An Open Field at The Lane

The Coldwater Classic unveils a new format

| posted on September 09, 2013
Competitors in the new Coldwater Classic will be crowdsourced from the public with the event's winner receiving a sponsorship from O'Neill and a budget to chase the 'QS. Photo: O'Neill

Competitors in the new Coldwater Classic will be crowdsourced from the public, with the event’s winner receiving a sponsorship from O’Neill and a budget to compete on the ‘QS. Photo: O’Neill

In an effort to shine the light on surfing’s talented-but-unsponsored masses, O’Neill is implementing a new format for their upcoming Coldwater Classic event. Running from November 6–10, Santa Cruz’s Steamer Lane will host 16 surfers (10 will be invited, four “open” spots will be voted on by fans online, and there will be two wildcards) in a specialty event where the winner will take home a year’s sponsorship from O’Neill valued at $50,000.

Here’s the kicker: If you’ve got a major clothing or wetsuit sticker on your board, or if you’re already on the World Tour, you need not enter. And those four “open” spots, they’re up for grabs to the public. All you need is a headshot, some footage of you tearing the living hell out of some unsuspecting lineup, and an Internet connection to submit your application. Entries will be accepted via the event’s site until September 18.

On September 20, all of the online entries will be whittled down to eight finalists. Of those eight finalists, the remaining four spots will be determined by the public in an online vote that will end on September 27. With the event’s roster squared away, the actual comp itself will run as a single-day contest during the event’s five-day holding period, which runs from November 6–10.

In addition to taking home the Coldwater Classic hardware and the $50,000 sponsorship, the winner will be funded to compete in at least seven ’QS events and issued a personal videographer to produce six video segments throughout the 2014 season.

Along with the 16 competitors seeded in the Coldwater event, there will also be a contest for the groms, the Ratboy Rampage, composed of 80 under-18 locals.

“O’Neill is extremely excited to be supporting athletes who may be considered underdogs. Helping surfers who’ve paid their dues chase the dream of qualifying is good for our sport,” said O’Neill’s Brian Kilpatrick.

For surfers like Granger Larsen, who are chasing the tour with limited funding and no major sponsor, the new format for the Coldwater Classic couldn’t come at a better time. “I think it’s such a cool idea for non-sponsored guys; it gives us a opportunity to chase our dreams without the stress of running out of money during the season.”

  • Surfing sQuadz

    nice wave to ride.

  • alexandre

    doesn’t it look like a shark fin on the left hand side corner?

    • José

      It does!

  • Bobby Fisher

    This needs to be the norm going forward for all surf events. These competitions held in surfers backyards need to have local surfers in the competition to represent the break. Also that will spawn more community support by helping local talent get there name out there and the community they surf. It will change the outcomes of these competitions and how they always focus on the big names in the surf world.

  • stupor

    I agree, it’s a good thing … except for the part about submitting a head shot. Should not the surfing be the sole criteria for judging?

  • Matt

    Hey O’Neil, I grew up and live in Cocoa Beach. I just put all my Quik stuff in a box and will be loading up the fam tomorrow with your gear. BIG KUDOS on this new format!

  • James B

    50k???? Can a surfer have a professional year in competition with this????

  • Duarte Sousa

    Maybe Raoni Monteiro should try to win the Sponsor, after all he doesnt have any stickers on the board!