ASP Enacts Drug Testing

The ASP will begin drug testing athletes starting in March of 2012

| posted on November 11, 2011

Brett Simpson, getting high on some Ocean Beach ramps in San Francisco. Photo: Ellis

Beginning with the Quiksilver Pro at Snapper in March 2012, the ASP will be implementing a drug-testing policy for athletes as well as ASP officials.

Although the ASP has yet to release a formal press statement, members of the ASP Board have already commented to the media. “We’ve been working towards this for a while,” says the ASP’s Randy Rarick, who heads the Triple Crown. “I think this new policy will do a lot to mature surfing as a professional sport.”

According to Rarick, the proposal to enact drug testing, which was voted on in San Francisco last week, had the full support of surfers as well as the ASP Board. “This was an across-the-board type of thing. Everyone was in favor of this,” Rarick says.

In the 1980s, Hawaiian Congressmen and one-time IPS frontman Fred Hemmings pushed the ASP to enact an anti-doping policy, but it failed to reach fruition.

“It’s been a longtime coming, but I’m very happy to say congratulations to the ASP for doing this,” said Hemmings. “I hope the policy will work to help people with addiction and bring more professionalism to surfing.”

The new regulations will be in effect for men’s and women’s World Tour and PRIME events.

The details of the policy, which are said to be quite extensive, will be made public soon. “There’s a lot of information in the report, it’s about 40 pages long, and the ASP will be issuing a press release with more details in the near future,” added Rarick.

  • http://Facebook Raza

    Surfing is one of my favorite sports next to snowboardig but the drug testing seems professional for them to do. But at a cost of surfers that won’t to compete I know for a fact that a lot of surfers around the world either smoke marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy etc. Witch would lower the attendance to this. I am all for the testing but it always comes at a price. My question is would you rather have a easy competition for any drug free surfer to win or kick ass one with some of the best surfers around the world.

  • James

    I understand testing the officials (the way things have been going as far as judging lately) but surfers too? WTF

  • Natural Light

    Welp, now Dane is officially not doing the 2012 tour

  • Bolt

    Hid your weed man!

    What a joke. I thought there was drug testing in place?? Remember Neco getting busted for steroids (while the rest of the tour was lighting up and doing god knows what else). Mark my words, any of the cool and more marketable guys on tour who get caught will just get a slap on the wrist.

  • biatch

    this is so gay. if the surfers wanna get fucked up and shred some gnar than whats the big deal?

  • hot carl

    congrats asp for making the tour just as lame as baseball, or any other jockish type sport. if you are going to test for drugs it should be for performance enhancing drugs like steroids .

  • Smart Ass

    Witch or which? An or a?

    Raza sounds like it hails from England or somewhere in the UK.

  • John Arsenault

    So, the ASP sets the bar a little higher. As a parent, when my kids were young they watched pretty much every video of their surf heros – read and listened to their interviews. I spent a lot of money feeding their appetite and love of the sport. Like it or not, kids emulate their parents and to some extent their professional heros. I believe if an athlete chooses to earn a living from surfing, they should realize that by accepting the benefits and privileges of being a “Professional”, they also accept the moral and social values of their sponsors in how they conduct themselves both in and out of the water. They should be happy to do this in gratitude to their sponsors, sport and fans who afford them such a great lifestyle. As a professional myself, I’d pass on supporting the sponsors of the sport I love if it meant I have to contribute to even a few entitled individuals who want the benefits, but lack the integrity or character to accept their responsibilities. There are plenty of extremely talented clean wannabe’s. Believe me, the dopers will not be missed for long and the competitive value won’t be diminished, in fact it will be elevated. If competitive performance were to temporarily seem a little lower, I’d still prefer true professionalism over low integrity – poor role models to our youth. After-all professional surfing has always been on the brink of not existing and could disappear or be greatly diminished if “US” the fans (parents) chose to not support it.

  • Jeremiah Kaluhiokalani

    I am too fuckin stoned to really care right now. It seems pretty inportant though, I think.

  • Will the Thrill

    So what youre saying is the ASP is run by people who reside in countries where Drugs are Illegal. Or is Marijuana and cocaine illegal across the world?

  • Tracy mathewson

    This could have saved Mr Irons Liife . Get high and risk every thing or get a grip

  • What the… ?

    this is bulls#$t. Surfing is becoming so mainstream that they are squeezing the “counterculture” right out of it. Is it just me or does this spell “S.E.L.L – O.U.T.” (to the corporate $ and the mainstreaming of our history as surfers who do not play by the rules?)… So now smoking giggle twig is going to get someone kicked off of the tour ? Since when does surfing = conformity?

  • wally

    Raza, your statements appear based on your asumtion that the best surfers in the world are drug users. So, slater,fanning,owen taj,parko,john john, ect are drug users? Move on mate. I seriously doubt these guys live that lifestyle.

  • surfer

    Surfing has become controlled by the clothing companies. In order to make more money they need to look like a “mainstream” sport. They have bamboozled the kids who surf that somehow competition helps surfing, when really all that it does is to make the water more crowded – it hurts us real surfers while simply lining the pockets of a few business owners. Drug testing? Yeah, right – no matter how much you try it is still surfing, a counter-culture activity and only judged subjectively.

  • g

    Is that you Wally? Where’s the Beaver?

  • thrash

    No conclusion has been drawn except that the CT wants to legitimize itself as a real sporting body. the asp is a sham of an organization in the sense that it doesn’t own legit media packaging deals, and this is a step towards that direction— in order to make money.
    There is no drug more illicit that cocaine on the CT (recreation), with the possible exception to performance enhancing drugs and Methanphetamine. THAT BEING SAID, it is probably at the WT surfers detriment to use any narcotic including tobacco and alcohol, and most on tour aren’t dumb enough to blow their careers on any of these—they will be fine, surfing level will be raised, cigs will be seen more common at WT dick-riding parties.
    -print it

  • Jaime Glenn

    and – and – and surfers should not be playing golf either. Shkiddin’ – ya buncha chemical contraptions.

  • AC

    Can’t overlook the possibility of steroid use to increase ones strength and stamina. No athlete is exempt from the temptations of performance enhancing drugs. Perhaps the ASP knows something. Weed can’t be the only concern.

  • Pete Dooley

    Will it be multiple choice or essay. I don’t know that much about them. Is there a book I can read or something?

  • Raza Sucks Balls

    Andy Irons win any world titles or even an event if he’s not getting high?

  • Dirty Surfer

    @ John Arsenault; I couldn’t agree with you more! If they want to be considered a professional athlete then they should be held accountable for all their actions, both in & out of the water! Maybe now the major networks will start taking surfing seriously and start airing the WT contest which will only benefit everyone!! I guess Dane and several others will be hitting up the methodone clinic to help get off all the illegal narcotics unless they take all of the money that pro surfers make to pay some doctor for to fake an injury so those who do take the narcotics can keep getting their pills!! Don’t head to South Florida for your doctor shopping!!

  • amos andy

    Wow….well I guess that eliminates all the Australians from competition!!!!! Yuck yuck yuck!!!!

  • Don

    Great idea! Now if we can just keep the contests for those pros and let the rest of us enjoy a little paka and some quiet water time.

  • john jay

    Why can’t anyone admit that the reason why they did this now is because of A.I.’s death due to a drug overdose. Let’s be honest with ourselves. This was the culminating point. The funny thing is no one will admit it.

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  • HB Surfer / Cali Local / Aloha to all

    Welcome to jockland surfing. Ever since NIKE and Converse took over the biggest show on surf, it was just a hop skip and a blood test away from the jockstrap locker room BULLSHIT that soul surfers abhor. Test this!

    Is surfing trying to get an olympic berth? Hahahaha! No matter what the ISP, ASP, WQS, or WCT do, soul surfing will always be surfing with your buds. If your buds like to do ariels, great! NOTE: Christian Fletcher should be getting an honorary tile on the walk of fame today…..

    Towing into 60 foot waves is stunt boarding. Surfing rails is stunt boarding

  • Geronimo

    Drug tests aiming to find substances that enhance a surfer’s performance seem fair, but testing for other drugs? Hmmm I don’t think that’s going to be a good idea, specially if they decide to include marijuana in those tests. We’re going to start seeing many guys on tour turning to free surfing exclusively. Something tells me that drug test policy is going to be expensive as hell in many ways.