ASP Purchases The XXL Awards

The acquisition brings the awards show under the same roof as the Big Wave World Tour

| posted on April 29, 2014
Greg Long and Jaws, two names you're sure to be hearing at the XXL Awards. Photo: Noyle

Greg Long and Jaws, two names you’re sure to be hearing at the XXL Awards. Photo: Noyle

The ASP recently announced that they have acquired the Billabong XXL Awards and will take full ownership of the event following the May 2 awards show. For more than 15 years, the XXL Awards have been the premiere annual awards show for big-wave surfing, handing out awards for the year’s biggest wave, worst wipeout, and best performer to name just a few. This year’s award show, which doles out more than $1.5 million in prizes to big-wave surfers and photographers, will be broadcast live on

“When I created the XXL concept in the 1990s, big wave surfing did not seem to get the respect it deserved,” said Bill Sharp, XXL founder. “That was when action sports on TV was the new big thing. But I feel like the XXL Big Wave Awards, working so closely with the surfers and the photographers for the last 15 years, have helped to show the world how incredible the sport truly is and now a huge swell hitting anywhere in the world will routinely make global headlines. We have achieved a lot so far, but I think there is more work to do and I look forward to pushing hard to expand the opportunities for the sport and for all the top surfers and photographers involved.”

The ASP’s decision to purchase the XXL Awards falls in line with a number of recent purchases the organization has made, including their acquisition of the Big Wave World Tour. According to a press release from the ASP, Billabong will retain key naming rights for the event, but the ASP will also look to attain new sponsorships and partnerships. The ASP declined to comment on how much they paid for the acquisition.

“We’re very pleased on the partnership between Billabong XXL and the BWWT Awards and the acquisition of the XXL Property,” Paul Speaker, ASP CEO, said. “This is a platform to honor the brave men and women who dedicate their lives to the art of big wave surfing and we are honored to continue this tradition in future years.”

  • gbroagfran

    Ownership? Why should anyone “own” an awards ceremony? I thought Billabong had these awards because they loved big wave riding and wanted to support that part of the sport.

    • ThatDank

      most naive comment of 2014

    • fubeca12

      lots of reasons. Money and expanded sponsorship is #1. The background contracts of riders might have precluded some from participating or wearing their sponsors gear when it was an all Billabong show etc…TV access and beverage contracts and corporate chess BS all plays a role in why the A$P would want it and own it.

  • Markus

    what was the price? if you were going to include one thing in an article about a new deal…

  • Concerned dude

    ZoSea has done an awesome job so far (broadcasts, partnerships), but they’re consolidating so much power that it makes me a little worried. Luckily for now it seems we’re in a sweet spot where the changes are good for everyone. And we need to be honest about the past — the asp sucked, and brands having control wasn’t great either, but at least the power was distributed amongst them. Still, i don’t know my governance well, but seems that if ZoSea wanted they could change the judging criteria completely to make it more popular broadcast material (1-move waves? reality television? naked surfing? inexperienced ppl in big waves?) they could. And it wouldn’t always be good for the progression of the sport.

  • Engrid Brasnerth

    ASP will certainly own everthing, forthwith. It makes sense to tack on so to speak when national domination ensues.

  • Hotterdam Undercloud

    Where is the publicity from steering clear of each other when they are caught on the inside? There isn’t any subjective ownership in the sport there.

  • wilbur kookmeyer

    Someone bust out the play money, its monopoly time!

  • 3rde steen local

    Lekker about time that the balls of those pioneers and the new crew that are ripping 50 footers get some payback