Carissa Granted Wildcard to Men’s Events

World Champ will surf the Men's division at the 2011 Vans Triple Crown

| posted on September 19, 2011

She proved this year that she could take out all the women, and come November Carissa Moore will try her luck on the men's side. Photo: Kenworthy

ASP Women’s World Champion and Hawaii’s own Carissa Moore will line up as the lone lady against the best male surfers in the world at the 2011 Vans Triple Crown of Surfing.

Moore, who’s won the Quiksilver King of the Groms against an all-male field and scored a 10 in a Men’s WQS in Mexico in 2007, was granted the ASP Hawaii wildcard for both the Reef Hawaiian Pro and the Vans World Cup to compete in a field of more than 200 surfers. Due to lack of sponsors, there is no women’s series this year—the 2011 ASP Women’s World Tour wrapped at the U.S. Open in August.

“I wasn’t planning on doing any of the events at all,” said Moore. “I maybe threw the idea out and joked about it to my dad, but never thought it would become reality.”

Moore is no stranger to contests on the North Shore—she’s been competing in the Vans Triple Crown since she was 12, notching women’s event victories at Haleiwa and Sunset Beach along the way.

“I feel so honored for even the thought, let alone the opportunity, to compete with the guys on the North Shore,” Moore added. “I think I am definitely going to keep my expectations low and anything better I will be stoked with.”

The 29th Annual Vans Triple Crown is the final stop of the Men’s ASP World Tour. The series will run Nov. 12 through Dec. 20 on the North Shore of Oahu.

  • danny

    Man she rips. Hopefully she kills it this winter.

  • Dad

    Why would you want to surf the Mens Triple Crown ? You just won a world title…let the people remember you as that not the girl you thinks she can surf like a man and loose first heat…

    If i was your Dad i would be sending you off to places to free surf not hanging with male athletes making you become more manly….

  • Haley

    3 words:

  • Mike

    Yeah, Dad, shut it. She is going to kick ass! Love to see her up against the bottom 15! She’s going to kill it…

  • Mik

    I’m sure the Woman’s Tour is excited about this, but I don’t really get it, unless of course, Men are allowed to start surfing on the Women’s tour? What I don’t like is the fact that Wild Card slots are big deals to the Men who surf the North Shore, and see the Triple Crown as a realistic chance to make some money, and gain sponsorship recognition by competing in their home environment. In that light, this is a ridiculous decision that should not have happened. Whomever made it needs to have his/her head examined… That is of course, unless the Woman’s Tour wants to open its contests to Male participation. In that case, even I might be able to make a run for their Title…. Get it? This smacks of the Michelle Wie saga, wherein a foolish father advised a teenage girl to compete in Men’s golf tournaments, and she got crushed repeatedly. But this is worse. She’s interfering with the opportunities of Men who strongly deserve a chance to compete.

  • Jefe

    I sure wouldn’t want her in my round 1 heat. Watching that video… she kind of has a Slater like style. Love her 360.

  • Connor

    She is most def not gonna “get crushed first heat”. She is ripping so fucken hard, I think she wont have much trouble beating the men.

  • MIk

    Carissa does rip, as does CoCo, Silvana, etc.

    However, Serena Williams is a great tennis player, but there’s a zillion men who will smoke her with their speed and power…


    Does this mean Kelly can now surf as a wildcard against the Woman’s Tour?

    Would they welcome the inclusion?

    Carissa thinks she can take out the Men’s WCT?


  • Lisa

    I hope she surf’s against Dusty Payne. And I hope she smokes him for what he said about girls’ surfing in Lost Atlas.

  • MB

    Mlk u are such a h8tr. it’s not about a women vs. men thing, it’s about being recognized for being an amazing athlete.

  • another dad who has kids

    Hey, I would love to have my kids rip like her, I always read that if you surf or golf or play tennis or any other sport against someone better than you, you get better…she is good now, she will get BETTER faster against the guys!!! She is a role model that I would want my kids to follow!!

  • Nick

    most of you are complete idiots. you sound like you’re blaming Carissa herself. why would a guy wanna surf on the women’s tour? to say he won a world title on the womens tour? get your head out of your ass. it could for sure suck for some dudes. she surfs good and it’s her home breaks. good luck Carissa! good luck to the dudes in her heat!

  • Autumn

    She rips I love this girl!! Girl guy it doesn’t matter if you rip you rip!!

  • Drew lawson

    she shouldn’t be singled out and put in a dog and pony show situation. i don’t feel that is fair to the amazing women in surfing. many of whom have a way bigger set than me. she f’in rips. but you can’t put even the best girl skateboarders up against people like sandro diaz,ect. not fair. like dude said. serena woudn’t win against the top seated guy. it’s just strength and power. i am glad women are built different. 🙂

  • Amanda

    As much as I would like say women and men are on equal playing fields, we just aren’t. Men are stronger; however, every once in a while there comes a woman who posesses the technical skills to match those of her male counter parts. Surfing takes great strength but it is ones technical abilities that win a competition. This year, Carissa has shown that she has those skills. She may not be equally matched with Dusty or Kelly but she the ability and drive to be just as great. The fact she is a female makes it all the better.
    Good luck to Carissa!

  • braddah B

    i think everyone needs to calm downnn. she rips, she got INVITED so props to her and best of luck to everyone surfing!!!

  • CJ

    We went through this with Golf and the outcomes spoke for themselves, with Professional Surfing this to will pass, however imagine the ribbing you will receive if you lose your heat !

    Stay in the pocket, & keep it real !

  • pedro

    she used to beat some of the current pros as an amateur. i think she can still beat some power surfers in smaller stuff and some of the tricksters in heavier stuff, but the well rounded pros will crush her. that being said, I’m a fan and want to see her dash a few egos.

  • Marcus

    Hope she does well in the Triple Crown in solid surf.
    Some day, genitalia prejudice will go the way of melatonin prejudice, and sexual orientation prejudice.
    A body is just a vehicle my soul uses to dance in this dimension.
    The female body has a lower center of gravity for wave riding, the male body more powerful paddling muscle development and testosterone to heighten aggression.

  • Jeff

    Not a good idea. Props to Carissa she f’n rips. This is not fair to the rest of the girls who rip too. It’s kinda like saying she doesn’t belong on the women’s tour because she’s too good. Can’t believe sponsors aren’t supporting the women?!?! They’ve come so far.

  • CocoJoe

    You go girl, rip it up! Give it your best shot, then you’ll never have to wonder. I surf Malibu and we have a lot of female talent in the water and I love ’em all… well except for one, she’s kind of mean.

  • Autumn

    I’m not saying Carrissa will win but she can hold her own for sure in the competition. A lot of guys out there won’t win as well remember that. There in the end is one winner it doesn’t mean the other guys and girls aren’t amazing at what they do. And girls have proved themselves out in the water. Keala Kennelly big wave surfer that few guys could touch. Rochelle Ballard who 2nd in 2nd Billabong Pro, Teahupoo, Tahiti. And Lisa Anderson who was known to surf like a man while having the grace of a women. We are built different for sure so we surf differently. But there are some power houses and this isn’t the first time for a girl to go into a mans competition.

  • Kat

    Dude this chick will KILL! she is a freaking beast! Hope she goes out and kills, and shows all the boys that women rip just as hard!

  • Loli Z. Banker

    …Clarissa rips here..even in the smaller waves of So. Calif..& in a confining wetsuit which she usually doesn’t wear in the islands…nice cut backs..& she even hangs in there… in the junky soup @ the end of the waves..good for her!….& if she’s gunna compete with the guys..goooood for her again… go Gurl..why are some guys here so threatened?’d think they would be stoked to share the ocean with a good matter what they are… gurls or boyz…we play mixed doubles in tennis..get real folks…..who cares???…gosh it’s 2011 for crying out loud!… I said before..YOU GO GURL….you’d do great in your home turf too!!!!…mahalo & aloha…*;-}

  • Loli Z. Banker

    ..I was just thinking..why all the hostility towards Carissa…boyz please don’t feel threatened!..when almost 99% of the surf media is always focused on all the boyz who surf & has always been……the gurls surfing population is so much SMALLER then the boys….get real & learn to SHARE the beautiful waves with the ladies….the Ocean is for ALL of us to enjoy~~~not just you & your buds….get real…she has worked JUST as hard if not harder than many boyz out there..give her a break & just enjoy her surfing skills…like the gurls have been WATCHING you boyz ALWAYS take center stage since suring began many moons ago~~~~

  • JB

    She WON king of the groms boys division, beat all the boys up and coming in Hawaii, all of `em, thats pretty dang strong if you ask me, think about that for a second.

  • ccru

    Bet her heats will be the most watched of the contest(s).

  • AJ

    She is so sick and she will do a amazing job. I think Carrisa is awesome. OH and just so u know not the only example but here is one girl who has dominated the men, Lane Beachley brought up in the competitive Manly surfing scene and was competing and winning against mens heats at age 15.

  • Mike Eaton

    Wow! lot’s of strong feelings.
    Let’s just keep it real; Carissa rips better than most girls and a lotta guys (myself included!). What’s wrong with giving her the chance? She’s unlike any other woman pro in that she is the number 1 rated woman in the World, as well as the youngest female to ever achieve that status; so, does she deserve to surf against the men?

    I think she’s earned it. Go gettum Carissa!

  • Mark Y

    Much respect that she has the guts to accept the invite. I hope she goes through with it!
    Hopefully she gets a good draw! She could beat an off form Whittaker, Melling, Durbidge, Ross or Kling for sure:)

  • RainbowBLue

    Clarissa surfing will take women surfing where Kelly’s 10 ( Which is soon to be replace this year with (KE11Y); World Titles) will take men’s surfing, totally unreachable.
    Torally stoke that she got the invite, hope she accepts it. I for one will be watching each of her events.

    Since we will not get to see Clarissa in the Women’s Triple Crown of surfing because of lack of support which is totally not fair. There should never be a year without the Gidget!
    Maybe Clarissa in these events will get the sponser they well deserve.

  • John J.

    At Loli,
    Try taking some of your own advice about sharing the beautiful graces God has left for all to enjoy. Especially try to realize those who have worked hard enough to tolerate your presence.You own your sink, toilet, and whatever area inside your house you choose to be crazy in. Outside, under the free beautiful sky; your insainity will be reflected back to you by your own actions. Imagine each wave, each blade of grass on a golf course as your own. But dont think for a second you can take that same desire away from someone else. You only own the consequence that come from your actions. Remember that when you tell someone you dont know to stay off “your” wave…