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Dan Taylor - Head Shaper of Dan Taylor Surfboards

Head Shaper:

Dan Taylor

Behind the Brand: For 35 years now, Dan Taylor has been creating surfboards with nothing but quality and performance in mind. Based on Dan's passion for surfing, what originally started out in his parents garage, as evolved him into a knowledgeable board builder. Dan is always trying new ideas as he closely works with his team riders, but more importantly his customers. With the feedback that he receives, Dan is able to work on new ideas, as well as constantly refine old ones. As we know the surf industry is constantly movin forward with a wide variety of styles and models and products that are used. He prides himself in being a versatile board builder. From epoxy to polyester, from longboards to shortboards, from surfboards to paddleboards, from fin foils to accessories. All boards are made completely in house from start to finish, using the highest quality products available to ensure top of the line boards. Dan has a huge variety of boards for all levels of surfers.

About his Most Popular Models: Most of my top guys are riding the Hammer, which are high performance boards designed for all types of waves.

Taking the Pulse: If pop out boards went away I think the future of design would be much better.

Shop Talk

What makes your brand unique? My shapes are custom and I shape them.

What trend would you like to see continue? I'd like to see more girls pick up surfing.

If you only had three boards that had to last you through next year, which boards would you choose? As shown it would be the high performance Hammer, which I built with Sam Hammer. The Twinnie Fish, designed for the retro surfer with fun on his mind. The Longboard, also a high performance board designed for small to big surf, which gives you the advantage to hang ten still, but also be able to rip on it.