Brodie Carr Resigns

The CEO of ASP International steps down after the recent World Title miscalculations

| posted on November 09, 2011

After the recent drama with the 2011 World Title, Brodie Carr will be relinquishing his position as CEO. Photo: Cazenave

Brodie Carr, CEO of the ASP International, has resigned. In an email from the ASP, Carr was quoted as citing the ASP’s miscalculation error in determining Kelly Slater’s world title as his reasoning for leaving the ASP.

“It is my duty to accept responsibility for the recent calculation error that resulted in the premature crowning of Kelly Slater’s 11th ASP World Title,” Brodie Carr said. “The determination of the ASP World Title is the most important moment in professional surfing. Ultimately, the responsibility for every activity within ASP lies with me. Therefore, I have elected to resign my position as CEO.”

The release from the ASP went on to say that Richard Grellman, Independent Chairman of the ASP Board, will serve as a temporary Executive Chariman while the ASP searches for a new CEO.

SURFER will continue to update this story as more details become available.

  • Roy Stewart

    If all the ASP staff leave then the world will be a freer and better place, and besides, no one ever heard of you dude so who cares?

  • Dman

    Its about time, get some new leadership.

  • FL

    Yah, You F-up, Sucks, but someone has to go down…. What if Owen blow off the next heat and he still had a chance.. That would have been a real F-up.. Ripcurl blow the crowning anyways (both times), nice sound problems, kelly over it, Biggest think to happen in surfing and that’s what you do….. Guess ripcurl saved some money, maybe you’ll make it up next time, right? Thank god the triple crown is coming up, after the double crown…..

  • Judge #3

    Hey Roy, if you don’t know Brodie by know, don’t comment about him.


    hmm… fair enough.

  • Jay Killvan

    Mmm… Roy Stewart, doesnt ring a bell. Neither does the comment. Roy Stewart, I think you care, deeply. You read, you posted, you care enough to engage. Roy Stewart, you will forget this name.

  • Word


  • Scott Johnson

    The ASP is in my opinion is in the best shape it has ever been. Thank you Brodie Carr for your efforts in making that happen. Good luck in your future endeavors. My apologies that you must leave your position for a rather minor and entertaining mishap. I hope you exit with some silly Wall Street style golden parachute.

  • patrick

    Wow….talk about stepping up to the plate and taking responsibility. I am really impressed. It was a glossual screw up and Brodie man-up’ed. This speaks volumes for the sports integrity. You want a comparison just read about what it took to get Joe Paterno to leave. Brodie has my vote for “most mature adult of the year award.” Stay wet!!!

  • pennsylvania shower

    at least he didn’t witness molestations like joe paterno.
    joe paterno is a sick twisted freak, but brodie goes out without a blip on the media radar beyond the beach.

  • http://stanleysomersfacebook stan somers

    fines for surfers, big fines, losing bobby martinez and dane reynolds ethusiam for the tour, and generally not thinking like a surfer. We need ian cairn types to lead this

  • Daniel

    So you think Brodie Carr masterminded Dane and Bobby’s plunge? Get a grip Stan! Bobby’s reasons for leaving the tour are totally meaningless, analyse his latest interviews…ever wondered why he lost his best sponsors too? As for Dane, he suffered injuries and I guess isn’t in his best form yet.

  • Jim Mac Donald

    I hope a week from now that one and all will put the miscalculation event in
    perspective. While it was a forgivable blunder, I would suggest that we put it in perspective to Carr’s six years of significant improvements at the ASP. Those achievements overshadow one error. All the best to Brodie should be the shout out now.

  • postMark

    Brody used this minor issue to bail an untenable situation.

    Rabbit embedded the corpos to suffocate the ASP and the time bomb was planted. Now, beach breaks dominate the dream tour… yeah.

    The heat is on in the twittersphere and this whole tour needs to reflect surfing, not the commerce of surfing.

    If they do what is best for the elite tour, the money will follow. But the clothiers have their claws dug in way too deep.

    It’s all too familiar a story. Someone sold out the dream using a dream and subsequent administrations are screwed unless they blow the whole model up and build the tour as an ASP brand. Not a freaking marketing department of the big three surf rags.

  • eLmuchacho

    Well thats too bad, all the best, Brodie. About Dane, I think his attitude is towards competition in general. He breaks it all apart literally and figuratively. He needs to be free and draw his own weird lines. I love watching asp contests, but i wouldnt wanna see him force himself to surf in them, would make it feel like a drag just watching.