consumer product corporation focused entity, their to appeal to the sporto-jock monday nite football frat boy mentality so as to make a ton of $$$kala$$$ for themselves without any real or sincere love for surfing…as opposed to heralding the unique sport it is.

    Well, Dane, Dave, and all the other non-ASP tour surfers out there (Braddahs and sista’s), Mahalo Nui Loa for your commitment and passion to surfing…Kefe ‘Au Mulei to all the corporate suits and jock-ass dummies…what next, pro surfing trading cards and bobble head dolls?

    Aloha ‘a hui ho!

  • bolweevil

    apathetic? live and let live you stone throwing hypocrit. and, oh yeah, go back to collidge and learn to write. your farcical drivel is nauseating at best. Merry Christmas!

  • bufu

    Some valid comments and some straight up silly sh*t. Yes Dane is incredibly talented on a surfboard. But is he one of the best in the world? Not a chance! Is he inspiring?? In my opinion not even close. How can you be one of the best in the world and not be extremely versatile in all surf? Yeah comps. might be lame to some but many times the results speak the truth. Hawaii…once again it seems like Dane can not overcome a challenge. He looked like a boy amongst men at Pipe, flash in the pan at Sunset and completely irrelevant at H Beach Park. On the point of inspiring, it seems to me like Dane has never met a challenge head-on. The guy was born with a gift and in my opinion does nothing with it. What’s inspiring is the guy who gets up at 6 for a surf then works 9 hours to provide for his family. To me Dane seems a bit lost in his career. I will miss seeing the dude surf in comps and hope the best for him in his career.

  • Stanton

    Dane, Da Mang!

  • James

    He’s my favorite surfer to watch, but if he wants to go ride longboards backwards with Alex Knost and other “authentic” personalities, more power to him.

    I’ll keep watching John John, Julian, Dusty,Kerr, Jordy, Yadin, Parko, Taj, Mick, Wilko, Owen, the Spartan, et al. (and occassionally Kelly when he shows up at his favorite spots) LIVE in HD surfing epic waves…

  • Julio_Arreaga

    He may not be the best at competitions, but everyone can agree he’s one of the most entertaining surfers to watch. Yea he’s not as great on big waves, but who cares? He certainly doesn’t. I hope he doesn’t go into exile and it becomes impossible to find any footage of him.

  • kelley

    so to the pep’s bashing dane…repeat of Mini’s comment….and repeat…until you get it. now chill. geeze.

  • Ben

    I am sad that Dane is leaving tour, because, IMO, the surfing on tour this year was a slight notch below last year’s (despite much better swell)… Dane’s mode of attack is unparalleled in the mid-size range. That said, his apathy will eventually begin to yield poorer performances. I hope I’m wrong, because his surfing causes more “what the?” moments than anybody. Still, you can only drink so many thousands of beers before your performance starts to slide.

  • John

    I know Dane’s surfing inspires me. I liked his talk up there too. He was totally honest, humble, and shows a lot of respect for surf spots and other surfers… It’s cool that he surfs what he wants, how he wants. It’s nice that we’re part of a sport where people can make money simply doing what they love. Danes surfing expresses what he enjoys about the sport, and a lot of people connect with that. His videos get me stoked to surf, so I buy them, and I’ll keep buying em’ as long as he keeps creatively having fun. Creativity and Fun are enough for me.

    Oh ya, and best of all he’s not judging the path your on right now.

  • Loccy





    Why do you guys care so much about this Dane guy?

    He is no Curren.

  • The Saint

    So much for Aloha Spirit….

    This whole “controversy” is just so simple:

    Dane is an exceptionally talented surfer, who is extremely passionate about surfing, and just wants to…. you guessed it…. SURF. He doesn’t owe any of us “fans” anything, and he certainly doesn’t owe the ASP anything. It has been my experience – and is also my opinion – that competition taints the more soulful aspects of enjoying activites such as skiing, sailing and most certainly the most soulful of them all: surfing.

    Maybe if we all just back off and give the guy some space to surf where/when/how HE wants to surf, sans media BS, we can all reap the benefits as fans. Besides, I’d rather see him putting out on marinelayerproductions than ASP Heat Analyzer any day.

    Peace Out.

  • whamo

    Dane surfed Sunset well, and with time, should wire the other north shore spots, if he overcomes his fear.

  • troy

    Clearly this is a quick to the point article. But it’s pretty obvious that Dane isn’t going into obscurity. He will likely gain more attention and only further his unconcerned campaign to the top of the surfing world. He’s the most exciting, talented, interesting, and freakish surfboard rider today. He’s getting more press for leaving the tour than he ever did for joining it, hence the top topic interview in the November issue. Kierren Perrow can win Pipe Masters 20 times and maybe worthy himself of a multi page interview, but we’d still rather thumb through anything Dane related before that. Dane wins, he always will, because bottom line – his surfing is the best.

  • MeanGreen

    The only time I get to see the best surfers in the world surf is on the ASP in online webcasts. I don’t really buy surf vids. Too expense to waste $30 on and get bored of too quickly. So I am bummed not to see him on the tour. But honestly, it was getting old watching him just not care in heats. Its one thing to not like competitive surfing and another to just not even try, that’s what I felt like he was doing. He could have surfed switch and made it to most quarter finals if he even tried. He is an unbelievable talent, that just needed to “yes” fit into the scoring system. Not that bad of a sacrafice considering you only need to surf in 10-11 WT events per year for around 4 days per event. That equates to 40-44 days of “work”.

  • Mik

    I really don’t get the either/or mentality, or the hate. Dane Reynolds is as free as you or I to follow the path he choses. He has put in the hours to get his surfing into the upper echelons of professional talent. Ke11y Slater has called him the best surfer in the World, at one point, and Ke11y is a very observant Champion. Surfing has many faces… I am fascinated by Dane’s approach. He’s an artist. Core. He lives it. And who knows what the future holds? Personally, I really enjoyed watching him compete; but if he didn’t enjoy competing, then he should follow his bliss. Further: why diss a person for being talented and making money, or diss a company for recognizing talent and paying for it???? That is the way of the world, in every career arena. If you aren’t happy with your own career, or lack thereof, then I suggest you re-evaluate your approach, not Dane’s. He’s obviously doing great.

  • Dean Miller

    Love Dane’s videos, hope more come out. Would like to see what him and some other surfers off tour can put together and show us for 2012, always good to get a fresh perspective on surfing.

  • Danilo

    Wow, Dane was really nervous on that declaration, he seems like he couldn’t express himself appropriately becouse he was so nervous e tense. A lot of cameras and people can really intimidated someone.
    He is certainly one of the best surfers there is right now, but behind top 5 plus gabriel for sure!


  • Daniel

    Dane looks like a modest and sincere dude and his words at the Surfer Poll were both entertaining and honest.
    For those of you who enjoy watching the world tour more than surf videos and stuff, there’s plenty of new talent coming up and all WT surfers rip the bag out of it indeed.
    For Dane’s fans, I guess he’ll be working on trips and videos to blow everyone’s minds.
    So leave the guy in peace.

  • SMJ

    GO DANE! That boy is a Soul Surfer, I can look at his face and see he’s to cool for all this over-hype and competitive garbage.I Always felt like the route of Surfers like Dion,Warren,Thom,and more his speed and I guess I was right.

  • jeff

    Pathetic. What a bitch.

  • Jo

    Was he really that nervous? I know Id be like him if i was uncomfortable in that spot. He is a little special. Hes got tons of good surfing to live off it and inspire people without the tour.

  • Palno

    Whatever. He becomes insignificant by not surfing comps. Another free surfer but one that makes $4million a year from Quik…hahaha…what a joke. What a scam.

    Kids are gonna be better real soon anyway…AND have guts to surf Hawaii AND surf heats to prove their mental toughness.

    Have fun getting wasted and surfing Emma Wood everyday. Cant wait to see the towels you’re knitting. Maybe they will go for $10,000.oo a piece to pay your salary.

  • Dan

    Do you people actually watch surfing? How is Dane overhyped or scared? His surfing inspired a whole movement and changed the way surfing is done! Are the new guys still trying to perfect the same smooth roundhouse cutback? Hell No! Surfers like Andy and Dane take power surfing to a whole new level, it doesn’t even fit on the wave anymore. Dane’s backside hits are super gnarly as well, blowing the tail all the way around like a frontside waft. If you look closely you’ll see jordy, kerr, julian, kolohe, medina all copying his technique, they had to learn it somewhere. I was a little disapointed that he passed on the best wave events like portugal, new york, and tahiti, he probably could have had more fun in those waves than anything else he did. Also he looks a little unhealthy, his eyes are all puffy and shit.

  • http://surfer joe

    Good to see him go. Better are those surfers who truly appreciate what they have and not take for granted the life style.

  • Tom

    I love it. Just re-signed with Quik for huge money at the beginning of the year for another 6 years. Jokes on you now Quiksilver. But…..wait til that deal expires and he’s 31 and has a big fat beer gut from his non-stop swilling and has developed no marketable skills to take beyond surfing….joke will be on you Dane.

  • Blake O

    Surfers like Dane don’t need or particularly like the Tour so why do it. He may be the best surfer on earth or not either way it doesn’t matter it’s his life and I like his approach to everything he does. He can still get wildcards at Quik events if he wants them but he has put his stamp on the sport and his time is now just as it will be someone elses tomorrow. The haters just keep on hating your just whiners get over it.

  • Mike


    I am really surprised by the jealousy and low level stupidity that comes from these moments. Yeah, Dane surfing isn’t the best in Hawaii. That’s what happens when the tour is locked into riding a 6’6 as a “gun”. But I would like to see one of you tools who say Dane doesn’t surf big waves pull one, single turn in Biarritz, or, quite frankly, New York when it is overhead?! Let alone get tubed and put the set of turns together that Dane can. He is the most exciting new thing in surfing since the Irons bros. Sorry to see him go, but, totally get it! He doesn’t have to beat the same 30 guys he will always beat in a heat to make himself feel better about being one of the best ever…as for him being lazy, as if the tour guys aren’t?!?

  • Christopher Drew Mann

    Being fortunate enough to have lived at the beach in my formative years naturally we gravitated to surfing and our big window to the outside world of professional surfing WAS Surfer Magazine. We would wait patiently each month for the new publication to come out. We were in awe of guys like rabbit tom and Mark, But at that time sponsorship , let alone making a ton of money at it seemed impossible and really the furthest thing from our minds . To us surfing was cool and fun and at times competitive . We surfed beach break and jetty break. There was localism behavior at times but generally it was just a great time in our lives, and it was just silently understood that time would march on and the not so endless summer would draw to a close and the pressures of growing up and figuring out how to make a living would take us over. Now things are different as they should be surfing like life in my opinion evolves and changes . Athletes get stronger and equipment gets better and more refined And due to our ability to instantly communicate the world of surfing has become a legitimized professional sport. In the end it is ” just different” and cool , in its own way, just a new and different way!!!— Chris from Rehoboth beach Delaware

  • tb

    Is surfing a sport or an art? If it’s “only” a sport then Dane not competing would be as ridiculous as Bolt refusing to race but releasing videos of himself running faster than anyone else – with all of the questions that that would raise about his ability to deal with pressure, etc.! If it’s an art, however, well, then notions of who “the best” is are very difficult to ascertain, as innovation, ideas and aesthetics are valued over simple points scored for speed, height, etc. In art, of course, the money (it has to be mentioned) goes to the artists who receive the most critical acclaim from the community. As a Quiksilver customer, I don’t have any problem with a portion of my hard-earned going to pay Dane- the- Artist, however, I’m going to expect to be able to see what he is producing.

  • Karl

    Not as consistent as as Julian Wilson or Kerr. Sorry. you are all going to have to get over your crush. He bailed on you