Courting the Surf Vote

What would the Pres. do with a day off? He’d go surfing.

| posted on October 01, 2012

A Presidential shaka. Photo: Ellis

In Vanity Fair’s recent piece on Barack Obama, profiler Michael Lewis asked the president what he’d do if he had one day off from the presidency. This was his response:

“When I lived in Hawaii, I’d take a drive from Waikiki to where my grandmother lived—up along the coast heading east, and it takes you past Hanauma Bay. When my mother was pregnant with me she’d take a walk along the beach. . . . You park your car. If the waves are good you sit and watch and ponder it for a while. You grab your car keys in the towel. And you jump in the ocean. And you have to wait until there is a break in the waves. . . . And you put on a fin—and you only have one fin—and if you catch the right wave you cut left because left is west. . . . Then you cut down into the tube there. You might see the crest rolling and you might see the sun glittering. You might see a sea turtle in profile, sideways, like a hieroglyph in the water. . . . And you spend an hour out there. And if you’ve had a good day you’ve caught six or seven good waves and six or seven not so good waves. And you go back to your car. With a soda or a can of juice. And you sit. And you can watch the sun go down …”

Regardless of your political leaning, one thing is certain: the POTUS is itching for a surf.

To read the full article go to Vanity Fair.

  • Mike

    Is this before or after he bankrupts the country, gets rid of our borders and “fundementally” changes the U.S. into a Socialist country?

  • Hendo

    Obama – the presidential man-grommet gets it right.

    Mike – you obviously didn’t.

  • Leo

    I wish people would stop throwing the word “socialist” around so haphazardly without fully understanding what it means (because if they did, they’d know it doesn’t apply to either this President or this country or the direction it’s headed).

  • Kevin

    We will all be under water if you vote for that jackass.

  • Eesha Williams

    I’m voting for Obama.

  • Chris

    On Oct 1, Mike wrote: Is this before or after he bankrupts the country, gets rid of our borders and “fundementally” changes the U.S. into a Socialist country?

    Mike, just curious, where do you get your information? And how do you know so much about bankruptcy and socialism? Just out of curiosity, did you go to college? Where? What did you study? And what is your job now? The reason I ask is you sound very ignorant. If you just get your info from the news, then I would say your conclusions are pretty off-point. If you are a scholar, then please enlighten us, but first show us your credentials, because non of us here buy it. Thanks,

    Concerned Reader of Potential Ignorance

  • Duc

    Socialist blah blah blah. Bankrupt blah blah blah. Muslim blah blah blah. Liberal blah blah blah. Jackass blah blah blah.


  • George

    What wanky rhetoric. can’t we just go surfing and not write a poem about it?

    p.s lol at the socialism call, if only you knew just how far from the truth you are

  • Rocketmissile

    Dictator Obummer is a piece of Shit! With respect to the Shit!

  • Havok

    So many haters, yet when was the last time you heard any politician break it down like that? A pure, non-phony expression of stoke for riding waves. Simple. Awesome!

  • dan

    I recommend everyone to read the whole article even though it’s a bit long. It goes into the personal life of Obama and the way he makes decisions. I thought it was well written and even though I was going to vote for Obama, I think it is a good read, especially for people on the border between Romney and Obama.

  • chris lynch

    he d go campaigning, fundraising…or golfing…the pres doesnt surf….he never has…i have yet to see a picture of obama getting barreled…if he rides waves like he surfs…he s a sponger for sure…half man

  • DR.X

    Paul Fisher for president
    The world will be no war

  • Whamo

    I spent many days like this at Sandy Beach and Makapuu. I love it that the president loves the same kind of day as I do. Bodysurfing those breaks is a slice of heaven.

  • Dave

    100,000 sperm and BO was the fastest? He goes golfing 90+ times a year
    I would cut him off every chance I could . And one fin ? Does he only have one leg?

  • guillermo

    He’s had too many days off already, and he sure as heck didn’t surf.

  • http://keyt Shawn

    Socialist? Muslim? Bankruptcy…See what happens when you watch too much Rupert Fox News…retardation. The U.S is so far right it’s not even funny…corporattions must love these labels as it shows how stupid the Ahmurrican people have become. Obama is a socialist is as funny as calling Bush or Romney men of the people…Guys like Mike are being played so hard it’s almost funny!

  • shorepound

    Love it. Go Obama!

  • guillermo

    If he wanted to surf he should have stayed in Indonesia.

  • HAPA808

    This kook dont surf. This fool doesnt do anything but brain wash and make you believe he is gunna “change” our situation. He hasnt changed much at all…except for in a negative way. He should have never even been able to be president as he wasa born in Africa. Thats like letting Arnold Schwarzenegger be president. Its all greed and those who decide to vote for him will feel it the next 4 years. Go ahead and know that you voting for him will help in destroying what this country was founded on. God and Country not Money, Poverty, and socialistic liberalism. He may have tried to surf, but has never surfed and will never surf. If i ever caught him in the line up id polly be one of the first to run him over and turn him into Muslim sushi with 3 fins.

  • Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore

    Charlie don’t surf!

  • Slater K.

    I hate when SurferMag post political things because the republican bigots use it as an opportunity to spread hate and lies. these people should stop passing along the latest lie they heard from ‘fox’ news. please stop posting political articles so I don’t read the stupidity of an racist, fascist, ignorant asshole who thinks surfing is a lifestyle for conservatives.

  • http://ProudLiberal Jeff BUtler

    I, too, am proudly voting for Barack Obama- who will handily defeat the poorest excuse for a candidate (Romney) we’ve seen in decades.

    The miserable conservatives will have a chance in, uh, 2024 after a second successful Obama term, and 8 great years from Hillary!

    Jeff Butler,

    Solvang, California

  • Matt

    And this is the guy who won the Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing.

  • Trey

    Now I remember why I let my Surfer subscription run out………

  • rob

    …and if Romney surfed, I’m confident he would be a Stand-Up Paddler barrel-doging and wave stabbing his way through a pack of what he sees as entitled victims.

  • Gus

    This is BS…he’s NOT a surfer. He’s not even a bellyboarder, or kneelo, or a damn SUP…he’s a dime a dozen kook body surfer. Who just so happens to be hell bent on ruining this country.

    I don’t want a president who surfs…I want a president who will work for this country and get us back on our feet. The last four years? Are you FREAKING KIDDING ME?

  • Surfergirl

    I’m voting for Obama because he bodysurfs, which by the way for all you haters out there is a lot harder then surfing with a board.

  • Aaron

    Anyone who votes for this guy is a fool and just following whats popular.
    Just look at who this guy was mentored by and associated with his entire life. Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Edward Said, Roberto Unger and George Soros just to name a few.
    Why don’t you look into who your voting for before you buy into the hype and lies. Look into Obamas connection to these guys, who they are and what they have done. If afterwards your still convinced Obama is good for this country, go ahead and place your vote.
    Unfortunately most won’t take the time to explore the truth because the are a bunch sheep. Your digging your own graves.

  • Joe

    I would run him over if I saw his commie butt anywhere near the lineup. Not all surfers are miserable hippies with socialist ideas Surfer Mag. If it was up to this clown, we’d be taxed for every wave, so the kooks could their “fair share” of the lineup. How’s that for Hopelessness that’ll never Change?

  • EP

    Slater K, I surf with K. Slater, I know K. Slater, K. Slater is a friend of mine. And Sir, you’re no K. Slater.

  • Broken Man

    From every report Barack Obama is a great guy. He loves his wife. He loves his kids. And he obviously can wax nostalgic about his childhood in Hawaii and bodysurfing with one fin. I’d probably enjoy having a cup of coffee with him and enjoy talking story with him. There is only one problem: He is a lousy president. And he didn’t tell the truth. Let’s just look a one example, even though there are many. He has added 6 trillion dollars to our national debt in four years after promising in 2008 that he would cut the existing 10 trillion dollar deficit in half by the end of his first term. The way I see it that alone is an eleven trillion dollar difference on the wrong side!

    Let’s put that in perspective. You get a job working for a company as their CEO. The company is 10 million dollars in debt, and you promise the board of directors that you will cut that in half in four years. You will get it down to 5 million, which is still a terrible amount of debt but an improvement. So the board of directors signs you to a four year contract and tells you to get started. So you spend four years as CEO, and instead or reducing the debt the company is now sixteen million dollars in debt. First off, you would really have been fired after the first additional million of debt was accrued. But using the example, what do you think the board of directors would say to you after four years and an increase of another 60% of debt. If it was you sitting on that board of directors would you extend this man’s employment and give him another four years because he said it was harder than he thought? No Way!! He’d be out the door and you’d be looking for someone who could get your company out of the red and back in the black.

    This is just one example, but it shows why many believe it is time to remove this very nice man from office. Yes, he’s a guy who seems to want to go bodysurfing. After not doing what he promised to do four years ago, I say let him have plenty of time to bodysurf all that he wants and get really good at it. Because after four years he has proven that he hasn’t been very good as the President of the United States.

  • EP

    SurferMag censoring real surfers comments…let’s see if this one gets deleted. If he’s a surfer, why did he tell Vanity Fair instead of SurferMag? To reach all his elitist cronies who also try to use surfing to appear “cool”. If you apply his philosophy of the role of government to surfing, he’d “tax” surfers who’ve worked hard and enjoy the fruits of their labor and commitment and redistribute set waves to anyone and everyone who feels they haven’t received their fair share. I share waves and stoke regularly at my local break but newsflash, life ain’t hard, focus on your own personal situation, practice some friggin’ etiquette and support your local shaper (small business). The surf industry has exported more jobs to China than probably any other gig in the country. Discuss.

  • Dan Jones

    For the life of me, I cannot understand why liberals like to romanticize the current president of the Untied States. Message to liberals: You cannot recreate Camelot with this person. Great, BO wants to go surfing if he had a day off. Sounds good to readers of Surfer mag but here’s the problem. He already chose to play golf on his days off, over 100 times. That’s right, in the middle of a war with terrorists who want to destroy us, in the middle of the worst economy we’ve ever seen in our lifetime, that same sick economy which he said HE would heal, Obama went and played over 100 rounds of golf. The same president who criticized W for playing any golf, was playing golf, not surfing, when the world is burning. What a hypocirite. We all need to work on his defeat or we will all be broke. Period.

  • http://www.trollforromney trollersforromney

    I love how the trolls come out and play in the comments section of sites that don’t make you register. I hope the Romney camp fed you volunteers, trolling must be hard work.

    Obama surfs. And it’s cool. Deal with it.

  • KONA

    B.O. got pounded in the shore break last night against M.R. at the debate.
    Should of had 2 fins on. So sad. I don’t think I’ll vote for him this time.

  • shorepound

    They [politicians] all lie, but at least my homie B doesn’t hate on children, the poor, the sick, and the elderly. All of you elitist assholes (Mittens included) can go straight to hell.