Rusty Long and Grant “Twiggy” Baker First To Conquer Monster Chilean Wave

| posted on July 22, 2010

Details are still a bit blurry, but according to eye-witness accounts, big-wave hellions Rusty Long and Grant “Twiggy” Baker have broken the 100-foot barrier, catching and surfing a sky-scraper-size wave off the coast of Chile’s Isla Alejandra Selkirk, several hundred miles off the coast of mainland Chile.

SURFER received the breaking news via satellite phone from staff photographer, Todd Glaser, who accompanied the big-wave duo deep into the Pacific in hopes of scoring waves on what Glaser called “Chile’s Cortes Bank.” The photographer was shell-shocked but managed to upload the accompanying photo of Baker and Long dropping in on the monster cold-water right-hander before stormy conditions terminated his sat-phone connection.

With Billabong’s XXL Global Big Wave Awards just two weeks away, footage of the record-breaking ride could easily sweep the “Ride of the Year” and “Biggest Wave” categories.

The video has landed! Watch the incredible first-person footage of the 100-foot wave. History has been made.

100-foot Wave Swell Chart

  • Florian Stotz

    Looks more like 150ft to me!!! Holy crap thats big!

  • Mason

    looks more like 2ft, i would charge that in my sleep!

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  • SugarFoot

    Dude, fall and that wave and it r.i.p.

  • marius

    looks like it has a lot more face than mcnamaras portugal peak???

  • M. Wisdom

    Ha… April fools forsure.

  • M. Wisdom

    You might want to change the post date (July 22, 2010) if you want this April fools to be somewhat believable.

  • Captain

    Next time choose a more ‘blue’ (clean water) wave like Cortes for photoshop purposes. The ‘green’ color of Mavericks in your pic is quite obviously not a wave found 100miles offshore.

  • sherlock

    Posted on July 22, 2010…

  • Paul herold

    As a pixel head, they did one helluva’ job in PhotoShop. I sooo wanted to this to be real, but alas….I was an April fool