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The Volvo Wagon

Roomy, classy, tank-like. What's not to love?

| posted on August 07, 2013
The roar of a Volvo Station Wagon's four-cylinder engine can steal thunder's thunder.

The roar of a Volvo Station Wagon’s four-cylinder engine can steal thunder’s thunder.

From 1974 until it’s sale to Ford Motor Company in 1999, Volvo made the best station wagons on earth. They had room, charm, durability, and were unbelievably safe. And while all the Volvos had reasonable power, the mid-1990s turbocharged 850 series packed enough punch to blow away any other people mover on the road. With the back seats folded down, a Volvo wagon becomes a surfer’s dream car. Room enough for your entire sub 9’0″ quiver, with nooks and crannies and cubbyholes galore for stashing wax, fins, leashes, you name it. Plus, unlike a van or a truck, despite all the space, you’re still driving a real car. Fold the seats back after your session, and you’ve got a backseat for three. Try that in your Toyota pickup. With dedicated care, they run forever. Dane Reynolds even drives one. If it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for you. SURFER approves.


    That’s funny ! circa 1979 Huntington Beach: Had a ’71 Volvo Surf Wagon !
    Night surf H.B. Pier…Crew of four and boards on top 🙂 Best Vehicle around town…

  • Sinuhe ferreira

    I had one In hawaii was a blast

  • Doc

    Our family keeps 3 of ’em going! Everything in the article is soooo true! Good gas mileage, way cheap and easy to maintain, and, they scoot in and out of back alleys in beach towns to avoid the touristic traffic during summer like no other car. And, they are fun to drive!