Carissa Crowned World Champ

By winning the final event of the season in Portugal, Moore takes the 2013 title

| posted on October 05, 2013
Carissa Moore, 2013 ASP Women's World Champion. Photo: ASP

Carissa Moore, 2013 ASP Women’s World Champion. Photo: ASP

With a memorable moniker like the EDP Cascais Girls Pro presented by Billabong, and heats that ran between 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. on the West Coast of the U.S., the finale to the ASP Women’s World Tour likely echoed through the interweb with just a few dedicated souls watching in the States. And a shame that is. It was the type of showdown we love: rivals so close only one heat win separated them; two perennial title-contenders, each with 2013 event wins; the talented, ferocious competitor Tyler Wright vs. former World Champion Carissa Moore.

But since you missed it (and sadly there are no heats-on-demand for this one), here are the CliffsNotes on the final day: In the Quarterfinals, Carissa defeated Bianca Buitendag, which meant World #2 Tyler Wright needed to defeat Sally Fitzgibbons to remain in the race. But an on-fire Sally earned herself a pair of 8s, knocking out the only remaining title-contender and bestowing Carissa with her second World title.

Carissa then took her victory lap through the Semis, defeating Sage Erickson (who needed a win in Portugal to remain on Tour) before a close race to the finish in difficult, 2- to 3-foot beachbreak warble against World #3 Sally Fitzgibbons. Carissa was chaired up the beach by her dad, boyfriend, and fellow competitors amid a modest crowd of Portuguese surf fans to receive her silver cup and champagne bath. And then everyone Instagrammed it.

It’s unfortunate that the Women’s World Champ was crowned while most of her fans were sleeping, outside of one of surfing’s epicenters (no Hawaii events for the ladies again this year), at a wave that’s not always world-class, but if we try to be optimistic here (ASP-bashing is the easy route), 2013 saw new events and sponsors added to the schedule and more events intended in 2014. Plus the girls finally get to surf an event at Lowers next year, which cancels out the other stuff. Sorta.

Congrats Carissa, you certainly deserve it.

The Champ, slashing her way to the finals. Photo: ASP

The Champ, slashing her way to the finals. Photo: ASP

Check back for more about new World Champion Carissa Moore.

  • larkstan

    Carissa is one of the most fun surfers to watch in good waves- man or woman. Hope they get some great waves next season.

  • Stu Azole

    In all seriousness, the women’s tour is a joke. No challenge, no consequences, no waves other than leftover beach break cr@p. Carissa, Steph, Tyler, Sally and that one other girl who surfs well deserve better.

    • jmaccers

      bring back Tahiti or Fiji to the girls tour, not as a sideline to the men’s event though, and during peak swell season

    • MC

      I agree, the current tour does them a great disservice. Abbreviated tour in crappy waves, with minimal crowds and bugger all prize money. When you see them in decent waves its obvious they rip….just need the canvas in competition to demonstrate. All about money and marketing I suppose…got bring in the big bucks to get the prime locations.

  • cadfau ixtepo

    Congrats to Carissa! I thought Tyler was less in it mentally than Carissa, with the line “I have no plan, I just surf”
    I enjoy reading about women’s competition. I occasionally watch too. Bells is my favorite contest for women’s surfing.