SURFER's Complete Guide To Your Next Board





Head Shaper:


Your early shaping influences: C-3PO, R2-D2, Atari 2600, Pacman, Bender Bending Rodriguez, Dr. Alfred Lanning, NS5-Sonny, Ed-209, Johnny 5, Atari 5200, T-800, Mrs. Pacman, Commodore 64.

Most important feedback of late regarding the immediate future of boards? After the Success of Cory and Asher's Exactas, guys that aren't even our team riders are bringing us their magic boards trying to get us to make a mold for them. Most of my top guys are riding their girlfriends right now, but when they are in the water, they all love their Rockets.

What was the biggest design related lesson of 2008? And how does that bode for 2009? Less is More. The Rocket for 09' is only the bare necessities in a board with everything you don't need taken away.

What's the most important thing to consider when ordering a board? Performance vs Durability. Boards have to last but they still have to work. A wise man once said the longer a bad board lasts the longer you surf bad.

What made you want to become a shaper? The rice paddies of Nam just weren't cutting it for me anymore, and it's much easier to get laid hanging with Lopey. Being a 4'2" robot, I need all the help I can get. My most popular model is the Exactas , which (is) are Performance type of board(s) designed for good waves.

If I had only three boards that had to last me through the entire recession I'd choose the following: An Exacta, an Uber Fish, and a Rocket explain the logic behind each. Well first off, Placebo's are going to last longer than your normal board, so any of the models would be a better choice than any PU boards if you want them to last through the recession. Cory has proven that the Exactas and Uber Fish will work in just about anything from 1' Florida, to 8-10 ft Pipe. The new Rocket is quickly becoming the best all around board in everyone's quiver.

The most exciting thing about surfboard technology right now is? The shit that doesn't work is going to go away.

What project are you and your customers having the most fun with? My customers are actually buying boards that actually work and last longer than a month. It's a great new concept we are working on and it seems to be working.

The best part of being in the board building business right now is? The foam dust absorbs the moisture that makes me rust.

Tell us what it is that makes your brand unique? Cutting edge shapes combined with user friendly technology at affordable prices and a team that can compete with anyone in any conditions.