ASP heads to New York

The ASP announces the first ever East Coast World Tour stop

| posted on January 26, 2011

In Long Island, the best surfers in the world will compete for a piece of the $1,000,000 purse. Photo: Lusk

As if holding the first-ever ASP World Tour stop on the East Coast were not enough to garner attention for the upcoming Quiksilver Pro New York, the ASP and Quiksilver announced today that the event will also offer a $1 million prize purse, the largest in ASP history. Though the event, which will be held on Long Island’s Long Beach from September 4-15, has stirred some debate over whether the location is worthy of a world-class event, Surfline’s Chief Forecaster and President, Sean Collins, has said, “We are also in a La Nina year, so we expect the 2011 Atlantic hurricane season to be a little more active and hopefully we can score great surf with the world’s top surfers in one of the best cities in the world.” With $1 million on the line, the surf better be good.

Few would argue that when the waves are on in New York, it can be ideal for high-performance surfing. Cody Thompson boosts a frontside air, case in point. Photo: Lusk

Although New York is far more famous for its skyline than its consistent surf, Quiksilver and the ASP think it's worth taking the risk. Photo: Ellis

  • haole2u2

    I wonder if they’ll have it in long beach or at lido. i hope theres a hurricane cause otherwise theyre effed

    • bolt

      you guys might be a bit young to remember but the asp did have a contest a while back at the wave pool in allentown, PA. I’m from new york and i think its a bad idea. Look at the picture on the article that is where the contest will be. lets be honest it looks like that a couple times a year and that is it. most of the time its in the middle of the winter. The other side is if it does look like that everyone will think ny has epic waves all the time. We don’t need anymore crowds. NYC is the reason for this. they will impress all the rich douche bags and sell tons of product. I see these kooks with their $3000.00 longboards and six months of experience. lame idea.

  • http://surfer Kimbo

    The Tour is back to the old days , Money is dictating the new venues.

  • Mik

    This is the worst decision in the history of Professional surfing.

    NY is a cool place, but the surf is not happening. Especially at Long Beach. The tour needs contests at better places, not lamer places.

    Do it at Ocean Beach in SF in September. That would be happening.

    Or the obvious would be an annual contest at Bali, or one of the other Indo reef breaks, or Cloudbreak again. But Long Beach?????? NY????????

    Must be some East Coast tool in Quik’s marketing. Or they just want to sell more clothes on the Least Coast.

    But a $1M for surfing at Long Beach??? That’s an insult to the entire surf world.

    Fuck you.

    • dano

      just in case you forgot the best surfer in the world is from the “Least Coast” dumbass, ever hear of KELLY SLATER??? and from experience I know Lido can fire especially in September. I agree there could be better locations like the outer banks but theres no place like NY. even the guys on tour are for it so why is everyone else crying about it??

    • bolt

      who f-ing cares. Surfing is now the new golf. All clothes and expensive products made in another country. I love surfing but hate what it has become. All you knuckle heads out there remember Gotcha clothing. If not you haven’t been surfing very long. They were based in new york city in the late 80’s, and had an office in the empire state building. surfing has been here for a while but unfortunately you don’t have to be a surfer to be a surfer in NY. Lots of kooks with overpriced surf gear. “Least coast”, right coast whatever its home for me so you don’t like it piss off and take the dumb ass contest with you.

  • JOB

    FU ASP. I don’t even need to say anything. You guys are your own worst enemy. NY in September? The boyz will be groveling in waist high closeouts while I pull into 8 ft Indo barrels. Want to guess what the surfers and non-surfers would rather see?

    • bolt

      hey 8′ indo guy. You sound like a perfect fit for nyc. You got the claiming part down perfect. Get yourself a donovan frankfooter costume and you’re in. See you at ditch or the surf lodge and bring some pictures of your 8′ indo barrels. later kook

  • Hadyn

    Next thing Quiksilver will be holding compo’s at St. Tropez (apparently waves are an optional extra these days before deciding where to hold an event) followed by some other compo on an inland lake. Or maybe Billabong will come up with the brilliant idea of holding a surf event in the Alps with world class waves sculptured out of snow (oh wait, that’s already called snowboarding – but why split hairs). You can’t tell me that Kelly Slater, an avid campaigner for a better surf tour, is not being strong armed into supporting this brainfart by his employers?? Just when the tour was looking very interesting both from a level of competition and quality of venue perspective this little nugget gets dropped into the mix. Pathetic…

  • Chalkie

    What Mik said……..surely there must be a East coast venue with surf that is more reliable? Suggestions? About the venue I mean……good idea to take the events to the east …..but……

  • Ballard Edwards

    If they going to pick a East Coast spot why the Outer Banks of NC. If not, Long Beach does have some good waves. If it gets big maybe they’ll surf the east tip of the island (i.e. Atlantic Beach) not often surfed but it can hold size.

  • Pat Judd

    What’s next Texas and $2m?

  • Pablo Mayorga

    I truly think it should be South Beach Miami 305 dirty south.
    It should go Moblie if the waves make it down here first???

  • Tuto

    Chop’s was small, they surfed Bakio instead of Mundaka, have been to Florianopolis, got Sunset and Pipe so small i could have paddle out … so why not NY ? I bet they will get it 3x overhead as good as Hossegor beachbreak. Ah, ah, ah !!

  • graham

    for all the SoCal, hawaiian, aussie “JABRONIS” acting like the apocalypse has happened with an east coast event on the world tour, it will probably luck out with better waves than half the other events this upcoming year. Case in point, the grovelfests that have broken out at chopes, mundaka, etc. remember the year that the superbank was breaking left? mahalo…

  • Matt

    Come on, really? Disappointing and totally underscores how the “dream” part of the tour is about money and not waves. And I guess he’s got to be positive n’ all but I lost some respect for Slater for the way he endorsed this.

  • http://surfer kimbo

    This is the start of market warfare for all the leading brands. Quiksilver is sending a desperate shot across the bow of Nike. will it work ? who knows but if i was Rip Curl i would be designing a pair of spikes pronto.

  • dfam

    Ok so a million dollars is way over the top. Although, the northeast brings more $ to the market than most due to population and 4 distinct seasons. (clothing, etc.) This is a package deal including logistics, people, and season. Sure hurricane surf isn’t asp world class but potential, revenue, and market placement are. Outer banks has too much with the esa champs and it is a logistical mess. Ny in and out and everyone gets paid, wheres the problem. Last time i checked these guys aren’t surfing the tour to get barreled. Save your FU’s for the cab ride or the fact that just maybe it might all come together and actually be fun in the us of a.

  • chris

    Should have been on OBX, way better waves.

  • Mike

    Not sure that post was from the real Jamie O’brien but if it is I actually respected him until I read his post. Did you ever think that maybe this would be good for the sport. Did you ever hear of exposure? We all dont get to have our backyard as Pipe and get to travel to Indo when its the flat season. As much as I enjoy watching Kelly and Mick pull into spitting bombs and rip apart perfect right point breaks it would also nice to see what these guys can do in waves that most of us surf year round. If 9/10 contests are held at “worldclass” spots whats wrong with having one contest that would expose the sport so that these guys can maybe sometime down the line, make the money they deserve. In the meantime, if a solid swell pops up maybe JOB will see that Pipe and Indo arent the only places that have spitting barrels!

  • MiamiBPS

    I agree. New York and Long Island suck big time. Send the ASP somewhere else so I can surf these sick A-frame waves all to myself.

    Dumb asses

  • Ed

    It makes sense financially.. the World Tour is a business. These guys are running a BUSINESS. I agree with dfam. No one on tour is pretending to be “Soul Surfer” and the WT has done a great job with choosing locations, giving some a shot and getting skunked/rewarded in each place (even the final at pipe this year left something to be desired). Long Beach can “turn on” if it lines up, but most likely it will be “contestable.” Maybe a window increase should be in effect? OBX is more consistent/better, but… it’s a logistical nightmare.

  • Hughie

    For all the people on here flipping out about ASP’s decision, I respect your opinion and you are entirely entitled to it, but I have to disagree. Although I live in CT, I surf Long Beach/ Montauk as much as I can, (at least once a week year round) and I love surfing there, regardless of the wave quality. 2 weeks ago i surfed 1ft MTK slop in freezing weather and had a blast.
    It is obvious ASP has gone to Long Island for the $$$, but I think with a nor’easter or a hurricane the contest will be a success. The problem with this is there needs to be a LONG waiting period for this to happen. I have seen Lido firing many times and it does happen somewhat often in the late summer and early fall, and everyone will be impressed. When on, Lido can have some 6-7 second long spitting tube rides. But consistency of there being something to surf is out of question. I know by experience that there will be something breaking no matter what. Long Beach has amazing consistency of bad but not flat waves. Still, bad waves will definitely be a disappointment. If there is a hurricane, people will be really surprised by the power of the waves and the contest will be a super success.

    This contest should be treated like the US OPEN of the east coast. Probably shit waves, lots of money and people and fun. If the contest was held at the OBX like I thought it would be, there would be a traveling disaster. That place is a MESS to get to. Long Beach really is the most convenient location to host the contest.

  • Billy

    New York and New Jersey have the most powerful and strongest surf on the East Coast. The Outer Banks is way overrated. It does not hold as much size (maxes out at 8-10 feet). The Outer Banks does not have the underwater canyon that New York has.

  • Mik

    That was my gut reaction… OK. I am sure the tour surfers don’t care where they surf to get a shot at $1M. And good for them, and good for Quiksilver for breaking into a market in a big way. My apology to everyone involved for raining on their parade. It’s a bold move. But personally, I would have thrown the money at a more meaningful event, where the waves were really significant. What I reacted to was the fact that the first time a company finally puts up that kind of money, and it’s NY. They could have had a big event there with a more typical prize amount, and then put that amount
    into a location where more demanding waves would be available. Such as Hawaii, where they have benefitted from many years of exposure. This just seems kind of weird.

  • alincolnlocal

    Well, things have changed in Long Beach since we used to get arrested for surfing back in the 60s ! I live at Lincoln ( the block where the contest will be ) – and I’ve been watching it a lot longer that Sean Collins , but he is right . You want waves here that’s the time . NO guarantee of course . Murphy’s law also tells me that since I have to do an antique show in Massachusetts that week the waves will be great – they were last year . Will this contest be a feather in our cap or a nail in the coffin ? We’ll just have to see .

  • Ben

    This is horrific. Even if NY gets good, which I’m sure it does, it is NOT worthy of a dream tour stop. The same applies to Bells, Brazil, etc. Surf corporations, please explain how you can justify the inclusion of mediocre surf locations with the exclusion of Indonesia, Mexico, West Oz, Fiji, etc. Brodie Carr, ASP sponsors, and surfers trying to make a quick buck, you are fvcking blowing it.

  • mermaidsswim

    I want to see this event and plan to be there ! This is a Great opportunity for Surfers.

  • mike

    This is the biggest gamble I have ever seen. If the waves go off sure it can be an amazing event but common this is the east coast we are talking about. No doubt they have their moments but why another contest at standard beach break, that has the worst consistency of anywhere….I am glad to see more money thrown at the athletes but geez this is not the dream tour anymore…how many beach break venues do they need???? i want to see good waves like Mainland mex or Bali….hold a 5 or 6 star there but not a CT ….this kinda stuff will turn me off to the tour

  • Rory

    I think it would be cool to see a contest in Maine.. I’ve heard they’ve got some pretty good surf when the conditions are right. And no, I’m not from there. This’ll be an interesting tour if you ask me.

    • bolt

      you tool. how about maine? you’ve never been there but it sounds good. you should never go to maine. i have surfed maine a few times and the last thing that great state needs is surfing media. if you go to maine to surf leave your cameras home and show up alone. I live in new york and i know they don’t need the
      Bull sh!t that comes with quicksellout… I mean quicksilver. keep the contests in cali. they love them.

  • Chris

    I think what lots of people who surf don’t understand is that the surf industry needs new sources of money to survive. Since professional surfing in the USA has about the same following as ice fishing, the companies need to find ways to get people excited about buying a Quiksilver hoodie or a Billabong tee, and since all of us who already surf now buy all of our gear from online discounters, new markets (New York City being a great place to showcase) are the only way for them to go. I know most of you are probably already wondering why the hell should you care if these companies make another dime, but the reason is obvious. If you love watching Slater vs Parko finals in flawless tropical barrels half way around the world for free on a streaming cam, the industry has to make a buck. So, if you want super stretch boardshorts and carbon fiber fins, for your next trip to some ‘secret spot’ Taj was just at that you read about in Surfer mag, try to deal with this one contest (that may or may not be great) down the road from Yankee Stadium and Madison Square Garden, the greatest sports stage in the world. After all, without the surf business, yes it IS a business, your favorite pros would probably be flippin burgers instead of launching airs.

  • johndaboogs

    How about a BIG ROUND of applause. Bringing such an event to the TRISTATE area is something beyond respectful, the community surely will remember what was happening 10 years ago that week, some may have forgotten. I surfed as did many others under a hazey, somkefilled, planeless sky, surounded by quiet somber eyes, and some perfect NY hurricane surf. It was surreal, really difficult for everyone, justify surfing when everyone there knew of someone directly in the line of fire. Just think for a second that an event like this may go a litlle deeper then just the venue for perfect waves. The world is far from perfect and that also goes for the surfing world. From a New York surfer for life I would like to thank you for the oppurtunity to host such an event.

    • NY

      Thank you for making that point johnda. Never forget. -NY

  • Sick Of It All

    $70.00 + jeans. $60.00 + Button downs. $29.00 tees. $30.00 ballcaps… F*^# the surf industry! Its for the rich.

  • Sick Of It All

    O did I leave out $60.00 boardshorts? Fuck All. Im cutting my jeans this summer!

  • mike

    Chris has a bit of a point…it is a business and they can’t grow their brands just within surfers…HOWEVER …..Don’t call it the DREAM TOUR if they hit venues like this…that is a slap in the face to all the dedicated fans. A 6 star prime or whatever would be a better call just like the circus in Huntington not a DREAM TOUR event

  • stinkbug

    It’s a good idea. NY and NJ can fire during a solid Hurricane swell, definitely on par with Trestles or Bells….it can get heavy off some of those jetties with clean barrells, or be perfect ramps for airs. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely isn’t Hawaii, J-Bay, or Teahupoo, but it can get good and definitely world class (I would compare it with Hossegor beach break at times).
    It’s the greatest city in the world with world class waves at times. Should be aweseome to watch the world’s best tear it up.

    As for ASP, this is all about money. You’ve got a huge population in close proximity to this event, lots of clothes to sell. Let’s face it, sponsors and surf companies are calling the shots. The more $60 button downs they can sell (made in Vietnam by child labor for pennies), the better.

    Don’t get made and insult the East Coast….we will gladly oblige and hopefully supply some great surf.

  • Craig

    What a bunch of idiots who are state the negative. I say bring the cash to the tour and make the sport grow. Is it not about the sportsmans ability in all conditions that makes a true champion. Why is the Grand Slam in Tennis or Golf such a prized possession? Bring it on NYC and quik and let this be the start of a truely lucrative tour for the surfers that deserve it.

  • Ben

    Bullshit, hold a QS, not a CT. The Dream Tour should be a reward for the hard slog, a venue where the best in the world surf the best waves in the world.
    Would you have the most skilled chefs in the world cook with second rate ingredients? Would you expect Lloyd Wright to make his buildings from pine and masonite?
    Would you want to watch Clapton perform on a guitar from Costco?
    NO, to all of these questions. The goal is to watch performance at its peak, not wonder what could have been.
    To the ASP, fvck you, for all of the fans you gain, you lose some very loyal followers.

  • David

    If there are waves during the event all the real East Coast surfers will be off surfing, not watching an event from the beach, No?

  • Mik

    Final comment: Bring it to NY… But Quik didn’t need to throw that amount of money down to get people to take notice. A standard $300K would have accomplished the same thing. For a $1M prize, it needs to be at Rincon, or Malibu, or Tavarua, or Lance’s Right. Somewhere mindblowing. This will just be a bunch of people and the best surfers in the world limited to midrange surf quality at best. Even on the best day in the past 10 years there are a zillion other waves better..

  • Mik

    Final, final comment: Having a $1M surf contest at at Rincon, or Malibu, or Steamer Lane, Tavarua, Lance’s Right, Morocco, or Uluwatu will generate even more media buzz than NY. Because the webcasts will deliver something magical. A $1M contest will make the entire world take surf contests seriously. The NY event should be $400K max. And I think that is the overall response…….. So whomever’s doing Quik’s marketing should be replaced by ME. Thasright.

  • Chaser

    At least its in NY instead of NC it will keep all the donkeys at bay, maybe they will head north instead of piling 7 deep into the car and heading straight for STurns, they waves could suck, give it 50/50 other than that your screwed, the Dream Tour shoudlnt invovle anything on the East Coast except PR and Barbados. Go back to Mexico and surf any point break. Richsilver needs more joey guidos to buy their t’s instead of Affliction and Ed Hardy tshirts.

  • Bodhi

    Go Giants.

  • Johnny Utah

    Bodhi, this is your f#cking wake-up call man. I am an F, B, I, Agent!

  • Bodhi

    Well if it ain’t Special Agent Utah. Still one step and a blog post behind me. ¡Vaya con dios amigo!

  • BMan

    They should have it in NJ. We have spots that break well with the long period hurricane swells, and within a 5 minute drive they would have the choice of several break that work an different swell and wind direction. NY get good but only with a specific wind and swell direction.

    Here are some clips of 2 different breaks that are very close to each other, shot during the same time frame as the contest.

    Jenks …septemebr 2006 2010

    manasquan Inlet .. hurricane bill 2009

  • http://Na bonkey


  • http://Na bonkey

    Kelly and Quicksilver have duped all of you, Agent Utah call the sec quick this is a inside deal to keep the million for themselves. Everyone is worrying about the surf being small east coast junk? Not Kelly he cut his teeth on junk surf in florida. Iam a Californian who lived in Cocoa Beach in the 80s before kelly beame a pro. Kelly and his brother surfed 1ft wind swell everyday for years after school at second light. Surf that 98% of surfers would laugh at and not bother with. Kelly developed his quick reflexes in just this type of wave . Blown out crap closeout breaking two ft off the beach, Kelly would hit lip five times and pull two round house cutbacks in ten seconds. I would go to second light just to wash off the drit and heat after work and many times Kelly and Sean whould be the only guys out. Kelly would make look like four ft Malibu. This is why kelly was so far ahead of the pack by the time he turned pro. He never missed a day, it was that constant training in junk that made him so catlike quick. So if the waves are good he wins if the waves are bad he wins. Sounds Like the fix is in Agent Utah make no mistake Kelly and Quicksilver planned this whole deal just to get rich.

  • Robin Fasciano

    Notice how since Joel Tudor started going out to Mauntauk & riding Sectore 9’s in the city all the yuppies started buying Merrick longboards & spreading their stance all over the N.Y. coastline ? Now we have the ” Hipster ” artsy surf scene so gloriously hyped up by The Surfers Journal. Dion Agius moving to N.Y.C. ??? sure theres lots of rich chicks who love a pill or 2 & are frothing to get on their knees for the surf scene, but N.Y. sucks for waves… bottom line. it has its random few days of the year but other then that it’s your typical short period w.s.w. wind swell wich brings in the dirty waters from Jersey ! I was smart & moved to Hawai’i where I started my family & have been living the past 9 years. N.Y. is not a surf destination. Leave it for those who are dedicated & live there. The crowds were getting worse back in 1999 last time I lived there, I cant imagine after an A.S.P. event !

  • rich

    Long Beach surfers know it the best kept secret. I will bet any amount that most west coast surfers couldn’t even get outside during a hurricane swell. east coast surf has the potential to be as good as anyplace in the world -period. go on youtube and check out LM Lido or Montauk during last years tropical season.

    This like saying you shouldnt have the word cup skiing event in France as opposed to switzerland I dont why so many folks take this personally? the diversity of venues is what the ASP tour is all about. Pro sports is about money. thats why it ‘s a pro sport ! amateurs dont receive any $

    Long beach locals are hard working down to earth people who seldom exhibit the home break – stink eye vibe. we love our mother ocean and welcome the QS event and anyone else who wants to surf our great breaks. no matter what the surf does it will be an awesome fun event.


  • Mike Mazz

    The comments in here are priceless. While I agree that the money does seem like a lot, hosting an event in area that will attract a lot of viewers, and thus bring some revenue to the area is a good thing.

    For those not familiar with Long Island, yeah it may not always have the best waves in the world, but it is a big beach community which of course the sponsors want. You cant have these contests without prize money. Sponsors give this money and they expect a return in the form of marketing/exposure or whatever.

    You can do an event in Rincon because the waves are “better”… but you do it o Long island you will get a wave bigger crowd and a crowd with $ to spend.

    Ive been surfing LI for 25 years..there are tons of places to surf that are quiet and un crowded…so if a contest comes around once in a while .. really whats the big deal.

  • Brad Western

    The event is genius. Nobody cares about 8ft Tavarua or 10 ft Chopes anymore. Its been done. Pipeline? How many more pipe tubes can a guy watch? Narrabeen, Cronulla, Trestles YAWN. Search events? All been done.

    New York and a million bucks. Even if the waves are uncontestable the surfers and the fans are going to love it! Bring it on!

  • NY

    wah, wah, wah. NY sucks. Yeah right. Most of you people are probably kooks anyway and the only barrels you ever get are the ones that land on your heads as you struggle to paddle out. The ASP should hold the contest in February with that million dollar pot. See who the real men are. – NY

  • Frandy

    Honestly guys why NY? i have surfed Long Beach and it is def not ASP material. I cannot see KS surfing Long beach, WHY????. I Def agree with the guys. Quick is trying to make money on the east coast. I’m from NYC and i can tell you fur shur. the waves at long beach suck. Unless you bump into another hurricane.

  • alincolnlocal

    By the way – Long Beach is not on Long Island . We are a separate island . When you come here you will notice you must go over a bridge to do it .

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