The “Best Short” Nominees

The six clips nominated for Best Short in the 2013 SURFER Poll awards

| posted on December 04, 2013

Directed by Ryan Perry

Directed by Jay Grant

Directed by John Florence and Blake Kueny

Directed by Joe G

Directed by Dion Agius

Directed by Jacob Wooden
(Available on iTunes)

  • Buzz Killington

    All awesome Videos but John John’s last two videos “Again” and “& Again” were both the best surfing since Dane’s Japan section in “Dear Suburbia” Any explanation for their omission?

  • Borat Sagdiyev

    Globe marketing meeting: “Lets focus on the surfer/hipster crowd. Hey C.J., unless you start wearing low-cut v-necks, get some tattoos around your neck, and grow a beard like Dion, you might consider finding sponsorship elsewhere. I mean, Jesus doesn’t sell board shorts, but trendy hipsters do.”

    Globe has become such a lame excuse of a surf company. All there videos, (“ice scream”, “beyond zero”, etc. use the same anarexic models and lame hipster ish….can’t this trend die alerady!!!

    • GarrattW

      Who give a shit what people are wearing or how they look, people have been wearing V-necks and getting tattoos long before they became “fashionable” and their surfing speaks for itself.

  • Mark Gregory

    So many modern surf films have this thing where they are zoomed in so tight on the person surfing, that I can’t see enough of the wave to tell why they are doing what they are doing. Oh look, dude did a huge gouge. Was it really a man hack against a steep gnarly section, or a faux hack where the wave was backing off on deep water?
    Haven’t you watched from the beach, and you see a ripper coming up on a thick section, and you are saying “Hit it… hit it… hit it!!!” and BAM he smacks the unholy crap out it. Most movies today, you don’t get to see that section coming.
    Please, pull back a little guys, let us see more of the wave.

  • Sandi

    Highline – Great video, some great surfing and love the fun time the guys were having! Thanks for posting!!

  • Conor

    Can we vote ? and if so, how ?

  • Sanjit Walla


  • Bog Standard

    NtI SHEETO by far

  • Woody

    Ice Cream. Hands down. Very original for a surf short.

  • Floundercae

    All are boring…

  • Jeroen

    where is compassing?

  • Paul-Louis Louw

    NOW NOW for sure

  • asdklfj

    half are too hipster

  • birdman

    nti sheeto was like when some kid in film school tries to make something post modern and cerebral but it ends up being so stupid it is unwatchable. i like dion but he should stop trying so hard.