A Van, Dane Reynolds, and 7 Minutes

| posted on March 10, 2010

Earlier this week we posted a blog entry about Dane Reynolds giving away a van through his blog, Well, that van hath been given. And it only took seven minutes. Check the video link for the play-by-play.


  • Chris

    So bummed hope you give one away like that at lower’s later this year.I’ll be waiting.Also Dane would you please have a word with your Bros at surfer mag and tell them there fantasy surfer SUCKS!Also would you tell those money sucking leaches to give back wavewatch,as if they don’t already have enough to SCREW UP.Stick to photos surfer and leave everything else alone already.

  • Tom Solano

    Thanks for the van Dane! its a BEAST! Im yet to get it road worthied and had previously been driving it for a few days before i realised you had taken the plates off it. lucky no Cops
    cheers though