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Kaito-San - Head Shaper

Head Shaper:


Behind the Brand: Somewhere, just outside of Chiba there is a Sushi place (Actually, there are several sushi places, but there is only one Kaito-San). And thats where youll find our master shaper Kaito. During the day, he has taken his fabled and refined skills creating one-of-kind sushi that you can eat. At night, he uses that same knife and creates one-of-a-kind fish you can ride. Part retro and part post-modern, his creations are savored by many. Obviously, he is the master of the knife. Kaitos early influences were the retro fish shapes of Clyde Beatty, Jr. It fascinated him how such a small board could so easily catch waves. Over time, Kaito-San perfected the art of shaping fish style boards, naming them after his sushi creations such as Seared Ahi, Yellowtail, Uni, and so on. His motto: "Respect the sushi knife." Lately he has been applying the sercret fish sauce to all different types of fish, including the 9'3" Ono, 4'11" Pufferfish and even SUPs like the 12'0" Orca. And like other surf innovators who were engineers first (Bob Simmons, Gordon Clark, Tom Morey), Kaito is also a student of fluid dynamics; our sushi stud has advanced degrees in engineering

About his Most Popular Models: "Most popular model is the Seared Ahi. This board is a 62" Quad Fin available in glass or epoxy. This unique board paddles like a long board (but at 62" uses a lot less wax), connects the dots like a short board, gets you through sections like your favorite board and rides down the line like no ones business. Other surfers will be jealous, but dont worry, youll get used to it."

Taking the Pulse: "For 9:Fish, our boards will be bigger, fatter, "floatier," more fun. Kinda like a fatty tuna roll – delicious and delectable. As far as the industry is concerned, the same thanks to heavier crowds, more beginners and a huge cross-section of surfers getting older. Bottom line: everyone wants more waves. We can help them with that. (Not the getting older part, the catching more waves part.)"

Shop Talk

Whats the most exciting thing about shaping technology right now? "9:Fish is working on a top secret surfboard project now. We cant leak too much about it, but we can say this: The ocean will love it. Surfers will eat it up. And its great for karma points."

What makes your brand unique? "Surfers that ride 9:Fish are passionate about their boards. Maybe thats because 9:Fish is the only surfboard company who focuses on one goal above all else: to make sure the customer catches more waves. If you want a board that helps you improve your backside floater, go elsewhere. If you want to guarantee yourself more waves, listen to your inner sushi chef and get a 9:Fish."