2013 Women’s Tour Qualifiers Decided

Bianca Buitendag Wins Final WQS event, Qualifies for ASP Tour

| posted on September 30, 2012

Bianca Buitendag, 2013 World Tour rookie. Photo: Masters

The final ASP Women’s Qualifying Series event wrapped up in the Azores yesterday, capping off the 10-event WQS season and deciding the six surfers moving on to the 2013 World Tour.

Winning the 6-Star SATA Airlines Azores Pro, South Africa’s Bianca Buitendag earned herself a slot on next year’s Tour. The 18-year-old will be the only rookie going into the 2013 season. Here’s the roster for the 2013 season:

2013 ASP Women’s World Tour
1. Stephanie Gilmore
2. Sally Fitzgibbons
3. Carissa Moore
4. Tyler Wright
5. Courtney Conlogue
6. Malia Manuel
7. Lakey Peterson
8. Laura Enever
9. Coco Ho
10. Paige Hareb
—-[Qualifying via the WQS]—–
11. Sage Erickson
12. Bianca Buitendag *2013 World Tour Rookie
13. Pauline Ado
14. Rebecca Woods
15. Alana Blanchard *back on Tour after a year on the WQS
16. Sofia Mulanovich
17. Wildcard TDB

(Falling off the Tour: Sarah Mason, Silvana Lima, Justine Dupont, Jacqueline Silva)

  • Matt O’Brien

    Silvana Lima gets the injury wildcard right? she rips and has been hurt all year long. let’s hope so for the sake of women’s surfing! congrats to the rest for coming through the slog…

  • Sammy Hughes

    So now that the women have been selected will they all be competing around the world again in 2 ft waves and we get to read the results on a website ? I look forward to all the great action for 2012, I will be shopping at forever 21 if anyone cares.

  • Joe

    Matt, that seems to be the case – her recent tweets would confirm her inclusion in the 2013 tour – quote “Congrats @becwoods great to have you back. See you in Gold! ☺” and “Congrats @smulanovich see you in 2013.”

  • rogermeras

    i had a dream last night involving sage & alana, it was pretty amazing.

  • Miguelo

    We are only going to see two new qualifiers next year.??????

    Only one is a rookie, so there’s not even going to be a race for rookie of the year???????

    What’s a world tour without a stop in Hawaii?????????????

    We want to more girl events next year, do something!!!!!!!!

    ASP get a new CEO Urgently!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cam neale

    yes i hope the girls get the respect they deserve and aren’t given the worst waves the to compete on and get some sort of coverage comparable to the guys for once ..
    A couple of extra stops on the world tour ..even ..

    Good to see Alana Blanchard back hope she puts on some boy shorts and surfs like a pro instead of just wiggling her ripcurls about .

  • Jane

    Does anyone else notice that Paige still crawls on her knees when she stands up. This is a terrible habit that undermines her abilities. Paige, if you are reading this, please figure out how to stand up without using the drop knee and your scores will improve significantly. Maybe you’ll get a new sponsor too.