10 Words With Dillion Perillo

| posted on October 20, 2010
Dillion's smooth and powerful surfing will make him a serious threat at next week's Rip Curl Search event in Puerto Rico. Photo: GlaserDillion’s powerful fronthand and effortless style make him a serious threat at next week’s Rip Curl Search event in Puerto Rico. Photo: Glaser

Dillon Perillo spent the last three months searching for the best waves in Indonesia, and has now landed a wildcard into next week’s Rip Curl Search event in Puerto Rico. Here, the 20-year-old Malibu local gives his take on ten of the most pertinent topics in his life.


Where I live and learned how to surf. Where I’ve spent the last 10 years of my life. Where my home base is—I can’t imagine a better place to be.


Sometimes I think I suck backside, but it’s one of the things I’m currently working hard to improve. I think it’s the hardest thing about surfing.


It’s one of the most anticipated moments of my life. Ever since I started competing, one of my main goals was to surf in a Word Tour event, and now that’s happening.

*See video for more on his wildcard entry and preparation.


Something I hope I won’t have to experience in my life. It’s what my parents did when I was young; that was a definite speed bump.


It might run in the family, but I’ll never get into them. It’s the world’s greatest problem that will be around forever.


I play it everyday. I live to play video games. My dad hates it. He thinks it makes me not surf, but I just play it when I don’t feel like surfing.


Ratings suck! I barely missed placing first in the ASP North America Pro Junior Series last year because I sprained my ankle and missed a contest. It’s also something I didn’t have this year, because Rip Curl sent me to film for Tip2Tip in Indo all summer. But I’ll take Indo over ratings any day.


Spend a lot of time in these, but for some reason I love hanging in airports. I like to sit somewhere crowded, drink coffee, and people-watch for hours. Everything just seems more interesting in an airport.


Check. She’s cool and super hot! We broke up and now we’re together again, but I don’t think anyone cares so I’m gonna shut up.


What surfing is right now. It seems like there’s some new air being done every month. Makes me excited for the future.

  • sd, ca

    d perillo> julian wilson

  • Greg from Indy

    I can’t wait 2 C U rip in P.R. Your an innovative, and up and coming surfer. Good luck in Puerto Rico, and say hi 2 my Florida bra’s, Kelly and the Hobgoods.

  • Greg from Indy

    He is going with a feature this year right? This guy is the next period! I love your mag, and the future holds nothing but gold for this guy!

  • Greg from Indy

    With the lay day in Oz going on. What is on the horizon with the swell? Looks to be a week of waiting. Keep us informed guys. You always do!

  • Greg from Indy

    julian, what is Dillion’s thoughts on the Oz event? Is he stoked or what? Bet he is, and I can’t wait to hear a comment from the up and coming star! He is a surfing star, you know that right?