Billabong's Design for Humanity

| posted on June 14, 2010

On Thursday night, Billabong unleashed one of the biggest (and arguably best) surf industry functions in recent history on the New York streets of Paramount Studios in Hollywood. Reminiscent of an alcohol-infused high school Grad Night, it was an evening spent amid a sea of humans that flew by in a rapid succession of activities—live artists demonstrations, a performing dance troop, a florescent-inspired bikini fashion show, silent auctions to benefit the Invisible Children charity, as well as live musical entertainment by Fischerspooner and multiple DJs. All in all, a lovely night for a good cause. For more pics from the event, see the September issue of SURFER.

Photos: Aster Shum









  • buildabong

    There real design for humans are as follow: have CHILDREN in CHINA make cheap bikinis/boardshorts, GET everyone to buy multiple bikinis/boardshorts even if they dont know what surfing is or care about the ocean, cover it all up with marketing BS stating how your really working the children to help all humans.

  • http://n/a zach

    While Obama destroys America, just who is it that will be able to afford these garments? Billabong going to give them away for free? Only B-bong reps and Hollywood “Surfer” wannabees wear this crap anyway -so who cares?

  • kelly

    zach, don know what Obama does, but surely America destroys the world.

  • this guy

    I agree, western capitalism is built on the exploitation of youn- ….. whoa, smoking hot babes. did you guys see those smoking hot babes?…. what was I talking about again?


    Wear hemp /forget about it !!!!!

  • Fistkick

    While “awareness” is not something usually associated with alcohol-infused high school grad school parties (I was there, sober. Lots of people looking cool, coming to booze in the belly of a hollywood beast, most likely clueless as to who their ticket cost was benefiting, culminating with porta-potty fist fights and puke soaked slip-ons) the question is whether it matters or not. People party. Especially in hollywood. What if all the tickets, and cover charges, etc, etc went to someone, somewhere, who could use it. There’s a bigger question at hand, and a moral dilemma. The cost and importance of true awareness, cause this would have been a different kind of party if that was the real motive. Ask the guys throwing down UFC style next to the porta-jon if they remember what or for whom they came. I could go on…Next time just call it a Party with Benefits and be real about what you’re really doing to make people “aware.”

  • Fred Rawlins

    Does Billibong read this stuff? their mega event seems really over the top when people are struggling and so far form the purity that I surf for. surfing is becoming infused with the smae crap that ruined christmas. commerialism+charity= everthing is OK? Yeah like a plane heading straight into mountian; the ride’s Ok as long as you don’t see what’s really happening. The real solution is to donate to the poor, skipping the events expense; but these shallow tyrpes won’t give unless they get something so you have these super duper with chairties attached events. Wow Dried up creek? What’s the word for that again; Oh yeah a Billibong. Their dried up charity effort fits to their name.

  • Fred Rawlins

    First music sold out, and they let salesmen use every hit as an ad, and now surfing’s gone Hollywood, too. What can we suck the life out of next, and make into a big hype, painting and artwork? How about art iself? Let’s put the Humanities up for sale folks we must need the money for something? Gone with the Wind.

  • Rod Tomlinson

    Congrats to Billabong and the talented people there who produced this event. I was there also, and was floored by its execution, and really happy that all of us were there in support of charity. Great work.

  • bruce lee

    lame event

  • killa koala

    KELLY,, get a life dude, yeah like they did in WW2. Also George and Dick would have had that GOM leak sorted by now all Osbama can do is play the blame game and don’t bother telling me I spelt it wrong.It’s pretty close to the mark.maybe you could both move to Kenya and get a life screwing each other