Wave Warriors | Off The Wall

| posted on December 13, 2011

Photo: Lowe-White

Photo: Glaser

The Original Wave Warriors
Photo: Astrodeck Archives

“This shoot was a recreation of a 1980’s Astrodeck team ad,” says Bryce Lowe-White. “Herbie Fletcher coordinated the photo along with New York artist Julian Schnabel. They brought together all the stars of the past and present, including Kelly Slater, John John, Rory Russel, Julian Wilson, Kolohe, JOB, Rob Machado, the Hos, Alex Knost, Bruce Irons, the Rothmans, Buttons, and more.”

  • awesome photo

    Where can I buy a wave warrior T?
    My husband would love to wear it everyday!
    Thank you!!

  • Jason S

    If anyone cares to answer I would love to have a shirt as well. 2XL
    This photo was Awesome I have so many and was lucky to be at Off the Wall that day to get my own photos!