Bali Joins the Tour

The new Oakley Pro Bali rounds out the 10 events on the 2013 schedule

| posted on February 04, 2013

The view that spectators have to look forward to at Keramas. Photo: ASP/Dunbar

Add Keramas to the list of webcast worthy venues for another World Tour event come June. The ASP announced today the addition of the Oakley Pro Bali to the 2013 World Tour schedule, the first Tour event in Indo since the Rip Curl Pro in 2008. The right-hand reef break at Keramas will be the primary venue, with the beachbreaks at Canggu serving as a backup location. With the addition of Bali, there are now 10 events lined up for the 2013 World Tour.

The waiting period for the Quik Pro Gold Coast begins in less than a month at Snapper. Trading is open at, pick your team now.

Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast – March 2–13
Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach – March 27–April 7
Billabong Rio Pro – May 8–19
Volcom Pro Fiji – June 2–14
Oakley Pro Bali – June 18–29
Billabong Pro Teahupo’o – August 15–26
Hurley Pro at Trestles – September 15–21
Quiksilver Pro France – September 27 – October 7
Rip Curl Pro Portugal – October 9–20
Billabong Pipe Masters – December 8–20

Read the official release here.

  • Rob

    well, thats good, but I have to say I would rather watch a wt comp at some other wave in Bali, any wave that holds more size and challenges the guys a bit more…

  • Ben

    Excellent, though I agree, there are more spectacular barrels to be had elsewhere.

  • Neil

    Like it.
    But why @ Keramas and not @ Uluwatu or Padang Padang ?

  • balihai

    Keramas because of consistency…. Other spots way more fickle!

  • toby

    when will they have puerto escondido again

  • Dan

    I can’t believe there’s no J-Bay event this year, such a loss imo.

  • lelek lek lek

    i think the rippable waves on the WT really give a little advantage to the regular footers

  • Snard Rumpkin

    I think it’s perfect… Now we just need to change Bells for something else and we are all good!

  • michael cox

    sweet,wishing I was there


    @Ben: Uluwatu is very good that time of the year indeed, but to do an event there the “Brand” must pay all the warungs (the little restaurants in Ulus), and the local community a very large amount of money. Padang is the most fickle wave in Bali, and Rip Curl has their event there and in 2013 it’s a 10 years anniversary of the Rip Curl Padang Cup.
    @Rob: Keramas holds up to 10 ft waves and as bigger it is as hollow it gets, when it’s over 4-5ft it gets gnarly, very fast take offs and barrels that can fit 2 surfers inside.
    But yes lets not forget about the Trade winds that usually picks up around 10am and it’s side shore in both location and the Traffic.

  • Mitch

    Look at the current list of contest venues. We have extremely hollow grinding lefts which are very rideable backside, beachbreaks and a bunch of right points/reefs. The tour is extremely biased to regular footers. Even the lefts we have aren’t very down the line or hard to navigate waves which allow regulars to sit down and stall (pipe/teahupoo). Now look at the other lefts on tour…Trestles (better right normally), or France/Portugal/Brazil which are beach break set ups and normally a left AND and a right. Wheres the high performance lefts???? wheres our grinding rights???? Get a grip ASP and balance the tour out. The key to a goofy footer surviving on tour is a tight and accurate backside approach. DIG IT

  • Matt O’Brien

    so classic, ALL YOU hear from folks is “Indo Indo Indo”, “if hey can hold the World Jrs. in Bali, why WT?” and now that they are people are complaining! freaking ridiculous! Has anybody complaining actually watched the Pro Jrs. comp? It is a sick and totally rippable wave. shesh…

  • t laud

    Great job so glad they added another event. Now drop bells and add a west oz wave

  • Leifgren

    Stoked to hear Oakley stepped up and they added a tenth stop, though I agree with others that a West Oz slab or something more favorable to goofy footers to balance out the venues is called for. Still, Oakley’s been running the Jr.s for a while there and has done a good job with it, so it’s a definite bonus over a 9 stop tour.

  • JGL 2

    The WT venues are all amazing (F*$k all you Bells haters), with the exception of RIO. That’s the only contest this year that I literally didn’t watch a single heat of. The country is amazing and so are it’s people, but with such a short window to run it’s not world class in any way… I say drop RIO and go to West OZ.
    And you can’t say regular footers have an advantage anywhere, because 3 of 4 guys in the Semi’s in FIJI were regular footers and it’s a left..