CHRIS WARD ARRESTED: Charged with Assault with Weapon Other Than Firearm

| posted on July 22, 2010

According to the Mammoth County Police Department, last year’s world number 17 surfer, Chris Ward, was arrested outside of the Whiskey Creek Bar on January 7 in Mammoth, CA on charges of “assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm” after an alleged altercation with three women turned into a full-scale fight. The event in question occurred around 2 a.m. as the bar was shutting down. According to Whiskey Creek’s bar manager, Jake Wallace, the event was “really disturbing.” Wallace followed by stating, “I’ve seen a lot fights working here, but nothing like this.”

Ward strongly denies the allegations. According to Ward, “This whole event has gotten out of hand. I’ve never hit a woman. I was jumped by a bunch of people, and this has become a big misunderstanding. I should be the one pressing charges.”

The women involved in the altercation have not been available for comment.

Stay tuned to as more information becomes available.