Bachelors: Part III

| posted on May 29, 2012

An anonymous ripper navigates the Sunset bowl. Photo: Gilley

Rob Gilley

Previously in denial about his photographic past, Rob Gilley now rummages through his trove of mediocrity.

Every surf photographer has them. A boatload of images without a name attached. A pile of “unidentifieds.”

It occurred to me that now, in this era of social media and cyber-connectivity, that there’s a way to possibly solve that. Give those photographs a public forum and let the World Wide Web attempt to link up these unidentified surfers with names. A public game of match making. Veritable hook-ups for some needy bachelors.

So let’s see how this game of Image Match goes. Check the photos below, see if it’s someone you recognize, and then post their name on the comment board.

Good Luck.

Rocky Rights. Photo: Gilley

Playa Hermosa. Photo: Gilley

Off The Wall. Photo: Gilley

Puerto Escondido. Photo: Gilley

Ala Moana. Photo: Gilley

  • pyzel

    That’s MIke Akima in the last shot at Bowls. A great surfer who always gets some of the best waves there and Pipeline.

  • BH1

    Sorry Pyzel, but that is not Akima. That is Derek Lyons-Wolfe. Bowls local, via Kauai. Nicest guy and one of the best pro-caliber, underground surfers around.

  • josh

    the second shot down of the frontside grab is Kenny Caldwell….

  • Scotty

    Yup looks like derek! Nice one!

  • Hank Chinaski Kahikilani III

    “Rocky Rights”? . . . probably more like Backdoor & Donny Darnell slotted on a red Owl single fin. Hana hou!

  • Hooter

    First shot is Donny Darnell, I have many similar shots of my buddy in same trunks, board, slotted. He got a Surfing Cover Shot at Waimea Bay and is a full on charger. Still lives on n. shore and drives old VW square back.