BP's Next Disaster

| posted on June 29, 2010

On June 15th, as BP’s catastrophic spill in the Gulf neared its third month, President Obama addressed the nation from the Oval Office. His administration, he assured the American people, would not let such a disaster happen again. He had put an indefinite hold on plans to open up new coastal areas, including Florida and Virginia, to offshore exploration. And he had frozen all new permits to drill in deep waters for six months, to give a blue-ribbon commission time to study the disaster. “We need better regulations, better safety standards and better enforcement,” the president insisted.

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  • Drive A Hybrid

    It’s completely absurd that big oil companies will be able to drill in the Arctic AT ALL, let alone while we are still trying to clean up this mess!

  • I hate hippies

    Oh give me a break, Hybrid. We are still an oil-dependent nation. If we don’t drill up there, where are we going to get it?

  • wait a minute

    this blog post is By Aaron Carrera, and then it links to a Rolling Stone article by another writer, without mentioning that fact originally? Or even using quotes? Kudos on setting up a spot for oil spill coverage, but come on guys.

  • james

    I surf.

    And I drive a car to get to my surf beach. I fly a plane to get to Hawaii or Indo. My board is made with resins and foams that are in part oil based. We need off-shore drilling – for now. Hypocritical requests to stop off-shore US drilling or Alaska drilling will simply push the problem to Africa/ Brazil or other places. But who cares they are just poor underdeveloped idiots, so who gives a …. But we’re God’s own people so we should stop drilling in our own back yard. Right? Wrong.

    It is good that this horrendous spill happened in our back yard. The best thing that could have happened.

    Nigeria has been suffering spills for decades. People have been dying from side effects, but nobody gave a &$%^. Check out This site has data on energy consumption by country . The USA is so far ahead of others its not even funny.

    You want to reduce off-shore drilling? Sell the 4+ltr truck. Get a small sub 2 ltr diesel car. Make your own coffe at home/ work instead of using tons of disposable cups every day. No need to become an obsessed hippy. Next time you’re on a surf trip in another country – ANY country: watch how the people around you consume. It doesn’t matter where you go, they’ll be consuming less energy (=oil)/ wasting less (oil) than you.

    Believe it or not its really quite simple. In the meantime stop bitching about off-shore drilling and start advocating energy conservation.

  • thekook

    stop bichin about the bigwigs of big oil, if you dont fall for the materialistic hedonism they cant sell you any oil. say thank you to cheessuss that he gives you free oil. can i hve my greencard now thanks ministry for homeland security.

  • http://FB Willie

    Unfortunately once the leak is fixed and the Gulf is cleaned up it will be buisness as usual-our country is addicted to oil