Andy Irons Passes Away

| posted on November 02, 2010

Andy Irons. RIP. Photo: Ellis

Andy Irons. RIP. Photo: Ellis

Sad news has made its way into the Surfer offices this afternoon as we’re hearing confirmed reports that 3X World Champion Andy Irons has passed away.

At this time the cause of death is unknown, although sources inside the family say that he passed away en route from the World Tour event in Puerto Rico to his home in Hawaii. The 32-year-old Hawaiian was deemed too ill to travel on his connecting flight from Texas to Hawaii and was grounded there. The reports say that he passed away in his Dallas hotel room.

SURFER extends their sincerest condolences to the Irons family. Andy leaves behind his wife Lyndie and their unborn child.

— Official Billabong Press Release Regarding Andy Irons—

HONOLULU – (November 2, 2010) — The world of surfing mourns an incredibly sad loss today with the news that Hawaii’s Andy Irons has died. Andy was a beloved husband, and a true champion. Irons, 32, withdrew from a professional surfing event in Puerto Rico last weekend due to illness and passed away during a layover en-route to his home in Kauai, Hawaii. He had reportedly been battling with dengue fever, a viral disease.

At this time the family thanks his friends and fans for their support, and asks that the community respect its privacy. The family also asks to not be contacted so their focus can remain on one another during this time of profound loss.

  • ryan

    no way. I can’t believe it.

    • Melinda

      omg ;[ im so hurt still hes gone the legendary andy irons is gone
      im so sorry its so unexplainable. i may have not known him but he has led me to surf and he was and will always be my inspiration.
      i just idk what to say i wish i could bring him back for his child, his loving wife, his family, friends, and us kids who looked up to him.
      he willl always be remembered <3 loved and everything.

  • ryan

    Please let this be some kind of error. Please

  • Uilani

    i cant believe it !!! omg, prayers out to the ohana and friends….

  • paul

    This is unreal. I really hope it’s not true,

  • Sean

    RIP ANDY! This news sucks!

  • Barbara

    So sad, My thhoughts and prayers are with the Irons family. God Bless, Stay Strong.


    This is a total shock. I so hope this is untrue!!!!!

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  • Alyssa

    danggg I grew up on Kaua’i..
    north shore sooooooo sad

  • Jeremy

    R.I.P. Andy. You’ll be missed.

  • Jaryn

    Omg…I’m in shock! Can’t believe it… I just saw him not even a month ago flying out. He told me he was having a baby! My heart goes out to the Iron family! RIP Andy…class of 2006!

  • Martin



    my condolences go out to his family and close friends!!!!

  • Huh?

    too ill to travel but at the hotel room not a hospital?


  • Bonesy

    Can’t believe no one would convince him to stay in PR. Dengue Fever & High altitude = major blood pressure issues and internal bleeding. really pissed off and very sad.

  • Mark

    HOLY SHIT…. I am speechless

  • Thiago Camarao

    Always be side US ….

  • paul

    I still totally remember how stoked he was winning Teahupoo, and that giant ear to ear smile he had after the win. He will be terribly missed.

  • Manu

    Lo siento mucho hermano!

  • stu

    RIP AI. Shame.

  • André

    Andy lives forever!

  • Gabriel Pinheiro

    i still dont believe it… please tell us it is not true…

  • Brent

    RIP AI

  • Oliv

    This is really dramatic. I can’t believe that. Very Sad news. My sincere condoleances to his family and friends.

  • Chad

    OMG…No FVcking WAY! I hope this is not true………

  • Salty

    Our thoughts and prayers are with the Irons Ohana. Real sad news for the entire surfing world. RIP Andy!

  • Jessica

    I’m really sorry to hear this.. My condolences go out to his family, his friends and everybody who new him. He’ll be missed dearly.

  • Rusty

    FUCK!!!!! This is terrible news. Sad day for the surfing community. RIP

  • http://Google Willard

    You were so Fu@!#in’ fun to watch Andy. RIP!

  • Amy Marvin

    I am sooo sorry. Danielle, Lindy, Phil, Bruce,Mia…you are all our ohana. We love you. Andy will be greatly missed by all of us on the north shore of Kaua’i and around the world. xxxooo

  • Colin

    i want to go with him

  • john salgado

    Thoughts and prayers to friends and family of Andy Irons God speed Andy Rest In Peace!

  • Surf

    Lets show a little bit of respect to Irons family, Dengue Fever can easily kill, and really do it a lot in Brazil.
    All my respect and condolences to Irons Family.

  • Joelle

    Total disbelief, shock, sadness…

  • Ryan

    What a tragedy. Thoughts and prayers to the family.

  • Felipe

    Oh my god , no lo puedo creer, this is a big lost for the surfer comunity , RIP and fuerza para su familia !!

  • Roman Rodriguez

    Condolences to Irons! all the way from México… Andy Irons was “The Man” Big waves wherever you are amigo!

  • James

    So sad…Prayers go out to his family and friends. God bless

  • BoardRecycler


  • Robert

    At his professional peak, no was better in the surfing world than Andy Irons. Even Kelly Slater couldn’t beat AI in his home state.

  • Tony

    RIP AI…what a loss :0/

  • javy

    I feel dizzy!!!!!!!!

  • Obsidian Boarding Company

    Can’t beleive it…this is tragic. With a new fire for surfing, and a baby on the way. RIP Irons.

  • Stephanie

    prayers out to ohana
    andy irons is amazing, i’m so sorry to hear about this

  • Kristen

    Definitely a huge loss, Sad news. Prayers & thoughts to the Irons ohana during this difficult time. Rest in paradise Andy!

  • yoshiaki oka

    RIP Andy Irons
    ご冥福をお祈りします 日本から.

  • Paulo

    Still can’t believe… Rest in Peace

  • dan

    This is really heartbreaking. He is a legend. The surfing world will not let this go unheard. Hes going to have an event in his name.

  • Blondes


  • Roberta Ah Loo

    My thoughts and prayers go out to family and friends. I lived on the North Shore for 12 years and I feel the loss of such a great and wonderful man.

  • Waller

    I cannot believe this, saddest thing i have heard all year. I just cant believe such a strong person could perish that quick. God bless the Irons family, Andy you will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN

  • Suzanne

    Oh my God Danielle…Phill..Bruce..Lindy…….We are devastated …..praying for all of you………..

  • Sara

    Very sad and what a loss…my heart goes out to his family and friends RIP ANDY IRONS you will be missed!

  • Mike DElanzo

    OMG This is soooooo UNREAL!!!!!!!!! RIP Andy!

  • Mark

    this is for the poster named Nik

    what the f@*K kind of comment is that you A$$HOLE, someone passes away and that’s all you can say. WHAT A DICK

  • Greg


  • Marijuana Medicine Evaluation Center

    Deep Loss, Mental Pain, Can’t Wrap my mind around this….

  • Nate

    RIP Irons, you will be greatly missed.


    This is such a loss. One of the best and nicest guys!!
    soooooo sad.

  • Jorge Martins

    That’s my remembrance too Paul. Sooo stoked, jumping like a kid during his first interview on the boat right after winning his favourite venue.
    My sincere condolences to all the ohana.
    RIP Andy

  • alizé

    Thanks for everything Andy .You were and you’ll always be my hero.

  • Natasha

    I’m still in so much shock. Fuck, my body’s gone all numb and my heart is beating too fast for me to handle right now. I can’t believe it, I don’t want to. He was such an amazing surfer, legendary one. R.I.P Andy Irons, you’ll forever be in the heart of the surfing world.

  • scot

    rip andy

  • DMC

    Holy Sh*t, I can’t believe it. What a loss… respect and thoughts to his family. This world makes no sense…

  • Ed

    RIP Andy. You will be fondly remembered and missed by all.. My condolences to the surfing world and everyone close to him.

  • Dave

    My heart dropped when I heard the news. Shocked and shattered. Will be remembered forever R.I.P Andy Irons

  • Maco

    It’s a so bad news… World has lost a great surfer! but he lives forever in memory of us…

  • NIKhater

    R.I.P. Andy Irons.
    ….I’m schocked….

    @ NIK: you supid F*ck

  • mara

    Its so unreal..cant believe it.. 🙁 He will be missed. What a loss 🙁

  • Mike

    Life is short, Get right with God before it’s over.

  • Fraser

    A great loss to the world of surfing. RIP Andy you legend.

  • juan

    no way ! I feel so sad ! Andy always was the black sheep and kicked kellys ass !!! I idolized the man RIP Andy ! Love from Mexico

  • joe

    rip andy irons you will be missed

  • MBS in NZ

    Such a tragedy! RIP AI and condolences to his family and friends.

  • Ben

    Rip Andy.I ..condolences to hes family ….!!!

  • will q

    I surfed with him on north beach and Kaua.i he was kid got see him turn my hero will miss him sorry to hear this

  • nick

    saw him out at d’bah back in Feb, he was looking really fit, happy, and surfing well. Way too young to go.

    R.I.P. Andy Irons…

  • Hudson

    I simply cannot believe it. Not meant to be.
    You will missed and remembered forever.
    RIP Andy Irons

  • Franco

    Desde Purto Rico, sentimos mucho su partida, el dengue ha matado a muchos en mi isla, Andi God Bless

  • josh

    Andy passed away fulfilling his dream of being a professional surfer; he was a hero to so many surfers and will be missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to all his family and friends. Aloha.

  • Mike

    @ Mark, thank you for the comment back to Nik, some people have no clue,class,or empathy.
    Life is fragile, live it while you have it, the way Andy charged, you know he did.
    Prayers to the the family and his friends.

  • Lucas Tozzi

    Descanse en Paz…. Rest in Peace…
    Condolences to his family.

  • HOLLYWOOD Summit Show

    It is a very sad day. From all of us here at the HOLLYWOOD Summit Show, ALOHA ANDY, YOU WILL BE MISSED. R.I.P.

  • david potter

    he was in my bar last month, we congratulated each other on us both expecting babies soon….he was a great champion and a genuinely nice bloke….such a shame and ill feel so bad for his wife and family…. saying a prayer for you tonight

  • Lucas

    This sucks! R.I.P. Andy…


    My deepest sympathy to close friends and family of Andy. Although I’m still in disbelief hearing this news. Thank you Mr.Irons for the inspiration, you are indeed a legend and you not be forgotten.

    From the Philippine Is.

  • http://yahoo Quillen


  • Alexandre Pinheiro

    LEGEND Andy !!! Only good feelings and Kind Words for you !! Remember forever !!! RIP !!

  • Mark Gunson

    Oh god no…. Much aloha to the Irons family and all the Hawaiians. What a devastating shock.

  • baalves

    i can´t believe it! i hope this is a very bad joke!!!!!

  • Niles

    My inspiration and idol in surfing. Words can’t explain the loss of a great person. Rest in Peace Andy. My heart goes out to family and friends. Life is delicate and we should all take a lession from this. The world lost a soldier today but will never forget the legecy left behind

  • Mark

    @ Mike, I agree, totally uncalled for. Some people just feed of of being negative. RIP AI

  • Trenschel

    This is sounding like reality. May the peace of god be with you Andy.

  • Pedro Endres

    Andy was a legend!!!!
    The only surfer in the history who could beat Slater,
    A person who was part of the best ASP world tittle run!!!
    and he won
    thanks Andy!!!
    you will never be forget

  • Debra

    It’s a very sad day here on the island of Kauai. Our heartfelt thoughts are with Andy’s wife (expecting their baby) and family. With deepest sympathy.

  • Diogo Giro


  • alvaro

    Bad day 4 all the surfers- que empas descances mr. irons

  • jan

    My thoughts and prayers going out to the family at this most difficult time. I am deeply saddened by the loss of such a grand young man.

  • Daniel Ameneiros

    Se va un gran surfer. Descanse en paz

  • Bon

    One kid that had it all – He is too talented and too young to go… He will be missed, but never forgotten – we will miss you A.I.
    God Bless

  • Sawan Melo

    AINDA NÃO CONSIGO ACREDITAR…O esporte perdeu sem dúvida nenhuma um dos MAIORES SURFISTAS DE TODOS OS TEMPOS, perda irreparável, não tenho mais palavras e sim lágrimas nos olhos…Aloha

  • Mark L.

    OMG! i just got a headache. How did this happen? R.I.P. Surf Legend. You will be missed dearly!

  • Beau

    This is such sad news. What a great guy, genuine, and a role model…you will be missed everywhere. RIP

  • mlm298

    RIP Andy… U will be missed!

  • Bob

    Unbelievable. Guy was so healthy and in his prime . 🙁
    Very sad.
    My sympathy to his family on Kauai

  • josh

    I’m so shocked! This is so sad. Such a loss of an inspiration to so many! Massive condolences to his whole family and his friends.

  • Miguel

    It´s not true Andy is the best surfer style i hever seen, rest in peace

  • son


  • fabio burns

    Damn! I can’t believe it, so so sad. He will always be an idol! REST IN PEACE

  • KV

    Sad news 🙁 verry SAD!

  • Dustin J

    ahhhh man, don’t know what to say. So stoked for his comeback victory before this. We miss you Andy….already…….I hope you getn’ big shacks upstairs my man. RIP

  • andy

    This is so tragic. I’m in complete shock. What an incredible human…. I didn’t know him, but I’ll miss him none the less.

  • rip ai

    RIP AI well all miss u

  • Roland619

    The world of surfing I grew up on was bruce and andy irons watching them on the misfit surf video with my brother on a vhs tape Im sorry this happen. To your friends and family and fans that loved to watch u surf the shit out of waves we would all love to say that we will always remember you

  • Jair Jake

    A.I. surfer the waves in heaven! RIP

  • Felipe

    this can´t be real 4 sho

  • Patrick

    What a loss. Such an amazing surfer and person. Heart goes out to his family! RIP.

  • Russel Cheng

    I am so saddened to hear of this tragic news. Our condolences go out to his family.

  • Mike Ames

    He will be missed. Too young, too talented.

  • Justin

    I’m seriously sad about this loss. My prayers are with his family. I’ve tried to emulate his style forever and will continue to do so. Andy will always be remebered!

  • AJ

    RIP, Andy

  • Angela

    *weep* Prayers for him fam xx Such a tragic loss xx

  • chris

    RIP Andy, watching you surf was so fun and inspiring. A huge loss to surfing.

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  • Cara

    I’m in complete shock. He will be missed, so young, so talented.

  • Brian Adelberg

    GLad he got that win this year. One of the best surfers of all time! What a loss. Im bummed. RIP Andy.

  • niconiks

    Andy rest in peace brah.
    “I surf because -”
    Condolences to ohana.
    still can’t believe you’re gone.
    -niconiks of cebu island, pacific philippines

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  • Cruiser


  • Erik K –

    An unfathomable loss… just shocking. My heart goes out to his family.

  • Timbo

    A true champion who left his mark on this earth. His images and inspiration will live on. Enjoy the endless “Green Room” Champ!

  • Steve Hougard

    Our Prayers go out to Andy’s Family.


    the Hougard’s

  • mateo

    sooo much love for Andy …. Your spirit incredible style and great influence in the surf world will not be forgotten

  • CVDL

    I’m chocked and very sorry for the loss of a great surfer!

    RIP Andy!

  • Rod Tiburon

    Puerto Rico is Really Sad About it…Siempre te Recordaremos…

  • Neko Rodrigues

    God bless Andy Irons and his family, RIP.

  • Brandon

    A.I. R.ipping I.n P.aradise

  • bryan guter


  • Ben Barry

    We”ll miss your style and ablity along with the mongrel you always bring to all your competitve surfing out there in the water Andy.

  • http://Espn William thomson

    God bless wife and family and friends, all over the world

  • Robert Gerard

    Rest in peace Andy Irons. You brought surfing to an amazing level with your fearless approach. Prayers and love to your wonderful wife Lyndie, your unborn son, your mom and dad, and of course to Bruce. Love, The Gerard Family

  • Richard Mullins

    Eerr i dont want to believe it! Take my hero away please no…

    Andy stayed at my house with his brother Bruce, Dino Andino and Gavin Bechin.. He was 19 years of age. Russ my brother was 18, Bruce was 17 and i was just a 14 year old grom with a massive smile. We joked about how Dino could wrap his dick around his wrist and called it “Big Drill”
    Just Before our meeting in the sleepy summertime town I call my own “Newquay” i had heard of the raw talent presented by the Irons brother’s…!
    Overwelmed of their persence and excited about there future, i was privlaged to invite them into my home with the concent of my family, then show the boys around my streets with the strict guidence of my older brother Russell…!!!
    Every kids dream, as the keen grom i was and still am i gave my bedroom up and bunked on my brothers floor to make there time in the UK comfortable and as memorable as possible.

    The irons team has been a inspiration to me and my way of life.

    R.I.P Andy


  • john c

    awful news. AI RIP

  • fantasy jaws

    how can this be true that some one so young and vibrate with family and friends abound be taken from this world of ours in an instant when all of life was before him…may his ohana accept our heart felt condolences and take a small consolation that some us who did not know him personally enjoyed his vibrancy and his surfing talents…there is sadness that will not soon leave us…aloha andy!

  • Ciaran

    RIP totally sucks, he had a rep of being a really nice guy, thoughts are with his wife, family and friends

  • Mike @ RAS stats

    The news I never wanted to hear.
    So many epic A.I moments in history that stick in my head, I will never forget them.
    To Lindy, Bruce and the Irons family what can I say… So sorry…
    RIP Champ.

  • simon

    this is incredibly sad news – the surfing world loses a truly great surfer
    Rest In Peace Andy.

  • Fidel Duran

    Huge loss for all of us surfers all over the planet. He will remain as one of the best in the history of the sport. He looked like he was enjoying his nice comeback to the tour. Sad. Condelences from Spain for his family and friends. So Sad…

  • Curt Harper

    I,m so sorry to hear about and he will be remebered.

  • Juan Andres

    sigue ripeando con los dioses hermano!! se te quiere, un abrazo desde Venezuela

  • Nuno

    Unbelievable. I’m in complete shock. My sincerest condolences to the Irons family and friends. Descansa em paz Campeão…

  • JC

    A>I> ahora esta corriendo la ola etrena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VENEZUELA SURFING FAMILY TA DE LUTO!!!!

    PAZ A SUS RESTOS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kaimi Naone

    You will be remembered. R.I.P ANdy Irons

  • Alain de Billy

    Que triste noticia, desejo sinceramente muita força para sua familia e para sua esposa que esta gravida.
    Aloha Andy aonde voce estiver.

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  • gary

    A good man lost and will be dearly missed!
    Stay strong Irons family..stay strong!


    El más grande entre los grandes. Ojalá surfees el cielo como surfeaste nuestros océanos. Descansa en paz campeón.

  • kevin

    NOOOO!! this is fake, gotta be fake

  • H.R.H

    OMG! I think i speak for all when i say im in deep shock! R.I.P to a legend in his own right… x

  • TeamVeta

    Desde Chile… Se lamenta la muerte de Andy

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  • Wells

    This news sucks!!! He was a hard charger, bad ass mutha f’er. His legacy will live on forever!!! My heart goes out to Bruce and the fam the wife and all his close friends. I hate this!!

  • Mentawai SurfCats

    Thoughts and prayers for the Irons family. Rest In Peace Andy, you will be deeply missed.

  • Gregorio

    Andy did it his way!! Never conforming, loved to free surf more than compete, a true inspiration to me. I will miss those days at kaliiwai aweing at him tearing it up. My thoughts and prayers go out to Lyndie and his unborn future shredder.

  • Ziza Mottin – Brazil

    Our condolences to all family and closed friends. He will be always in our harts and minds.

  • Candy Maia

    Can’t believe it! Oh my God! Not meant to be!
    Thoughts and prayers to Andy’s family and friends.

    Peniche, Portugal.

  • brandon

    RIP AI. thoughts and prayers to the Irons family.

  • Whamo

    Andy was a great surfer. He wasn’t just another Slater clone. He did big moves in new places.

  • Jolley

    R.I.P mate, your a true hero <3 x paradise x

  • josh

    I still cant believe it… this cant be happening… RIP andy

  • Chris

    My condolences to Andy’s friends and family. AI was one of the best surfers ever, and influenced so many of us, young and old. He will be greatly missed by our community, and will always be remembered. May he rest in peace.

  • Evan

    RIP Andy – you will be missed by all…

    Thoughts and prayers to you and your family and friends.


    Evan, Australia

  • Portuguese

    No Dengue in Portugal. Dont believe in fairy tales!

  • eichg

    one of the greats, will truly be missed, rip andy!

  • Chuck Allen

    How sad to hear about Andy. Our prayers are with his family.

    Chuck and Christine Allen

  • tonysurf

    Just Shocked. We don’t realise how fragile and precious life is. enjoy every moment. hug your loved ones. Much love and Sympathy to his family. RIP Andy.

  • Ariel Fiocco

    “Se fue un Grande…Nace la Leyenda…” Mi mas sentido pesame a la Familia y todo el Honor que merece un Surfista y Persona como lo era Andy.
    Ariel Fiocco ASBA, Asociacion de Surf y Bodyboard de Argentina, en nombre de todos los Surfistas del Partido de La Costa, Argentina.

  • dom

    R.I.P Andy LEGENDS never die !!!! sympathy to the family from west wales uk

  • Mark Brown

    Hawaii lost a Champion……..

  • Rich

    RIP Andy Irons, and inspiration to us all.

  • stephanie

    Rest in peace Andy, your memory will always be alive as long as there are surfers to ride the waves you dominated. My prayers go out to the irons family and Andy’s wife. God bless

  • Ladybug

    I drove over to check out the large North swell coming in right in front of Andy’s house at Middles parking lot. The lefts were going off with nobody out. Big massive beautiful lefts just for Andy in his honor. What a legacy of amazing talent! Psalm 56:8 Put my tears in your bottle…are they not in your book?”

  • David

    Cant believe it. My thoughts and prayers go to Andy’s family. Andy was the first surfer I ever heard of and has been my favorite since. He is the reason I got into surfing. I’ll always remember him

  • michael iddings

    All of the world will miss Andy but Kauai will miss him the most
    our condolences to the Irons Ohana .
    from the iddings ohana

  • old school

    i cant even believe it. Andy, we’ll miss you. Future irons, your dad was awesome and we will always remember him as a legend

  • redfish

    Regards from the gulf coast of the mainland…………………. soooo sad……..

  • Davo – West Oz

    RIP! cheers for all the inspiration through my grommethood

  • Kenny

    RIP Andy…you are a legend and will be missed!

  • Andy

    Wow super sad day for surfing, my next wave is for you Andy.

  • Yudi Kohar

    Wow, this is so heart breaking! Rest in peace Andy. Now you can ride the waves in heaven, where there are no bad days. God be with your family and friends during this time! Much love!

  • http://??? brissy

    so sad i cant believe it ! death brings lots of emotions currently feeling angry ! how can we lose someone so young and talented why was he in hotel not a hospital r.i.p andy u were a chapion

  • pfranta

    RIP Andy…You will always be THE MAN

  • SR

    Wow! Didn’t see this coming! A sad day for the surfing world. Many news agencies are saying it was dengue fever, but it is still hard to believe. Shocked beyond belief! RIP Andy. Condolences to his mrs and unborn baby. So sad!

  • Cuba

    SURFAVA MUUUIIITTTOOOO ! Grande perda para o mundo surf. Vai com Deus .

  • André Felipe

    My sincere condolences to the Irons family. He is my main inspiration in surf and allways will be.

  • Kauai Girl

    this is such a great loss – Andy you will truly be missed.
    A hui hou kakou

  • nz surfer

    RIP Andy, You will never be forgotten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Yahoo Tammy Mayfield

    I will miss Andy, I watched him surfing one time and he really was one with the water. He will be missed but truely i want to pay my respects and bow my head and have a moment of silence for Andy and The Iron family and friends, We all over the world Love him and will miss him. I know everytime I see a wave I will think of Andy

  • Gustavo Veríssimo

    não acredito!
    não posso e não quero acreditar numa coisa destas!!

  • Jeff

    Very saddened by this news, as appears to be the rest of the surfing world. Thoughts and prayers to Andy’s family. Heartbreaking.

  • Todd

    Let me be (among) the first to call on Billabong to change the name of the upcoming Pipe Masters to “Billabong Pipeline Masters in Memory of Andy Irons.”

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  • Jman

    bob is another word for dick. have some respect….none of us are perfect. andy was a good man with a good heart. your friends and family miss you dearly…until we meet agian.

  • Ivan

    Very sad news,RIP Andy

  • Robert

    Man, sad news. Great legendary surfer going far too young. RIP.

  • Alex

    Your style could not be matched Andy.I appreciate all that you have done for the surfing world this is a sad day for surfers everywere. Andy, thank you, you will not be forgotten

  • Alex

    yeah seriously bob, how dare you suggest that he is to blame for his death. you’re the problem

  • lance

    so sad and so un fair heart goes out for the family x

  • Alonzo

    ANDY IRONS… I will always remember you as surfer model

  • Andreshixs

    Dengue fever is a tropical disease produced by a mosquito bite. I had it . I just hope that it hasn’t suffered. The surfer community in venezuela its devastated and very sad. My condolences to the family and friends. RIP Andy :'(

  • jesse

    what a legend. tragic loss

  • mk

    awful news… I wish he had stayed on the drip ..condolences to his wife


    We at Ala Moana Surf Co. Honolulu send our sincerest condolences to the Irons ohana.

  • Robert Lombard

    May your family find peace with their lost. And now you will be surfing with the angels…

  • Irish Justin

    Absolutely gutted!!! Holding back the tears reading these replies.
    AI was the most honest surfer ever. A true Champion – Hero – Legend.
    Goodbye Andy…I surf because of you. Thank you and stay stoked!

  • Matias

    Sad news for the surfing community, my condolences to his family.

  • Mark

    I just re watched the video of him after his win in Tahiti this season, he was so stoked to be back and you could sense his love surfing.

    This is a tragic loss to the surfing world. RIP Andy

  • Jason

    We’ve lost a true legend. My prayers are with his wife and child.

  • pt

    it’s hard to see such a genuine person gone. You’ll be missed Andy, rest in peace.

  • Liza

    RIP. Andy.
    Sadly missed x

  • GhettoJoe

    Bruce surfs Pipe Masters in Andy’s spot. No question. RIP Andy. Biggest frontside hack ever.

  • Eric

    This is so weird that my daughter and I just released a Butterfly in our backyard and I come in to read this sad news..

    Lyndie, Bruce and the rest of the Irons family, we are praying for your strength. The worldwide surf community was supremely blessed to have known Andy or witnessed his talent and personality. Andy is a legend and left a legacy to this sport, this lifestyle, the simple act of riding waves, that will never be forgotten. God bless him and the Irons clan. Love you AI.

  • Surfistacom

    Andy, as ondas aqui em baixo sentirão sua falta, mas aí em cima você vai pegar todas…aloha!!!

  • http://SurfPuertoVallarta Surf Puerto Vallarta

    Unbelieveable, shocking news. RIP Andy, from every surfer here in Mexico and around the world.

  • Toddpam

    OMG… wat a lose… our condolences to his wife n unborn child..
    the surfing world will never b the same.. Rip Andy Irons, u r a true legend n my hubbys fave surfer.
    Always in our hearts. xoxoxoox

  • buc bewley

    Wow what a loss! RIP A.I. from all of your surfer family. My condolences to the family. so sad…

  • dfmaligno

    Im broken,i feel so sorry for hos family and wife,descansa en paz hermano

  • aFan

    really wish id gone to the trestles contest when i had a chance. still dont really believe this news.
    only the good die young

  • Paul Brooke

    Personally touched by his life, and now by his death… ANDY IRONS, you have lived an incredible life, your success as a pro athlete will go down, without spoken words, as some of the most influential accomplishments ever in the sport of surfing! I feel like I have lost one of my own brothers. Ever since I was a kid, Andy Irons was my hero. For 12 years, I followed Andy’s highly publicized life with the ASP World Tour. That is 1998 to November 2, 2010. Give em’ hell bro! Alohaaa

  • WestLindy

    NUFF LOVE & RESPECT to the Legendary AI. We are heartbroken in the Virgin Islands.

  • RydrHi

    RIP Andy

  • Chris M.

    S.I.P ANDY…

  • Jerry

    This is really terrible, such a good surfer with lots of years left competing, sounds like he should have gone straight to the hospital after getting off that flight, didn’t anybody around him realize how sick he was, my heart goes out to his family for this horrible event, that young man could compete & beat the best of the best on any given day, what a total #$@^&* bummer for the surfing world and all of this friends, RIP Andy

  • Steve A

    Our hearts go out to Mr.Irons family and friends, A true legend has been taken from us, but will forever live on in our memories. RIP

  • merino

    this is can be posible, one of the best surfers of all time, such a shame, i can`t believe it…this is can`t happen… damn…

  • Julien

    Prayers from France

  • puertojav

    Great loss, wow. I don’t understand why he didn’t stay in PR. I will guarantee that he’ll be alive right now if he would had stayed in a PR hospital. Dengue is common there and he would have gotten the proper treatment there. Crazy stuff!

  • Kevin Curtis

    RIP Andy. You fuckinig ripped. Hawaii is honoring her fallen son the right way, with a pumping swell.

  • Josh
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  • Pingback: werd.

  • M@Rco

    The SURF community will miss you hard, Andy Irons.
    We will never forget you.


  • Ben

    Fuck. I am crushed. My favorite athlete ever. RIP/God Bless. Rip in Heaven fucking legend.

  • tamatoa

    We don’t know what to say here in tahiti, or what to think, we are in deep shock. Your polynesian brothers are deeply sad today, Tahiti is sad today, and teahupo’o is crying bcs it lost its brother. Our love and prayers to andy’s family. Mauru’uru e a parahi ana’e oe tō tatou taea’e.

  • http://surfer WILFORDS

    RIP Your memory will still inspire surfers today and anyone who thinks about picking up a board. THOUGHTS TO THE FAMILY.

  • trysurfinc

    Its a terrible day in the surf industry :(…. Why him??

  • http://surfer Robson


  • brad

    wow!! blown away!!! soo sad..

  • Evan


  • VonZipper

    Words can not even begin to express our sorrow upon hearing about the loss of Andy Irons. Hold tight to his memory for comfort lean on your friends and loved ones for support and remember that we love and care for you. Lyndie and his family are in our prayers.
    With Love, sympathy and condolences,
    The VonZipper Family

  • paulo marbella

    r.i.p. andy…. we sure going to never forget your incredible talent

  • You are a kook

    go to hades

  • Tim Sammon

    On behalf of the Sunshine Coast surfing community- offering heartfelt condolences to Andys family and freinds. An honest guy who shared his passion for surf with everyone.

  • fellovergen

    A tragedy, a loss , thanks to your site for linking a fitting tribute

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  • miami

    He was here in Miami Sunday Night..partying and having fun. Friends took him to the airport at like 6 in the morning. He was so excited to go home and see his wife. What a beautiful person, heart goes out to his family.

  • pinoy

    RIP kauai boy, you’ll be missed.. thanks for the inspiration

  • Chelsea Dillon-Miller

    Our surfing tribe around the world has lost its best competitor. Our hearts go out to his family and friends. Shocking, saddening, and the end of a true legend. The waves are all yours buddy…upstairs….

  • Felicia Felix

    To Bruce, Mia, Lyndie, Phil, Makana and all of Andy’s ohana and friends in Kauai and all over the world – Please accept my condolences and may your sorrow have solice in the peace that Andy is where there is no hurt, no sick no sadness and his peace is eternal. His love will follow you every day in special ways until you may meet again…he will be there beside you on every wave, every raindrop, and every break that he loved…always….follow the surf and he will be there beside you.

    Much love –

    xoxo Feliicia Felix, Kauai, Hawaii

  • MD

    Dengue hemorrhagic fever is a severe, potentially deadly infection spread by certain species of mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti) he must have had dengue fever before and got it again and figured he would just head home and wait out the normal degue fever but really had the hemorrhagic type that put his body in shoke. we will see what the final report is. God I hope this is bull shit, but it isn’t.

  • Matt

    What a guy and what a life! His a inspirtaion in life and the surfing world. Great person and personality. Watching the desest point wave on this clip nearly made me cry it was so incredible

  • pablo soler

    wao es increible que un gran atleta como ANDY IRONS, alla fallecido era muy buen surfer y aunque no lo llegue a conocer personalmente seguia su carrera a traves de surfer magazine, RIP AI, MIS CONDOLENCIAS PARA SU FAMILIA!!!!!!

  • jessi

    R.I.P andy irons
    you will forever be remembered and greatly missed.
    my thoughts go out to your family and friends :'(

  • Drew

    RIP Andy! You were great to watch and we were all rooting for you this year. My condolences to your wife and family.

  • dougv

    Shocking as hell. Such a great talent. Kauai, Hawaii, the irons family and surfing took the biggest loss today. He is now true icon and legend. rest easy brah. you lived so great. aloha

  • Anita Nelson

    Beautiful video. Unbelievable loss. Prayers for his expectant wife. So sad…

  • dougv

    and of course, our first big swell is rocking hawaii right now. you are on it andy. always will be……

  • Lucasta Rogers

    I send prayers to his family and wife. this will be hard, but God bless you and your child, may he / she be as brilliant as the Dad .
    Take care

  • Mark

    sick to my stomach at this news.

  • James

    Sad Day!!!

  • terri

    Tears for your unborn baby and prayers for you to rest in peace. You gave so much to the sport and we will never forget you.

  • Olin Duaso

    speechless and devastated…a tiny mosquito killed our Champ.. a great surfer and a human being!

  • http://N/A Bruce Hansel

    A great Surfer who Influenced a GENERATION ! Never to be Forgotten ! Sympathy for His Wife and soon to be born Child and Family and friends ! The Great Die young sometimes ! Shocking !

  • venicementor

    E ho’omaha me ka maluhia – Rest in peace, andy

  • Rich Olsen

    There needs to be an event(s) in his name!!

  • Rick

    Unreal. I think this calls for a Bruce comeback and a year dedicated to the champ.

  • tommy

    RIP AI…Now you can surf everyday without the jersey!
    God Bless

  • Demsome420massa

    RIP ~ Andy Definatly praying for his family! Only the good die young. He was inspiration for us all!

  • Jimbo

    I am in shock. Andy was definitely one of the best – in a class by himself. Saying he will be missed is massive understatement.

  • penny regan

    Andy irons will be missed ever so dearly to the surfing world and community. i’m sincerely sorry for the irons family loss. this was an
    event that wasn’t inevitable to anyone but god himself.This legendary surfer will live on….. RIP Andy Irons.

  • Thompson

    Words cannot describe how awestruck I am. Such a powerful man, and amazing surfer. I will forever hold him as one of the legends of our time. Love and prayers to his family and friends.

  • penny regan

    im so sad i cant stop talking about it! my entire family is on their knees praying right now. AI was really someone special to watch surf. Even hearing his voice put smiles on faces. tonight is the night where i have my Andy Irons marathon movie special. im pretty sure theyre going to name an event after him. i’ll be seeing AI in the afterlife hopefully. we love you andy!!

  • http://PMBAFacebook PMBA Bodyboarding Australia

    Our worlds may be different but we are one in the ocean. On behalf of all the members of PMBA Bodyboarding Port Macquarie Australia we send our deepest condolence to all. Words cannot nor will not ease the pain but love will heal with time. Much peace. Margo.

  • TC

    So sad. My heart goes out to his family and friends. The waves you surfed will never be forgotten, Andy!

  • Chiho Lyons

    RIP Andy.

  • Ruben A. B. S

    This is a very sad news for every one in the world of surfing ! Andy we’ll allways remember you !!

  • BVI

    so sad, he was a legend and a good man, we will miss him always

  • sweed

    meeeeeeeeggggaaaaaaa !!!! 😉

  • Mario Maggio

    I am so sorry, Mr. Irons, Irons family My Prayers are with you
    Mario R. Maggio

  • Rosa Carrion

    Es una muy mala noticia, Que Dios le de fortaleza a su familia…Es un gran Idolo del SURF a NIvel MUNDIAL!!!!

  • Mario

    What sad news…may you ride the eternal swell Andy….much aloha and mahalo for sharing with us!

  • Marcius C.

    We all miss you, man!

  • in vancouver


  • Joey Brooks

    RIP Andy, may your spirit live on in the world of surfing. God bless your family. You were an amazing surfer. Save some waves for us!

  • KJ

    I’m in shock! Feel terrible for his family. Thank you for all that you taught us Andy – You are a champion!

  • Brain Shortacre

    Not only did the world lose a great surfer today but it also lost somebody that not only would have been a great father but has influenced so many people around the world.R.I.P gonna stay up and watch everyone of his videos tonight,My condolences to family and friends and mostly to Bruce and his wife.

  • christie

    my Extended sorrow to his family, I lost surfer /zboy. Baby Paul last year and know first hand how these message boards helped me through a tough time. ..I saved them for his daughter to read one day. God bless

  • Beth Guedes

    Inacreditável! Totalmente chocada! Impossível!!!

  • fox

    can’t believe this horrible news. he was my fave surfer. we will all miss him. i’ll be praying for the entire irons fame.

  • eisonhawk salvatore

    Return to the source quickly young man, add a strong ‘Aloha’ forever for a truely lifted life O’hana & professional love of our sport, a sport of kings; in the mean time “Live & Love” miss you Andy, see you after then…

  • Lachlan Clark

    So sad R.I.P Andy. What an amazing surfer. My condolences to family and friends

  • Edson

    we will meet Andy again somewhere inside the big barrel with the sound wild from the fan bowl ,his will be there everyday forever the ocean will keep his soul……

  • Got It In Focus

    I am so sorry,, this is truly a great loss of one of our cousins… May the ocean spirit always give you perfect waves in Heaven… MUCH ALOHA TO THE FAMILY…… Kelley
    Got it in Focus

  • Teddy

    My condolence for his family, it’s a sad news for the entire world, because he was one of the best in surfing. Here in PR we saw him for the last time in the contest. God bless.

  • Peter la

    True GOD of the sport I can’t believe it

    What a tragic loss for every person on this planet

  • max gering

    andy irons the man the legend. R.I.P. 1978-2010

  • Ryan Steinolfson

    I cannot believe this happened. I am actually happen to be staying in the Grande Hyatt hotel in Dallas tonight on a business trip. Crazy.


  • Luis M.

    =… Support for his family!

  • Ed Martinez

    wow! Sad News. But really dengue fever? Hotel room in Dallas. The maid found him at like 10am. Wasn’t he with anyone, im sure he didn’t stay in dallas alone without his people with him.

    C’mon there is definately more to this sad story.

  • becky

    a true inspiration and an amazing person, keep riding those waves dude!! R.I.P xx

  • Always

    Andy- You’ve inspired us all.
    God bless You and your family- we’re praying


    What an unbelievably tragic loss. Our most sincere condolences to the Irons family and his wife. RIP AI. You will be greatly missed.

  • Johnny

    Very, very sad to hear. Prayers to the Ohana. He will be extremely missed. Everybody surf one for AI.

  • Brad lambert

    What a legend !!!!! So sad !!!!!

  • mel(santa cruz)


  • junior paiva

    true legend!


    number one for me!

  • Jeff

    we miss you already andy. you’ll always be on my fantasy team.

  • Augustine

    And he was on his way back to the top. And a baby on the way. A year ago, did he ever dream that a year from then he’d be dead? In Dallas of all places?

    Friends, we’re poised on the edge of eternity at every moment. Let’s hope he was prepared. Let his death not be in vain. Let it spur us on to prepare ourselves, for any of us could pass into eternity at any moment. We hang onto this life by a thread. May this help you to prepare:

  • Ian

    I can’t believe this, my condolence to the Irons family. I am in total shock. He was a great person and surfer and he will be missed so much.

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  • Dustin Semark

    My personal condolences to the Irons family and to every surfer out there. We lost a great surfer today. One of the best.

    My buddy and I surf nearly everyday together and we call ourselves the Irons Bros. I have looked up to Andy ever since I picked up a surfboard. Shred hard in the afterlife bra, you will be greatly missed.

    Long live Andy Irons

  • Rhonda Swan

    We send blessings to Andy’s family and Lyndie. You child will come into this world with Andy’s spirit.

    The ocean will give you the energy you need to make it through, we send our best.


    se fue un grande d la tabla
    y lo demostro siendo 3 veses campeon mundial de tabla
    la comunidad surfer esta de luto–

  • ARA

    RIP Andy..

  • Matt

    Respect and love to the Irons family. Andy will be sorely missed. A true legend of surfing.

  • Johnny

    What a sad day! Goes to show you, that anyone can go, at anytime. All of us in the surfing community will miss you. Rest In Peace!

  • Lisa lueck

    RIP Andy! Such a shock!! Best to family! Wish he would have stayed in PR where they could have dealt with the dengue before he wanted to fly so far without treatment!

  • Beamer

    I cant believe it!!!!!! RIP Andy, i will miss your great personality and super surfing!! Not Stoked!!!!!

  • Lana Papke

    Not our hometown hero!!! Andy, so special, everyone’s friend, incredible smile. Heavy loss. May your spirit live on. God bless.

  • Buck Owens

    the ocean will give u the energy to make it through? Nice thought. Not sure it’s that easy…

    Rest in Peace Andy– Waterman of the Year 2005

    See you again… Aloha…

  • David

    Rest In Peace Andy Irons
    You will be missed and Remembered

  • Amy

    Ke Akua pu a hui hou Andy, Hawaii and the world will miss you.

  • Piers

    My favourite surfer – always on the edge of what is makeable. And always said what he thought, regardless of the consequences. I really admired him as a surfer and human being. Very sad indeed.

  • Bill

    Mahalo Andy for leaving us with the great images in our minds of you ripping every time you stepped on a board and for the great stoke you passed on the kids every year with Bruce. Stay covered….We all love you and miss you already!!! Bless your unborn child and wife

  • Kyra

    So sad to hear of the tragedy. Life can be taken from you so suddenly. Make the most out of every moment, and look to Andy for guidance. Live like he did, someone who made his dreams a reality and accomplished all he could while he was here. Prayers and thoughts are with his family and friends. May you rest easy in heaven and remain in spirit with your family forever. Keep the ocean your home and watch over all those who respected and looked up to you as such a talented surfer. Your life may have been taken but your legend will live on. One Love.

  • Kevin Lynch

    Man this sucks. Life is so fleeting. Pray for Andy’s spirit and Ohana on Kauai. Go with God my friend.

  • Kevin

    less love in our world tonight. our hearts ache for his family most especially his children. a father can be a legend, but a legend isn’t a father. pass safely brother.

  • Mark

    Very sad Prayers go out to the Irons ohana Stay strong a man that will be sadly missed Andy R.I.P

  • Ian

    My thoughts go out to Bruce and the entire Irons family for the tragic and sudden loss of one THE GREATEST SURFERS EVER. The only surfer to give Kelly a run for his money. Three time World Champ, brother, son, husband, and father to be you were a true human and great athlete. You will be extremely missed. Thank you for the memories, inspiration and images that will be forever remembered. Peace and love.

  • Adam

    R.I.P. Andy…. I surf……..because of people like you. enjoy the endless sets wherever you are brah

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  • TK

    RIP bro. Surfing the eternal wave

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  • SurferMedina

    So saddened by this news. Andy RIP(s).

  • jeff

    Andy was too sick to compete and WAS told by the hospital in PR to stay, where the F@#* was Billabong to take care of their favorite son and make sure he got the medical attention he deserved and made it home safely. Someone let Andy get on the plane to Dallas by himself, WHO ??? Andy would still be alive if someone would have taken control of the situation and made sure he got the medical attention he deserved… MAKES ME SICK!!!!

  • lomaz

    So sad from a stupid mosquito!! 🙁

  • Jac

    This is such a loss for the surfing community! RIP Andy…

  • Alida

    Tears are streaming from my eyes. Please send all the love and positive energy to Lindy, Bruce, and the Irons Family that you can.

  • G

    Devastating. God speed AI.

  • Moanalani Roquette

    My late mother is Hawaiian and from Moloa`a, Kauai. I am part Hawaiian.
    This hits home for me being Andy is Hawaiian and is from Hawaii. Knowing him
    personally makes this very bittersweet. Andy, you and your O`hana are wished peace
    and love beyond all understanding.

    Aloha Ke Akua a me malama pono me ke ha`a ha`ha,
    Moanalani Ke`alohilani Roquette 😉

    “It was a love of the ocean, the surf, and the sea.
    It was the love of soaring and flying, the lure of adventure, the appreciation of Nature.
    It lay beyond the descriptive words of men where immortality is touched through danger,
    where life meets death on an equal plane; where man is more than man, and existence
    is both supreme and valueless at the same time.
    ~Moanalani K. Roquette~
    (Written in memory of Andy Irons on Tuesday, November 2, 2010 7:25 p.m. HST)

  • Vincent

    Andy Irons was an inspiration to me, I thank him for sharing his talent and aggressive following surfing style that I love so much! I would like to send my sincerest condolences to his family!

    He always be remember!


  • Shelly

    Oh, how very tragic… My husband & I met Andy and Lyndie on the plane from Taipei to Bali in July 2007. They were the only other passengers in Business Class with us. Lovely couple, completely unassuming, totally gracious. (Us being first-time tourists on Bali, they offered tips and information that proved invaluable!) My heart is sad. God bless your family, they are in my prayers — RIP Andy…

  • Pepper

    This is so sad, and so young, I can only hope he enjoyed his short time here, and that he didn’t have to suffer long, Rest in Peace Andy, prayers for all family, friends, and fans.

  • Vic

    Its been raining all day Tuesday here in Dallas, TX, Like if the sky was crying for Andy Irons lost, such a sad day… thanks for inspiring us with your talent. watching you surf make me feel closer to the ocean… RIP

  • charlie

    he passed away from dengue fever or something like that i cant spell it properly, sad

  • Raphaël

    Andy est une vraie inspiration, puissant imaginatif et tellement doué. C’est dur à croire. Il laisse un grand vide. Nous pensons à lui et à ses proches. Merci ANDY.

  • Jimbo

    Kauai waves will weep at the loss of their master, so long Andy and thanks for the greatest surfing moments ever,
    regards NZ

  • torisky

    all the tahitian brotherhood unite for his ever loving memory,he was an island champion with a heart of gold and was a true tahitian braddah. he was like the roaring lion in the pit of teahupoo who mastered the beast. e to u hoa andy mea rahi roa te oto e te mihi ia oe, e aroha rahi roa i te mau taae. o oe te aito no te horue, aita matou mo’e ia oe

  • Mennywise Garcia

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn !!!!!! i can’t beliave taht !!! R.I.P. Andy !!! y que Dios te cuide Cabron !!! solo Dios sabe por hace las cosas !!

  • mikey abejo

    My heart goes out to the entire family. I can’t believe it nor do I want to. Hang in there Lindsey.

  • jono

    great great great surfer & man . very sad loss to the world .


    Unbelievable, so bummed right now. Irons family and friends have my prayers and support.

  • maoli

    Sorry for the long post but check out the controversy in the comments below this article:

    I posted the following comment on the Honolulu Star Advertiser website and it was censored twice:

    SA as you can see from all the comments, your headline is an extreme disappointment. AI like many of us had his troubles, but in the broad view of his achievements and the way he appeared to be evolving his life and family, your title is the epitome of bad judgement and bad taste.

    A quick sampling of USA national news sites:

    abcnews – Former World Champion Surfer Andy Irons Dies
    cbsnews – Andy Irons, Former World Champion Surfer, Dies
    foxnews – Surfing Legend Andy Irons Dies at 32

    More significantly, a quick sampling of the other world surfing power, Australia: – Surfing world in mourning after death of former champion Andy Irons – Surf champ Andy Irons dies – Surf champion Andy Irons dies – Surfing champion Andy Irons dies – Three-time World Surfing champion Andy Irons dies at 32 – Andy Irons Dies From Dengue fever

    Yeah, your title may be technically valid but in your sensationalistic zeal your phrasing and verb selection placed emphasis on the sordid aspect. In all fairness, your title was similar to the headline “Surfer Andy Irons dead: police probe methadone overdose,” but hey, they’re a foreign, farming publication and not the primary newspaper of AI’s home state. Nice. Next time until the autopsy comes in, do a commemoratory title or at least a neutral one and put the darker details in the body.

  • Matt O

    A Legend Becomes LEGEND! Unbelievable. Best wishes to Irons Clan. Sad Sad day…

  • dean

    This is BS how…why.. how could this happen, he was 32 strong fit man, hows this possible my thoughts go to the Irons family and Hawaiian people loss of a pro surfer, friend and family member. Is a shock, we will miss you Andy. RIP brother.

  • Morgan

    I am so shocked that he is gone… he will be missed… my prayers and thoughts go out to the family… he was a truly amazing person.

  • apavone

    Andy lived a life that we can all be proud of. He set goals based off of real feelings and emotion, not some trivial bullshit. I wish his family peacefullness and wish all surfers to continue finding stoke in the next few days and as long as we can..mahalo Andy for all that you provided for all of us…an example of pure spirit and gentle heart! …ALOHA!!!!

  • Mike

    I haven’t been following the tour as much the past few years, but I was just recently thinking about Andy Irons. Back in 2002 to 2004 when I was in high school he was the absolute best. No one could beat him, and for that moment he set the standard. I’m completely blown away and saddened to hear of the unborn child on the way. RIP and God Bless Andy

  • Solomon R

    Glide Andy glide with the angels. Peace be with you and see you in the never ending barrel. Love you man

  • Colleen

    Rest in peace Andy, you will be greatly missed. We ask ourselves every day why the good always have to die young. The world will take care of Lyndi and your child. We miss you already. Hopefully there’s the perfect wave up there in Heaven for you.

  • Big Love

    Dengue is a very painful virus .
    Also called bone break fever ..
    If Andy had Dengue sounds he was self medicating to get home to his wife and a hospital …
    For the star advertisor to print that article is so disrespectful …they should print a full retraction !!!!
    Andy was a Champion in every way ..
    Lots of love and prayers going out to Andy’s Ohana from all over the world ….
    Big love … Big waves…. Big Champion
    Feeling the loss in Tahiti …..

  • patrick

    incant beleave he died i give my prays to his friend and famillyy
    r.i.p peace ANDY IRONS

  • Dave

    First he was a good contest kid with an awkward upper body cutback. Then he progressed hella fast. Then he set the standard for Kaua’i surfers right after Kaipo Jaquias (sp?). Then he set the standard for Hawai’i surfers in general. Then he got so damned good that he helped set the standard for surfers worldwide right along Kelly. Fricken crazy death pits all over the world, huge airs, floaters with air drops on MEATY Haleiwa and B door waves. He was the man an no doubt would’ve carried the momentum to win this year’s Triple Crown. RIP, you are such an inspiration and will be forever.

  • shelter cove humbolt.

    very saddened ,sorry everyone…



  • Nate B

    A dream, a legend
    Surfed like nothing else mattered
    Some waves never end

  • nick welch

    Met him at bells last year – he looked so happy, totally in love with wife and surfing.
    real sad day. super polite guy.

  • david

    an inspiration, very sad thoughts go out to his family

  • CJ

    I am in total shock! Just saw a movie staring this beautyful person on a surf trip at Torquay. Andy RIP. My thoughts are with your family and loved ones.

  • Matt candler

    You’ll rip forever andy!!

  • Patrick

    One of the best surfers in history as well as an inspiration. Very sad day.

  • Pistache

    R.I.P. Andy Irons, very sad news

  • zwolinski laurent

    Une grande tristesse pour ce grand personnage….He is surfing now with the angels….

  • http://facebook Don McKay

    R. I. P…..Andy Irons……Just tragic…..GOD BLESS

  • Johanens

    Rest in Peace Andy!

  • brendon

    RIP andy irons. our love from AUS

  • samuel cordon

    Already i can´t beleive it, i´m really sorry, my sincerest condolences to the family…Rest in peace Andy,…

  • samuel cordon

    Descanse en paz Andy desde España, toda la comunidad Surfera en España esta que no se lo cree.

  • Stuart P

    Forever in our hearts AI.
    I never had the privelage of meeting you, but you have enspired my life and for that I thank you.
    Love and thoughts to you and your loved ones.

  • Ralph Walton

    I cant believe it! He was a true surfing legend! R.I.P Andy Irons

  • Bobby Droback

    Let us not feel sadness, but joy to have watched him rip kelly a new one! 3 times!!!! only god keeps score, not any a.s.p. judges.
    Bruce big shoes to fill are you up for it? oh brah you are!!!!!!! If ever you were, it’s now!

  • Doo

    RIP big man.

    Thx for tha memories of all those waves..

  • Kevin

    I live in Honolulu now but i lived on Kauai from 84 -2004 lived on the southside but i would Surf Hanalei side in the Winter. When the waves were junk we would go check out Pinetrees and we would see the Iron Brothers out there ripping up the waves as small kids and people on the beach would be talking about how good they were at a young age up and comers.So i was really proud of them and all the Kauai Boyz who made such a huge mark on the World stage later on.SO SAD I guess it was common knowledge he had drug problems then had dengue fever.That is a bad combo.The guy had it all great athlete,fame, money,Wife etc etc.I never knew he had a drug problem.So i was shocked So damn sad.

  • firmdog

    just watched andy’s section in filthy habits as a bit of a tribute to the legend, prob best video section of all time, and the song “i live the fast life” watch it and admire. RIP andy , surely missed by millions

  • Urban Surf

    This is shocking, what a great loss to surfing and his family. R.I.P Andy Irons

  • ed wood


  • Be Strong

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Andy’s family…God Bless.

  • Paulo

    All my good feelings for him.. You’ll be missed Andy. God be with you.

  • riky

    addio re delle onde

  • http://rodri@surfing rodrigo larrosa

    lo lamento hermano ,descansa en paz ,

  • luke

    respect and condolence’s from down under

  • WoutverkerWouter

    My hero died too young. Mr.Raw Irons will never be forgotten. R.I.P

  • alex

    Really shocked, really sad was a great surfer, feel really bad for his family.

  • http://insidous.ksigmacom tuto

    Feel so sad today. Still can’t believe that one. Il feels like a very bad joke. AI was one of my two favorites surfers in the world. Can’t believe one is going to win is 10th world title while the other passed away. F… !!!

  • monkey

    I wanna punch the star advertiser. I’m Australian and when I heard the news I just started crying – such a waste.
    I checked the Hawaiian websites to see their take on it and was disgusted by the tabloid approach by the star. The hide, to try and trivialise the passing of a good man like that. If I was on Oahu I’d torch their f-kn building

  • Mark

    Long live a legend!

  • Tom M

    methadone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “doping control at asp NOW!”

  • Bernice G

    I was very shocked to read of Andy’s death and my heart gose out to his loved ones. Andy Irons you will never be fogotten a legend in the surfing world… 32 is much to young to die, but what an amazing life to live… you will be missed R.I.P Andy.

  • izzy

    andy lived well.andy will be remembered as a young god.may your soul rest in peace

  • Johnny

    I had a big poster of AI standing tall in a heavy Teahupoo barrel on my wall for years. It was the first thing I saw every morning. What a surfer!
    Aloha, Champ’.

  • Vitor, Portugal

    RIP Andy…. All my support to the family…


    Prayers and condolences to the Irons family. R.I.P Andy. Just can`t believe this could happen at such a young age.

  • JWC

    Kid was a stone cold ripper. I was so stoked that he won chopes this year. In retrospect its a bit eerie that he said if he could just win one
    more CT event he would be happy. Positive energy to his family.

  • zack covert

    R.I.P andy was one hell of a surfer im sorry thr iron family for ur lost keep ur head up iron family

  • Jonathan

    Disbelief….I was there at Pipe where you beat Slater in the Finals…easily considered the most epic final in Pipe Masters ever… I can’t believe this…

  • Crystal Photos

    Sad to hear about this. Andy was truely a legend. Wish his family and close friends the best. The ASP won’t be the same without him.

  • Flavio Oliveira

    My God, acredito que todos os brasucas do surfe estão de luto hoje como eu…….Fiquei em choque quando vi que o Andy tinha falecido…… PAZ para a familia dele…….o Bruce deve estar malzaçoooo força brother…

  • Carlie S

    R.I.P. Andy Irons.

    Such a shock loss of a great surfer. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family @ this time.
    Andy – you inspired many

  • flo

    the best surfer ever , no way can someone wake me up

  • gherry

    a day of sadness a day of loss …for everyone…RIP ANDY

  • Rui

    no way…one of the best of all time…there will be no other like…



  • Rielly

    FUCK, the whole world is shocked to the core. Andy Irons lived a great life, and charged in the surf. He was one of surfing’s greatest legends and an idol to everyone including me. Rest In Peace Andy, your spirit will live on!

  • Rik

    Google as soon as I heard and nit sure how I heard. Gone so soon! Condolences to the family with such a loss to the surfing community

  • Ron

    Such a shame, because of damn mosquitoes.

  • Ed

    Gutting news in every way. Andy’s candidness, warmth and humour really showed though in recent years – he seemed to me a man growing through his demons with the self-awareness that a few years can bring. I admire that he was not afraid to genuinely and openly dedicate his life to his wife, family and his love of surfing. My thoughts and strength go out to family and friends now – Andy’s legacy will live on in the most positive ways possible.

  • ReB

    Andy was strong as a bull. I woke up expecting news about the election – then this.

    I always rooted for Andy, even more than I rooted for TKnox.

    Lyndie, our Thoughts are with you & Andy’s child.

  • CT

    Condolences to his family, this was a good man. Competition and the tropics did it, i’ll never forget your Indo sessions some of which i joint. 🙁 CT

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  • lja

    Became a huge fan of yours and surfing after seeing Blue Horizon years ago. May you be at peace and many condolences to your family and your son who will never meet you.

  • Chris M

    How horrible!!Prayers to his wife and family. I read a report that his family said he had dengue fever, a viral disease. I almost died of a virus attacking my heart and shutting it down. I wonder if this unfortunately happened to him.

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  • Damien

    A.I boy you really did shock the surfing world today. At the end of it all, you showed the world what surfing can do and how it can change plp lives. We will always remember you. As we all say rip on man. llsp…

  • Scott

    It’s hard to see God’s mercy displayed when someone passes away, but the Scriptures state that we are born in the morning and pass in the day. Life is short, and we are all going to die. It’s reality. Put your hope in Jesus and not in man. Andy will be missed, and my hope is that he has found true joy and peace that surpasses our own understanding.

  • Joao Paulo

    Andy became the first surfing world champion to die. The first truly artist of the waves to make us feel sad for not being able to see his performances anymore. The first surfer to make the world surfing community cry for his death. In a year of recovery he learnt that love is what counts in life to keep us on the track. A great icon was born yesterday. Rest in peace.

  • Cesar Walter

    Una pena y mucha perdida para la comunidad de surfers mundial, una luz que se enciende y los irradia por su ejemplo de deportista , atleta del mar y por sobretodo como persona, al cual deben emular las generaciones venideras.
    Descansa en Paz Andy.
    Mis condolencias a su familia y especialmente a su esposa.

  • Andy Irons fan

    wooow can’t believe it
    Today we lost a hero R.I.P

  • Alfredo

    I am so sad, speechless. Condolences for his family. I saw him in Pipeline last December, total class.

  • Blake O

    Shockingly sad news at the passing of one of the true greats condolenses and prayers for Andy and his family.

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  • Jeremy Cooper

    Andy Irons was the only surfer ever with the talent, guts,drive and character to consistently out think and out surf Kelly Slater.
    This alone without a shadow of a doubt puts him at the very summit of the surfing world past present and future, shoulder to shoulder with Mark Richards, Tom Curren and Kelly Slater. Much love to his close family from all the surfers around the globe who were lucky enough to experience the phenomenal human being that AI was.

  • Elise

    Pour certains c’était une source d’inspiration, pour d’autres un ami ou un frère. Mes pensées vont à Bruce et au reste de la famille Irons..
    RIP Andy, and thank you for making us dream and surf.

  • Guilherme

    A legend like AI will never be forgotten. I’m sure he’s inside a huge pit right now just watching us here. RIP brother!

  • Chewymd

    RIP bro…balanced on the biggest wave, we race towards an early grave. I bet you’re paddling out right now!!!

  • Justin

    Be still and know…

  • Dave the roped surfer

    I feel like I ‘ve been punched in the stomache.
    very sad day, this sucks!
    What a a loss, my all time favorite surfer! RIP Andy

  • Enrique

    So sad to read about Andy’s passing. RIP

  • Darryl

    Blessing to the Irons family.We all have suffered a terrible loss.

    Jah Guidance,

  • Chris

    Sad, sad news. Condolences to the Irons family. Have a pic of him on my wall at work from the Nike 6.0 this year in Trestles. So sad.

  • HBDave

    RIP Andy – A True Hero and Legend!! SO sad, just when he finally found happiness and the love of his life! My heart goes out to Lyndie and all of the Irons Ohana. Bruce hang in there Brother!!

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  • AlbertW

    R.I.P. Andy Irons. You will be missed! My condolences and prayers to the Irons family.

  • pat judd

    This is the saddest news imaginable. Andy you are a hero to so many people because of your persistence and class A talent. This is going to punch a deep hole in the surfing community which you gave so much to with your brother. Please somehow continue the menuhen (sp?) contest on Kauai for kids. To the entire Iron’s family and friends, please know there are countless people world wide who respect, love and pray for you. God Bless the soul of Andy irons.

  • Marc Anthony

    He is riding tha wavez of heaven now
    R.I.P Andy
    he will be in my prayers

  • marcos vinicius

    andy irons repouse in peace!

  • Lucho

    Argentina will miss you too, andy!!! God bless you!

  • Sandra21ind

    He’s too great to die to soon… my heart is broken.. my deepest condolence to Irons’ family..
    RIP, Selamat Jalan Andy, you’ll stay in my heart forever..

  • Fernando Oscar Fredes

    I still can’t believe it. May God watch over his entire family… RIP Andy.

  • John S


    RIP andy

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  • Carlos Gurrieri


  • Alex

    RIP Andy, You will be sadly missed in Canada!

  • ido

    The question arises: why didn’t the ASP step in and advise him properly? Why wasn’t he hospitalized in Puerto Rico? Why didn’t his friends insist he not travel? Where was everyone?, where was the medical support team???? This is such a tragedy. I am not trying to throw blame at anyone, but my God. One can’t help but th…ink that this could have been avoided
    What a horrible way 2 die alone in Dallas far from the ocean.

  • Rafael Amorim

    This mornig, surfing the web for surf news, I felt shocked when reading about the death of Andy Irons.
    R.I.P Andy
    From Portugal to the Irons Family,
    So sorry for your lost you have my deptess sympathy.

  • Bob Winans

    Rest well my fellow surfer- I never knew you but I met you at the Open in H.B. – Was funny everyone was giving you guys posters to sign…. I gave you a “hat” and I rember you looking at me with a smile 🙂 Then Taj Burrow looked at you and said “its a hate you idiot! just sign it…” Rest well and look down on all in the water and smile… B.W. bye A.I.

  • Jeremy Tanner

    Prayers to his family and unborn child.

  • Mike C

    Andy, We can’t believe it’s true. You will be missed by all!

  • leslie grajales

    sad news but i tell you one thing ANDY,GOD its taking the good ones with him, im sure you’ll be riding better waves than you have ever imagine and our GOD its going to be the one to shape youre next surfboard, then hes going to take you to ride the wave of your dreams,R.I.P.SEE YOU SOME DAY.

  • Constantin

    i can’t believe it. it’s so sad….

    my deepest condolences to Iron’s Family!

    RIP Andy

  • Claudio

    Surf brasileiro de luto ! vai com Deus Andy

  • Trevor

    saddest news … Thoughts and prayers go out to the bruce and the irons family. Your loss has touched millions and although you won’t see half of that expressing sympathy. Let it be known that Andy has touched us all and will never be forgotten. May Andy surf his endless summers on perfect waves in perfect water temperatures and watch down on his newborn child and guide the child through life with his spirit.

    Forever a true irons fan

    Trevor L.
    Ottawa, Canada

  • Manfred

    So incrediblely sad…
    Can’t believe it…

  • rafael

    descanse em paz Andy!!! obrigado por tudo!!!
    fica na paz !!! Andy Irons te amos cara…adeus

    Rafael Yamamoto
    Curitiba, BRASIL

  • Tom Veiga

    O mundo surf tem um dos seus dias mais tristes, por conta d morte de Andy Irons, uma perda inestimavel ao surf . Deus console os familiares

  • kike

    nos tiene a todos mal esto… we all feel this sudden loss… seems like a bad dream

  • Hank

    Deepest sympathy from all of Texas surfing sent to his family and friends on the loss of this true surfing great. Like Kelly said in his tribute, his child has a lot of loving uncles and aunts now.

  • Pranchas de Surf

    Um dos dias negros da história do surf. Minhas preces estão com os familiares do Andy.

  • Valentina

    soooo so sad news! I’m shocked! Rest in peace, AI.

  • Jahred

    Surfing has lost of its finest. R.I.P.

  • JWC

    Here is a published report in today’s Washington Post. The writer obvously knows little to nothing about surfing.

    Andy Irons dies: pro surfer was 32

    Andy Irons, a native Hawaiian who grew up to become one of the best surfers the sport has ever known, died Tuesday at a hotel in Dallas.

    He was reportedly diagnosed with Dengue Fever after a recent surfing competition in Puerto Rico. Police also found potent prescription pain killers in his hotel room and are apparently investigating the death as a possible overdose.

    Mr. Irons was surfing’s three time consecutive world champion from 2002 to 2004, and was inducted into the Surfing Hall of Fame in 2003.

    He was known as an aggressive surfer who could cut through waves with tremendous speed and force. A lanky and sinewy figure, Mr. Irons had such incredible leg strength that he was able to propel himself off the lips of waves several feet into the air.

  • gabriel

    Descansa en paz hermano. Gracias por todo! Estas en nuestras memorias. RIP Andy, thanks for everything ! you are in our memories.

  • Charlie Martinez

    RIP ANDY, my condolences to the family. The surf community in Panama is very sad.

  • Gigi Lozzi

    Adesso calvalca le onde dell’infinito! bye

  • Tyler

    RIP andy, Shocked!!

  • Brent

    Our thoughts and prayers are with the Irons family… Andy will be greatly missed!

  • Alex

    My thoughts to his family and friends. May he rest in peace.

  • Josh

    RIP Andy Irons. Your Poster which I have got me into surfing. your an inspiration

  • 2SLC4u

    RIP Andy condolences to the Iron’s family and the Island of Kauai we lost a great legend far too soon.

  • http://blabla Filipe von Mayer

    Descança em PAZ Andy. We´ll miss you mate. R.I.P.

  • Roger Gunnels

    We will miss Andy. Gods will is not our will but it is his hands. RIP Andy and we all will be together in a better place. My heart goes out to the family. I will miss you here in Nicaragua and in Nor. Cal. in the line up. Blessings

  • Simone

    Sooo soo sad. Life is too short. RIP Andy x

  • stephanie

    Baby Irons….your dad was one amazing person, he was an inspiration to me in my surfing and to many others. I watched him every year he would come to HB for the us open and he was amazing, his memory will live on in the waves he rode.

  • Simone

    We will miss you and your charisma in J-Bay 🙁

  • Andrea


  • Ted

    Icons never die!!!!
    You will always live in our hearts!!
    Brazil will’re missing you.
    Condolences to the Irons family.
    rest in peace .

  • bruno

    i still don’t want to believe,he and brucie were my favourite surfers,wish u all the best Andy may God have your soul,keep an eye on your family too,and keep surfing the sky and the white clouds my champion
    miss you

  • street

    A very big loss R.I.P

  • RIP


  • Kukana Kaio-Johnson

    Our thoughts and Prayers goes out to the entire Iron’s Ohana..R.I.P. Andy, gone but never forgotten..

  • cary

    In complete shock!! All my love to his family, wife and all his friends.I know he is in the best barrel ever right now.ALOHA,RIP

  • Surender Singh

    On behalf of Tamba Surf Company Kauai, we would like to extend our sincerest condolances to The Irons Family. We have lost a brother and his memories will forever be ingrained in our thoughts and minds. He will always have a place in our hearts and at our shop. Mahalos Ohana for your support and comments. Aloha.

  • Paul

    Had to watch Blue Horizon today..I surf because of that movie inspired me to get into the water and do it. You were always the man we rooted for at JBay Andy. We claimed you here in SA and you will be sorely missed…with Love Jonah and Paul

  • AE33

    Their are still waves in heaven. My prayers go out to his family. One terrible loss yet lets realize how precious life is from a man who took advantage of it.
    Rest in Peace

  • surf4peace

    Peace be with you Andy…

  • kirk grajales

    fuistes un gran campeon descansa en paz puerto rico no te olvidara R.I.P.

  • richard

    this is mindblowing and it really isnt adding up

  • Hermes Ron

    En paz descanse Andy, tu surf nos influencia a varios. Te extrañaremos. Mis condolencias a la familia.

    Rest in peace, It shocked my morning, certantly all my week.

    Unforgettable time in Barra Mexico, where you won title with the most impresive air I´ve ever seen in surf competition.

    Mexico mours this sad loss. 🙁

  • AliKat

    Prayers, peace and blessing be with his family, especially his unborn keiki!!!!

  • Brandon

    R.I.P. Andy you will be missed from your family to your supporters who looked up to you. We will always keep you in our hearts.

  • HB Stan

    Wow what a loss to all my prayers go out to the family. I pray that the media will not try to tarnish his memory in any way.
    My hope is he believed in the the Lord Jesus Christ and is surfing perfect waves on the crystal seas of Heaven

  • Paul Spooner

    So sad, In his prime,I.m the same age ,got dengue fever reccently and my wife too,there should be warnings in countrys with it, about self medicating, I was in Ecuador and had super low blood platelet count and self medicated. So sorry for your loss,the familys and everyones . John 5:28,29


    So sad for family, friends and the entire surfing world, he was way too young and will be sincerely missed.

  • gator

    rip andy… sad day

  • vincent toia

    i cant even imagine how the world of surfing is taking this devestaion/ i have a brother that lives on the North shore of oahu named Shawn Toia hes 14 months older than me an we connect in a lot of simular ways as most brothers do/ we grew up always wanting to have the same privlages as the iron brother, we watched there videos an dreamed about being pro at whatever was in the water, i know its hard to swallow when death happens to anyone even someone as close as family or friends but one thing is to be said that God never forgets one of his creations an as human we are all of God creatures an the future has a promising out look on those who die an the bible says so, an as a on looker im sorry to you an your own irons family an people that are so colse that they are family. sincerely Vincent Toia

  • Nui

    I’m so sadden by the lost of one of our greatest surfers in hawaii!!! this sucks big time but i know he surfs with our greats up in heaven….. So god bless and R.I.P. Andy! Much love and aloha to all his ohana and fans!

  • roger

    Lo siento mucho que perdiste en esta vida a tu hermano. Pero en la otra vida lo veras y estaras con el por la eternidad.
    Mi hermano es mi mejor amigo…y tuvimos una discucion muy fuerte. Esta noticia me hace recapacitar para no disgustarme por cualquier cosa con mi seres queridos.
    Para disfrutar al maximo mientras esten vivos.
    De todo corazon…lo siento mucho.
    Desde Mèxico. Baja California Sur.

  • Johan

    It is such a sad day. I can’t still believe it. Rest in peace brother. We will miss you. My thoughts are with Lyndie, hang in there, and also with Bruce and the rest of the Irons family. Love and peace from the Netherlands.

  • http://Mrrools Ricky F.

    Eres y seras siempre de los mejores donde quieras que estes, siempre te tendremos presente Andy RIP…

  • Fletcher Long

    He was immortal, a legend, a role model. Today on the beach i prayed for him and his family. today i surfed for him trying to imitate his style. when i herd the news that A.I. had past i was speechless. Makes you think it can happen to anyone. What am I? Just an east coast surfer but hey. surfing has lost a giant. RIP. We all know he`s shredding in heaven as i write this. Rest In Peace Andy Irons.

  • Carlos Costa (Brazil)

    You know… My life is so into surfing that I really imagine him and most of the tour guys as immortal. I am extremelly sad for what happen and for the imagine the media made me believe about Andy while the battles against Kelly. Now comes to a place that he was really important in my life as I have surf as my spirit… I still can not believe one of my heros died but as my friend said… He die as a Hero… and he will be remembered FOREVER and I mean this… I feel bad on my stocmach to think on his death

  • Jake B

    You’ll be missed, brother.

  • Buck

    Vaya con dios AI! My sincere condolences to his family and friends.Way beyond sad!

  • Rodrigo

    Es terrible, una gran perdida, que pena por el bebe pero de todas maneras debe estar orgulloso de su padre

  • Kevin

    My thoughts and prayers are with the Irons family. What a tragic loss.

  • Trey Darnley

    We will all miss you so much Andy what an incredible person and surfer my prayers will go out to his family, wife, and unborn child we will all miss you rest in peace Andy goodbye

  • ANdrew

    if you dont get chills when hes talking about his purist moment, you need to go shred a wave and wake up

  • Damien Bishop

    I can’t beleive I grew up on the south side of kauaii close in age with the irons bro’s. I feel a huge loss much sympathy to the family too tragic for words. I will keep him alive and I will show my grandchildren what a great person he is. Lets watch out for eachother if your friend is hurting don’t blow it off, much aloha Andy and family from the bishops.

  • Fernando Paredes

    Gran y sensible perdida para su familia y para la gente surfer …. es increible … tan joven y profesional …. vi sus videos luchando con Kelly .

    Desde Perú …mucha pena para quienes conocimos su performance. Dios lo tenga en su gloria y siempre estará con nosotros en cualquier ola del mundo

  • gabriel lizarraga

    una gran perdida para el surf ,resignacion para su familia desde mazatlan mexico

  • Tim Creamer

    It truly is a great loss, one of surfings great sons,,dies so young, killer backhand at pipe, and gave kelly a true run for his money
    my heart goes out to the IRONs family. I just cant get over it, we never know do we, when our time will come, it seemed andys was taken much too soon, with a baby on the way how sad. You’ll be truly missed. REST IN PEACE

  • W.D.Woodcock

    If he was deemed too ill to travel and grounded why didnt he go to the hospital?

  • W.D.Woodcock

    Someone dropped the ball….just sayin.
    He was an incredible force in surfing.
    His backhand was pretty much unmatched.

  • PIPO

    La muerte de Andy Irons es una pèrdida irreparable para el surfing mundial, un abrazo fraterno desde Ecuador a sus padres, a su esposa y a su hermano Bruce.

  • qubikmedewi

    good bless u brother…love love and love………..

  • Matt

    To Lyndie, the Irons family, the island of Kauai, and the surfing community, my deepest sympathy and thoughts are with you. Andy, i hope that where you are the winds are always offshore, the skies always sunny, the waves never ending. You were and are an inspiration to us all. Rest well, my friend.

  • Vivi

    Didnt know Andy but all i know is that he was a huge idol for many ppl. Im so very sorry! God knows why he does these things. Bless the Irons family. RIP Andy Irons.



  • Alvaro

    Una gran pérdida! Se fue un grande. Dios lo guarde y le dé tranquilidad a su familia. Descansa en paz Andy!

    Lima – Perú

  • Shockadow

    I’m really good @ riding waves on a raft.

  • Angelo

    Rest in peace Andy and many thank’s for your example about enjoying to surf .

  • Chanelle

    Gosh, I remember Andy Irons from the Gunston 500 surf comp in South Africa, Durban… RIP

  • Bobby Droback


  • tuti

    allways the best!
    aloha andy

  • Quyn

    32 years old! That’s so young…I found this article that says he may have died from dengue fever? That’s so random! So many times its a drug overdose so I guess we’ll have to wait for official autopsy results.

  • Falconetti (spain)

    We will miss you Andy…so much! I hope you surf as well in the sky. R.I.P. genius

  • http://google Lawrence

    I am so sad to hear the news that he died. He was one great surfer. My heart goes out to his family and friends.

  • Brett
  • vyzxz

    This is the saddest day ever in surfing. Ever. Rest in Peace AI, only the good die young.

  • Chris F

    Famous people come and go and while I generally feel sympathy for their passing it doesn’t affect me emotionally. One exception has been the passing of Andy Irons. For the past few days I been very emotional with every news article, Facebook post, and video clip. To the point of tears. Although shaking his hand and have a few kind words with him is microscopic in terms of time, it seemed very clear he was real in the sense that he wasn’t trying to be anything other then himself. Very gracious. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends, may peace come quickly. Aloha – may you know His peace. Aloha – may He guide and keep. Be faithful, be true, Until at his feet – Redeemed we shall say – Aloha

    Aloha Andy!

  • pablo

    I know that Andy is in peace now. Bruce be strong , your brother loved you very much and was very proud of you. He will always be with you and will need you to be there for his son. I’m sure your gona be a great uncle. Mis sinceras condolencias para la familia Irons que Dios los bendiga.

  • calvin kuo

    really shocking and somber….i don’t believe it…

  • Ian S

    I can’t stop thinking. I can’t stop crying. I feel so selfish being so sad that your gone Andy. I didn’t even know you but i felt like I did. You were and are the best surfer of all time which seems insignificant at a time like this. No one could see this happening how it did. You were an inspiration, a king and a role model to me Andy! Words can’t describe what an impact you’ve made and will continue to make throughout the world especially on people from the Polynesian Islands. Being from Oahu and moving to cali when I was five I ‘ve always felt out of place here especially once I started surfing in the water in nor cal but once I saw Andy and Bruce in a magazine when I was 12 years old I knew what path I wanted to take and belonged on. Over the years I would try to live through Andy a little bit. He just had a glow around him and I just wanted to be like him so much. He reminded me of my dad who passed away 5 years ago. Those were my two role models my father Matt Schweikert and my favorite surfer of all time Andy Irons. I liked how people said that you wore your heart on your sleeve that’s the best way to wear it in my opinion. I always thought we would cross paths in the ocean and when we did years ago all I could do was just be happy to be in his presence. I was there when he won his first world title and I was so happy to finally see him get it. Even though you were only a few years older than me I looked up to you as if you were untouchable. People will never forget you Andy! I will never forget you! My deepest condolences are with the whole family Bruce, Lyndie, Danielle, Phil, the rest of Hanalei and his extended family throughout the world. Andy is irreplaceable. The world just doesn’t seem the same without him here. Make him proud everybody! You know he’s watching!

    Thank you so much Andy you’ve changed my life more than once!

  • Nick Tee

    RIP Andy

    Am I the only person that wants to know why the ASP allowed somebody who was so sick they could not make their 2 heats and was on IV treatment before their left the island, was allowed to travel internationally unaccompanied?

    The silence from both the ASP and the Billabong Team Management is deafening?

    Don’t you think Andy desrved better than this? The ASP claims to have the surfers best interests at heart yet both seem to have conducted themselves like a bunch of boy scouts on this occasion.

  • Moses_Ocean

    He was just here in Puerto Rico…they thought he may had Got bit by the mosquito that causes “dengue” the west nile virus,
    this cause like flu like symptoms, but is not the flu, many people thinking that is just a normal flu dont go to the hospital waiting for the flu to fade out…yet it gets worst without medical attention and causes internal bleeding . He was just here for the Local Competition…then he left and a day later he was gone , so he must of gotten bitten during the the days he was here or around one of the Islands ~…to you surfers, that travel to Caribean Islands , right after sun down we get alot of mosquitos , you need to go inside a house or use moskito repellent all the time, cause we are getting alot of people sick with this virus and even when you think you may have just the flu..if you been in small islands get a blood work for “the Dengue virus” a simple blood work will tell the doctor if you have the virus or not…..I knew Andy in our surfer comunity here in Puerto Rico…he was a gentleman …and one of our great ones..
    My Prayers to his family…in this hard times….we are all in silent mourning , May his spirit be always in our heart~Surfing the eternal dream ~We love you and will always miss you Andy…Rest in Peace Brother !


  • Moses_Ocean

    Another thing…Dengue cant be self treated…you need to get to a hospital..even if you think you have the normal flu…and dont take aspirin…only tylenol…cause Dengue causes internal bleeding aspirin , would just speed up the process cause aspirin thins the blood.

    Only Tylenol…and by the second day of the flu…get to a hospital ASAP…cause by the 4th day without likely you wont survive..the flu takes about 5 days to kill you..untreated.


  • OTTO

    I’m totally devastated,sad and yes I cried the loss of a great surfer,brother, friend and soon to be father.Prayers and lots of strengh through these difficult times to his family and friends.There is a reason why GOD has done this,I don’t know the answer but enjoy LIFE,keep SURFING because you never know when is coming.GOD BLESS YOU !!!!!

  • CT

    I remember him from Indo sessions like at Canggu…nice guy. a shame he passed away so young. condoleances to his family

  • kimo

    R.I.P Andy will miss you a lot God Bless u and the Family

  • Martin West

    Christ accept this great spirit into the Kingdom of heaven and let his family stand with him one day on the sea of Glass. Lyndie and unborn son mourn but fear not Andy watches and is waiting with the great Sea maker. Much love to Andy’s Family, I never met him but always wanted to. Peace


  • Jesse

    i surf because im always a better person when i get out…….Amen!

  • Herb

    My condolences to the Irons family… I never met Andy, but I admired him. He was an artist in the water, passionate, and fearless. We all dream of living the way he lived his life…
    Rest in peace Andy… GOD Bless you and your family.

  • chano

    Que Dios te bendiga a donde quiera que estes Andy Irons, y que Dios bendiga a tu familia y le de mucha fortaleza, desde Mazatlan, Mexico, bendiciones.

  • http://SurferMag Hoser

    Dude! No way!

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  • wil

    So heart breaking to hear…..
    It is hard for me to understand why he was plucked away from us by the energy around us. RECLAIMED.
    take your pick

    hope we all get to see you again sometime.

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  • rod


  • Kungo

    Hare Ra Andy,
    From Aotearoa New Zealand,our heats are heavy and sad,we cry tears for your Wife,Baby , family and friends,Kia Kaha,be strong !,because he Was! and have a brave kind heart because he has! Be good to people because he was kind and good.
    A sad loss for all the world, smile when you surf everyone cause Andy did and it lit up the world.
    RIP Bro .. Kungo

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  • me

    miami says:
    November 2, 2010 at 6:46 pm
    He was here in Miami Sunday Night..partying and having fun. Friends took him to the airport at like 6 in the morning. He was so excited to go home and see his wife. What a beautiful person, heart goes out to his family.

    Is this for real? If not, you are F@*$ed up. Who is this “Miami” anyway?

    So sorry Irons ohana. Love and healing to you at all times. Words are simply not enough.


    “MAHALO & GOD BLESS …. YOU WILL TRUELY BE MISSED !!” DAMN IT !! WHY DO THE POSITIVE PEOPLE ALWAYS GET TOOK FROM US ???!! WTF??? ..( A tear runs down my face for some odd reason..) ( now I have an upset stomache) We Miss You Brah!”

  • http://Non Francisco padilla (el medusa)

    Amigo Andy irons you all gona be the best surfer ever no Mara what we Gonna miss you all your friends fron Cabo San Lucas Mexico I, styel rembember that they we surf toghader at puerto Escondido oax. And shipwecks at Cabo San Lucas mi consoles for irons family I,l see ya obether to adios mi amigo.

  • sansdollar

    RIP Andy…that’s the thing about Dengue Fever…it was his second bout with it and the second time around it causes Dengue Hemoragic Syndrome and there is internal bleeding…God bless him, his wife, unborn son and both their families. We are all heartbroken as well…

  • Kiko

    I hope you’re surfing waves in the next stratosphere with Mark Foo 🙂 In Fact, I’m sure of it 🙂

  • Ivan ” Diablo”

    My condolences from Peru you will be missed

  • http://raglann.z taitai

    you are the man …much aroha..see you up there..

  • Ellie

    RIP Andy … you will be greatly missed <3

  • kevin

    Rest in Peace…i cant believe your gone.

  • Chad Harris

    Respect!!! My thoughts and prayers to the irons family. I wish I could bring him back for everyone! What an amazing life he lived and amazing accomplishments! Never forget!! Choo bra!!!

  • Rob Schick

    One of my favorite sayings is…”Life is Short….Eat Dessert First..” ! Andy did that and much more…Surf every wave as if it were your last ….and to Andy’s family…..” When there is sorrow in your heart…look again and you will see that what you are weeping for has been your delight “..! …Kalil Gibran

  • sodomie

    Thanks seeking this worthy article, it’s extremely acclaimed blogs

  • Greg Platt

    There’s a time to be born and a time to die….I may be next, you may be next… that is why Jesus’ offer of eternal life must be taken by us , immediately ….. as we may not have tomorrow…

  • Irene Platt

    Whether we live famous or obscure, ultimately it is to those to whom we are born that we belong. When all the fanfare is over and the drum rolls are silent, the profound loss of a loved one resonates through the passages of time and the sweet memories are intensified. My heart goes out to this family. May the peace of the Lord be with you.

  • Alias Kubena

    every1 loves you bro you will be missed you still wil be that phenomenal surfer soo i hope those waves are bigg up there mann! r.i.p!



  • Dave Glover

    !God bless to Andy and all his family and friends. Your legacy will always live on. What I really want to know? Why was he left alone to deal and travel with being ill and showing signs of sickness? If he felt so ill that he had to leave the contest in puerto rico, then why didn’t someone offer and go with him to make sure he got home safely? Explain that one!!! I’m sure this could have been handled in a much better way! And Andy would still be with us! God bless and RIP it up in heaven Andy Irons. – David G.

  • nick

    wtf this cant be right
    its sad to say but we are gonna miss seeing ya on the circuit andy.
    all our thoughts are with ya from the junior pro

  • delina santos

    everyone Stay Golden in thoughts and Love..
    Alohaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Andy, see you in the next world!

  • Luke

    As we float here, hand in hand, linked by the memories and love we all shared for a man who gave and gained so much from his brief, but beautiful time here on earth. We paddle out today, together, to celebrate the life of a true friend and ambassador for the surfing and world community alike. The loss of such a valiant wave and wildlife warrior comes at an unfathomable cost, and our community will certainly feel the cold breeze blowing past a place that once radiated such warmth and light. But it was that warmth, that light, that gave us all hope for a better tomorrow. A tomorrow that had been envisioned to be free from hunger, free from poverty, and free from suffering. A vision and a dream that will continue to live on, long past the lives of any of us sitting here today. I am confident that Andy’s dream will survive. His dream will survive because we have survived. We shall persevere in this time of great loss. I know Andy would probably compare this day to the likes of a long hold down in Tahiti. “Dark, swirling, nothingness with no up or down, the threat of the end being so close you could taste it. But through the darkness always comes a beam of light, beckoning you towards the surface, giving you hope for survival. The moment your head breaks the surface and oxygen fills your lungs, you begin to laugh and awe at the internal strength you never knew you possessed to keep fighting, keep living.” This was the message Andy would have wanted all of us to learn by his example, preparing us for moments like these. I believe Andy is watching us from above right now, waiting to cast his guiding rays of light through the swirling waters of our lives, saving us from the darkness of the unforgiving depths. Thank you Andy Irons for all that you have given us. We will continue to keep your dreams alive. Surf well mate, we will miss you.

    All love

  • diego

    backside tube riding as art by ai
    never forgotten

  • Daniel

    I couldn’t believe this when my friend told me! Regards to his wife and I hope their child gets to know just how great he was

  • http://hotmail Gus

    R.I.P From all the PNG surf crew…



  • Tom Butcher

    I have followed Andy for years. He is a surfing guru. Andy, God Bless. Your surfing Bro, Tom.

  • Weed Man

    Much love Andy. You will be missed. I’m thinking of you right now, man. Much Love.

  • Jerrod Liranzo

    What a thought provoking article, can I set it up so I receive an update sent in an email when you write a new post?