Dane Hurt in Indo

Dane Reynolds injures his wrist while surfing Macaronis, heads home for treatment

| posted on September 05, 2013
X-Rays have yet to be conducted on his wrist. Photo: Childs

Reynolds nurses his injured wrist, which has yet to be professionally examined. Photo: Childs

Fresh off the social media storm of the century, Dane Reynolds’ wildcard spot in the upcoming Hurley Pro at Lowers may now be in jeopardy. Reynolds hurt his wrist surfing Wednesday at Macaronis in the Mentawais, and is currently headed home to the U.S. for X-rays and the eventual diagnosis. With the Hurley Pro’s waiting period starting next Sunday, Sept. 15, the results of the scans will have an immediate impact on Reynolds and the event.

Reynolds’ trip to Macaronis with Nat Young and Andrew Doheny was cut short six days early because of the injury. The boys arrived the evening before the best forecasted swell of the year for Indo; after a few marathon sessions over the first couple days, Reynolds threw a backside air and landed with his hand caught between his board and his leg. Initially, Reynolds thought a day’s rest might be enough, but he tried to paddle the next day and knew he was done. He booked an appointment with a specialist in California and started his trek home.

There’s currently no speculation as to the severity of the injury, nor to what would happen to his Hurley Pro wildcard spot were Reynolds to withdraw. More details to come.

Dane Reynolds boosts at Macaronis right before injuring his wrist. Photo: Childs

Dane Reynolds boosts at Macaronis right before injuring his wrist. Photo: Made/Childs

Reynolds heads home to California, hopefully toward a quick recovery. Photo: Childs

Reynolds heads home to California, toward what we hope is a quick recovery. Photo: Childs

  • haoleboy

    Oh say it ain’t so!!!! Oh the humanity.

    The poor surfer hurt his wrist on vacation…whatever will we do.

    • jordowtfff

      it’s dane fucking reynolds. if wouldn’t even be that heavy except for the fact that some people that actually follow surfing would like to see him at lowers.

    • surfscum

      This may be one of the most ignorant comments I have ever seen. If you knew anything about surfing you’d want to see Dane at lowers. Even if you hated the guy. Go drown on your bogie board ya kook

    • BornStoked

      He’s a pro surfer and he was surfing, so technically didn’t he hurt himself at work?

  • Happy Gilmore

    Let’s see the clip.

    • kooklion


  • poordane

    Cam Richards should get the slot.

    • Linda Nichols

      go Cam!!

  • cencal

    My heart is bleeding peanut butter

  • Fishmastaflex

    You should make an extensive investigative report next time Dane Reynolds scraps his shin on the reef.

  • E

    Where was Courtney when Dane needed her most? He better not miss Lowers from throwin’ beats at Maccas!

  • Marty Mcfly

    Breaking news!! Joe Crimo has been awarded a wild card to the Hurley “girly” pro presented by Fletcher Jones Motorcars of Newport Beach.

    Background: Joseph “Mad Dog” Crimo has been a lowers regular since the hay days of Chicken, Randall, and the …lost “What is really going wrong” era of surfing. Crimo invented (and later finessed) some of the most fundamental aspects of power surfing with the introduction of the “pop-shovit” maneuver, which he mastered after practicing for over a 20 year career of surfing the hallow rights at Lowers. Hurley, by providing this master of the sport with a wildcard, the surfing world gives thanks for this progressive approach to riding waves which fundametnally changed the way we all surf and approach waves.

  • bye bye trestles

    he broke his wrist.

    • poopoobrown

      the price you pay to be the best surfer in the world.