Andy Irons’ Autopsy Results Delayed

| posted on December 29, 2010

His wife's petition will keep Andy Irons' autopsy results out of the public eye until May. Photo: Ellis

A Texas judge has recently approved a request by Lyndie Irons to postpone the release of Andy Irons’ autopsy results until May 20. Citing an “intense news frenzy” and “innuendo of drug use” circulating around Andy’s death in a Dallas hotel room on November 2, Lyndie Irons argued in a petition to the Texas courts that the results of the autopsy could blemish Andy’s “brand.”

In a petition sent to Judge Melody Wilkinson, Lyndie stated that if the results of the report were delayed, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention could finish their research into Irons’ death and paint a more accurate picture of what killed the three-time world champion.

According to the petition sent to Judge Wilkinson, Lyndie and her newborn son are financially dependent on the “celebrity of Andy Irons” and “should the autopsy report be released now, Lyndie Irons and her newborn child would suffer immediate and irrevocable harm in that the branding value would be greatly diminished as a result of the news frenzy,” the petition said. “It is anticipated that if the autopsy report is not released for six months, news coverage will die down.”

According to a report on the Dallas Forth Worth-based Star-Telegram, the medical examiner in charge of Andy’s autopsy, Dr. Nizam Peerwani, has not yet ruled on the cause of death and is still awaiting other test results.

“Dr. Peerwani is still awaiting some test results and until all the test results are in, he will not make a ruling,” said Ashley Fourt, a Tarrant County, Texas assistant district attorney who speaks on behalf of the medical examiner’s office.

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  • andy a

    I `ve read some of the news on AI death. To me, It seems alot of skeletons seem to be comin out of the closet now that hes gone. Andy was an amazing surfer who I had the pleasure of meeting and watching him surf in costa rica one year when i was down there. Was he human, yes, Did he make mistakes yes. All = can say is So what! Let him rest inn peace and let us who really admired him mourn in peace. My heart goes out to Lyndie ,Bruce Nd the whole Irons clan.

  • ventura

    I agree, everyone has their vices. Keeping the autopsy results within the Irons family would be best. Every person and their dog knowing exactly what happened isn’t going to bring him back, fact is he is gone. Just remember the good things about him and move on.

  • jeff

    I can kind of see both sides of this… let him rest in peace. Everyone I’ve ever known who’s met the guy (quite a few people) only have good and fun things to say about Andy. At the same time, if his death was caused by drugs or something similar, it should be put in the open. Partying will always be tied to surfing, and that always means drugs will be involved whether that is liked or not. But, if the people at the top of the sport are using and abusing so much that it leads to hospital visits and death then something should be said and done.

  • PJ

    Who cares why he died. Lets talk about why he lived!!!!!

  • Whitney

    Kudos to delaying results…his family deserves non-public grieving time.I live in virgin islands…there is a new strain of dengue that is extremely time dependent on treating…and sadly at that time not largely made aware….

  • Jeremy Cooper

    Well done Lyndie and family. Stay strong and don’t let the parasites in. The dignity you have displayed throughout shows a courage reminiscent of your late husband.

  • Ann Irons Plummer

    As a 2nd cousin to Andy, having met him only twice at Lower Trestles in So. CA, I have to speak to Lyndie, Bruce and Philip (my cousin). Andy was so gracious when we approached him as cousins he’d never met and we have a great photo of Andy with my daughter, of which she’s always been very proud. I’m so glad that you are delaying the release of the autopsy, which is no ones business but yours. Congrats on the birth of “little Andy” (as Aunt Agnes and Uncle Bill) would have called him) and talk about his Dad all the time so that he becomes alive to him as he was to us. With love, Ann Marie

  • lockcal martin

    Yeah the Dallas fusion center gestapo doesn’t want to release the results becaue A, they’ll have to say we killed him, or B, they’ll have to make up some lie that several people could disprove, so the intimidate his poor wife to make a statement requesting a delay. I won’t forget about this, TSA + the Dallas fusion center contracters killed AI.

  • lockcal martin

    alright Surfermag, delete my comment, we know who’s behind this, and won’t forget it. Some Texas hicks used to be surfer guys.

  • Tom Lanos

    Unbelievable comments… are you guys sleeping through life?

    Billabong tried to get in front of the story, floating a false conclusion and completely obstructing what actually happened. Why would a surf corporation announce a death?

    Then, Billabong panders to the general public to donate to Andy’s memorial, a 7 figure athlete during a protracted recession…. crass and shameless.

    Now everyone’s worried about “Andy’s Branding”??? You mean 3 titiles, countless coverage and a fully insulated public image will be harmed by what, the Truth?

    Billabong could use this tragedy to build the ultimate public service message, but chooses to put commerce ahead of good taste.

    By the way sheep, an honest report of Andy’s death will not interrupt his “peace”.
    Wow, surfers used to be free thinking independents, now corporate slobs.

    • Norcalsurf

      Well said Tom.

    • Muse

      RIGHT ON Tom! Well said. Way to call out all of the industry SELL OUTS to the epitomy of this countrys ‘values’. It’s so sad that people are more concerned with ‘image’ & ‘brand’ than the purity & peace so easily found in the TRUTH.

      ….the truth will set you free, not money!!!!

  • Bretty

    Right on, Tom Lanos. I’m sorry for the Irons family’s loss, but I’m also not about to get emotionally played by Surfing Incorporated, either.

    Billabong would love nothing more than to manage Andy’s death into a sacrosanct cash cow, which now depends on either a squeaky clean toxicilogy report or, more predictably, media inattentiveness.

    The Machiavelli in me wonders how they can all be so blind and short-sighted. If the drug abuse rumors are true, the heirs to the Irons legacy are missing out on marketing gold. Lyndie and Billabong could use (pseudo) altruism to keep the Andy Irons “brand” going via “public service” advertising. This would provide an indirect revenue stream long after some young Turk from Deltona or Chula Vista comes along, steals the limelight, and relegates andy Irons to one of those “Best of the Decade” lists.

  • andylives

    anyone who knows someone in the pro surfing circles knows andy had huge drug problems, and spent two days in miami with the billabong team rep partying it up. probably did a bunch of who knows what, didnt sleep, took flight, said f-it in dallas, got a room, took sleeping pills, never woke up. come on. those with dengue fever don’t party like that, they get an IV and rest. that shit hurts.

  • ellie

    Finally someone had the guts to say what most people think!! Dengue fever?? Contracted in Portugal, some media said… That one cracks me up. Anyone with a bit of knowledge about the disease knows that could not be true. And by the way, being Andy’s death apparently of public interest when it comes to saying what a good guy he was and what a great surfer he was and so on, why is it that now everyone jumps at the thought of his autopsy results being released? A bit cinical don’t you think? And by the way… If Lyndie wanted to preserve Andy’s image, she did a very poor job delaying the release of the results. I don’t think anyone now doubts that drugs were part of it. Or something worse. Certainly not a clean autopsy, otherwise they would release it right away. Does she really think media interest will die with this? From my part, I’m more interested than ever in knowing why… before this I didn’t give a damn.

  • kc

    Delaying the autopsy results is almost an admission that he died of a drug overdose. If he was clean, we should let people know. It seems like many in the surf scene and especially the industry (Billabong) don’t want to talk about drug abuse among surfers. They’re actually doing a disservice by maintaining an illusion that all is perfect. Get it out and help prevent it so other young surfers don’t suffer the same fate. I don’t understand the whole idea of creating an illusion. Get the truth out there and something productive and positive can result.

  • Waller

    I have to agree with both sides here: Obviously delaying the results is going to spark everyone’s interest, because if there was nothing to hide it wouldn’t matter, however it truly is nobody’s business and I completely understand if the Iron’s family just needs a break from all of this attention. Either way everyone knows in our day and age you cannot hide the truth for long. When she is ready i hope we can all learn the real un-tarnished truth so we as a surfing community can learn from this. I think this might just boost his brand as he seems to be a modern day “surfer’s” Jimmy Hendrix, however hopefully he was no that bad. I can not imagine how the rest of the world may act upon hearing the news, however, in our surfing world NOBODY has the right to talk any shit unless you can surf as well as Andy did, and as we all know there are very few out there that can even come close to Andy’s abilities. In conclusion nearly every person has tried some type of drug or partied in their life, Andy was a rockstar and its just a shame he could not make it through his younger years.

  • Alkia

    Here are the facts:
    Andy was not on an iv for two days In miami as reported..
    He could have had a private doctor and private jet if he wanted to, as his salary was reportedly 650,000 per year from billabong. Rock star status and wealth.
    He passed from a lethal combination of pharmaceutical drugs, most likely methadone, ambien and ziapedem.
    it was a pointless death and very sad as he passed in his sleep.
    He was the best surfer in the world.
    Case closed.
    We love you Andy,

  • Tymon

    You can’t take a private jet on that salary. From Miami to Hawaii it would be at least $150k.

    • MC

      A surfer who also works in medicine and is a pilot, let me say this: whether Irons could get a private jet or not, there was no reason to do so. If he was suffering from an acute pathogenic disease and was that ill, he should have stayed in Miami. Jackson (hospital in Miami) is one of the foremost leaders in tropical medicine and would have been ideal. In Dallas he also could have found great medical care. I do not know if drugs were involved in his death, but not releasing the autopsy does look bad. All the same, I respect his widow’s right to privacy. Of all things in the world to not be public, an autopsy should be one.

  • KauaiGirl7

    Andy Irons was a junkie and his family should not be whoring out his image after his death. Let them get jobs like everyone else. His family is the one creating the media frency by hiding the truth. So sad…he was a great surfer, but not a good person. He left his unborn son without a dad – so he could do drugs! What an idiot.

  • mermaid

    I feel for his family, it’s a huge burden raising a child on your own with no father and I fell truly sad for this child. However that being said. Andy had a drug problem. That is a fact the surfing community knew & hiding it is not going to change it. There are many that “Enabled” Andy. Not a good thing. Maybe if the hard truth had been faced by EVERYONE who was involved, he might have gotten some help and be with us today. .
    So yes on one hand I agree that Lyndie, little Andy and the Irons Family need to left in Peace to grieve, they also need to let the world know that as good as he was he was NOT infallible….and let that be a lesson to the up and coming groms and ANY young athlete. Drugs are BAD. Period They make a mess of your life and they KILL!
    As my 12 year wisely said, “If your a great surfer and you do drugs that’s just stupid”!
    Point made.
    Point…. I hope taken ……

  • Rolo Tomasi

    Within the Surfing Inc. culture it was well known for years, that A.I. was battling the demons of sustance abuse. But image control dictated not dealing with it in a forthright manner.
    “Outside Magazine” has an in depth article on the troubled life of A.I. and it is both a tragic and sad story, an indictment of the Surfing Business and a cautionary tale.

  • damom

    I hope the surf industry doesn’t sweep this under the rug. Get the word out about this problem and tell the truth it could help other people struggling with the same issues . At least Flea had the balls to admit his problem and seek help.

  • darren

    toTom Lanos…… the reason for andys death is irrelevant. A.I. did more for the sport of surfing than anybody else besides kelly slater. HE is a legend…. everyone already knows the reason for his death, its not a secret what happened. YOU are part of a small minority that would love to slander the sport of surfing. If the media got a hold of the autopsy report, they would blow it out of proportion. They would generalize surfers even more to be druggies, when actually most of the professionals are hard workers that are very dedicated to what they do. It is obvious that you are not a surfer, and most likely live in the inland empire.

  • A.I. legend

    It is honestly sickening reading all of the negative comments. You never know what PEOPLE are going through. You cannot tell a very depressed person to stop being depressed, it doesnt work like that!! Additionally, professional surfing is one of the lowest paying sports. For what andy irons did for surfing, lydie his wife should not have to worry about money….thats commence sense. all you ultra liberals suck, stop trying to ruin surfing

  • jaqueline

    viveu morreu na minha história…marcou a vida de todos os surf

  • shner

    nobody will ever know what kind of pain this poor guy was living with! so what if he was taking medication for his chronic pain. the kid never got to say good bye to his wife and never got to see his new boy. I too have hardening of my arteries and take enough pain medication to kill an elephant. i have two little boys and a wife and there not going to have a dad because of this disease. leave this guy and his family alone !

  • Matt B

    AI was murdered by the Illuminati.