A 100-Foot Wave?

Garrett McNamara is at it again in Nazare, Portugal

| posted on January 29, 2013

Garrett McNamara on what is being hyped as the 100-foot wave. Photo: Tó Mané courtesy of Billabong XXL

It was a big Monday in Portugal. An explosive cyclogenetic storm sent waves of the XXL variety to Nazaré, off the central coast of Portugal, and there were tow teams at the ready. Garrett McNamara, who set a highly-contested world record there in 2011 by catching this “90 foot” wave (later determined to be a 77.76 footer), was back at it again, and early claims for the wave pictured above are coming in hot at around 100 ft.

Here are some clips from the day, you be the judge. How big was GMac’s wave on Monday? Did he break his own world record? Should he own the record in the first place?

VIDEO: Big Wave Surfing Nazaré

VIDEO: Big Monday

  • mo

    Hang on, we are talking about the same WAVEJET-guy who gave us the near drowning of Greg Long? Without being disrespectful to the tons of moving water in Portugal, but 1.its not even a real wave, 2.surfermag should ban his actions until he says sorry to Greg Long…

  • Bill Miltenberg

    The guy getting tossed on the ski is classic. Must’ve been 10 seconds of absolute, pure terror.

  • Jake

    talk about a mush burger!!

  • james

    Wow the jealous tend to speak early….I would like to see you ride that (non real wave) DINK!

  • Mik

    heavy. G-mac is gnarly. that wave is massive at the peak. if someone got a clear shot, that may be 100′.

    Scary place… But yeah… as long as he’s not on a WaveJet kook machine, he’s a hero.

  • serviathan

    No disrespect intended, but wasn’t the wave Dorian PADDLED into @ Nazare last month close to the same size? Is towing even legit after some of the waves he, Greg Long and many more have scratched into lately? Was it ever?

  • Rob

    Hey “Mo” guy, how old are you, 8?

  • Bruce Sancho

    I have to agree with Jake this wave is fluffier then windnsea and south garbage. ” It has no trough, I send my 9 year old out there” It is a large wave a very large wave but couldn’t hold a candle to the steam Jaws puts out. 40ft Jaws is equal to this Euro wave at 70ft. as far as heavyness goes. Just ask Makua!!!

  • haha

    this should not count because gmac is a dick. if only life worked like that.

  • Yes I Hate G Mac

    I applaud G Mac for his commitment to chasing waves and pushing the limits of the ocean around the world. He is way more of a waterman than I, plain and simple.
    Its just too bad he continually puts the lives of other innocent individuals at risk of death due to his inability to be in control of his actions. G Mac has a great PR firm who #1 obviously knows nothing about surfing & #2 doesn’t mind blatantly lying to each of us calling that a 100 foot wave.
    If the “wave” doesn’t break is it a wave? Or would you call that a swell..? I’m pretty sure we call “waves” in the outer water that don’t break Swells but I could be wrong…

  • Joel Aloha

    funny how people commenting cant even ride a 2 foot wave…as far as long & Mac its over!!!! get over it haole…you people get so picky over a wave…you ride that 100 footer than you can talk!!!!

  • euro

    Sorry mates, can’t take all this dickhead, bullshit talking..if u ever experienced some beachbreak waves above 10 ft you must know what the people there are dealing channel, no lineup, no queuing for getting started..this wave is real, the coverage is breathtaking and the action is fucking life-threatening ..why compare with all the other big wave stands for itself..if u are disrespecting what is done there u must be either on drugs or a futile wanker!!

  • Big G

    although this wave is massive and will understandably receive a lot of attention i still feel shane dorians wave at peahi is far more intense then this wave. But you still have to give credit to GMac, he’s a serious waterman who continues to push the limits, like him or not

  • Bruce Sancho

    @Euro. You cant be serious on that wave being heavier then Jaws. That wave is fluffier than a pillow! Just like everything else in Europe soft!!!

  • sleesrf

    Video was disappointing but whether it really broke or mushed out that is one incredible picture with the lighthouse in the foreground looks like he is dropping down Mt. Fuji. Not sure if the angle is deceptive but still looks very cool, respect.

  • adrian

    wtf dude…this guy got balls…really big ones. do you “mo”?

  • SanveanShaze


  • http://none lamont johnson

    With all due respect you white dudes are some real nuts and some of the best athletes in the world who ever dose this big wave surfing is a tuff guy to the bone you can go in any getto in the world and get the badest dudes you want and they will not do this so my hats off if you surfed 40 foot 100 foot what ever dont get it twisted like you guys say your bad ass lol i have seen you surf at the mavrick in hawii and you got me to buy a board not the fuck with any big wave but to just have fun hats off to you guys keep pushing the limits

  • Karmona

    Go ride it first and if you don’t die then you (try to) talk… have you listened to what the very same Shane Dorian had to say about his experience at the spot (in half the size)? At this size, SOME of the big ones don’t break that far out but can easily break you faggots in half just a few yards inside where it’s life threatening to go search for the surfer if he gets in there… plus they’re ridding practically in front of these huge rocks (make mavericks rocks look like pillows yes, if compared) on the edge of a massive cliff. And about G-Mac, with so many fuckers rapping your ass everyday (the very same that have imploded you all with 9/11’s inside job) i just wonder if you refer to them the same way… (and this is the main reason why i’m calling you faggots!). Go play badass to save your children and point your fingers to your governments… Those other two are probably not giving a fuck and having a beer together by now, with the nicest guy in Big wave riding cheering (and chilling him a bit i agree) the nuttiest one! Cheers! Vote for Peace and stop the bombings…

  • Greg

    You jabroni’s act like ur Jesus on a surfboard with your comments. Obviously none of you know the guy and simply go by the negative perceptions of popular surf magazines. That wave may or may not be 100 ft but I am impressed. Every commenter including myself would b pooping their pants including myself in mushy 14x overhead surf, @bruce_sancho time to change your diaper

  • fryman

    duude really? so weak. this guys such a barney. towing in was so last 10 years. anyone could get whipped into that burger. LAME

  • bill

    Big wave, giant wave but its like a giant mushball. Guys paddling in to Peahi at half that size is a way gnarlier feat. Bigger does not mean heavier. Sorry GMAC. And in the future, please stop trumpeting your achievements so loudly. It makes people think of you as a sideshow.

  • kraken

    Someone is smoking a 100 foot joint.

  • flat tire

    pffffft. homo-erotic

  • BHawk

    I don’t see where Euro said that wave was heavier than Jaws just different, next whether G-Mac is a dick or not has nothing to do with if he should get the record for the tallest wave or not, heavy isn’t what the record is given for, and last you f@%s are some pathetic haters. Every page that Americans post on seems to be a bunch of disrespectful whiny little brats. You really let me see why the rest of the world thinks the way they do about us. I sure used to think as surfers we were above this BS but I guess not. Bunch of guys that are tough as nails behind a computer screen or is that it since you can’t be tough in real life you act tough commenting. I’m sure none of you have ever rode big surf either cause if you had you’ve give some credit where it’s due. or better yet RESPECT. And about greg long if you’ve never accidently taken off on someone when it’s big, it’s because you haven’t surfed when it’s big. You all seem so pathetic when you whine. so sad

  • KT

    You guys whining are so pathetic. That surf might not be as heavy as jaws but deserves credit. Have some respect. I thought it was 100 ft for sure when I saw that pic not so sure from the video though

  • Nat Old

    Downplaying this is like comparing Everest to K2. Everest will always be the BIGGEST. We only care about the BIGGEST WAVE, all the other records are open to argument and kooks saying sh*t like “I feel..” who gives a sh*t about your opinion of what was the gnarliest sickiest wave!! There is no argument about the BIGGEST and this bloke has ridden the worlds biggest wave.

  • Mik

    @sancho: you obviously have not taken a close look at the massive size of that wave, and the fact that it is breaking. Yeah, Jaws is radical, and hollow, and therefore powerful… But This thing is so much bigger, there is no comparison… not too mention how much water is moving around out there trying to get in position…

    Not to mention that G-Mac, like him or not, charges at Jaws too. Fact: it takes raw courage to get into the ocean at this place. It’s life and death. That wave, going by the photo, is bigger than anything I’ve seen in the media.

    The way that Jet Ski get’s launched is radical.

  • Rogermeras

    Mik- For Garrett, it is more like life or money when he enters the water. if he wasn’t so burnt out and self absorbed I would maybe be a fan.. That giant marshmallow of a wave, yes it was huge for what it was, really wasn’t that sweet. The highlights clip is kind of embarrassing. Almost every wave that offered some face the guys ate shit on.. I mean that was some heavy ocean but those weren’t heavy waves. Ireland had heavy waves

  • Matt O’Brien

    is this for real?!? The wave didn’t even break! it just rolled through. seriously, this is a joke right? regardless of height, it is lacking any substance. if this were Jaws – then it would have done more than just mush burger towards shore. also, notice how he pulls off wave before it actually breaks? at least the wave the other dude rode (toward end of video – on the left) actually broke. but this is ridiculous. this kind crap needs to stop or it puts the whole “big” wave thing into a seriously questionable realm. sorry G-Mac but that is silly. EVEN IF IT IS MORE THAN I COULD HANDLE!

  • Matt O’Brien

    Also, just another take – from feature of storm/wave over at surfline: For the record, we asked Billabong XXL contest director Bill Sharp how one can accurately measure a wave that doesn’t break. He replied, “Good question.”
    from a real expert, not me.
    also, check out Kohl Christensen & Danilo Couto waves in Ireland (during same storm event) much much more legit waves.
    At least G-Mac seems to be open about the fact that what he did was “fun” and exciting – not claiming the 100 footer himself. So I give no disrespect to him or Kealli Malama (the other dude I mentioned in my first post)

  • indapuka

    Eddie would go!

  • Zurf

    See this video first, them talk about the waves in Praia do Norte.

  • Whamo

    The left at the end of the video looked rather sanitary. I’d like to see what Laird would do to that wave. It would be a good canvas for someone who actually knows how to turn and generate speed from big sections. These guys don’t seem to have the skill to surf such size with much success. They do score big points for going out.

  • becker

    truly a feat of the gods

  • Pavlo,

    @ Sancho @ Mo @ Matt O’brien

    Are we watching the same vid here?

    The wave in the first vid (the one hosted on YT) is breaking top to bottom (@0:30″) and is so stupendously gigantic that it looks to be breaking in slow motion. The sheer amount and power of the water moving out there is simply unimaginable. Anyone who says it’s ‘soft’, a ‘joke’ and like a ‘marshmallow’ obviously knows very little about surfing in anything over 2′ – and that’s probably at your home beach break or wave pool.

    Look at the amount of power from the whitewater from one of the smaller waves at 1’40” and try and imagine yourself duck diving it. Nazare is a serious SERIOUS wave with life or death consequences.

    I defy any of you to take a fun little paddle into those ‘soft marshmallow’ waves.

  • Joe Sabino

    Lots of folks doing the talk, very few capable of doing the walk.

    Been at Jaws, been at Nazare. On a day like last monday, Nazare makes Jaws look like a kids swimming pool.

    The dynamic of the waves is totally unpredictable in Praia do Norte (Nazare). That beach has taken many lifes in the past and the ocean there is always ready to claim some more.

    In resume: cut the crap, go and see it (try it, if you dare) and only then post some comments.

  • Gil Flores

    Who said that the wave does not break??
    surfermag please post this video :

  • Max

    I would love to see this break about 10 to 20 feet bigger when those big walls way out the back that we see feathering and almost break can become big enough to peel and tube from way out the back. It may take an all-time storm – but then we would see the real animal when Nazaré would bare all its teeth for a hell session. Bring it on Red Bull…

  • StillShot

    The video will be interesting. I think we only see the still shot is because as “Yes I Hate G Mac” pointed out. I’m not sure the wave is actually going to break at 100 ft. There were some big outside waves in the video above but by they time they got inside they seemed much smaller. By then most were kicking out onto some crappy looking shoulders having only dropped in like 20 ft.

  • Joe D.

    How big? Let them (big wave pro surfers and scientists) decide.
    For us (regular surfers or not) just enjoy watching and try not to dream about it.

  • Rob

    Not the heaviest, but certainly the highest wave ever. Experts say that wave is 34 meters.

  • Matt O’Brien

    there is video and I watched it, you can too – go to Grid tv or and you can see for yourself. there are waves breaking for sure (Kealli Malama’s left towards end of video) BUT GMAC’s waves (recorde breakier at that) does NOT BREAK until after he pulls out. not trying to be an a$$ just saw with my own eyes the truth. AND I DON’T have to know how to, or have the balls to ride such waves to be able to see them. Shesh – it’s like some people think we can’t have an opinion because we can’t do it ourselves. That makes no sense. watch the video and you will understand what I am talking about. AND I AM NOT SAYING THAT it isn’t dangerous or scary or the Europe (Portugal) can’t have or doesn’t have GIANT WAVES! I am saying the WAVE that GMAC rode does NOT BREAK. To quote Bill Sharp, an expert: For the record, we asked Billabong XXL contest director Bill Sharp how one can accurately measure a wave that doesn’t break. He replied, “Good question.”

  • Tamarin

    GMac is best big wave surfer ever in history. he always at the spot with bigest waves.
    others talk but Gmac surfs

  • Tamarin

    Gmac is best big wave surfer in history. He alway at spot with the biggest waves. He always ride the biggest waves.
    Others talk but GMac surfs

  • Steve Wimer

    Tamarin, Who is the best big wave surfer of all-time? In my opinion it’s either Greg Noll, Ken Bradshaw, Pat Curren, Buzzy Trent, Laird Hamilton, Eddie Aikau, James Jones, or Shane Dorian.

  • Roger Strasner

    This is to Whamo…can you please get your sanitary a out there and show us how it’s done….

  • Jimmy the Saint

    Why did it have to be him… Oh well, I’m not G-MAC’s biggest fan, but good on him, awesome wave!

  • Gil Flores

    Matt O’Brien how do you call a wave that does not break?? it’s still called a wave right? it’s still possible to ride it right? it’s still huge and can be measured and the man had the balls to surf it…so, what is the problem?breaking or not breaking, for me it’s still the biggest wave ever surfed!!!

  • Matt O’Brien

    Gil: just noticed that the wave never actually breaks – it rolls through like a swell. not saying it isn’t hard or “extreme” just saying it isn’t the same thing as a fully breaking wave. IF you don’t understand the difference there is no way that a guy like me (or anybody else for that matter) can teach you. IF a guy like Bill SHarp (say what you will about him, but he does have some knowledge in the area of big BREAKING waves) says the same thing as a guy like me, then I can be totally off. AND when I first saw the VIDEO footage I was blown away by the lack of an actual breaking wave! does any of this make sense to you?

  • Miguel

    Hello Surfers….

    i´m Portuguese.

    i just want to let here some notes,….. some details about this day…..

    and first please check this guy ….. Antonio Silva …. you will understand why. even not understanding portuguese language.

    newspappers Tv´s radiostations…internet….
    All Over the world people is talking about this new Macnamara World Record at Nazare…. what people don´t know outside Portugal because they dont read portuguese or understand Portuguese language is that in the same day … same swell …. same Waves … same Set there was a Portuguese Surfer. and he made it BIG …..
    really really BIG…..

    and it was one WAVE. yes …
    not a drop with a foam and that´s it…… i
    t was one wave with Drop and Wall and…. BIG XXL WAVE…. problabby not a world record …. because he has no Brand Machines behind him ….
    and ….we will never know because all the good shore spots in Nazare were controled by the local Tv station that sponsors Macnamara Actions here in Nazaré.

    check by yourself today news here in Portugal…

    “António Silva. O português que dropou as ondas de McNamara e que o mundo não viu”

    “António Silva. the Portuguese that droped Macnamara waves and the world dident saw

    all this to say what ?

    to Macnamara – Thanks for make this possible … open all this minds about Big Wave Surfing and all the advertise to our good Waves and culture here in Portugal… really Thanks. but please calm down the “machine” and let others to have the chance to be safe has you are in these days…

    Antonio Silva – WE ARE Proud ON YOU … we know the surfer you are .. where and what you have been up too … .. and we know what you are looking for and this was just …. fun. 😉 BIG UP


    Wave after Wave after Wave….

  • az

    is this the biggest wave ever ridden?

  • timm

    Huge wave for sure…but I really wish he would of rode the wave a tad longer. Seemed like the section right after he pulled out was pretty meaty.

  • joão barbosa

    To much blah blah blah!
    Its gigantic! And gnarly and this place is hardcore!
    And dont worrie it will break the record again!!! I one of the first surfers to surf around there mostelly on in Peniche and some times the wild powerfull waves of Nazaré mostly the south beach (there was no town in at the time!) And the first surf photographer to ever shoot this waves and bring it to the mags in the early nineties! I can tell you for sure!!! Wait untill one of those mega swell that show up once in a decade!!! It will be bigger heavier!!!! It maybe even more perfect and cleaner! Or just a huge storm like we saw in the nities…
    To much hyppe around MAC, and what a bout the wave of Antonio Silva!!!??

  • Max

    Here is another video of GMAC at Nazare its big and shows some short tube rides and shows the team charging as all the waves are breaking. Watch the last wave of GMAC on the paddle board just missing a set and then gets totally smoked on a macking set behind it. GMAC sure has balls trying to paddle in. With the Nazare waves breaking in this vid you can see the power. Look forward to more videos of the locals.

  • Ronnie

    Not saying this isn’t gnarly, but it’s super weird right? Seems more like big mountain snowboarding than surfing. Still fun as hell to watch and these dudes got some skill.

  • http://Surfer NHS

    How could anyone think Garrett isn’t a rad cat? Did you see his rides in that “Tavarua Dreaming” Surfline seg from 2011? Heaviness! He handled the Cortes Bank incident with Greg Long like a gentleman. They both know that shit happens, or they wouldn’t be in that game. And I am really amused by many of the low double-digit IQ hater comments posted in this thread.

    But here’s the deal: I would pay $100 right now if Laird would comment. Gabby, please set the man down in front of a computer or transcribe his thoughts. C’mon Laird, where are you? I’ll buy $100 of the Blame beans if Laird would chime in. C’mon, Laird! We trolls need your help!

  • MattJ75

    What are we talking about? Surfing skills of people who submit a comment, Mr. Nice Guy Garrett, a wave-non-wave or the arguably ‘heaviness’ of it?
    I thought twas all about the biggest (and by biggest I mean highest) wave ever ridden.
    Some said “it’s not a wave it’s a swell”. What makes it a wave, in my opinion, is the distance from shore. The wave ACTUALLY broke. Period. But it did so after Garrett ‘surfed’ it. So the point should be, is it correct to consider the ride ‘legitimate’ in case the wave do not break DURING the ride?
    I’m not sure about that.
    If the answer is YES, then this could be considered the biggest wave ever ridden.
    One way or the other, the photo is ridiculous.
    Whether I’d be able to surf Nazarè, the ethic of G-Mac or the heaviness of the wave compared to Jaws or Chopes…that’s irrelevant.

  • Joao

    If you have never been to Nazaré how can you say the waves are “mushy” and “soft” as marshmallows? I wish some of the people on here could go there and surf it when it’s only 6 to 9 ft to feel how ‘soft’ it really is. The only thing I can tell you is that when you stand near the shorebreak you can feel the ground shaking with only 3 to 6ft waves breaking. I don’t want to dispute the size of the wave if its 100ft or 2ft, but one thing I can assure you: waves in Nazaré are not soft…. at all.

  • Rob

    Highest wave ever, no doubt about it. If it is the strongest wave I don´t know, it may not be, still the highest though

  • Jimmy the Saint

    As I have already said in the past, I am not the biggest fan of this guy, mostly due to what I have read in the forums about his ettiquette in the line up. Obviously the fact that he rides a wavejet and SUPs doesn’t really endear him to me either, but maybe I should revise my opinion of him a little escpecially in light of this article where G-Mac actually comes across as kinda humble (who would have thought G-Mac and the word humble could appaear in the same paragraph, let alone sentence).
    Matt O’Brien – Is a wave still a wave even if it doesn’t break? Yes it is! In philosophy such an arguement is called a tautology, look it up!

  • Whamo

    This is for Roger Strasner. Can I show you how it’s done? No, I’m on dialysis. I can’t even go in the ocean anymore. I was just an average to good surfer in my 35 years in the water. The biggest waves I surfed, but I did get compliments from Christian Fletcher, Jonathan Pakowitz, and Herbie Fletcher, my photo in SURFER and SURFING magazine, an article on surfboard design in the SURF magazine in Winter, 78, on the hybrid surfboard, which people laughed at, but fun boards wound comprising 30% of the surfboard market for the next decade. I also outscored the SURFER editors in a quiz on surfing they had a few years ago. My boards were featured in “T-Street” surfboard ads. And I my favorite achievement was doing a soul arch on a billboard for New West Homes in Laguna Niguel in the late 70’s. And although I did rip at times, for much of my surfing life I was hung on getting an education, my wife, building a career, and paying a mortgage. A lot of time I spent out of shape from a bad diet and parting way too much.
    I may be an average surfer, but I know better than to run for the shoulder when I should be fading into the trough. And I also see how much better Laird is in big surf than all of his clones. What have you done in surfing to earn my respect?

  • Whamo

    The biggest wave I surfed was about 12 foot. Please excuse the typo. Oh, I forgot, I was on the cover of SURFER magazine in 81. It was carrying a surfboard on my head, but I’ll take it. I suffer from CRS due to my health problems.

  • Matt O’Brien

    Jimmy the Saint: just looked it up. I would yes, your right. I will have to remember that in the future. Hahahahaha (laughing at myself for even bothering to caught up [pun intended] this nonsense) cheers…

  • Bioslog

    The Nazareth have several spots. The biggest spot is the result of one of the biggest undersea cannons (the biggest in Europe). The difference of this cannon is that ends at the beach. One thing is a scientific fact: This wave have a lot of energy because tonnes and tonnes of water are conducted to one point of the beach. So that wave is not fluffier. Other problem with surfing big waves in Portugal is the short period. You get out of the wave and is just another one behind you. See this video, i think is better – especially the last part, McNamara face before diving is precious.

  • J. Shumake

    I can’t believe all the naysayers! Give the guy credit. It doesn’t matter if you like him. And, give or take a foot on the wave. It is still a humongus wave, and he rode it. Congratulations.

  • Carl

    THERE is Actually waves in the rest of the world for all you for the island

  • Fanny Alger

    Nic Von Rupp’s Ireland edit was way sicker.

  • KEN


  • jon

    This wave or swell or whatever you want to call it was big and some of the waves seen on that footage were huge. But what impressed me the most was the following Tuesday when the swell dropped and Garrett and Keali paddled from the southern side of Nazaré around the cliffs in super heavy surf to surf 20 ft (hawaiian) bombs on Praia do Norte with no jet ski safety. Everyone that knows Praia do Norte knows that this requires some serious courage, waterman skills and a large degree of madness. Hats off to them big time for that feat alone. Respect.

  • Karmona

    Go ride it first and if you don’t die then you (try to) talk… have you listened to what the very same Shane Dorian had to say about his experience at the spot (in half the size)? At this size, SOME of the big ones don’t break that far out but can easily break you faggots in half just a few yards inside where it’s life threatening to go search for the surfer if he gets in there… plus they’re ridding practically in front of these huge rocks (make mavericks rocks look like pillows yes, if compared) on the edge of a massive cliff. And to those worrying tons about G-Mac’s incident with Greg Long i just wanna say this – with so many fuckers rapping your ass everyday (the very same that have imploded you all with 9/11′s inside job) i just wonder if you throw your words to them the same way with no fear… (and this is the main reason why i’m calling you faggots!). Go play badass to save your children pointing your fingers to your governments!.. Those two are probably not giving a fuck and having a beer together by now, with the nicest guy in Big wave riding (Greg) cheering (and chilling him a bit i agree) the nuttiest one (G-Mac)! Cheers! Vote for Peace and stop the bombings…

  • Batman

    Karmona – Sorry I don’t understand jibberish, could you try writing that again, or on second thoughts maybe get your teacher to help you. Don’t frett though, a lot of people can’t write a coherent sentence until they are half way through their teenage years…

  • bob

    can we please stop the ridiculous macho posturing of’you-can’t-say-anything-critical-unless-you-also-ride-100-foot-waves? it’s so tiresome. also, no one is ever allowed to say anything negative about the nfl unless you’ve played in the league.

  • Otaycec

    Awesome waves! Kudos to Garrett who would even think of charging these monsters at the ripe old age of 45! I’m 60 now and almost need a bedpan to watch the video.

  • Joacino de Filomina

    OK. to settle argumnet. I was on the cliff watching all surfsers this day. The is the biggest wave ever surfed by anyone. PERIOD! Over 100ft tall easy. I measure with my own eyes.
    Give Garret the credit for surfing the biggest wave ever.

  • Jimmy the Saint

    Joacino de Filomina – Unless you have seen every wave that has ever been surfed you can not expect us to take your eyewitness account as gospel. Were you there the day in Maui where Laird Hamilton was towed into a wave at Eygpt? That wave was estimated to be 120 feet tall by an experienced helicopter pilot (can’t remeber his name). No? Well who is to say if that wave was bigger. (I wasn’t there either!) Is this the biggest ridden wave on film, looks like it is. Does it compare with what Laird Hamilton did on that day, saved his friend from bleeding out by using his own wetsuit as a tournequette, swam two miles, hotwired a jetski, called emergency services, brought his friend into save hands, and then headed back out to ride a 120ft wave? Its James Bond stuff really, I don’t know why it hasn’t been documented more widely. Your are right though, kudos to G-Mac, but was it the biggest wave ever? God only knows!

  • Raoul

    Tow surfing is lame, a bad imitation of big mt. snowboarding. The whole thing is laughable until someone drowns. You want to make a big drop, Haines Alaska , big lines and spines and a 4,000 ft drop and you can die there too. I only respect the paddlers, tow in has zero soul.

    • kelly

      bad comparison mate. you should be comparing to a 100 foot deep avalanche.

      • comparisite

        bad comparison kelly.. generally you die in an avalanche… You don’t float up to the surface, can’t swim out and nobody is buzzing around on a machine waiting to pick you up… not to mention the trees you are smashed through, large chunks of snow and ice that can kill you through physical trauma during the avalanche if you survive long enough for somebody with a small beeper to hopefully dig you out before you suffocate because as soon as the snow settles, it sets up..

  • bill

    who’s is bigger, did it break, blah blah blah. Bottom line- GMAC will never has his own cologne ad like the Laird running thru the surf with ripped abs. To quote his Lairdness, ” A cookie has no soul, its just a cookie. But before it was milk and eggs. And in eggs, there is potential for life.”
    Top that GMAC!

  • David R. Du Ket (Dirty Dave)

    Outstanding storm surf riding. However, no one will ever touch the performance, in big wave surfing, that is the one, the only, Laird Hamilton. Jesus walks on water, but Laird Hamilton flies, no fear! “Mr. Style”, always a smile too.
    I have read “Surfer” since day one. I grew up with artist Rick “Murphy” Griffin, RIP. Seeing every issue and big wave surfer for 50 years and without a doubt Laird Hamilton is “the man” of all time. Plus he is the greatest image ever for our sport, a true class act and gentlemen as is his father.

  • Revelation 1:7

    Dave, your post is interesting. On one hand, you admit that Jesus walked on water, yet on the other, you elevate Laird higher than Gods appearance to mankind through Christ . Ill stop there as this is a surfing forum. An interesting pondering though for evolutionists/ atheists and everyone in between about our Earth and Moon that hopefully will cause some to reconsider:The Earth is 3.66 times larger than the Moon and takes 366 days to go around the Sun. The Moon, which orbits the Earth in 27.322 days, takes precisely 10,000 days to complete 366 days.The Earth is 109.3 times smaller than the Sun and the Moon is 400 times smaller than the Sun. This inevitably means that the Moon must be 3.66 times smaller than the Earth. Add to this the fact that the Moon orbits at a distance exactly 1/400th that between the Earth and the Sun and what you are left with is so unlikely that it cannot be accounted for by simple chance. Look it up.

    As for GMacs wave, heavy, but nowhere close to as heavy as other’s surfing accomplishments. His is more akin to taking a sector 9 down a 1000′ 7% decline grade and claiming that you hit the worlds most massive skate ramp.

  • Ryan

    Garrett McNamara is an absolute pysco! The headspace u must have to be in to take on a wave that big is crazy! I’ve never seen a wave so big in my life, bet he would’ve been destroyed if he had wiped out! I have a website on surfing @ check it out and tell me wat u think 🙂

  • Hondo

    Did anyone else watch his interview with anderson cooper? garrett seems kinda out there, like the tractors on but the drivers seat is empty. What blew my mind was when he said that he got no rush from surfing this wave. And to whoever it was on here that said everyone surfing big waves is a clone of lairds, laird just got press cause he’s ripped. Remember how hyped up he was “surfing waves too big to paddle”? Well now everyone paddles his spot. uh oh.

  • Mike

    01:42 Bow-out dummy!