Buttons’ Fight

The eccentric Hawaiian legend has been diagnosed with lung cancer

| posted on August 29, 2013
The revolutionary style master needs your help. Photo: Heff

The revolutionary style master needs your help. Photo: Heff

Montgomery “Buttons” Kaluhiokalani, one of surfing’s strongest personalities and innovators, has been diagnosed with lung cancer. With medical bills stacking up, friends of Buttons have reached out to the surf community to raise money. To make a donation or send a message of support, click here.

Revered for his smooth yet eccentric style, Buttons set new standards for progressive surfing from the mid-1970s on. The spontaneity of his skateboard-inspired moves took the surf world by storm despite his difficulty adapting to the contest format. Buttons disappeared from the surf scene in the mid-1980s due a battle with drug addiction before resurfacing in the mid-1990s. Buttons’ resurgence has seen highs and lows, but as of late, he has been running a surf school on the North Shore and served as an advocate against drug use at local schools.

  • rickson gracie

    rick simpson oil.

  • surfcrazy

    God speed, my prayers are with

  • Robert Anderson

    may you be safe, may you be healthy, may you be happy, may you be kind.

  • Spain

    From Spain dear Buttons… best wishes and fast recovery! you inspired our suring f!!! c’mon Buttons!!! we want you with us for one hundred years more!!!

  • whamo

    Best wishes to Buttons, HIs surfing was always amazing. His surfing at perfect Off-the-Wall was incredible.

  • Javi

    Love from Puerto Rico Mr. buttons speedey recovery:))

  • Kelly Beckett

    all the best buttons thinking ov you here in london.god

  • Bud Freeman

    Buttons, I know a doctor that says you don’t have to suffer from cancer. Dr. Wallach can help you Buttons. Look him up. Aloha