25 Must-Follow Tweeters in Surf

A condensed list of pro surfers, writers, and aliases

| posted on January 16, 2013

With over 60K followers on Twitter, as well as a generous amount of scantly clad selfies, Alana Blanchard qualifies for our list. Photo: @alanaRblanchard

Whether you’re into vitriolic rants, unashamed selfies, unconfirmed industry gossip, or just plain surf conspiracies, these 25 tweeters check all the boxes. You can follow this list here, as well as our primary account (@SURFER_Magazine).

Note: The list below is in no particular order


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  • UBB

    Don’t forget me, the WCT’s best bat boy.

  • gannysesh Is the funniest twitter-surfer commentator.

  • Jimmy the Saint

    I haven’t looked at twitter in a few weeks, but Dane Reynolds came across as a bully on a lot of his tweets, commentating on other people’s apperance. Pretty childish and insensitive, and not a great role model for teenagers, what with all the online bullying stories out there at the moment. Yeah I know he rips, and seems like a nice guy in interviews…

  • carstencole

    Jimmy the naive. That isn’t Dane, Coors light is better than twitter.

  • Jimmy the Saint

    My mistake, thought it was with the blue official twitter sign beside the name, glad to know its not him, those tweets really seemed at odds with how he behaves in interviews, whoever it is is still a bit of a bully IMO

  • nofunbro

    Pretty sure that about 90% of @daynolds followers think that’s really Dane. Per Twitter policy, parody accounts must explicitly state something like, “this is not Dane” or “this is a parody account.”

    @daynolds’ “As CLU is to Kevin Flynn I am to Dane Reynolds” doesn’t express this very clearly. TRON is, like, kinda confusing when you think about it.

    This violation of twitter policy can be reported here:
    But “We must be in contact with the impersonated individual or an authorized representative” – so someone IMPORTANT has to report it.

  • nofunbro

    Sorry – last reply had too many links in it. @daynolds’ account is a violaish of twitter’s parody policy, and a rep/friend of his could, if they wanted to, report it to them so that the account description has to state “this is a parody account” on it.

    Pretty sure that like 90% of @daynolds’ 14k followers think it’s really him. Brand management!

  • Selly Klater

    Wait no Lennox Hillbilly, No….. And if we’re calling out spades. There’s no way JOB is running his own account. That’s gotta be an intern working at reb bull …. Mix Well

  • team666
  • Jesse

    for a while at least, i think UBB (parody) was worth following. not sure if he’s still active or not.

  • Easy Surfing Fitness

    You can follow us for surfing fitness tips and advice:

  • Branderplankryer

    @Rottmouth, @LennoxHillbilly and @DoubleEpskiSesh if you have any awareness, interest in truth, or a sick twisted sense of humour

  • Reality

    Twitter blows, Instagram is where its at

  • Tim

    Seriously what is going on here? Look at me look at me look at me! While this may be a way to market oneself to sponsors, it really just underscores the narcissim of some people. Some like JOB and Martinez sound like vulgar egomaniacal second-graders. Others like Luke Davis are pretty much on a life-long fashion shoot of themselves. Used modestly social media can provide an effective way of staying in touch with the community of one’s life. But I think a lot of the instagram/FB/twitter generation is caught up in their own self-absorbed attention-seeking spray and generally over-estimate their own self importance. Two-bits from Tim…..

  • Colleen

    If anyone has a real SURFING/SNOWBOARDING/SKATEBOARDING Instagram account to share with me, I’d like to see it.

  • Alex

    Surf talk radio has a twitter account.