November 2013

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| posted on September 24, 2013
  • Of Surf and Sport

    To many, surfing is a lifestyle. Others have gone as far as to describe it in spiritual terms. But for some it’s far less complicated; it is, and always will be, a sport.

  • Alana Blanchard: The Celebrity Profile

    A lunch date with the world’s most popular surfer.

  • A Day and Life of Wayne Lynch.

    One of the ’70s most progressive surfers went into hiding to escape the Vietnam War and his own growing surf fame. But that only drew the world to him.

  • Rough Transitions

    In a modified surf van, Cyrus Sutton contemplates living a surf life versus enduring a more conventional one.

  • Going Pro

    Today, there are more young, gifted pro surfers than at any point in history. Unfortunately, talent doesn’t safeguard them from a system that sets them up to fail.

  • The 5 Greatest Aerialists of All Time

    According to Josh Kerr.

  • Exposure

    A collection of beautiful photos.

  • The 2013 Wetsuit Buyer’s Guide

    SURFER’s guide to the best rubber.