The New B.W.W.T.

Jaws and Dungeons are in, Mavs is out for the 2014 Big Wave World Tour

| posted on February 13, 2014
Greg Long goes wide at Jaws, where we'll see him in an ASP singlet sometime in the next year. Photo: Noyle

Greg Long goes wide at Jaws, where we’ll see him in an ASP singlet some time in the next year. Photo: Noyle

The ASP has released the revamped schedule for the upcoming Big Wave World Tour (BWWT) season. New additions to the Tour include lineups like Jaws in Maui and Dungeons in South Africa. However, Mavericks, along with the Nelscott Reef event in Oregon, will not be a part of this year’s action.

Last May, the ASP, under the new leadership of ZoSea, announced that they had acquired the Big Wave World Tour and would bring it under the ASP’s umbrella. With the purchase, the Tour was able to up the prize money to $50,000 for each event (the World Tour holds prize purses up to $400,000 per event) and had found a three-year title sponsor in the form of Body Glove.

In what will hopefully draw new attention to the BWWT, some big names from the World Tour are now able to compete in BWWT events. In the past, ASP surfers like Slater and John John faced penalties for surfing in non-sanctioned contests, but because of the acquisition, there’s a good chance we see them in future big-wave event draws. However, the loss of Mavericks hasn’t come without some regret from surfers, fans, and the ASP.

“The ASP very much respects the Mavericks events and it is a very special spot. Unfortunately, event organizers were not interested in having the event participate in the ASP BWWT for the 2014/2015 season, and results from next season’s event will not count towards the ASP BWWT Champion at this time,” the ASP’s Dave Prodan told the Santa Cruz Sentinel. “We hope that will change in [the] future and Mavericks joins the BWWT.”

In the same story, Jeff Clark, who heads up the Mavs contest, was quoted as saying that “Mavericks will take care of itself…” To his point, when the Mavs Invitational most recently ran, it proved to be one of the most successful events in the contest’s history. So it will continue to run, just not under the control of the ASP.

Despite losing Mavericks, you can rest assured that all the big names in big-wave surfing are chomping at the bit for what lies ahead in 2014. “I would have loved to have had the Mavericks event on the schedule for this year’s Big Wave Tour, but unfortunately there’s still some distance between the contest organizers and the ASP,” said Greg Long. “I’m really looking forward to them coming to terms and working together to include this event on the Tour in the future. I strongly encourage them to keep talking. But I’m really excited about the new events we have, especially Jaws. That wave is so intimidating and so heavy. It really separates itself from every other event because it’s just so challenging. It’s such a heavy wave. To win there, you’ll have to really want it.”

The BWWT 2014/15 Schedule:

Southern Hemisphere (April 15, 2014 through August 31, 2014):
– Punta de Lobos, Chile
– Pico Alto, Peru
– Dungeons, South Africa

Northern Hemisphere (October 15, 2014 to February 28, 2015):
– Todos Santos, Mexico
– Punta Galea, Basque Country Spain
– Pe’ahi (Jaws), Maui

  • Johnny Bee

    Clarke should realize he doesn’t own Mavericks. Why doesn’t the ASP organize a new event out there instead of of trying to buy Clarke’s event? All the big wave surfers want it to be an ASP event. More money, more coverage. Let these guys shine at last, they deserve it.

    • PaulTannenbaum

      Because while they don’t own the wave, they do own the name. Maverick’s is trademarked to Clark and the rest of the HMB/SC crew. And on top of that, they own the scene up there. I’m sure they wanted it to be a part of the tour, but they probably just couldn’t come to an agreement of what they felt were reasonable terms. Its an easy reaction to think the Mavs crew are being unreasonable or selfish, but my guess is that it is more likely the case that the ASP was unwilling to budge.

      • Johnny Bee

        Yeah, I guess they didn’t get enough cash out of the deal. But the fact that they trademarked the name says everything.

      • Johnny Bee

        The result of all this is that the best guys out there (Greg Long, Dorian, Twiggy etc) won’t be able to participate in the next Mav’s contest because it won’t be ASP labelled. Sorry, but this event without the top guns won’t be as attractive as it was this year. I think Clark shot himself in the foot.

    • Jason Fallman

      Johnny Bee—What the F***? ,mang? Jeff Clark Owns Mavs…Check yourself-and your shorts if you ever SEE a proper wave break (even from the bluff) at Mavs…I have been checking it out for 20 years,(all while big-wave training up here in REAL Nor-Cal)…and STIll have not paddled out there…give some respect to Clark,and true underground (unsponsored)chargers! the Fact that the ASP has enough class and respect to humbly use Jeff Clark’s Authority,Ability,and overall respect of Mavs is commendable…you just wanna throw money at mavs,and invite the circus to town?…only if YOU get to answer to Jeff Clark!

      • Johnny Bee

        I see your point, and believe me I respect Clark for everything he has done out there. I’m not a big wave rider, and I admit that I would shit my pants if I get confronted to waves like that. But come on, let’s be realistic. It’s not because he has surfed the break for 20 years alone that he owns it. These big wave riders deserve to get paid WAY more, and the surf fans want a better coverage.

  • Dante

    Yes, i personally would like to see Mavericks on the BWWT also. This last event at Mavs was so good and so heavy and the guys were absolutely charging ! And it was great to see Dorian there amidst the usual guys from Cali, S. Africa, and Hawaii. But it could be real exciting also to see surfers such as Kelly Slater, John John and other chargers on the WCT being in that event also. So i too hope that Jeff Clark and The ASP Guys will keep dialoging to bring that about. Would there be any thing lost from this contest if such a merger was to happen ? Maybe only the inside guys like Jeff Clark can tell us that…? Body Glove and Go Pro thanks for sponsoring it !

  • Bob Dobalina

    “Unfortunately, event organizers were not interested in having the event participate in the ASP BWWT for the 2014/2015 season, and results from next season’s event will not count towards the ASP BWWT Champion at this time,” the ASP’s Dave Prodan told theSanta Cruz Sentinel.

    Hmmmmm. ……. Not interested? Or not interested in GIVING away the license to the event that they have spent a decade building for peanuts…..

    I don’t know. But the “acquisition” of events by Zosea/ASP (when the hell are we dropping the hyphen) could be an interesting process….

  • GaryE

    Translation – the Mavericks event doesn’t want to pay the ASP sanction fee

  • 22ogins

    get an event in Ireland going!


    What about Nazaré??? Man up you pussies and come surf this huge wave

    • GCshredhead

      Nazare is a big burger, if you knew how to stand up you would know that.

    • Chris

      nobody cares about that wave unless its 100 ft, no barrels, just a big dirty muddy mush ball, you just tow in and go straight. No skill compared to the guys that PADDLE into Jaws, Mavs, etc…

    • The Great White

      Nazare is an ugly tow-in bitch that doesn’t even classify as a ‘wave’. Forget about it. Gmac betted his money on it. Not his talents.

  • Mik

    Hoping allot of sponsors pile on so these ASP/BWWT events have BIG prize money… Should be an amazing brother to the WCT… Best of luck to Peter Mel, Kenny Collins, Shawn Dollar, Anthony Tashnic, Nic Lamb, and all of the NorCal chargers!!!

  • Gandhi Warhol

    The Illuminati owns pretty much every professional sport. Ever since pros now wear ear pieces, they are told how each play is going to go down. No one is playing for real…more than good athletes they are impeccable actors. Please God don’t let them turn surfers into actors. I hope the sport remains pure and winners win because they deserved it, not because someone else in the line-up was secretly paid a bunch of money to wipeout and make it look good. If Vegas starts accepting bets on surf competitions, I will pray for Armageddon.