A Deeper Shade of Blue Premiere

Jack McCoy premieres his latest film in Santa Barbara

| posted on February 02, 2011

Last night, the Santa Barbara International Film Festival held the world premiere of Jack McCoy’s A Deeper Shade of Blue. Santa Barbara’s Arlington Theatre was packed with everyone from frothing little grommets to some of the elder legends of our sport. See images from the big night below, or click here for a recent interview with Jack McCoy.

The premiere was held at Santa Barbara's historic Arlington Theatre last night to a packed house. Photo: Maassen

Some of the surfing world's greatest legends were in attendance. Bruce Brown, Jack McCoy, and Mickey Muñoz smile for the cameras. Photo: Maassen

A love for surf film runs deep in the Brown family. Fellow director Dana Brown was in attendance for Jack McCoy's premiere. Photo: Maassen

Perhaps the most legendary surf documentarian, Bruce Brown was there to support a friend a colleague. Photo: Maassen

Jack McCoy poses with Kathy Kohner-Zuckerman, on whom the Gidget franchise is based. Photo: Maassen

The Curren kids, Pat and Frank, brought the Santa Barbara grom brigade in tow. Photo: Maassen

Infamous Shipsterns charger Marti Paradisis hits the red carpet with Jack McCoy and a friend. Photo: Maassen

Quiksilver's Bob McKnight, Jack McCoy, and Santa Barbara transplant Shaun Thomson enjoying the red carpet. Photo: Maassen

Jack McCoy and Derek Hynd have a look at Derek's preferred craft for finless surfing at Jeffrey's Bay. Photo: Maassen

The man of the evening introduces the world to A Deeper Shade of Blue. Photo: Maassen

A Deeper Shade of Blue hits the big screen for the very first time. Photo: Maassen

The longboarding virtuosos Chad and Trace Marshall enjoy a cold beverage at the film's after party. Photo: Maassen

  • Jeff

    Who let the Marshall Brothers in? Those scum bags are a disgrace…

  • phild

    Haven’t I seen this already? Oh no its just the same old story. Please stop beating the dead horse. Nice imagery though, but people should demand more.

  • dude

    …and the super arrogant Frank Curren.